What is going on snipers naive Allah baby here, I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today
I am so excited to make this video if you’re watching this after it’s already published feel free to use the
1.25 x speed in the description below actually in the video settings I always make that mistake this is exciting March 1st
2018 we’re gonna be taking a look at the market looking at coins like Bitcoin litecoin
Aetherium tron seeing where prices are headed over the next couple of days the overall market sentiment in a fundamental and in a technical aspect
Once again, my name is Naima. La Badie here with snipers tube. Let’s go ahead and dive right into it
So currently we’ve got our Bitcoin chart pulled up here if you guys are looking at this chart
You can see we’re currently at price levels of
127 US dollars, and this is on the one-hour chart, which actually just
Consolidated we saw a little bit of a bull flag pull up now. We’re seeing that run-up
Continuing this fly pattern here
You can also notate here if we actually go here on the 1-day chart what I want you guys to see here is
This fly that we are going to be watching over the next couple of hours into the next couple of days
Depending on how long it’s gonna. Take to break this resistance
Level which is an overall trend that has continued itself over the past couple of days
So we’re gonna talk about that especially and we’re gonna be referring to a couple different things on this livestream our discord community
This is a community
I may actually have built for all of you the link is in the description to actually get into our discord
And if you guys go to our trading 101 section we actually have all of these flag patterns
Come panhandles head and shoulders all pulled up there
And then we’re also gonna be referring to our trade alerts in
Some aspects if you guys are getting our trade alerts or our trade signals
Which is on the slash snipers a link is in the description. It’s a subscription-based
Trade alert system we have if you guys are the in the VTC trade you should have already taken profits
I just want to make you guys clear of that
I think we about 16 plus percent on this one if you look here
This is actually where we made the trade alert
And then this is where the profit was supposed to be taken so I just want you guys to know that because it’s entering that
stop-loss nodes
Hopefully you don’t have those traits still in and let’s go ahead and see who’s online right now
Take some user requests and see what’s happening here. Oh wow we got a huge view count today
beautiful beautiful
It’s you know we got here Jarnell on the live stream Jyoti flips or ins Brian in the house
joining in through periscope
Interesting if you guys don’t know we’re actually live streaming now on four different platforms
And that’s kind of how we roll here on to sniper’s tube if you’re gonna do something you might as well
Do it big right and that’s how we like to roll so what do you guys think about Bitcoin?
Let’s take some quick comments here, and see what everyone is saying
to see if there’s any sort of common ground here within the community because obviously it’s
Starting to see a little bit of a run up
But the question is how long is it going to run up is it gonna continue its run up?
And is it gonna go to the next level breaking that 11800 resistance that we saw previously
So – I didn’t see what we’ve got going on here
Oh man full-on chat room right now so many so many messages here
Let’s go ahead and see if we can even sort through all of these here even in one second
Bam Bam Bam
So let’s go ahead and start off here our price prediction here with Bitcoin now. I want you guys to notate this flag pattern
We’ve been watching this for quite a bit now
Let’s go ahead and redraw this if I actually pull up our live stream chart
I think I already have this pulled up on either our trade alert or our live stream
Area, let’s go ahead and see if we have this already drawn out so that we can just kind of dive into it
BTC US dollar
Go ahead pull that up here, so here’s the fly pattern
Based on this we have finally broken the flag Wow and this was on the 4-hour chart, so
currently in my opinion
This is an extremely bullish break and resistance you can see we’ve got these ascending
support levels currently finding a little bit of
resistance right on top here around 11,000 169
Which is completely fine in an upward impulse wave here is what we’re seeing you can see this cup and handle formed
There’s another cup and handle BAM that ended up breaking out testing those resistance levels that resistance level
Tried to break out it broke just a little bit
And then it went saw a little bit of a BC correction consolidation now seeing that impulse wave breaking right through that
Exactly. How we actually predicted the breakout if it were to break out which it has and now in my opinion
I am officially going to say that I do not see any further downside here for Bitcoin going back to the $6,000 range
It’s just way way too high to see that and in my opinion. This was the bottom this was the oversold levels
That’s pretty much. Why we saw one of the largest by volume Candlestick or graphs here
You see this by volume bar one of the largest ever in Bitcoin history
And I think that’s certainly because of the fact that people understood the fact that it was
Oversold and it was time to buy this is an ongoing trend that actually started right around December 10th
and we have finally broken through this flag, so
Hooray to Bitcoin
somebody said audio
Volume is too low
Hell yeah, your mic is low brother oh
I’m so sorry. Why is my mic low I?
Am so sorry. Let me go ahead and
pull this
Make this a little bit louder. Maybe this will help out
Let’s see here. Let’s go ahead and make this a little bit louder I do
Apologize if the mic is a little bit low here just turn on the audio
Just a bit
Do you guys hear me fine now is this a little bit better. Do you guys hear it?
How about this is this a little bit better I
Hope this is better. We had George bourbon a kiss in the house
All these scouts said better. Thank you all a scout for the confirmation mr.. J not in the house Mike bitten Kurt Brossard
41 sports Dalton L Frank McLovin mayor Nagi me Tony Tash Bobbie Christian M
Nicky – nonso Flip ZD Seth Bill Graham’s not Fox. Man. We got a full house. Are you guys excited about Bitcoin?
I am so excited
Being the fact that we broke through this flag, and it is officially confirmed that we have broken the flag pattern from December 10th
2017 up to March 1st 2018 I expect March to be a beautiful month in the cryptocurrency
I expect March to be an awesome month in snipers tubes
community in general being the fact that we have broken this three-month long pattern finally and
this is a
Huge huge mark in the timeline for Bitcoin as we start seeing these levels starting to
Impulse its way up now. We’re starting
We’re starting to see this impulse wave going into that fibonacci retracement level here gonna see a little bit of resistance
I guarantee we’re gonna see resistance right around 11,000 725 once again
11700 level is a
Fibonacci retracement resistance level the fibonacci retracement is known
to be a
Predictor for support and resistance levels you can see how we went up
found resistance went back down bounced and found support right on that Fibonacci retracement with a 38% so Joshua Stephen Ward said hallelujah I
Christopher moisted we’re gonna make so much money’s if you play it right
Once again the markets all psychological you can still lose in an upward market in a downward market
The smart ones were margin trading and shorting, but that’s a very risky strategy
I don’t recommend that for everyone if you guys don’t know about
Shorting a lot of people especially in our community made a lot of money while Bitcoin was headed down because they were
Shorting Bitcoin what that means is you’re betting against it instead of saying hey
I’m gonna put
$10,000 in Bitcoin at 6,000 wait for it to go to 10,000
Then sell and make a four thousand profit on every single unit that is converting
Shorting is totally different
you’re actually saying you know what I think bitcoins going down to 5400 if it says 6,000 or it’s going down to
2,000 and that’s how a lot of people made money in the downtrend
Especially because of the fact that if you guys are watching sniper soon we predicted this on the dot
We said it was gonna bounce on fifty nine hundred it bounced on fifty nine hundred
We said it was gonna see resistance right around eleven thousand eight hundred his saw resistance at eleven thousand eight hundred
We said it was gonna bounce back down to ninety three hundred guess what bounced right at ninety three hundred if you guys are following
us on Twitter slash
sniper’s tube you guys know I
Ninety three hundred is the place to watch somebody tweeted back at me and said why ninety three hundred that doesn’t look like a support
Level I’m thinking is going down to eight thousand
I’m like I don’t think so ninety three hundred is a very very very strong support level
And it was pretty obvious it was the Fibonacci retracement. I’m using basic technical indicators
Why do so many people complicate the market you look at LD wage? You look at ABC Corrections?
You don’t need to get into depth use your strengths find
Which indicators you want and prefer and then start to utilize those for every single trade you make
Stop scattering yourself stop trying to use ten fifteen twenty different indicators
here’s something my mentor taught me extremely early on he said nine a
always goes back to the fundamentals
Because the fundamentals are what’s gonna win a championship
In trading the fundamentals aren’t what’s gonna win a championship. If you think you want to get more and more complex
You’re lacking. I’ve read a book to actually yeah today and yesterday crypto assets
How do you recommend this book look at that this is clear? Oh?
