Producer REAGIERT auf GOT7 Try Not To Laugh or Smile Challenge! | Funny Moments

Producer REAGIERT auf GOT7 Try Not To Laugh or Smile Challenge! | Funny Moments

Good morning on the best channel on youtube when it comes to music And the slowest special guest on the planet. …but she makes up for it with her fantastic style and beauty. Dana Rolle. Rahim: Dana, where are you? Dana: I left because you said I was slow. You are, too, because I always win the Good Morning Battle. Rahim: Thank you so much for coming back—- │ Dana: You’re pressing the record button.. That’s right, but… │ Dana: Maybe … we meet with 100.000 subscribers not only in the middle but I can… …finally say faster good morning. │ Rahim: Because then you push the button? Ouhhhh. So not only indecent meeting in the middle but also button control … role swap action. For this a subscription. Thanks a lot. Guys, you keep sending videos for us to respond to, be funny or something else. We then look at them, have the camera on and hope that this is also the case. We don’t know that before, of course. But we hope so. (Should I make us small and these big?) I hope it’s funny. If it’s not funny, I’ll go get something to drink during the video. Oh, Okay. GOT7 Try Not To Laugh or Smile Challenge! Boar, but I have to grin because they’re all so cute. What do we do if someone should laugh? Wir haben diese Videos ja sonst auf deinem Kanal gemacht… *Word-finding-progress* Dana: We made a tally sheet. │ Rahim: A tally sheet? And then what? Nothing. I wanted to make it so that the loser had to bite into a lemon, but I always forgot the lemon. Rahim: Okay, we don’t have anything lemony here. │ Dana: Yes, I do! Dana: ChumChurrum. │ Rahim: Ohhhh. Is this supposed to be a drinking thing? Drinking Thing?! It tastes like… It’s like soda. Rahim: Like soda? Yes, you’re right. Only 12 percent is alcohol. │ Dana: Soda with a shot. So you’re saying we’re making a drinking game now. Who laughs has to drink? Dana: It’s sunday. │ Rahim: Okay. And all those who are too young… can drink tea or coke. Rahim: It’s like cough syrup. │ Dana: Should I get it?│ Rahim: Only weaker. Yeah, let’s go! Three, two, one… Meanwhile … (Get well soon.) Meanwhile I entertain you with my great nature and beauty and my especially big sweet tired brown eyes. Rahim: *Praising himself.* │ Dana: Move it, I’m back. That was quick. Frighteningly fast. Yeah, you see, I’m not always slow. ChumChurrum. If you want to know what that is— ChumChurrum. Korean liquor. But it only has 12% alcohol. This one … is the lemon version. We always get it from the Korean we trust. Wow, we haven’t been to the Korean restaurant in a long time. Yes… About two weeks. The whole thing is … Dana: … served that way. │ Rahim: We’ll take 4 cl … A big shot? Otherwise it wouldn’t be a punishment. Okay… Then 2cl. Oh, I thought whenever someone laughs, they have to drink too. Rahim: Yeah, that’s right. │ Dana: Yeah, look. That is not so much. I’m sure we’ll laugh a lot. Here we go! But it also says not to grin. You can’t do that either. That’s cheating. From now on, it counts. (subtitlevoice out off the off: They’re really pulling themselves together.) If we really manage not to laugh for 10 minutes, it will be a very boring video. (Rahim’s Eyebrows — up up to the sky… ) (Dana… I see it.) That’s a grin! We said don’t grin! Ouh man! But did you see the photo? I had to laugh at his laugh. Dana: Yeah, that’s how I felt! │ Rahim: Cheers! 건배! Three, two, one! Cheers. It tastes like Sprite. (Special greetings go out to Jhope.) It’s like a stale sprite because there’s no sparkling gas in it. Dana: But it still tastes good. │ Rahim: I don’t know what it tastes like after the second or third shot. We will see. At the first Jägermeister I always think : Yumm. Its good. Dana: Ah, no. The hairstyle… (Take a deep breath, Rahim. ) When you look at me, it’s no wonder you’re not laughing, especially at the sexy scene. I just wanted to control if you were laughing. Control it, my ass. You look at me so you don’t have to see this. You totally missed the sexy scene here. I drink it of my own free will. 건배! Geon-bae! Cheers! │ Dana: I’ll pour myself the next one. Uh…, you can taste the alcohol. It’s not completely sprite. I don’t know if Jhope would like that. (eyebrows ^^) Dana: Man! │ Rahim: But only because we didn’t want to grin. Yeah, but that’s mean. That’s not what we said. That’s what the title says. That is really mean. Wait, there’s more in here.