Proud that “Adam doesn’t even use Bitcoin for payments” The next Bitconnect, Bcash halving

Proud that “Adam doesn’t even use Bitcoin for payments” The next Bitconnect, Bcash halving

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
October the 15th 2019 strong hand
bitcoin is next Bitcoin value your
wealth in Bitcoin uncomplicated all
offended by selling oh yeah we’re gonna
talk about that today a new show every
day even when I’m about to travel to
Australia in a few minutes
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do I have here oh yeah so let’s let’s
move to the topics of the day I mean
I’ve been thinking about this a lot
lately Oh
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to fix that situation by getting some of
you guys who missed the show because
others didn’t pound that like button
that usually would alright so let’s talk
about big connect big connect well why
are you talking about big connect well
because I am wondering at the height of
the big connect wildness and they were
other there were other Ponzi schemes
going on in crypto currencies that the
80 percenters were piling into at that
at the height what percentage of people
in cryptocurrency were just in
straight-up scams what percentage of the
money in cryptocurrency was just in
straight-up stam’s like bit Connect I
mean it is it’s it’s fascinating to to
think back and to think I mean if it was
couldn’t have been as large as 10% I
mean that is here that that is just so
big but with that in mind and what was
the high point I’d say it was at the end
of 2017 maybe the beginning of 2018 who
in terms of 80 percenters it just
gambling straight up but one thing that
we have to take in the account when
we’re thinking about the the past bit
connect and and that maybe you 10% of
all crypto people were into scams like
that it will happen again people gamble
people people want easy solutions and
they want overnight easy solutions they
don’t want a long-term think they want
it now they want to get wealthy now and
so what is the next big connect what
will be the new bit connect and when
will it appear and what will that mean
for the overall the larger
cryptocurrency market and for Bitcoin
but eventually when everything one of
the I’d say eventually when they pop it
they’ve run back in the Bitcoin or they
run away and get in the Fiat but when
these scams are a running hardcore
people sunk they have to buy Bitcoin
first to get into the scam and maybe
some people will end up stuck with some
big not stuck but with some Bitcoin
because they were trying to get into the
latest and greatest bit connect 2.0 so
what what is the next bit connect only
time will tell
I’ve got my popcorn out waiting because
of course I’m not going to get into it
and what I’m going to love the most
about the next bit connect and again it
will happen is when people like me are
warning and saying hey guys this is the
next bit connect you shouldn’t end into
people that will be replying see Adam
you just don’t get it you just don’t get
just like with big connect
you just don’t get it oh I got it and
what I got was the real thing one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin valuing my
wealth and Bitcoin did it mess with the
gambling ahead why don’t you stand bow a
little bit I know it’s a Ponzi but I I’m
gonna get out on time people said things
like that
all right pound that like button on this
show and yesterday’s show wish you can
watch it disrupt meister comm and what
and it’s linked to below so yeah i know
why a lot of you are here to watch this
so king of the trolls on the this week a
bitcoin show he apparently watched my
this week in bitcoin show and if you
don’t know who king of the trolls is he
he used to be a big promoter of bitcoin
and then he he helped found uh be cash
he’s the main guy behind be cash i don’t
say his name because all he’s become as
an infomercial for big cash now he’s
been on my show before and in the what
he’s referencing in the comment that he
left on my this week in bitcoin show was
when he was on my show before and he
says correctly atom doesn’t even use
bitcoin for payments so when he was on
my show back in 2017 before be cash
happened he was saying you know you’re
not a real Bitcoin user because you
don’t use it for you don’t use it for
payments you don’t use it
holding isn’t using it again i said
holding was using it but i was proud and
said no I don’t use Bitcoin for payments
and to this very day I am offended by
selling I am offended by spending
Bitcoin why spend my precious Bitcoin
when I could spend dollars I had dollars
I get dollars YouTube pays me in dollars
I use that to buy stuff okay I would why
use my big point about who cares that I
don’t use it for people he cares still
to this very day he comes back to in a
video where I’m interviewing Gabriel
Devine I mean where Gabriel it has
