Putin Reaches Agreement With Erdogan: The Deal Is Historic! It Will Bring Peace To Fragile Region!

Putin Reaches Agreement With Erdogan: The Deal Is Historic! It Will Bring Peace To Fragile Region!

Mr President, ladies and gentlemen,
We thank the President of Turkey for accepting our offer made during a recent telephone conversation,
and today he and representatives of his delegation arrived in Sochi to discuss the developments in the Syrian Arab Republic,
including in the northeast, beyond the Euphrates.
Mr Erdogan gave a detailed explanation of the goals of the Turkish military operation along the Syrian border.
We have noted many times that we understand Turkey’s desire to take measures that would guarantee its national security.
We share Turkey’s concerns about the growing threat of terrorism and ethnic and religious disputes in that region.
We believe these disputes and separatist sentiments have been fueled artificially from the outside.
It is important to prevent members of terrorist organisations, such as ISIS, whose militants have been taken prisoners by Kurd military groups
and try to break free, from taking advantage of the actions of the Turkish military units.
Syria must be liberated from illegal foreign military presence.
We believe that the only way to achieve strong and long-lasting stability in Syria is to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.
This is our principled position, and we have discussed it with the President of Turkey.
It is important that our Turkish partners share this approach.
The Turks and the Syrians will have to protect peace on the border together,
which would be impossible without mutually respectful cooperation between the two countries.
In addition to this, a broad dialogue between the Syrian government and the Kurds living in northeastern Syria must be launched.
It is clear that all the rights and interests of the Kurds as an integral part of the multi-ethnic Syrian nation can only be fully considered and fulfilled via such an inclusive dialogue.
Of course, during our talks with the President of Turkey, we discussed further steps to promote the peaceful political process in Syria,
which the Syrians will conduct within the Constitutional Committee in cooperation with the United Nations.
The guarantors of the Astana format have meticulously worked on it for many years.
We believe the situation on the ground must not prevent the long-awaited launch of the committee in Geneva next week – October 29–30.
Naturally, we also discussed humanitarian issues.
We consider it necessary to continue helping Syrian refugees to return home, which will substantially alleviate the socioeconomic burden shouldered by the countries that agreed to take in Syrians.
First and foremost this applies to the Republic of Turkey.
We urge the international community, primarily relevant UN agencies, to be more active in rendering humanitarian aid to all Syrians going home,
without any discrimination, politicisation and preconditions.
We also used today’s meeting to discuss current bilateral issues.
We noted with satisfaction our growing trade. Last year it increased by 16 percent.
We exchanged views on what to do in the near future and expressed confidence that the implementation
of the agreements on settlements and payments in national currencies signed in early October will also facilitate the further growth of trade.
We spoke about an important document that provides not only for more active use of the ruble and lira
but also broader acceptance of the Russian Mir cards in Turkey and the connection of Turkish banks and companies to the Bank of Russia’s financial messaging system.
I believe this is yet another step forward on expanding tourist exchanges.
We spoke about the whole package of our relations, including major projects that we are actively and successfully developing.
We are also deepening our military-technical cooperation.
I would like to note that cross-years of culture and tourism are held with success in Russia and Turkey.
In conclusion, I would like to thank the President of Turkey and all our friends and colleagues for a business-like and sincere conversation.
We intend to further develop our cooperation in all areas on the principles of neighbourliness and respect for each other’s interests.
I am pleased to say that as a result of lengthy and intensive work we managed to make decisions that the foreign ministers of our countries will voice after our statements.
I think these decisions are very important, if not historic, and will allow us to settle the fairly acute situation on the Syrian-Turkish border.


  1. wow, how weird. russia is seeking peace with a nato country that they have been bitter enemies with for decades.
    go figure. turkey is an ally with the usa.

  2. Putin you are a good person. And I know you help for countries where help is needed. At the moment Europe is not doing so well. For example, In Hungary. Our president Orban Viktor is a very good president. He does not want migrants in Hungary. I'm understanding very well. But the West EU countries, Think that with the money can achieve anything. I am very sorry for Orban Viktor. PLEASE HELP FOR ORBAN VIKTOR

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  4. 1:15 "…disputes and separatist sentiment have been fueled artificially from the outside." Putin nailed it. And we know for a fact its zionist and thier american slaves.

    When Turkey banks link with Russian bank, you know that thr IMF is F**KED bad. Hahaha

  5. An agreement with Erdogan is an Agreement with a Murderer.
    It's dangerous to pass the idea & confirmation to an aggressive country like Turkey that they're intentions were right when they weren't.
    He'll seek to get something more… Nuclear weapons of their own? Regain the F-35's? Try to get Cyprus?
    This crazy maniac gets wet dreams over the idea of a new Ottoman empire, regardless who dies.