This is so cool because the green screen that is so cool look at that
The book is clear isn’t that crazy look at that. Oh, man
Hey, bye, hey Hey Oh?
highly recommend this baby crypto assets
So he says that’s a great analogy, Joshua Stephen Ward
That sounds like a master name-o the mic was low when I popped my Lacroix
So we’re gonna have to do it one last or one more time BAM
So he said haha on fire
My name is gaining more and more confidence and charisma on his live streams by the week Mike Wylie. Thank you brother
I appreciate that March is gonna be the month man. I am Telling You
I was just on the East Coast working on our website our websites gonna come out. It’s gonna have extremely
basic features in the first phase of rollout
But as it progresses as we evolve it as the platform grows as the community grows we’re gonna enhance
It add more features have more Ruby masterminds have more emerald masterminds have more sapphire
Masterminds have more community live streams have more analysts have more indicators
implementations teachings lessons all
Providing for the community for you all to become full-time and treating here’s something
I want you guys to know if you’re a full-time trader guess what you can travel the world with one of these and you can
Make a full-time income
Greater or even equal to what you’re making right now and travel the world and go to Bali go to Thailand go to
Fifi island go to Australia Sydney is beautiful go to the Ukraine
Beautiful places in this role Iceland Greenland Norway, nor guys Norway is beautiful the woman. There are beautiful
I’m just kidding I
Respect woman, but they are beautiful in Norway
Beautiful landscape – if you ever been to Norway
surrounded by beautiful beautiful mountain not mountains rocks
full time trading
2017 was the day I or the month that I became full time was the end of October I
Din – my corporate job if you guys are were in our Facebook group you guys saw our my my video
It was a 15 minute video literally of me walking into my job. I walked in my shift was from 7 a.m.
To 3 p.m.. I came in at 3 p.m.. I walked in I work in a sales. It’s call center
So it’s a huge floor, and I walked up to my director, and I said hey, man
He said whoa before you say anything is like
Why are you coming in he looked at his he’s why are you coming in at the time? You’re supposed to be leaving?
He’s like
You’re quitting aren’t you I said, I smiled I said yeah
He’s like Bitcoin. I said yeah
He’s like we got a talk
And then he walked me to his office. We signed the documents. I walked out
He gave me a college that I have ten thousand dollars show me how to invest it
I said I’m not a financial adviser, but this is what I would recommend told me exactly what to do
he made $2,600 that month and
Then I don’t know I haven’t got a chance to be quite frank, so
I’m telling you all
Having a secondary source of income having a full-time income outside in a way of where you’re currently creating income
100% be possible in this market where there’s extreme volatility
And I’m telling you that from the bottom of my heart and the reason I say that is because I’ve experienced this myself
But not only that my passion and my dedication is gonna go towards helping each and every one of you all
Do the same exact thing because guess what?
there’s one thing I know and
That one thing is more money is better than less money at all times
You can help more people
There’s not a church in the world that would deny a dollar because they can use that dollar and help others
So don’t deny the dollar
Create it become something stop playing video games stop getting out of work at 5:00 p.m.. I know you’re making six figures
I know you’re probably making seven figures, but still you don’t have freedom and
Trading can give you that freedom now some of you guys. Love your jobs. I’m not so I’m not bashing jobs
I’m not putting things now
I’m just saying having more income is better than less income right especially when you can control it you’re like hey
You know what baby girl? I want to go to a a second honeymoon. I want to go to Paris France
Well guess what if you can control your income you can centrally give me one second. Let me get on
Uh, let me do a couple
Okay perfect. We just uh we just got fun’s necessary and baby. We’re going to Paris tomorrow
Like who wouldn’t want that option, and if you don’t want that option, maybe you have kids, maybe you have a full-time career
Regardless, I don’t know why I’m on this change. Let’s get into a technical analysis. I’m sorry
Man, are you are you all like excited?
somebody says hot on fire Lali
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How about this Rudy Garcia?
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Brother, this is the snipers community brother, so he says uh
Yeah, baby
Yes, baby
So what do you guys want to look at today? What coins? Do you guys want to predict?
What analysis you guys want to do Johnny chimpo said he’s jacked up
Jason feller would be nice to have an income while traveling in Europe. I agree focus crypto said fired up, bro. You’re inspiring
Thank you, brother
Mike Willie said throwing shade
Jyothi Thank You Nayeem your speeches are inspirational shout out to Joe
Go green says kick him out kick him out. Do we got Sarah in the house is Sarah online?
Do we got our mod on Sarah kick him out?
somebody said Nano please Tron
LTC Dago crypto 10x Josh wit who else really Ozzie is on here Julian
Jyoti said what’s up?
Somebody’s in Australia Nando let’s go ahead somebody
Aesthetic film said TRX is through TRX BTC, so here’s the long story short for Bitcoin. I’m gonna. Just kind of do a quick
This is simple guys fundamentals right back to the fundamentals. We’re gonna see resistance right around eleven thousand seven hundred just like we saw before
Here’s the difference. We’re not gonna go back down past this flag. We’re most likely to see support
It’s probably gonna go a little bit like this
We’re gonna see this price level go bounce right on that and we might see it drop back down there
Don’t be scared if that happens. I’m not saying this is gonna happen. This is probably a
outcome of
Bitcoin in the next 12 to
48 hours to see it go up bounce off that Fibonacci retracement resistance
And it possibly could find support back at that flag, but guess what it might just go up here
and then maybe find a little bit of
Consolidation and then start testing this a little bit more until it breaks a little bit higher up
Here’s what I’m telling you at this point if you have not gotten your position in Bitcoin yet whoop-dee-doo no big deal
There are two different types of ways you can get a great entry point
Obviously one way is to buy it low right buying the red selling the green. There’s a way for you to
estimate where you want to make a
Entry point and like for example when we went up to this
High at eleven seven we knew we’re gonna find resistance because of that flag and we started to
Consolidate the best entry point would have been at the support level the fibonacci retracement which was right around 90 300
then we saw that bounce into that impulse wave we’re gonna expect a little bit of consolidation and just make some sense as soon as
It hits a fibonacci resistance
It’s probably gonna see some downside
I think that’s gonna be the perfect entry point for Bitcoin if you want to get that entry point and now
get that entry point in so that when it starts going to the 12 and the 13s and the
14s you’re already gonna have that position locked and loaded and you can go ahead and ride that wave up
Depending upon what the pattern is gonna create over the next couple of days. That’s really what the focus is on right now
We’ve finally broken through this pattern
And here’s another thing a lot of people were predicting that we were potentially gonna find this and go back down for another
dip and I told
Each and every one of you live last week that I did not expect that to happen
it was probably the least likely scenario in my opinion because
The market sentiment right now for Bitcoin is at an all-time high in my opinion. There are more banks more individuals
flocking towards this new technology because they
Understand it’s gonna disrupt their industry the merrill lynch’s the goldman sachs these banks chase
Morgan freeman guys, they’re gonna go out of business if they don’t adapt. They don’t change guys. It’s not a
Knowing it’s not about action. It’s about
Adoption it’s about adapting to your environment the one that can adapt to their environment the most why do you think?
Why do you think humans are so powerful in this world it’s because we know how to adapt to different environments
I think that’s one of the most overlooked aspects of
The world it’s the fact that
Being able to adapt is one of the most powerful
Skills you can have in more and more companies or maybe getting on board and guess what you can’t by substratum with US dollars
Right now guess what you have to buy Bitcoin
So there’s an actual utility to it some people say, there’s no utility to Bitcoin guess what there is a utility
How do you want to invest in a?
Misco how do you want to invest in?
DGD right, how do you want to invest in Tron?
How do you want to invest in Virg guess what you got to buy your Bitcoin and then trade it?