nothing to do with P cash at all and
then just leaves that comment and links
to a clip he made of when he was on my
show which is great he can clip my show
that’s fine I don’t have any problem
with him you know coming to my channel
and leaving a comment like that and and
thinking that it’s a bad thing
Adam doesn’t even use Bitcoin for
payments I am proud of that what what
let’s say back in 2017 when he was on my
show if I was a Cu CK and I was all a
son like you know what I’m changing
everything because Kimmy the trawls is
so pretty
and he says the same thing over and over
and over again and I feel the peer
pressure just to spend Bitcoin I’m going
to start spending my Bitcoin to fit in
to that and just show that it’s it’s a
real money and that you know spending
over saving is the way to go in life I’m
going to spend my Bitcoin I’m going to
start spending
now so in 2017 what would have happened
if I would have spent my Bitcoin in 2017
I mean how horrible would my life be
right now if I spent all my Bitcoin and
just you know fell into that because all
of these be cashiers they’d love the
show you know Jeffrey Tucker he shows
how fast is you know he can spend his
Bitcoin oh look I sent it in two seconds
to buy coffee I mean so I mean but
where’s the savings where’s the
long-term thinking I mean that’s cool
that you that it you can send it fast
that is great that’s great that you can
do that but you another thing these guys
don’t seem to want to recognize he’s
that clearly clearly the market has
spoken over the last two years you why
do some people deny the market reality
on the ground that they have been
talking about spending spending spending
that this is that it was Satoshi meant
Satoshi Nakamoto wanted everybody to
spend this is the best way to spend we
could buy coffee and why why is that why
is that going down and value so much in
terms of Bitcoin why has it lost so much
back why has Bitcoin gone up and down
what is what’s going on here why are
more and more people to where I go they
talk about Bitcoin bigquery’s more
popular in be cash this is not just that
something that’s happened over the last
month over the last six months we’re
talking two years here over two years
here since he was on my show and
there’s just sometimes you gotta say you
know what we didn’t win we’re doing
something different
we’ve got a different selling point why
we’re gonna just improve on what we have
why do they have to come over here to
tell me how great they are I don’t I
don’t really get that I think they can
do what they want to do they’re free to
market themselves but there comes a
point when like this is silly
this is ridiculous what when he’s saying
Adam doesn’t even use Bitcoin for
payments nobody uses Bitcoin for
payments and nobody is using be cash for
payments relatively speaking people use
fiat for that stuff okay
fiat right there that’s what’s been
going on the left now can things change
I’m no bitcoins the next Bitcoin but if
you think things can change they work
hard on your be cash market it compete
with – compete with all the other coins
that are trying to be a way to spend
okay means a transaction medium of
okay yeah just just do that you have fun
be proud of it and and and but I am
proud that I do not waste my precious
Bitcoin on coffee that I did not do that
back then that I did not turn in my big
change all my Bitcoin in the beat cast
just because be cash is faster and you
could buy things of because I mean I’m
so happy there’s the reality if you
would if you would have done what was
being said to be done back then you’re
trading all your Bitcoin for be cash now
he didn’t say that on that video but
people were saying that eventually I
mean you would be so what what huge
regrets you would have in life at this
point so and it’s it’s very interesting
um a lot of altcoin errs means that just
because they just can’t they don’t want
to talk about the reality on the ground
they don’t want to talk about the
on-the-ground reality that you travel
around the world people were talking
about Bitcoin and and then some are
talking you know some are doing things
with aetherium too and you know I’m
gonna take a mention that the Bitcoin
max some bit I mentioned this before
Bitcoin Maximus sometimes can
everyone’s guilty of not being able to
at points admit the reality on the
ground you know aetherium is gonna die
nobody used no one does a theory I’m no
one cares about a theorem but the
reality is you travel all around the
world there are people working on
ethereal there are and good for them
good for them that’s not my thing at all
I mean when I was in Israel I met a guy
because I had the Bitcoin shirt on and
he’s telling me about all these in
aetherium interest and how he’s building
stuff on aetherium and he didn’t know he
didn’t own any Bitcoin you know and so
it’s great it’s great but yeah there is
we can’t force people to change their