│ Rahim: Ouhh. Dana: So I gave you the fuller one. │ Rahim: Thx. What kind of laugh was that? You have to drink it! You have to drink it! You grinned 100%. Yes, but… How could you not laugh? I just got scared. I got scared at first and then I remembered what we were playing right now. Dana: So it’s getting hard. │ Rahim: People, write in the comments how it is with you, but it was really hard. My God, dude! Is that a filter? What? I wasn’t sure at first either. What was that now? Three.. Two… One… What the hell is this? How did they do that? Oh, my God, I want to do this to your face. That expression too! This… *insert Dana’s Face* Do that. So I can make a thumbnail out of it. Would that be awesome if there were really banknotes that looked like this? That would be so awesome. Come on, do that, it’ll be the thumbnail. Oh, you’ve drank two shots already. Two times already lost. Okay, let’s do this as a thumbnail. I’m trying to remember it. We can’t laugh that much anymore, there’s not much left. What do we do then? Water? United States …. United States of Jackson was just written there. Rahim: Why isn’t he laughing? │Dana: Because he’s shocked. │ Rahim: This is really awesome. He doesn’t think it’s funny at all. Oh, now I forgot to drink, too. I’ve been drinking a little before. Cheers! I think so too. Are you watching? Are you watching? Dana: That was a little too much. │ Rahim: Oops. Rahim: *blink* *blink* matching the tone. Was that a smile? Just a happy face or what? Okay, I’ll let that go because we don’t have that much to drink. That was very close. You’re looking very happy right now. Okay, go ahead. Don’t hide it! To rhyme “Marc” “fart” … You gave me the full one. Okay, Cheers! You can divide it up, too. I’d rather not pour anymore, because I’m making the glasses too full. Like I said, the more you drink, the more you taste the alcohol. JB always catches it. Obviously. Ouhh, what was that? How angry he was. I’ve been smiling all this time. I didn’t see that. How he got upset. Hmmm, now it’s starting to taste good. See? First it tastes like stale Sprite and then it tastes like… The first one. I’m already at the fifth or so. If you have to burp, it tastes like cheap toilet cleaner. This lemon flavour… Have you tried this before? *Embarrassing silence.* *Deep inhale* Okay, I laughed first. How he checked him out. Like women who look at each other. Almost bitchy… Just out of nowhere. So… Cheers! Rahim: Che – he – he – – heeeers.│ Dana: That’s enough, or is it? We don’t have that much left. Cheers. #sHOOK Ohhh, his shirt! Oh, man! Oh, its on your shirt! I’d do it just like that! Don’t even help! its on your shirt! Oh, its on your shirt! But don’t help! Then you have to touch it. How much longer is it going to be? One and a half minutes? I knew someone there once… It’s on your shirt! If you had an animal on your shoulder, CHEERS, she didn’t even say anything, no “Its on your Shirt”. Then she just left. Like this… just left. She didn’t say anything! And everyone’s wondering where “Maria” went. So if she just disappears, you can assume you have a bug somewhere. Oh, Maria’s gone. I think a bug is sitting on me. When he said that, I thought so too! I didn’t think of it before. Neither did I. Scale one to one. I’d say we laughed at the same time. Both, yeah. Yeah, Cheers, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You don’t treat yourself to anything else. It’s weekend. At least with us, I don’t know about you. Cheers. Like ketchup and mustard. Hmm, mustard. The way alcohol gets through more and more is really hard. Really? It was okay with me. I was thinking about mustard. Hmm, mustard. Woar, that’s mean! Actually, it looked pretty cool. I just grinned for a second. Just for a second. Come on, that was the last clip. You definitely smiled. Come on, the bottle’s empty afterwards, too. Congratulations, you definitely lost anyway. You’ve had a few more shots than me. Quite possible. I didn’t count. A very happy girl here tonight here. More like a young woman. After all, you drink alcohol. I thought you were trying to tell me I was getting old. No, we’re all just getting younger…. …except Dana. (Subvoice: Dana, you’re wonderful!) The others are all getting older, only we are getting younger. Yeah, awesome. That was really a funny video. We haven’t seen a video like this from GOT7 yet. They really are total crackheads. But I think we did a really good job of holding back. Rahim: Yeah, but it was mean. There were some parts— │ Dana: It was very mean. I only made it because I can’t drink so many shots in a row. Yeah, that was my motivation, too. That’s why it was good that we did this. It doesn’t taste bad in itself. But when you drink so much in a row, it gets bad. But if you eat fried chicken or Korean food with it, it definitely tastes better. But if you drink four or five in a row like that, don’t. Cheers! I hope you had a lot of fun! We still have to… Dana: How do I do now? I forgot about it. Then we’ll take this. That’s what happened. But now you also have to photoshop me on a banknote. Maybe I can just take his and let your face shine through. This is going to be an exciting job. I am curious… how the thumbnail will look like. Then what do you look like? I’m just laughing at you. Thx. Just like in real life. Hey, I never laugh at you there. I hope you had fun. I can feel the alcohol. I’m sure you haven’t learned anything except not to drink alcohol. Rahim: Take this seriously. │ Dana: Educational mission. It will be fulfilled in any case. That was a spontaneous idea and I hope I have a nice Sunday. Have a nice Sunday! Don’t drink today, because tomorrow is Monday! Today there is also a video of Dana on her channel! It’s linked below, don’t forget it, and you’re welcome to subscribe. The video should still come today, because you are cutting it right now. It’s definitely coming, okay, bye!