Yeah, I know bit tricks announced on their podcasts are potentially gonna have more USD pairings. Yeah
Yeah, yeah, talk talk talk and eventually it’s gonna happen, but I’m just saying at this point in time
Looking at the current time from don’t worry about a problem
You don’t have alright my mentor said that to me said now. You don’t worry about a problem
You don’t have I would go I would go up to I Metro say hey you know
I just feel like this might happen and this could he’s a name stop stressing about it now that doesn’t mean
Preparation is not necessary you do have to prepare, but don’t worry about a problem
You don’t have don’t stress it to just plan and prepare for every possible snare hope for the best plan for the worst
Somebody says name sounds kind of high did he snort coke on his dollars from his long from 6 K
Lol soccer beat
No man it’s the Lacroix
This is called
Healthy water this is called guilt-free soda
You know I need to get endorsed by Lacroix guilt free soda
live here on sniper stood, so
Let’s do TRX
Btc-e oh somebody I think they said USD let’s do TRX 2 USD
To see what’s happening actually let’s get a finance chart up here, so we can have a little bit more statistical dad
To see this. This is a violence to bit Phenix who has the most data here TRX bTW
See if you guys know if you guys want the best charts when you’re looking at coins. This is you tiara to BTC
That’s gonna. Look a lot better. I like seeing a little bit more on the chart. Not just a blink
Chart here, man. That looks a lot better the more data the more powerful to chart somebody asked me this question other day
They said name
What is the best time frame to look at patterns like I see cup and handles for me on the one minute the five minute
The 15 minute the one day the two day the one hour one week
I said well it really depends on what you’re doing the more
That of the chart pads the more powerful
That pattern is going to act so for example if you’re looking at a one minute chart you see a cup and handle
It’s not that
Powerful or credible in any way because there’s not that much data to be
put into that
One minute chart because this is just going by the one minute so if you’re looking at a 1-day charts a little bit more powerful
Than a one-minute chart, and when you see if you see a company on a one day chart
It’s a little bit more reliable of a pattern then on the one-minute chart because even patterns don’t always go the way we want them
To but patterns are the exact way that we’re able to predict a lot of different things in the market
How do you recommend all of you discord link in the description if you guys are on YouTube twitch?
Facebook or Twitter
Somebody says
Manero is breaking out interesting so looking at Tron’s price prediction now. Here’s let me show you something really interesting about Tron right now
What I like about this chart let’s zoom in a little bit to the four hour
You can see we solve this initial breakout of volume now this right here
Isn’t indicator that we’re seeing more buyers in the market here for trunk
Volume is all about supply and demand and prices are all about supply and demand
This right here is an indicator that we’re starting to see more market sentiment head towards the altcoins and it’s exactly what we predicted as
Well a couple days back
I talked about how all coins are most likely to start seeing some strength over the next couple of days comparative to Bitcoin
Being the fact that the all coins never really saw their run-up after the consolidation that we saw from December and now
That we’re seeing bitcoins turn past those resistance levels that we were previously
Watching in my opinion all coins are gonna be the ones to follow almost like tethered to Bitcoin not tethered I’m saying Ted nerve
Which means you’re attached to something?
People are going to start tether drama just because I said tether
But if you don’t know the definition of tether tether means you’re attached to something so the altcoins are attached to Bitcoin because you can
Get all coins for the majority of them through Bitcoin
And then there’s certain
Exceptions like the litecoin infinity to have a little bit more adoption because they’ve been around a little bit longer or they have more utility
enables them to have a little bit more of a need within the major exchanges so
Nobody says favorite lacroix flavor Ben batsmen. It’s actually been Bachman. This is actually my favorite. I’m trying this one
Pamplemousse or grapefruit. I guess I may have murdered that name, but it’s pretty good. I like this one a lot
Sometimes it’s tethered drama lol Dave Johnny chimpo said Stratos status
ATM said tariffs was added a bit Phenix. That’s why there you go
Good one, so that’s one fundamental indicators
This is fundamental analysis technical analysis if you know something’s going to be on a new exchange
I don’t think vinick’s announced that because exchanges typically don’t do that just because of
Legalities and regulations, but that’s a huge factor here
That’s probably why we’re seeing this influx in volume, so it was just added to BitFenix
and here’s the thing the reason you see that is because when an
Exchange adds a coin it creates more demand it opens another door where sellers are
Waiting to come into that coin because of the fact that some people may have not have had a buy Nance account to trade Tron
But they had a bit for next account. They’re probably trading ripple and litecoin in theme, then they see Tron pop
Okay, well look Tron BAM more demand automatically so it’s definitely
You know a big thing so
Here’s another thing though Ripple. What happened with Ripple when ripple was rumored to
Be put on coinbase right people bought the hype prices went up
People are like Oh coin base is gonna add ripple well guess what that never happened, so you have to be careful
Yeah, and typically exchanges won’t somebody said I’m quitting my job right now
Do you know Jason Orson? How many mentors? I have several mentors
I have mentors for different areas of my life, so I have one mentor for marriage one mentor for fine it not one minute
I’m many mentors but different mentors
you know
Here’s how you find a mentor find something that has fruit on the tree who has actual proven results and then follow them on that
Specific area of where they have that strength because I know individuals that are great with their finances, but they have horrible
Marriages, and I’m not gonna listen to them for marriage advice, but I can certainly listen to them for business advice
I know people that have great marriages that have horrible businesses guess what I can listen that person for marriage advice
Just not for business advice be careful from whom you take advice from
This is a fundamental trait in life. This will make you so much more money
if you just understand who to take advice from
Don’t just go to the break room and just talk to Pete or Jon and take their opinions to heart because guess what
It’s all about getting perspectives and getting advice from individuals that have been through the valley who’ve been through the walk and who have achieved
At the level that you want to achieve at
So he says you are my mentor for moon lambo my higher Najee me. Thank you brother
Ernie have you read mentored by a million, and I haven’t read that mr.. Robert?
Somebody says do you think swing trading on BTC between 10k to?
11.5 K is good idea considering we are not seeing so much volatility
Um I don’t think so
I think you should wait for the next
Consolidation if you are going to go ahead and put an entry point as I mentioned before for Bitcoin wait for that consolidations
Let’s see where he goes an odd said hello the correlation between finances success and marriages
Matt fiscal and help me understand you call us our patrons
They have yet so – over the last week they have yet – so true
Neo BTC Nano Eng so with that lurtz our stop-loss zones. There’s bye zones, and there’s take profit zones
What you want to do is you want to wait for when it hits that buy zone now understand their zone
So what that means is you want to be?
Logical and where you want to set those trades up so for example we had a trade alert. It was vtc
I think that’s right over here, and this one was posted. I think a couple days
It was February 15, so that was just about 15 days ago
So two weeks which is fairly normal for a swing trade swing trades are typically 2 to 6 days up to 2 weeks
And you can see how initially as soon as we posted it
We saw that breakout right into that take profit zone your your your
Goal is to go ahead and take profit as soon as it hits that take profit zone
Even take profit beforehand if you’re a little bit on the less riskier side however for example
As soon as this alert was posted
We were already in the buy zone, which meant you can go ahead place that order
And if you’d like you can choose wherever you’d like I actually had a Fibonacci entry target set up which meant that if the Fibonacci
was around this level
Then this was the perfect time to actually put that position in and then we had an RSI entry target as well
The entry target was actually fulfilled
Perfect time to buy in and then as soon as I hit that take profit zone you take your profits as you can see now
We’ve consolidated if you have these positions
Sooner or later you’re gonna want to put those stop losses it if it starts to consolidate
Even more you still have that position and feel free to ride that out though
Somebody says I wait until confirmation however after it hits confirmation it never reaches the take profit zone
Well you have to actually be patient so for example the litecoin trade Matt
I’m still holding that even though it saw consolidation from 220 back down to 203 it didn’t hit the
$180 mark that I said the stop-loss zone at because that was the mark in which I was watching
I would have let go but in my opinion
Going from 220 to 203 is fine because that is all within
Reasonable amounts it wasn’t necessarily going to go all the way back down to that stop-loss zone so at this point
I’m still holding my light coin, which light kind of seen a little bit of a relative run-up. I actually expect litecoin
Let’s actually pull up the light coin chart here
I expect light coin over the next few days to also be tethered straight to Bitcoin
So you can see we’re seeing a little bit of consolidation as Bitcoin starts to rise which is completely normal
We’re going to bounce right off that 50-day moving average
Which is part of the reason?
Why we set up those price levels of the way that we set them up because we were actually doing an alert for the LTC
USD trade which is a little bit of a different chart now looking at the LTC be?
See see chart this can give you kind of a primer and an indicator of where LCC is gonna be in the US dollar
valuation being the fact that a lot of that is correlated with each other so
Knowing the fact that we’re back down to this 50-day moving average
To me shows that we’re in an oversold level in which you can see here once we hit that oversold level
BAM right here we saw this breakout
Once again another breakout when we saw a little bit of consolidation getting closer to that level
now that we’ve bounced back towards this level it’s only a matter of time until we’re gonna see that breakout once again, so
part of my methyl
Mythology when doing trade alerts or trading as a trader in general because that’s my trade alerts
It’s just me and my thought process and where I think prices are headed is knowing the fact that yes
This is based on an LTC BT see chart
But I also understand that the US the evaluation for litecoin could be more significant than the Bitcoin valuation
In terms of satoshi value and the reason you can conceive of that is to understand how the market plays out
So I’ll give you an example here if you pull up the LTC USD chart here. You can see
We saw a little bit consolidation under this
50-day moving average once we went back down we bounced off of that 200-day
Which is completely fine bounced off of the 100-day?