minds okay and
you know
you don’t have the point when you do
have to say well you don’t have to say
it but maybe you can fake it like okay
they were right and I’ll just leave them
alone and I’m gonna try to make my coin
the best thing you just try to shame
people into switching over like oh you
don’t sell you don’t you you don’t use
your it’s bet for spending and you don’t
use it for payments I mean this we’ve
moved on from names two years ago and
you come back to remind me of that and I
don’t think that’s the greatest approach
to to converting people over because the
reality on the ground clearly shows that
I was correct that I holding the big
coin was a good thing to do the market
the value of Bitcoin compared to because
it’s all all of these factors like these
people are blind to these factors and so
at the time of the interview there were
two sides in the big in Bitcoin there
were the spenders versus the savers but
the spenders all left for be cash so why
come back and try to take over our
institution be happy with your
institution I’ve mentioned this a
comparison on other shows it with with
Eric Weinstein I was talking about he
got kicked out of Harvard he’s a genius
he wants to come back to Harvard to take
it over now start your own Institute
you’ve got your own institution
same thing with king of the trolls why
come back to over here to our side of
the fence and trying to take over
Bitcoin okay who you shouldn’t care
about Bitcoin care about be cash market
it any way you want to market it trying
to guilt people into it or saying they
were wrong when they were right probably
not the best approach but good luck to
you and thank you for I mean you didn’t
curse or anything like that you you’re
usually the guy is pretty polite the guy
is a great he can he does influence
people the way he either way he debates
he just says the same thing over and
over he’s very persuasive he can be very
persuasive and so that’s why you go you
know you let him on your show it turns
into an infomercial and it’s just a
waste it’s a waste of time and I just
spent I just spent a lot of time
there gave him a lot of attention but he
came over here so hey how you doing over
there king of the trolls good good to
see you and a good luck good luck to be
cached good luck to them I really it
doesn’t really bother me what they do
spend this you know if they if everybody
if that becomes the main spending crypto
and me great fun if you beat – okay
that’s cool good good luck good luck and
I hope it does go up in value for the
people that are that happened it doesn’t
really bother me because I know if it if
it’s going up in value big way this
definitely is definitely going up in
value and bitcoin is the real big one
bitcoin is next Bitcoin he didn’t try to
say in that comment at least an intro I
say be cash was the big was the real
Bitcoin I mean when people do that you
correct them no bitcoin is the real
Bitcoin okay found that like button
rocky rocky out in uh in California the
right great rocky Palumbo left they sent
me a DM and I I’m really keen to a Nick
Carter tweet from a while ago that
talked about this rocky and I had
discussed this offline and he says that
ironic that it’s bitcoins massive amount
of new hash power and be caches lack of
growth that’s going to save be cash from
having and having an early having so for
those of you not familiar be cash was
going to have they’re having before
Bitcoin but at this point because of
massive amounts of new hash power on on
Bitcoin it looks like the Bitcoin having
will now be before the be cash habit
having so the be cash having if they
were gonna hike that up it won’t uh it
won’t be hyping up the Bitcoin having
was a Bitcoin having already what have
happened was I liked it I I kind of like
that the be cash was gonna have they’re
having before the big point having that
it would call more attention to like
okay we’re having they’re having but
then the real bitcoins gonna have is
having like in a month well at this rate
that’s not it looks like Bitcoin will
have it’s having before the be cash
having so that’s interesting to be aware
of that
B has a tweet that I was going to I’ve
been meaning to mention for a while it
reminds us about negative interest rates
and a certain point we’re gonna get to a
point where you’re gonna be able to
borrow from banks as consumers a
negative interest rate so they’re gonna
pay you they’re gonna pay you to borrow
and and this is what he’s referring to
but I gotta remind everyone of something
if you borrowed $10,000 from a bank at a
negative and negative point five percent
you have to pay the principal every
month if you don’t pay the principal
every month
if whatever the minimum principle is and
that’s factoring in the negative
interest rates which subtracts from the
principle it does subtract from the
principle in your going to default okay
