1. I can't wait for it to come out on the market. I'm ready to buy one. I will love doing a review on it for youtube. I live in Arizona I wish you guys sent free ones to people for review lol Thanks for the video

  2. I am not knowledgeable of gold detecting at all…My Question is what do you do with them specimens? How do you get the gold out of the quartz?

  3. Crush the Quartz. Pan out the gold. Or the old stamp mills would smash the Q and Au would stick together, much like the microscopic stuff does that the DOE mines in the bottom of the thousand or so shot holes in Nevavda Nuclear Test sites that the blast fused together.

  4. I have found quite a few of those bits of bird shot. Whenevr I do I say, well if I can find that thing a foot down, if theres gold there, it would surely find that too. Haven't found any gold yet..

  5. Great video. This is solid info that helps any newbie who is going to do dry prospecting. Thanks Gerry and Garret. ( I wish I didn't live in Illinois but was back in mountain country.)

  6. !!! Wow !!! this is great teaching from this guy.I was looking for this kind of teaching video and metal detector long time ago and the reason is because i was looking for gold coins in Guadalajara jalisco Mexico.when i was searching with my minelab x500 metal detector i was in troble with this hot rocks and i canno't find the gold coins because i diden't know how to avoid the stones.and the metal detector was not very well in that kind of circunstances,but the gold coins are remaining there.

  7. I like the nature, great forest, creek and even weather over there …of course I like the gold too, makes everything shine a bit more 😀
    But what if that iron were meteorites? they can be up to $100,000/g that's like 2000x the price of gold 😮 😀

  8. Firstly Thanks for the video. Secondly, my Wife and I are just starting. I was looking at Kellyco at this machine (fir me) & I can get a second machine for my Wife. She likes relics & jewelry . What's a good choice with BOGO sale at Kellyco ? Thanks and happy hunting !

  9. Garrett AT Gold Molto buono sui terreni agricoli,anche in spiaggia,basta non andare in battigia,dove la sabbia incomincia ad essere bagnata dalla salinità Marina .Acqua dolce e tutti altri tipi di terreno funzionamento OK.

  10. Hi I am looking into purchasing a AT gold can you tell me the difference between the garret AT gold made for The USA market and the AT gold made for Australia market as the Australia version is $400 more expensive

  11. Last Year I purchased an AT Gold from Garret in the USA , and have Just came back from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, after three Month's of Prosecting, All I can say is Bloody Brilliant Machine,it picked up over 75,00 dollar's worth of gold after the initial 20% was taken off it for the impuritie's at the Gold Dealer's.  

  12. When you put the dirt in your hand from the cup how do you know there were not two pieces of gold and you might have threw one away? You should put what's in your hand over the coil to make sure don't you think? 

  13. Loved detecting as a kid here in Idaho.  Just got a garrett now that I'm old enough to get one!   would really like to go find some tailings.  not too sure where.  I used to pan too.  love it!

  14. Great video. I was in Quartzsite for a few days (didn't find squat), but I had ALOT of strong hot rocks. I think it it wasn't in the low 90's still and I wasn't out there alone, I would of found some gold. To hot and desolate for my safety zone. 

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