What right through that 50-day moving average?
Which is extremely bullish and now we’re finding a little bit of support right there on that 50-day, but in my opinion there’s more upside
potential a lot of blank areas here for a light point in the USD valuation
Which is why that trade alert was done in the US?
Devaluation it’s not BTC valuations because there’s a lot less room to play with here matter of fact with these higher highs here in satoshi
values so even if the toshi value goes down I expect the USD value to be the one to see that run-up so in
Terms of technical analysis once again. I think we’re gonna start seeing a bounce soon in
all honesty that 50-day moving average is a pretty strong support level if you guys want a little bit more of a clearer perspective of
That just go ahead and make that a little bit bolder here you see we’ve bounced right off of that 50-day moving average
Is there a night out tonight? Yes, we have a ruby plus mastermind tonight
That’s to be taking place on our discord after the stream
That’s gonna be on the Ruby Plus area here in the patreon exclusive area BAM Ruby plus really got one
Early bird, they’re just chillin which is always good
And Lindy I said I am in China for business and YouTube is blocked
Do you have a stream that works in China other platform?
By the way, love your videos, and you rock love the energy Thank You Ally. Yeah, we are on Twitch
We’re on Twitter, and we’re on Facebook right now, so it’s not just going to be
Somebody says Tron’s main net launch date is moved up to May 31st
Thank you for the information Jonny and contributing that to the community brother
eek, Zoolander hi 90 man great videos brother quick question
I know you buy and sell crypto a lot do you stress out when filing your taxes?
Haha, you know I was actually considering going out to Puerto Rico
They have a four percent corporate tax 0% dividends tax zero percent capital gains tax
Most of the crypto you’re gonna trade is it may be taxed against capital gains or either short term capital gains
Which would be considered income now?
I’m not a financial adviser, but what I will tell you is you’ll get taxed quite a bit being in the United States
However if you are in Puerto Rico you have a lot more tax benefits
Which is why you see individuals like the co-founder of cos Brock Pearce moving to Puerto Rico
And as long as you spend a hundred and a six days there out of
360 days in a year and you are going to be considered a resident of Puerto Rico, which will Navy D
Enable you to take advantage of acts 20 and 22 on the tax code
Which enables you to have that four percent corporate tax and all those tax benefits compared to having a thirty-nine point plus thirty nine percent
Corporate tax which is the highest in the United States depending on the level of tax bracket? You’re at so
Somebody says what’s the name of the current song playing it’s gonna be on the description below. We’ll have that on the description soon
It’s a custom song actually made here straight for snipers tube by one of our awesome
Producers so FL did I said off to Puerto Rico
Just make sure they got lacroix
Somebody says Adrian Hernandez
Nayeem any idea why ripple is behaving so weak, it does not rise in price with enough strength
But when BTC Falls a bit there’s a lot of volume dropping. It’s really aggressively any thoughts
Yeah, I mean ripples in my opinion, not gonna. It’s not gonna be worth like it
In a fundamental aspect in my opinion ripple is just not the best place to put money
And I’m not against ripple
You know they have their own thing going
But it’s it’s you know in a certain degree a centralized point so in that manner
Seeing those prices run up. I mean we’re going against the bank’s right now, so why assist the bank’s
Right so, I think overall market sentiment is pretty low for ripple
And it’s probably gonna stay like that for quite a bit unless something major
changes or major news you know comes out that can change the
Market sentiment that is currently felt within the community towards ripple
Juliana martin just puts a bunch of happy faces
Graphics crypto said do you think after a huge crash still z classic is worth buying at dip?
Um it depends it really depends. We have to chart that out look at indicators mister crypto, so
Somebody says how many more chicks do you get now that you’re BTC rich to be honest with you, man. There’s not that many
woman in the cryptocurrency market I think seven percent of our viewers are
Females we need more females so all you females get you friends on board tell them like hey
You don’t gotta work 9 to 5 have. That boss tell you what to do you can be a full-time trader?
Actually the person that inspired me to start trading in traditional markets was a lady
Her name was Amy, Sangster
If you guys don’t know who that is
I consider her a mentor of mine being the fact that it was one of the courses
I took it was a paid course
I mean I was willing to invest myself took the course at one point in my trading career
And it changed everything for me
That was a little bit later, and I wrote and have much money when I started traditional stocks. This is a while ago
That’s really where I got most of my trading knowledge, but she had a program
And it was just amazing and she was actually I think
22 at the time very young full time travel in the world, and I was looking at her Instagram
And she had all these great pictures
Or maybe it was like Facebook. I don’t even know it was back in the day, but
You know it inspired me, so those those woman need to get on board
Gabriel I’m the own is there gonna be a mastermind tonight. Yes Ruby + mastermind tonight
Kimberly a good lad we watch all your live streams shout out
Somebody just did a super jet for $4.99
Come on, man. I’m not worth five
five bucks man
I’m just invested
Thank you so much, brother
Your channels great was wondering if you could take a look at XM are currently breaking out of its symmetrical time triangle
Look at this symmetrical triangle
happening here
Beautiful chart here a lot of these 50 day moving averages are really acting is beautiful
By the way for all of you to see technical analysis. Don’t work guess what?
You don’t you’re gonna. Tell me technical analysis. Don’t work when we find support right along that 50-day moving average. Give me a break
Come on
It’s psychological. It’s a barrier guys
Seriously like technical analysis is a risk and reward ratio of the human psychology. It’s literally what it is. That’s how patterns are formed
patterns are indicative of past
Performances and in this case you can see we’re bouncing right off that 50-day, beautiful
I love that and you guys sometimes underestimate the power of this
You know why because guess what if you just know that one simple fact. Let’s say, you’re
You’re aware that it’s heading down to the 50-day and you buy here guess what profit all the way up here
And then you see RSI starts to peak
Take your profits anywhere around this area
You’re still at a profit wait for it to go back down hits that 50-day buy again go back up
Sell buy sell buy sell buy suck you see how much
opportunities this was one two three four five six opportunities right there to make let’s say a three to
twelve percent gain so
That’s how you become full-time in trading by the way because if you have a hundred bucks just a hundred bucks
You could trade this and turn that into
150 200 do it again a couple more times next thing you know it’s a thousand next thing
You know it’s ten thousand next thing. You know it’s a hundred thousand. You know you’re trading the seven fingers
Claude said I know several woman who are into crypto, maybe they just have the good sense to keep it on the down-low
Maybe so mr.. Diamond
They’re probably changing their YouTube channel to mail so that nobody knows that the females are watching their slick
They’re trying to come from the back. End they’re trying to sneak in to the market. They’re gonna pump these coins up
There’s gonna be a coin called female coin and come out. It’s gonna hit number one. That’s actually the coin. We’re endorsing here tonight
I’m just kidding
Esther said here you go, lol
Adrienne said thanks, bro. Hope you come to Mexico City to have some drinks
I’ll drink some Lacroix
somebody said LTC consolidating within large flag pattern
Thunderbird so in this case in my opinion
Being the fact that we have a channel form this would be a very simple trade for me
I would draw this channel out right alongside
I’d say this is probably the more reliable channel because this was coming from a consolidation
But this was a little bit more of a bouncing channel you can see how this went down it didn’t bounce off that 50-day which
Means it’s not an assumptive
Area to draw a channel, and this is a huge part about trading this might help a lot of you
And I think this will let me know if it does
But it’s called assumptive trading and what that means is when you’re looking at patterns a big part of it is being assumptive
About if you guys know what the definition of that is I’ll show you right now
Some of you being blinded with that white screen for those of you on
1080p 60 frames per second on your
70 inch screen
But let me show you something that I think is fairly important here in the market and that is being assumptive
But I spell that right it’s headed to the two S’s
I’m on my other keyboard of the nature of an assumption very simple, so I’m not you know condescending
I’m just saying some people don’t know definitions, but it’s being you know making an assumption and what I’ll tell you right now is
For example looking at this chart right here if you were just to assume
Where to draw this channel out what you want to do is look for where it’s acting in
accordance with the indicators that you’re utilizing
So in this case if we’re utilizing the 50-day
And we’re seeing where we can put an entry point within the 50-day
Then you want to look and draw that channel in which it’s bouncing off that 50 so you can see here
It doesn’t bounce off that 50, so I’m not gonna use this top as a level to actually draw
But I will use this one because guess what it bounced off the 50-day
Bounced off the 50-day bound so this is where I’m gonna draw my channel up. That’s called being assumptive
You’re being a something because you’re saying okay instead of drawing the channel out like this
I’m drawing it out down here
which could make a significant difference with your entry point for buying a breakout because you might potentially have to do that if
you’re looking to get a position in XMR right now I
Guess the most logical thing you can do is
Set up an entry and exit point but do multiple different versions
Depending on where the chart may go, so let’s say bounces off this resistance find some
Some some resistance here doesn’t go past this resistance
Level what you want to do is wait for it to go back down to that 50-day moving average
Put your position in but your stop-loss a little bit below that 50-day most likely under
These little wicks that have occurred so I’d probably put the stop-loss right around this level 2 million
Satoshi’s 2.3 million Satoshi’s set out that stop-loss
And then what you’ll want to do by at the entry at the 50-day wait for that to bounce back up
There starts to find a little bit of resistance take your profits and just continue to play the game until it breaks past this resistance
Let’s say you don’t have a position while it’s breaking out of that position what you’ll want to do look at this whoops here
I would set my buy entry point here if you’re buying at the breakout so if you buy at the breakout
This is the perfect level
To pull she’s 3,000,000 Satoshi’s on the dot and then if you’re buying a support. I would say look at that 50-day
She buy it right on that 50-day so wherever that’s gonna be at the time this could shift being the fact that different data is
Being implemented into the chart obviously. We’re going at a one-day if you go into a three-hour
It’s gonna be a lot more detailed
You can set up these levels a little bit more accurately being the fact that you have more of an accurate viewpoint
however less data, which is
Obviously why you want to use multiple different time frames or looking at your charts determining your entry and exit points
Which most people should already do?
