Price Predictions – Ripple ($XRP), IOTA ($IOT), and Litecoin ($LTC)!

Price Predictions – Ripple ($XRP), IOTA ($IOT), and Litecoin ($LTC)!

Price Prediction – Ripple IOTA and Litecoin!


  1. Here is my chart perspective for Ripple ($XRP), IOTA ($IOT), and Litecoin ($LTC). Thank you all so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing with post notifications on. Be sure to join our Discord if you have not already…you'll love it!

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  3. My only concern here, seems pennants forming within wider pennants. So if one breaks downward instead of upward there is always a justification that another larger pennant is forming. And thats where I see charting so ambiguous. Hope I am wrong as I have invested a lot in XRP's.

  4. Will you be creating a series of these videos? This sort of quick analysis is EXTREMELY helpful in allowing others to understand how to recognize patterns and analyze charts. These videos cut out all of the "fat" and leave the viewer with distilled chart analysis.

  5. Great vid bro 😉. My Dad said he likes the charts you use too 😉 I hope LTC keeps forming that channel and then breaks my portfolio is getting more diversified as well ! So it wont kill me if it doesnt 😉😉😆😆

  6. I Need help , I have sent Ripple to HitBtc to sell some one the price spike but after I got them there now I can't trade or Withdrawl I keep getting this error for 2 days "Please note that XRP withdrawals are temporarily unavailable due to technical maintenance. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience." is this normal ?

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  9. i want some can anyone send me some. I am a newbie trying to trade my bitcoin address: 17TsuWQmgpUsRVKHaL85rkKHU5ATuqGfdv

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