  1. 14:25 Man sollte die Flasche am besten vorher immer schütteln, damit sich Geschmack und Alk vermischen. Hatte letztens auch das Problem dass mein (Weintrauben) Soju beim ersten Schluck nach Volvicwasser mit Geschmack geschmeckt hat xD

  2. Hey Rahim🤚🏻 Pls react to „Angel or Devil“ by TXT. There isn’t a MV but there are a couple of lyric videos with good music quality and also the live stages a good. There are a bunch of unique sounds in the song and I think Dana and you would like listening to the song 🤗

  3. Ahhh yayyy got7 again 😍😍😍😂😂😂 ich liebe die sooo 😂 .. und ihr, Dana und Rahim, seid einfach die Cutesten

  4. If your penalty is shots, you're gonna get so drunk if it's a GOT7's try not to laugh video LOL. I can't understand a single word but seeing people laugh cos of my boys is enough to make me crack also!

  5. Oh man da habt ihr aber ein schelchtes Video rausgesucht. Um über vieles lachen zu können, muss man die Insider der Gruppe kennen. Da gibt es paar Videos die richtig gut sind

  6. Könnt ihr bitte mal auf BLACK ON BLACK von NCT 2018 reagieren? Da waren alle damaligen Member (18) von NCT dabei. (Inzwischen sind sie ja schon 21 Personen)

  7. nicht nur got7 sondern auch ihre fans (igot7 oder ahgase=baby bird) sind totale crackheads 🤣🤣🤣 wie man ja auch an diesem schein sieht

  8. Danke das ihr auf got7 reagiert habt.❤
    Ihr müsst euch unbedingt das oder das angucken.

    In dem Video was ihr euch angeguckt habt sind viele Insider drinnen die man nur versteht wenn man die jungs besser kennt.