Somebody said now you woke up and put his jacket on top of his pajamies
Not really, this is actually a button-up shirt mark s-sir
But you’re kind of weird mark if you wear this type of stuff for your pajamas, man. I’m just saying man
Somebody says I’m just getting off you’re not weird
Owl Maudie seriously somebody says
BTC confirmation, I’m on bit tricks training view can you look a D. It’s confirmed, baby? We broke that resistance that fly already
Somebody says name. What whip do you roll around in you in that Lambo land yet? No
I’m in the lift and uber land right now
I find that way more productive a big part of my philosophy is to be as productive as you can in your life
You know you maximize all the time you have and you know I like using lyft and uber to be honest with you
I highly encourage you guys if you live in a major city look at your expensive
Expenses in one week. You know look at your car expenses in terms of gas
Parking if you’re living in a major city insurance maintenance
You know if you have car payments look at all those costs for a week and then take a whole nother week and just use
lyft or uber and then see which one outweighs the other and then you may end up saving money using a
Service like lyft and uber and what you can go in the back of the car actually be on your phone doing business or whatever
Being productive in some way shape or form communicating with family members
whatever it is and then not only that you don’t have to park you go straight to your destination so it’s something that I
Have hacked my life with and it’s been working out fairly fine
So he says too much stress owning in Lambo yeah same thing with Honea
Yeah, or a bow any boat. It’s probably the shop more than its on the water
someone says good advice
Thunderbird haven’t owned a car in over 15 years will resin been around for 15 years, so you were probably walking at first, but
Somebody says what’s your take on government’s making their own currencies? How does it affect our decentralized system and existing points?
It’s more liquidity in the market
I don’t see anything wrong with that more liquidity more coins that come out and more liquidity the more cash in the market
What does liquidity means it’s cash its tradable tangible cash?
Here’s something that’s huge you might hear this in the investment world
The one who has the most liquid cash is the most powerful
What that means is when you have liquid cash you have more options you have flexibility you can invest cash in land real estate
Crypto traditional bonds IRA and whatever you want right so cash is power. That’s why you hear liquidity is power
Some says are you gonna be making more videos?
Yes, we’re gonna go back to our two videos add a short video in the day back to the live stream
And we’ll actually add a lot more than that soon once we have more
content creators building their own personal brands on the channel
WB says if you think this guy’s ta is any good here a moron
Brian I’m gonna just give you a little bit of a heads up most individuals that criticize others are
Norse are
Makaveli ins which means that they were bullied when they were younger right number one
I just want to let you know you know the you know the the brain after you if you’re over 25 brain
You know it’s gonna. Be really hard to change this about you, but you’re actually missing gray matter inside of your frontal
Cortical lobe, and you literally cannot
you literally like almost have to criticize and put people down to feel good and
Allow yourself to kind of activate those endorphins
So I just want to let you know that man
you know because
What’s the point of criticizing people right like anybody could say hey this guy’s you know this guy’s shoes don’t look good well
Why don’t you just shut your mouth if you have nothing good to say so?
Let’s go ahead and give the guy the banhammer
The banhammer brain WB sorry man if you have any last words say it now before you get that banhammer, baby
Let’s do the band hammer. Let’s do the band hammer all right one two three BAM
Good luck getting that gray matter back brother
Somebody says nobody’s perfect. I love my ta it’s made me a lot of money. You can do your own thing
So he says I’d love to bully you lol I
Don’t get bullied. Man. I’m sorry. I I literally can detach emotions one thing
I learned they’ve started the stock market is how to detach emotions from almost anything in my life now
So I literally can just detach emotions, and I can be illogical
Logic for me is so much more powerful now in my life than any emotions. You know I think emotions in general will really
hinder your potential because
Emotions you’re acting upon current feelings not necessarily
Logical decisions or rational decisions that are based on data, right?
Data is key in the world of marketing right if you’re a marketer you want to find those specific
targeted audiences because those are the
Datasets that are gonna bring you the most are a lot so the same thing in life you want to have the most data
So Brian got coached
Cory says damn get him Nayeem the virus is Brian. It’s okay. If you were bullied don’t take it out on others
The great content is that I appreciate your analysis smart stuff see straighter Sotelo
This guy’s smart web advanced are said nice off a thank you man. Thank you somebody said talk LTC. We’ll talk soon
Matt fiscal it says bribe then why are you on his channel?
Yeah, exactly you know that it proves it right it proves it proves. It’s true
It’s like he was probably bullied and now he just has some you know what it is
It’s like so when your bully when you younger like think of this
Let’s say you got Bob and John so Bob is being bullied by John
So Bob walks up to John and he’s like you know like hey, John like and he’s like all nice
But he knows John is the one bullying him
but he’s gonna be nice to him because he doesn’t want to get bullied and then as
So like literally Bob will say like he’ll smile
I was like hey John like good to see you, and then it seems John walks away Bob is like that mother
I’m gonna freakin kill that guy one day, and he’s like in his head like I hate that guy so much man
Why is he in my life and like that mindset?
Literally gets built into your mind like you literally grow up with that and then like as you
Become an adult. You kind of want to express it more
That’s how Machiavellianism is creepy like it’s formed in your brain with the gray matter. It’s just there’s a lot of aspects
There’s even narcissism that can be created through the agreement like you got to read on that stuff. I’m telling you
Somebody says uh
Brian it’s okay, if you were bullied don’t take it
MTL analysis, dude
nano and nano
All right, let’s take some more requests guys. Let’s get all of his bullying things somebody says that was deep
Shouldn’t criticizing too much not his fault grey matters missing. You know I listen he’s he’s he start listen
Here’s something my mentor Tom
You said if somebody jabs you you said uppercut them
And I totally I totally like it’s not about getting back at somebody, but if somebody jabs you you’re just gonna sit there like
Think about like the like if somebody jabs you. I’m gonna uppercut that like if somebody ah I got hit
I’m just gonna like stand there and get hit again and get hit again. You know I get hit
It’s like oh five just jab and right in the face. You know
You got you got it like you gotta like show like that
You have like like you don’t want to be messed with right like you want to be able to show
Like I’m not saying I’m not endorsing fighting. I’m just saying like
you know
What I’m raising my son. I’m gonna tell my son if some like
If like don’t start a problem. Don’t be the one to start like a fight, but if somebody like
Knocks you in the head you better get up and knock that guy back down like
like that’s like the the man inside of you you have to like you have to show your strength sometimes like don’t let people just
run on top of you like you a
Lot of people might disagree with that. That’s why we can’t talk about this stuff on this technical in the houses livestream anyways
Joe Jesus name you’re violent are you who disagrees with that right?
somebody says
All right guys, so let’s look at this we did xfr let’s do uh let’s do. What is the next one eth BTC?
