Price Predictions: Tron ($TRX), EOS ($EOS), Litecoin ($LTC), Stellar ($XLM), NEO ($NEO), & More!

Price Predictions: Tron ($TRX), EOS ($EOS), Litecoin ($LTC), Stellar ($XLM), NEO ($NEO), & More!


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  2. Naem, if you need a youtuber who can edit your videos better to positon the voice & shorten the video to edit out any parts that arent needed, I could do it for you

  3. NXT skyrocketed because of an airdrop of IGNIS. it was dumped massivedly just after the airdrop. oversold might indeed be a good one to get into now. think out of the box in this market!

  4. Sorry for the audio! Halfway through I was able to fix the issue but it won't happen again!
    Thank you all for watching 🙂

  5. Dude, can you stop making click bait titles, please? I don't see any analysis for XLM here, so stop putting it to your titles.

  6. Woot woot night owl! Just joined your discord about a week ago, great content! Helped a lot! Thank you for sharing the knowledge man

  7. So I found how to get the Three Moving Averages, but they all follow the actual up and down price movements. How do I change it to where they look like they're supposed to? Thanks.

  8. Hi friend. I want your opinion as to which is a better coin or better off which is going to yield higher profits. Thank you!

  9. Just subscribed today!! Very nice, informative videos. Do you just change to USDT?? I also wanted to change it to fiat when the dip started, but I was just too lazy to get it out from exchange.

  10. Hi NAEEM, I want to learn to become a good trader, where should I start from? do you do a course from begin, how to read trading view chart and signals and so on? thanks in advance

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