  6. At long last, someone has brought a real prospect of peace to Syria: the population has suffered enough. Putin is the only one to emerge with credit. Turkey was a long time enemy of Assad and fostered unrest in Syria. However, it had to host millions of refugees and now realizes that to return these refugees is better than waging proxy wars. America, particularly under Obama, was disastrous in its policies. Hilary Clinton even wanted to escalate the war! Trump at least got out from a situation inherited from Obama. The many Arab states funding this and that terror group are also to blame for this war. Turkey for a long while covertly benefited from ISIS. Putin for a Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. Ohh great the all knowing and all power leader of Russia and savior of mankind has done it again ,oh please stop with your propoganda bullshit

  8. The Kurds has a new type of salutes for Donald Trump,that’s the MIDDLE FINGER,That’s May also be the same for Iraqis too.

  9. 🇹🇷🇸🇾🇷🇺🇦🇿🇮🇷 We must stand together.
    Iraqi morons let the west in their homeland.
    We must learn from their mistakes.

  10. As America betrayed Syrian.opposition in the war against Asaad Forces and left them alone at the mercy of Russia now America will have no space on this Earth in Syria and will leave Syria and Afghanistan with humiliation. America us a hypocrite govt which can.never be trusted by any country from now on Russia and China will prevail in the world

  11. Captain Putin! Back save the world again! I think if he was to run for American president, he'd win the election. Nobody believes that Hillary bull sh*t of Russian bots behind every single thing 😂

  12. No Russia can't leave Syria,! the reason Russia is in Syria is to prevent Qatar and neighbours oil and gas to come to Europe through Syria and replace Russian gas and oil. beside Russian warships and missiles in Syria is a second front against NATO .

  13. Donald Trump is a real winner as he has shown the world & Isreal he is no fool like Mike Pence who is a pro Isreal Yes guy. Trump has pulled the Americans out of a major war in Middle East. The American people specially the soldiers families should thank him.
    Why should USA fight someone elses war.

  14. Ndws alert.. USA has made deals with Greece for a large US militarty base. US PLANS TO MOVE ITS NUCLEAR WARHEADS FROM TURKEY TO GREECE.

  15. Russia has 1 aim and that's take over countries.

    Prof. Alexander Dugin who was advisor of Putin told this.

    He was talking about peace and stabile countries, but after 45 minutes of interview and crossed questions he showed the real face of Russia and then left the interview after he realised that he was talking about the real face of Russia.

    Because there aim is not peace, but take over countries and control there leaders. RUSSIA and US is not different. Russians wants to control all world leaders.

    But for that they need to use there media and make propaganda. Thousands of Russians are making 24 hours a day propaganda about Putin and how peaceful and smart he is.

    He is not smart he hides his real plans to take over countries. He is also not peacefull. We know what he did to Ukraine and Crimea.

    He placed a lot of Russians in Crimea and let them vote. And said hey you see Crimea wants to be a part of Russia. From now on Crimea is Russian ground.

  16. The last section AL-MAHDI . The dajjal will fight for land and kill thousands of people same on these evils only killing that’s all these evils are here for killing war destroy countries .they need to become human people’s life are nothing to them they are killing poor person around the Arab


  18. when the channel russian insight deletes your comments, you make too much sense for them. some people can't handle the truth. go ahead, fools, delete the rest of my comments like communists do.

  19. Well, it's about time they do something good for the World…US gets recognition for nothing..enough is enough. Thank you Vlad.

  20. This is the result when two leaders trust n respect each othe's opinions n interest, they will find a solution to suit all parties interest, Great result from 2 great leaders

  21. Hello I as an Iranian lady really really reallyyyyyyyyyy don't mind if what once upon a time was a part of The first Persian empire became Byzantine or Russian or became ancient Egyptian or became Greek or Greek Cypriot or became Macedonian or became Albanian/Illyrian or became Serbian or became any other ancient civilization or became any other ancient people or became any other Indo – European people. Please Putin and Russia 🇷🇺 please come and make our empire to become Byzantine or Russian or Serbian or Greek or Albanian or ancient Egyptian or Macedonian ect…ect…ect…

  22. This is all show, the Kurds with American help defeated ISIS and Turkey is still going to fight the Kurds as they hate them just like the Iraqis and Iranians do. So what exactly do you people all praising Putin think what he actually did?

  23. Turkey should leave criminal forces of US led NATO and join Russian alliance.Turkey u can't sit on two ships at the same time.Putin careful don't Trust Turkey till they leave NATO. Behind the door US and Turkey made plans together.