So a theorem is a little bit of a different technical analysis. I do want to actually
Spend a little bit more time here because there are a couple things that I want you guys to see here
Which could really really change a little bit of your perspective on what the theorem is doing right now?
Somebody says mmm cash is Mike Tyson and prime Tron and Kassar will do n cash. Don’t worry. We’ll do n cash
Is that what is n cash is that even a coin?
Are you talking is that like the 19 coy intercept? Oh?
Somebody says the only one who is bullying now is
Uniting the fact that you still talk about this guy as fact that you can’t take criticism
I love Curtis as a matter of fact criticism for me is probably the most
Important aspect of everything that I do because it allows me to understand how to tweet how to actually create
Something more powerful than what I’ve already created so in regards to like let’s say the live stream if I have great criticism
That can allow me to improve my live streams like the audio feedback or the video settings so you know in my opinion
It’s once again. Goes back to that jab if you get jab you give them an uppercut
I’m not I’m not gonna stay here and let anyone
Jab me or you shouldn’t let anybody jab. You somebody says endcaps just not listed on Finance
– in just a sec and cash would probably be a fundamental analysis if it just got listed on Finance
I wasn’t paying attention to the new listings today, so
If that’s the case here’s the thing with like
Aetherium here, there’s this huge bar cell volume that has occurred here with the theory that brought the price
significantly lower than a 50-day moving average now the one thing I don’t like about the graph right now and
The reason I expect further downside for the theory of Bitcoin
Valuation here is being the fact that if you look at this graph here
You can see how we went below that 50-day
We found to support right along that 108 moving average saw a little bit of a rona past
Hit towards that 50-day and then bounced right back down
So one thing you guys want to pay attention to is the fact that now that that’s happened
It’s potentially gonna show a lot further downside here with etherium being the fact that number one the volume was low
Number two it bounced off of the 50-day as a resistance not a support
And now you can see it’s right back down to that 100-day. That is
pretty much
Confirmation that we’re gonna see further downside, and I’ll show you another aspect of this chart here
So that’s the 100 day moving average so the next place to look for is this 200-day moving average
200-day moving average is quite below
There is still that potential that we could go ahead and bounce down to that Trinity
Level which in my opinion would be a perfect buy point for aetherium now
This could certainly change
the other
Potential pattern that can occur here is will find support along this 100 day
Not go back down at at 200 a and then continuously test these resistance levels until they converge now what that means is
It’s gonna allow aetherium a little bit of time to kind of move
horizontal to where those 50 day the
50-day in the 100 day moving average end up coming together in which now not only is it
Finding support on the 100 a but it automatically now finds support with the 50-day, which now gives it a little bit more
Strength to build itself up to now see another breakout into higher levels being the fact the theorem in a fund
gentle sense is a beautiful coin to invest in there’s nothing fundamentally wrong in my opinion with aetherium and it doesn’t have the
sort of
Uncertainties that other coins have because it’s utilized so much in the market where most I ce o–‘s are built on the ERC 20
Platform so it’s such an important platform
somebody says if you get 100 likes
Will you shave your head
You guys are ridiculous 100 likes for a head shave, that’s uh that’s kind of a
Not a good idea, so he says n cash plus Walmart world takeover
pretty analyze
BCC the
Bitcoin gym teacher
We actually uh we actually have another analysis we have to do after this, but that’s the etherium for you
Somebody says can you check a vibe a lot of different requests here?
So he says I’m Jamaican that’s nice
Jamaican jeans is your night out tonight. Yes night out tonight or
Master Mind Ruby and above mastermind on the discord. I’ll see all of you there
Somebody says
Name s crypto tends to move faster than traditional markets
Do you adjust time settings on your indicators, and if so how um to a certain degree?
Jackal, Reed you know one thing. I do like to do is. I like to almost use the same indicators the same
settings but
Alter the way that I think about it. That’s more so what I like to do because you want to have a consistent
Trend or indicator to look at you. Don’t want to have something that’s inconsistent, so if I’m gonna utilize different values
Then now – we’re gonna become a little bit more
Inconsistent with what my trading style is trade to trade with so you want to kind of go with what your trade?
You’re trained to do, so I’ll give you an example if like for example you are utilizing
you know let’s say, you’re you’re driving a car, and you’re racing and
you for let’s say you go from a
normal car to a supercar and
Now that that supercar faster
You decide to use K kilometers instead of miles per hour so
Km/h versus miles per hour and you’re like well. It’s a faster car. I think kilometers per hour
You know it’s more reasonable well guess what it’s still gonna be a little bit more confusing. There’s gonna be more of an adjustment period
To use the km/h versus the mph
Being the fact that it’s a whole different unit type so
Instead I think I would prefer the latter in which I do and that’s go away from a normal car supercar
using from miles per hour
Still in miles per hour with the supercar. It would just make more sense like if I’m over 200
I know I’m over 200
I don’t have to calculate what the kilometer per hour is versus the miles per hour
So it’s kind of just using what you’re used to does that help out a little bit
Someone says dude why do I feel like someday you’re gonna be giving a TED talk about crypto um
I’d be blessed to have that opportunity if I had that opportunity
I thank God every day for just the opportunity to influence all of you and
Having an opportunity to go to a TED talk. That would be a dream come true
I mean that’s not even something that I’ve ever thought about I think that would be crazy. That would be awesome
You know it’s just a blessing enough to be able to influence and help so many people on the you know on the channel so
Thanks, I mean love your work. Thanks again for the NiO alert no problem, man
How much did you get on that knee Oller just wondering?
I think we had one one guy say 16% on Neil or no that was uh that was Rita
see I think it was uh I
Think Mia was I don’t know how much was the highest percentage it went to
somebody says
150 likes for a green shirt next live stream oh, man
Every time somebody says that likes to starts or now like it’s like people wait
So he says 150 likes Oh ma’am done with this oh this one is interesting
500 likes and you do a live trading live stream. I’ll do that if we get 500 other live trading last Shane
Yeah, I’d love to do that well. Probably just thinking on that what 5 minute chart
wait a minute chart probably go in a margin trading room or something on the discord and
Well well trade. I don’t think we’ll hit 500
No, how much of you how much of you Oh shoo we have 439 viewers
I should have never said that I don’t mind doing it. It’s just it’s gonna be a little you know
It’s you know yet people watch it
It’s like am I gonna make 7 percent in this hour am I gonna make 5 percent if I make
2% am I not a good trader. I’ll do it. I’d love to do that. I know how the likes are soaring. Oh, man
I’d love to do that though that’d be fun
That’d be so cool. I might just do that regardless. I think that would help a lot of people so you know
Stay tuned for that. We’ll do some live streams
Somebody said at stipes you talked about Walmart stock
Let’s not get it to stock market right now
Ok margin trade the likes and you gonna short the likes you’re like you know will short it
Oh, my gosh look at it like say we’re from like 70 they’re like 150. Oh there. We go to like a hundred thirty
That’s crazy
That’s good that means you guys want that somebody says uh you should do that sure a lot loves yes
500 I seen you wear your headphones in your nose
Deal, we’ll do that, too
so will do I
Wear my headphones in the in my nose during the whole live trading session unless it falls off then then I don’t put it back
In that’s the that’s the deal here
Now now the likes are really now they doubled Oh
User do you guys just love to bet with me man
I feel like I’m a better on these live streams with these like like requests
You know it’s like I got a determine is this a reasonable like is this gonna. Eventually hit this number or not oh, man
We’re about to hit 200. That’s crazy
Somebody said
What is margin trading margin trading?
