Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Stellar ($XLM), Cardano ($ADA), & IOTA ($IOT)!

Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Stellar ($XLM), Cardano ($ADA), & IOTA ($IOT)!


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  2. DGD is not backed by gold DGX is or will be see here
     We have 2 different tokens:  DGD and DGX. DGD are the DAO governance tokens and can get rewards in DGX from voting on what to do with our DAO funds (voting is done once a quarter and if you own DGD but do not vote you do not get paid). Rewards are split over 2 million tokens. Rewards are collected with a 0,13% transaction fee whenever DGX tokens are sent (onchain). DGX are tokens backed by physical gold – 1 DGX = 1 Gram of gold. In addittion, demurrage fees are collected annually, to the tune of 0,6%, out of which 0,4% is gold storage upkeep and goes to Digix, and 0,2% goes to DGD holders.

  3. What program do you use with your green screen ? I want to do this on Facebook Live….. thx if anyone can offer guidance 😀

  4. One suggestion… can you make an effort to finish a topic before having your thoughts fly to another one?

  5. I think BTC will be going downward. Not sure how low. I hope it goes low a few thousands to get my .5500 Bitcoin back I’ve lost trading. Good video

  6. Someone's phone is ringing. Sounds like a ZTE Axon M. Ultimate phone for traders having 2 screens to run 2 apps at once.

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