  24. If i am not wrong soon Russia will be super power again 🤔
    Russia kicked USA from Syria and soon from Afghanistan.
    Iran and Qatar is now together 👊
    🇨🇳🇮🇷🇵🇰🇶🇦🇷🇺 🇹🇷

  25. Congratulation to Mr Putin & Mr Erdogan for solving the Turkey- Syrian border issue promptly. Both of them are really very smart to deal with the Americans' & their so called allies conspiracies. Respect from Bangladesh to both of the President & very happy to see both as they are good friend. Request to Mr Vladimir Putin, to provide Bangladesh S-400 SAM system & sophisticated Radars. We badly need this system to defend our sky. Long live Mother Russia, long live Turkey, long live Bangladesh.

  26. And the DEEP STATE are in total panic that America is out of Syria & Russia is taking the lead in ensuring peace in the region! Thank you Mr. Putin!….solid leadership!

  27. This is the reason why Trump ordered us troops out…mr. putin is assad great friend ..to in between turkey and syria now..dont tell trump just left syria in chaos….obama and clinton make this war worst because war for them is business

  28. Russia, a global peace maker, diplomatic expert, global police, and a chief observer for global harmony. Thanks Mr Putin for making it happened

  29. Para muchos Sirios el es un héroe. Para los anglosajones un criminal. El defendió su país de los Americunts se roben todo. Muy simple. La bendición de la ayuda del nuevo presidente del medio Oriente. Presidente Putin y del vicepresidente Erdogan ( el turco) los dos han hechas a los putos yanquis ( no me refiero a su gente) los militares y cia. DE A POCO LOS ÁRABES SERÁN FAMILIA DE NUEVO.

  30. I living in Germany but I respect this man more than every other politician man. Putin is full of honor! Respect this man Russia is the real world police and not the Nation named USA what is searching for wars!

  31. Turkey has to do something about the danger in at its south. Putin is the only one who understands and respects that. Therefore Russia is the only country which can benefit from this situation.

  32. I respect Syria's territorial integrity all the way from Turkey. Syria is Turkey's neighbouring country not USA'S or Russia's.

  33. There is nothing that will bring peace there short of strength. Those tribal people dont understand anything else. Putin is clear headed, has a clear plan for peace. The US had only plan for destabilization and chaos. Putin said that separatist factions have been encouraged and financed from the "outside". He know and we know that means the US.

  34. Two fascist murderers reach agreement to slaughter innocent Kurdish people. Russia and Turkey and Iran have no business to be in Syria. The butcher of Syrian people Bashar Assad is to blame who sold his country and killed more half million of Syrians.

  35. Assad called Erdogan a thief. He said Erdogan stole his barley from the grain bunkers in the north of Syria. I couldn't help but laugh 😆😆😆

  36. ….. soon to come , there will be a sham cry of ‘ peace and security ‘……1 Thessalonians 5:3…..
    True peace and security can only come through God’s kingdom …”thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” ……Matthew 6:10……Daniel 2:44…..Isaiah 9:6,7……psalm 110:1-3……
    Isaiah 60:12…..Isaiah 2:2-4…….psalm 46:8-10…..Matthew 24:3-7……2 Timothy 3:1-5….Luke 21:25,26…
    Matthew 24:14……Romans 10:9-15…..Isaiah 45:18,22…..psalm 37:29,34…..psalm 2:1-12…..John 3:16..
    Revelation 11:18……..Revelation 12:9-12…..2 Corinthians 4:3,4……Matthew 7:13,14…..John 17:3…..
    Acts 17:30,31……” and it shall come to pass that everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved “….Joel 2:32……Jeremiah 10:23……Zephaniah 2:3……Acts 1:8……Isaiah 43:10…..Exodus 9:16…
    Ezekiel 38:23………psalm 83:18 KJV……….Jeremiah 29:11………Revelation 21:4,5………Isaiah 61:1-11…..
    Ecclesiastes 1:4………psalm 115:16……..psalm 37:9-11…….1 John 2:15-17…..Ecclesiastes 12:13,14..

  37. Give the kurds a home of their own ffs. You don't need to suck up to Erdogan the whole time, two of your servicemen were brutally murdered by turkmen armed and trained by this guy.

  38. Two world class leaders and true patriots , hope our leaders in the west are watching and learn something about diplomacy and true leadership !

  39. Señor Putin a you' re Big Inteligente and so Smart and force bring the peace congratulations for Siría 👍👏💓

  40. Everyone knows that Hillary and Barry Obama made more mess then helped the people mis placed ,Putin will bring peace ✌️,US must take care of there boarders like every nation should do 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

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