long story short
I would say it’s leverage is what it is so having more leverage with the money that you invest so let’s say you’re investing
10,000 and that actually allows you to invest you know
$40,000 worth of Bitcoin, or it really depends. There’s a lot more complexities involved
Very similar like you know margin trading options all of those very
Complex different things that you know could make you a lot of money, but can also lose help
It could also make you lose a lot of money, so they’re very risky
Because what the leverage also comes the negative leverage, which could totally wipe your portfolio out or your capital your assets
Kilo cuts, it’s can’t wait for the website man. Thank You kilo
Shouts at YouTube man I
Love that you were not biased in the questions. You read out loud good or bad
You addressed it all man all we have in this world is your word and your balls
Scarface I love Thank You Man I appreciate that man. Yeah, I
Got nothing to hide. I got nothing to hide. I got like I don’t mind. You know I love it. I love it
It’s to me. It’s just like you know it just shows that
you know some people have different opinions, so buddy says I
You don’t own anything with margin trading if we can go to a whole merchants trading chat so much says
He’s not an idiot he could just end the livestream early if he really doesn’t want to do something stupid
I see no but every time. We’ve done that what are we at right now? Oh my gosh 157? That’s not good
I know I’ve never done that
I’ve already shaved my head and went blonde because of that so hopefully this one doesn’t have to go through
I don’t wanna put headphones in my nose
It’s right here, oh, that would be weird
Someone said it’s nano. Let’s look at nano. Let’s do a nano BTC
Char a lot of you guys were asking about that and then and cash you know
There’s no reason because look if we through the end cash chart here. You know if it just got listen on Finance
I guarantee you. It’s not gonna show any data watch
BAM barely any data like very little data. It just goes from
February 26th till now this is a three-hour chart. You know I can’t do something with a three-hour chart
And if you look at that one day, it’s even worse, but we’ll do nano BT
See what I would say for n cash
Go look at fundamental analysis on end cache if you want to know whether or not to invest in it
even nano has very little
You know technical indicators are not, but if you go to a little bit more of it
You know steep ‘men viewpoint and you go into a more sumed in perspective. We can definitely
Utilize that looking at Nano it’s looking fairly well it is one of our trade alerts, too
Right now. I think we had I think our trade alert for Nano is still if you guys are getting our trade alerts
Let’s go ahead and pull up the Nano one see how that’s acting here
So we had several different trade alerts here and ownio did fairly well
a lot of these are still
becoming and still in the percolator, but Nano
Yeah, so that’s passed the buy zone right now, so if you guys are on our patreon to get the trade alerts
That’s the link is in the description below
then don’t
You know at this point. I wouldn’t recommend it by just allow it to really get into that profit zone
Take your profits
And then we’ll go ahead and continue to update that but it’s looking fairly good based on the alerts acting exactly as expected
And you should be at a profit now if you were able to buy that buy zone so at any point you can go ahead
And start taking profits if you guys are receiving those, but we’re in an upward trend or upper channel
Which is the reason we had that trade alert and as you can see with this upward trend we’re finding a little bit of resistance
Fairly short compared to where we’re at so this is really the trend line right now
Or the channel, that’s forming and in my opinion
We’re gonna continue to see this go up being the fact that Nano in a fundamental
Sense is a great project
And I think it’s gonna have a lot of positive market sentiment over the next couple of weeks
Being the fact that it’s such a fast coin. It’s such a you know
Unique coin in my opinion compared to other coins that don’t really offer the capabilities or at least the current capabilities of what Nano already
Offers, and I really think that this is gonna
have a little bit of a stronger game over the next couple of months especially heading into Q 3 and Q 2 of
2018 I think nanos in to be one of those coins that are really gonna start showing some strength heading towards the top 20
possibly even getting to that top 10 and
You know there. Just isn’t much negative about it
You know the team is working the team is developing the team is on the move and in a fundamental perspective
I like nano really what I would be waiting for right now is to see us break this resistant
And I think at that point the sky is the limit being the fact that now there’s no
Psychological barriers people don’t know where it’s gonna. Go so they’re gonna put money into it
You’re gonna kind of see a little bit of like how we saw it with the ripple prices
Just story through the roof
Just make sure you’re aware of that, but now we’re starting to move towards that apex so here’s another pattern that you can actually
determine here
If we actually go ahead and delete this trend line you can see where we’ve got this ascending triangle forming
And I’ll show you exactly how that looks you if you go on our dish quarter
You can actually go to our trading 101 section we have tons of people in a ruby Chow already awesome
But if you got a trading 101 you look at a sending triangle. It’s an ascending support line with a
Horizontal resistance line so that’s how you determine an ascending triangle, so you got a horizontal resistance
Which is the top and then you’ve got an ascending support?
Which creates a wedge where there’s an?
Apex and at that apex is really where you start to see that squeeze and it’s something squeeze
It’s like having a pressure cooker
I actually have a pressure cooker in my where I’m at right now, so I I was gonna bring it
But I should probably have it I should probably have more of that
Look look at disappear face for those of you didn’t see this earlier look at that the green screen makes this book
See-through isn’t that crazy?
This is an awesome book highly recommended. It’s called crypto assets
This is such a cool
Cool I think that’s awesome
But anyways so this is an ascending triangle
The apex somebody said it was apex. It’s the end of this it’s any it’s like the the inner
Asks like the inner part of the it’s where something is starting to converge
So as we get closer that I am expecting a breakout here with nano if you guys are looking to get a good position here
You guys already know on the trade alerts that I called this out
And we’ll start to see this break out fairly soon at my opinion even though our site
you can see is the top levels really doesn’t affect it when you see these type of strong patterns especially with this data here if
You go on a six hour you can see
all the data is showing that it is on that horizontal or
Ascending trend so that’s what I would say for Nano
someone says
Had told you and cache team is huge I bet
Someone says what are the predictions of a theorem in light-cone? We just did that’s plenty I do apologize
We don’t want to redo two coins
Someone says book giveaway. We will do a book giveaway today. Yes. We’ll do a book giveaway
So what says silver Jaguar huge?
Romita let mu Charle in the house sara is in the house Tony’s in the house
What’s best market cap volume or circulating supply
Um they’re all different. They’re all important. I wouldn’t say there’s a better one
It just depends on what you’re looking at like if you’re looking at an ICO
You might want to look at the market cap and see if it has you know large
Without a market cap look at this total supply you know
Because I see obviously this have a market cap if it’s an ICO
But let’s say you’re looking at a potential swing trade
Then the market cap might not matter as much you might want to look at the volume
So that would be more important in the swing trade, but let’s say you’re doing in the long term investment
Maybe you want something with a lower market cap because it has more potential upside, so it really depends on what you’re doing Tony, so
Every indicator is used for specific reason. That’s why I say stay with the basics understand the basics
Actually with our website if you guys want a little quick sneak peek actually I can’t do that let’s not do that
It’s looking good. That’s all I’ll say I know the Rubies and above got a sneak peek but yes
Someone says
Well done with a ton of
Things what is highly recommended to do our trade alerts
What do you mean? I don’t understand that what is highly recommended to do our trade alerts?
Someone says my
Message was sent with the five dollars of the love of P
Thank you for the super chat. I really appreciate that let’s go ahead and look at the super chats really quick
We do a couple super Chester is there at night. Yes. We do have a mastermind tonight
That’s gonna be on our discord ruby + mastermind tonight. I
Said how do you become a ruby it’s on the slash snipers websites, that’s our
Subscription service that we have for trade alerts trade signals for those of you
They don’t have as much time to train, and then we have like podcasts and stuff
They give you market health updates stuff like that. So you’re just not always the one researching on your own and you have
actual guidance from
Individuals that are in the market knowing what they’re talking about
Let’s see what yes sir says. Oh, Joshua Stephen Ward. Thank you for the super chat Joshua. I appreciate that brother
Spiffy tastic says making up for your penny picture
That is awesome. Thank you brother. I appreciate that as well
So it says do you care about the wicks are only the base and the end of the canisters good question no fat? No
Fat I don’t know you guys know about no fat
But apparently there’s like all these benefits of no you guys should look at that
Let’s not talk about that, but I would say in terms of the whips is
the wicks
Can be utilized if you’re looking at shorter time frames so like for example you see this wicks right here that actually breaks through this
Ascending triangle if we were to go into like a 15-minute chart
That probably does break through in a body to look you can see now. It’s not a wicks
That’s actual body so it depends on how you’re trading if you’re day trading swing trading you have to know what type of trading
You’re doing like if I’m looking at a six hour
Then I can just use the body of the candle and determine the pattern based on the body
Being the fact that I am swing trading this on the six hour. Char so this right here is the pattern right?
It’s it’s not gonna be up here. It could be if you were looking at that lower timeframe, so it’s really
Okay to use either the body or the wicks
It’s really a preference, but I wouldn’t do anything in between I would either use the body or the wicks
And if you’re using the whist you might as well go into a shorter timeframe and get more accurate
Points not necessarily just using the wicks so that’s kind of what they’re there for right. It’s really to open the clothes price
Somebody says can someone help me to invest smarts blondie
Yes, we can help you that’s all we do here right we invest smart. I don’t want to invest not smart
so much says
Thank you, brother. No problem, Joshua. Thank You Man for the support and being you know on the community here someone says
Our sign neutral higher than average volume Ryan Brown yes shout – Wayne Roberts hey Tom love your work mate
Thank you brother new approaching the 50-day again on the one day time to buy again
You know Neal at this point in my opinion is still poised to have some sort of
upward momentum
Obviously it is seeing a little bit of consolidation, but it’s right on that 50-day. Which is fine in my opinion yes
This is a perfect time if you want to grab some more neo
Go ahead, and do so you can always set up your stop losses right under if you guys are not afraid alerts
We have that stop-loss set a perfect spot to where you’re not just gonna go ahead and give up any profits
So how that stop-loss set up at the proper levels?