    Und hier noch ein Video um got7 ein bisschen besser kennen zu lernen

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  10. Noch ein paar Empfehlungen (Tag 18):

    Limesoda – Wave (04.10.19,, Pop)

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    True Damage (League of Legends Song ft. Soyeon of (G)I-DLE/Becky G/Keke Palmer/Thutmose/Duckwtrh, 10.11.19,, Hip-Hop)

  11. Die Gruppen von Jyp haben alle so einen Knall 😂 ich würde es nicer finden wenn ihr auf "kpop try not to laugh video" reagiert, diese sind meistens viel witziger

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    And it's a really hard challenge to pass! LOL 😆

  17. A real funny one is when they are to cook and not make noise which would wake up their grandmother who is sleeping on the couch.

  18. and the subtitles? I'm from Colombia and now he doesn't know very well what they say, but hey haha ​​I love his videos greetings 💜

  19. Wenn ihr auf lustige kpop groups reagiert müsst ihr auf jeden fall auch auf die absoluten crackheads Mamamoo reagieren😂

  20. Die Verallgemeinerung des Getränks nennt sich Soju – das andre ist nur die Marke 😄 ich persönlich liebe Soju und Makgeolli mit Pfirsich Geschmack 🍑

  21. Got7 und Seventeen sind die, die mich am meisten zu lachen bringen. Seventeen sind fuer mich aber die ultimate crackheads, ich liebe sie

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    Lost in the dream
    Am besten live 💪🏼🙏🏼
    Die vocals sind einfach mal geil

  24. es gibt auch viele ikon fun videos, die extrem lustig sind: z.b. "when dorks are dorking" oder "what happens when yg leaves ikon without a babysitter". aber auch viele einfach "funny moments", die einen einfach umhauen.

  25. hi, international subscriber here is just patiently waiting for the subtitle but massive thanks for GOT7 content! will be back when the subtitle arrives!

  26. here;s the lonely english comment haha. watched the whole thing with no subs and enjoyed it nevertheless haha. thank you guys for reacting to got7!

  27. Ich glaub es wäre witziger wenn ihr GOT7 besser kennen würdet. Aber so oder so, GOT7 ist mit abstand die witzigste Gruppe

  28. Okay das war auch eines der unlustigsten Videos gewesen und viel zum Lesen, da gibts viel bessere finde ich. Die "Crack" Videos zum Beispiel sind immer ganz unterhaltsam.

  29. OH SO SORRY, it is not a right clip, this clip doesn't have much funny scene of Got7. And in some scenes you can't laugh because you didn't know the story before. But Im happy because you guy react more about Got7.

  30. aaaah i will watch this when the captions are finally here 😭 but i am so excited for this! please react to more GOT7!

    this is a playlist i have if you want to get to know GOT7:


  31. ich habe das gefühl das man dieses video eher lustig findet wenn man die inside jokes, members und die group an sich kennt. ihr könntet zum beispiel mal
    "got7 clowning each other for 9 minutes straight" angucken.

  32. Ihr braucht etwas 'vor' bzw 'hintergrundwissen' um die Videos ''riccchtig'' zu verstehen. Z.b beim Vlive als Mark meinte er hat nicht gefurzt. Am Anfang haben die Members behauptet das er gefurzt hat was er dann verneint hat, deswegen war das so lustig. Oder als bambam meinte er hat nichts auf seine Lippen drauf, das kommt von YUGYEOM, weil er das mal gesagt hat und seit dem machen sich die members lustig darüber und machen immer jokes damit😂😂

  33. ihr solltet auch mal Ateez videos schauen xD die sind auch ganz süß und ebenfalls crackheads^^

    aber ein tipp: nicht die, die zu sehr bearbeitet sind. am besten sind die echten, unbearbeiteten momente~

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