Putin Meets Erdogan In Sochi And Agrees On The Deal That Will Bring Peace In The Middle East!

Putin Meets Erdogan In Sochi And Agrees On The Deal That Will Bring Peace In The Middle East!

Putin greets Erdogan on the porch of his Sochi residence.
The press captures every gesture, every phrase.
Good afternoon! What weather we got today!
Yes, the weather is fine.
But then the conversation goes about political climate in the Middle East.
They repeat in Ankara: They are in favor of a peaceful settlement, but they are ready to resume Operation Peace Spring.
The situation is extremely complex.
The situation in the region is very acute, we all see it, we understand it.
And I think our meeting today, our consultations are very much in demand.
I want to express the hope that the level of Russian-Turkish relations that has been achieved lately
will play a role in resolving all the complex issues that have arisen in the region today,
and will make it possible to find answers to all, even very complex questions,
in the interests of both Turkey and Russia, in the interests of all countries in the region.
Mr. President, first of all, thank you for your invitation to come to Sochi.
I hope that we will be able to discuss this situation in more detail during our negotiations.
And this will bring us closer to peace in Syria.
Dialogue in Sochi is closely watched in the USA and Europe.
Shortly before the talks, Putin spoke with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel.
The Turkish military operation irritated “the Old World”,
but the millions of refugees who may again find themselves on the streets of European cities are an effective lever in Erdogan’s hands.
Leaders discuss face-to-face prospects for a settlement.
There are a lot of documents in front of Erdogan – the red folder.
It’s already clear: the negotiations have clearly dragged on.
Journalists gathered in the press conference room. Everything is ready here – flags, stands are installed.
Some are actively discussing what the outcome of the summit might be.
Others are sitting on the floor, apparently already pretty tired.
The main question is whether Turkey will resume the military operation?
The allotted pause expires in the coming hours.
Russia’s position is well known, it is ready to facilitate direct dialogue between Turkey and Syria.
Everyone is looking forward to the presidents announcing the outcome of the meeting.
In a situation where the US administration continues to maneuver, and the resource of European diplomatic capabilities is limited,
Russia has become, in fact, the most influential arbiter in the region.
And the way Moscow intends to control its influence is beyond any doubt.
It is about forming a solid foundation on which is possible to build a long-term political solution to the Syrian crisis.


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  3. Bout time you got your big hairy bear ass into world events. We're compromised (USA) by poor past meddling Trump knows this, thank you Hildabeast. We Americans want out if Russia settles things down more power to em.

  4. I watch this and wonder what does it mean to a average working class Russian. Is it good news? Bad news, or we don't really care news. I try to discern this from the comments but it is difficult.

  5. Mr putin is the greatest president the world has ever seen.. god bless mr putin and russia….what's the matter 12 Americans dont like it . Well who cares what coward Americans like all they do is cause wars then hide and pretend to stop the war . Anerica Is all bullshit .

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  8. Putin is the Real Deal Maker in Syria and ME and not the Pretender Trump. The rest of the world can clearly see only the ME oil kingdoms are still friends/servants to the US. And that may not last long too

  9. Who else knew the reporting crew had to leave the room when the journalist said President Erdogan had a red folder in front of him?

  10. Putin should be advocating for the so called refugees to be allowed to move into Europe. It works very well for Russia.

  11. Pres Putin is balancing the ‚game‘ in this part of the world. The US foreign policy there was a failed one much before the Trump presidency. It is a fact and facts are stubborn things.

  12. Most corrupt deal makers, followed by idiot Trump. Vlad, wait until the payback comes for your criminal meddling and interference. Your tiny Russian economy will get even smaller, but as usual, the Russian people will pay while you continue to steal their money from their pockets while they kiss your boots.

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  16. President Erdogan listen to President Putin. He is your most reliable partner. Make your peace with Syria and be a man and apologise for the past.

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    AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT IN ONLY 2 WEEKS, which the americans could not accomplish in years !

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  23. President Putin is tireless and a real leader who lives in the world of Realpolitik, meaning what is possible.

    He's smart and tough which is why many people hate him. Ditto Trump who works as hard as him.

  24. I like how Trump and Putin getting along. It’s good for us all. To finally put Syria to rest is something the world is hoping for. Trump pulled out from Syria make things easier and better for Syria and the world too.

  25. The Iraqis will follow suit and will ask Russia to help to boot out the US in their illegal occupation in their country.

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