Knowing the fact that it’s most likely going to bounce off of this 50-day being the fact that it did it once it
Was if you if you were being a sump tip at this point you can assume that it’s gonna now see another bounce
so absolutely great great call
Thank You Wayne for the compliment as well
someone says
If you have to close your eyes and pick the best mid-cap coin. What would it be go all right one two three?
Oh miss go
OMG. Oh miss go oMG. I don’t know why that just came out, but I like a Miss go if he has no OMG
Fundamentally, it’s a great project. So that was a fun
We’ll pick, but technically we can do a technical analysis is probably gonna correct looking here back down
I would use that
50-day in this case because there’s no assumption that it’s gonna bounce off that 50-day cuz you can see how it bounced off of that
200-day start my year was like there was like almost like
Feeling like there was like
You can see how it didn’t bounce off that 50-day actually broke through the 50-day
What all the way back down?
Towards that 100-day so in my opinion if it starts to head back down towards that 50 don’t use the 50 as a predictor yet
See what it acts like at that 50
And I would assume into the chart be a little bit more careful here trying to get a position into home G
Just want to mention that because some people can be kind of
You know deceived by a chart like this
Knowing that it’s starting to head back down
Looks like we may even form a
Potential cup and handle here too. So you can see we’ve got a
little slanted cup
Neckline there you got a breakout pattern here, which is part of the company Hannah. You got a cup form
Now you see a little bit of a handle so that could potentially be a breakout Wow
Here’s a call-out right now oMG potential breakout guys, yeah
It looks great
and right here
You can see the larger perspective is also a rounding bottom and so coming from a downtrend
Both of them are indicators are breakouts if you guys don’t know what those patterns look like let me show you
You know both the rounding bottom and the cup and handle a cup and hand oh
There’s a breakout the difference is the rounding bottom
It’s coming from a descent so the rounding bottom comes from the descent forms a cup
Forms a handle breaks out the cup and handle comes from a breakout then drops
Then forms the cup handle breakout
Looking like we potentially might see that here with oMG as well
Someone says
OMG like that coin too awesome
Someone says
What about extra feet longer short today?
I would have to look at the graph to say if I’m gonna go long or short on something someone says
S-type stay for the tip, bro, I’ll grab ten of them hi
I’m Ty I wouldn’t say just yet
Let it go back down to these moving averages cuz it looked like that might be a fair level
It could potentially do this this 50-day could still rise a little bit
It touches it that would be a perfect level for that handle, and I think that could potentially be the breakout here
It could potentially go and correct. I think the safest strategy here is to wait on that 50-day
someone says
Can you explain why your BTC resistance line doesn’t need to meet the top of each peak in the chart
I don’t know what you mean by that. I do apologize. I’m trying to think of what you talking about
It’s just a Bitcoin chart. You’re talking about
This is actually not the one that we’ve been watching though the real one that we’ve been watching is actually right here
Which is a little bit more accurate? I was able to get into a little bit shorter time frame to get more accurate
levels so if we actually do like the three hour here you can see
Figured I can you zoom out with this flag
Actually, it’s not exactly where it’s supposed to be just go ahead and shift this just a bit
Yes, this is how it is?
So we’ve we have broken officially the flag, and if you guys weren’t watching earlier then we announced the official
breaking point of this flag so
someone says average
Someone says
Is there a mastermind tonight yes master I drew b-plus master, and we’re actually gonna be heading over there soon
Is this helping out like I want to make sure this stuff is helping out like I don’t want to do this for no reason
So does this help any of you at all in any way shape or form do you learn?
Do you enjoy do you get any sort of value from these type of live streams someone said?
I’m new to super 10th and had wanted to request a look at LBC Joshua Stephen Ward
Will take a request and just to say so I said, so how
exactly the math goes when an altcoin moves up in price with the Satoshi level counting my pennies I
Don’t understand that Tony. Uh I
Would say if you’re asking about the arithmetic of it
I would look at Marcos coster’s video on our channel about
He did a two-part video about all coins in Bitcoin and wide looking at Satoshi Valley is important that would actually explain a lot about
How they’re tethered together, which means they’re attached
Knowing that aetherium art contracts are hackable. Where do you see ETH future um?
Yeah, that’s not necessarily 100%
True anything in reality is hackable, so you know anybody can say well Microsoft is hackable
Where do you see Microsoft in the future so I would be careful with how you actually phrase that
Some sense yes do lawmen Lance Harkey
Fascinate the great. Thank you. Thank you guys. I appreciate that aesthetic films. Thank you brother shout to no fat warrior now. Thank you
Hi i’m tyler. Thank you brother. I appreciate that that’s an honor yeah
I’m your mentor apparently Thank You Dark said yes
Wayne Roberts is of course this stuff is gold Thank You Wayne kilo said get in line splendid just can enjoin sniper’s discord
It’s lit. Yes. It is
phoebo Pashu, thank you, brother
Gemini thank you said you taught me everything Miguel Santos says yeah, faboo kilo cuts to rob Hussein
You ever heard a syndicated Bop yeah, I’ve heard. It’s indicator to rob says yeah many pictures are awesome. Thank you brother
Thank You Ryan Brown appreciate that someone says I value I
Get value from your expertise you are helping those who of us who cannot afford a subscription. Yes, I am totally open to that
That’s right. I do these live streams somebody says Johnny
I learned enjoy and love these live streams your help for me to learn more tea awesome Johnny. That’s what I like to hear brother
Someone says yes need your website is subscribe. Thank you. Yes, we’re gonna have o need your website its patreon
Patr. Ii o n dot-com slash snipers and that will take you straight to it and
That’s where you can get that somebody says just love these team. It’s your the breast channel my opinion Thank You Joshua
I appreciate that brother that truly does mean a lot, so here’s what I’ll tell all of you
John Paul Watson said always learning from snipers
Yeah, man snipers know what they’re doing right? I mean. I hope they do if they’re gonna be grabbing you know some head shots
Someone says I love my Middle Eastern people like bitten Thank You Man
So is this time for a free book all right Joe?
The Bitcoin Jim ginger you’re very welcome brother. Thank you very handsome
You’re very welcome Steve. Thank you brother shoutout. It’s just there’s no fat benefits. So here’s what we’re doing either
Than that I think we took quite a bit of requests. I don’t want to keep this too long
I want to have a video in the daytime tomorrow when I have a little bit of a shorter video
We’re back on the grind. We’re back in the studio
Welcome back. We’re going to be getting on the mode to get to the next level here on snipers tube
we’re gonna be building momentum in March so that by April we can start hitting the
80,000 subscriber range and the discord can now hit the 50,000
member number which currently were right over
25,000 members on discord so
That’s kind of what we’re working on the website will be released soon for the first phase which is gonna be a basic face
I’m telling you right now. It’s gonna be very basic, but it’s gonna be resourceful as time progresses
We have different phases developed on the timeline the developers and I are working on that. I’m a day-to-day basis
It’s gonna go ahead and evolve over time to be a resource for all of you to take advantage of to help and assist you
To become full-time trainers like I’m many have so with that being said y’all
I hope you enjoyed this livestream once again remember to like the video remember to subscribe remember to join us on patreon discord
Patreon is for all of our trade alerts our masterminds or ico alerts
Which we’ve just added in our one-on-one mentorship sessions discord into the community. It’s a free resource. We’ve got tons of stuff there
We’ll have our website up soon follow us on Twitter if you guys want more of
Our surveys we do community consensus on a daily basis and with that being said
Thank all of you guys for watching. Thank you Doug. Thank you our Melvin. Thank you. Hi
I’m Tyler Thank You Steven value Thank You Corey, Thank You Johnny, Thank You Matthew you. Thank you Michael, Massey
Thank You mr
Kauffman thank you Eric. We’re gonna be headed over to our Ruby and above night out all the Rubies head over to our discord
We’re gonna be under the patron exclusive Ruby plus area right over here if you’re not a Ruby yet
That’s in the patreon website you guys can get those subscriptions in thank you all so much for watching
and we’re gonna be heading over there and stay tuned for our next live stream and
Once again like always
Out damn


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