and they’re gonna come after you and
they’re gonna charge your fees and you
know you got to keep in mind you it’s
it’s it you might say hey this this is
this is free money here but no it’s it’s
not exactly free because if you don’t
pay if you don’t pay a back
that’s you’re in trouble I mean you
still got to make uh they’re gonna take
your collateral they’re gonna take
whatever you whatever Clara you had
there’s always some sort of real Bank
there is going to be some collateral
when you’re taking a loan I mean they’re
not just gonna give you a loan based on
nothing so you take you take out a home
equity loan and they’re paying you to do
it but then you’re not making your
payment’s they’re gonna take your house
so please keep that in mind because
there’s a lot of people are saying wow I
can’t wait for the time when the banks
are just gonna pay us and it’s free
money it’s not free money it’s not free
money it’s negative interest rates it’s
the principle that they help you bring
down the principle payment there with
the negative but you gotta make your
payment’s so what what he’s suggesting
here is this is the this is the quote
and they’re gonna be high fees
especially when you don’t pay I said if
you fall behind I’m sure the fees will
be gigantic
they’ll figure out some way of doing it
but and you know to the loan origination
probably those fees will go up too but
let’s just say it happens let’s say it
happens that you’re into taking out
loans and negative interest rates in the
future who knows how soon that will be
in Europe in the United States but
forget about Bitcoin mainstream adoption
he says Fiat to Bitcoin carry trade is
the next step in Bitcoin growth okay
Thoreau Fiat against negative interest
rate at negative 0.5% buy Bitcoin and
future Sal against 12 percent annualised
rinse and repeat
alternative writing call options
arbitrage blackhole okay so he he is
suggesting doing something I think is
absolutely ridiculous taking taking out
loans to buy Bitcoin and then selling
that Bitcoin to pay off those loans very
soon afterwards it don’t play that game
you know don’t don’t III don’t want to
get people into debt here and everything
like that but he does stop people are
going to do that people are going to do
that and it’s going to be very tempting
with with the negative interest rates
framing of everything and people
screaming that you have free money and
when it’s not really free money but say
hey that’ll be good for Bitcoin that
there will be people that know how to do
that and some people that don’t know how
to do that that that will be a taking
part in that activity in pump and it’ll
help the price of Bitcoin we’ve said
that before the negative interest rates
will will will help will get people
it’ll it’ll wake people up to get them
in the Bitcoin that this this fiat thing
is gone way psychotic I mean negative
interest rates are not a naturally
occurring phenomenon this is something
that people have created on their own
and made completely it makes our sense
anyway but people it will happen it will
happen just a and it will work well
there’ll be a look the the banks will be
able to pull it out off the government’s
will be able to pull it off people just
keep on buying into it they keep on
wanting stuff the spenders keep on a
spending so that is why they buy the
argument of king of the trolls and it
just it keeps the fiat monster going and
going and going and I think be cashiers
should take that into account that
people fiat is very convenient for
people and if you’re just trying to be
the next Fiat just a faster Fiat then I
don’t know I don’t I don’t think you can
be I don’t think you can beat that US
dollar at the time who knows who knows
because you’re still centralized on a
certain level also alright that’s it
everybody pound out like on banging a
bail bond and I’m an emotional bitcoin
meister the disrupt meister not
prep for today’s show I hope you enjoyed
it remember new show here every day and
click on their squares and the next show
will be quite late at night on Wednesday
night on in like Los Angeles time
probably I will be in Sydney by then
have fun everybody


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  2. I have on several occasions paid for services using bitcoin. I offer the person the option of having me send them their payment in bitcoin or with dollars using PayPal. I would rather simply purchase the bitcoin and send it their way than use PayPal (because it’s cheaper and because I love spreading the bitcoin gospel). I’ve offered many people to receive tips in bitcoin also but nobody has yet chosen bitcoin over fiat. Perhaps one day that will change. Pounded that like button.

  3. Adam, you are such a Jew. And I friggin love the hell out of you dude. Pound that like button for fitting into our stereotypes!


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