Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), & Ripple ($XRP)!

Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), & Ripple ($XRP)!

But on snipers 90 mallow baby here hope you’re all enjoying your day that was the lacroix and i am glad to be back
this is our daily cryptocurrency content analysis for today we’re gonna be taking a look at bitcoin
aetherium and ripple the three majors
To see where prices are headed i know it’s been about a week since we’ve been on these live streams we just?
Came back from the futurama
blockchain summit out in dubai i was there with data – and some other awesome youtubers and it was such a great experience and what
I’ll tell you right now is the market sentiment overall is
extremely bullish people are expecting institutional money to come into this market there’s a much
maturation of regulations occurring and it is an extremely exciting times in the cryptocurrency
Sphere and i believe we’re gonna be seeing some all-time highs coming into june and july
but let’s first take a look at bitcoins technical analysis
To see what’s happening here you can see we’ve got this little channel forming here it’s an ascending channel here with a couple impulse waves?
forming with a little bit of a correction being
sought out over the past couple of days but what i’m very interested in watching here is this rsi i’m actually noticing a very
very common
trend here and this is where we’re finding support on the rsi right around 50 – you can see every time we’ve found support at
52 here we’ve seen some higher price levels than bitcoin has been known to find support along 52 and then seeing
all-time highs at least in regards to these rsi levels going past these overbought levels and you can see here once twice three times in
A possible fourth time right now we may see this bounce
Once again back past these overbought levels and i’m excited to actually take a look here if you pull up the fibonacci
retracement on the one-hour
You, can see we actually bounced right on top of that fibonacci retracement here and yesterday when we saw this
retracement we were able to catch ourselves right along this
ascending channel which is exciting because understand this in my opinion and i think you guys would agree with me
bitcoin has done very well at these
$9,000 levels i mean
understand that we came all the way down from around
6,000 up to 9000 such a short amount of time and we’ve found some quite a
good amount of stability at these higher price levels and that is called
accumulation and when accumulation occurs it pretty much means people are buying
Bitcoin and we’re in a buyers market we’re not necessarily seeing so much sellers coming
to the market and i think if you look at the macd here let’s pull the macd i was actually looking at this earlier i
Don’t have it pulled up right now but i definitely want to show you this there is a very nice
pennant forming here with a squeeze on the four-hour
macd which is also a very bullish indicator so we’ll pull this up here you can see
How this squeeze is also occurring here with the macd and all of this is
Indicating we’re gonna see a possible breakout very soon so
Isn’t that awesome let’s go ahead and see who we have on our live audience here to see if we’ve got
Any other opinions on bitcoins analysis did any of you think we’re gonna see any retracement back down to 8,000 or 6,000
more pluck says meant credits is pumping hard yes we talked about that
maxwell says glad to see you back and yeah what’s happening with this zil pump i already told you guys about silica this was weeks
We called out silica three cents hopefully you guys had your positions i had my position i’m keeping my position?
Understand whenever i see a coin pump like that after knowing that it has intrinsic value i just hold on to that coin i don’t
Sell it there’s no, reason to sell it i mean at this point i will never be at a loss
For zilpha i don’t expect it to go back down to three cents so hopefully y’all were able to catch
silica as we talked about it early on in our live streams emmitt dicaprio said hello marc
idaho said what’s up are you from
idaho or is that just your name eric jenkins says smashing the likes from texas
amen if you texas you should be shooting them likes man with your guns
Hasan shahid says hi name hope all is well thank you all is well
Man i am excited after this conference howard as a conference the conference was amazing i mean
brock pierce killed it like always
talking about his vision for the future and the amount of impact he wants to make in the cryptocurrency sphere brock pierce has been in
this industry for such a long time he started with league of legends game
money like it was basically a form of cryptocurrency back in the day but in reality was digital
he transitioned into this industry
He is now killing it aref dusty announce his name don’t beard hope you’re having a good day
Man this was a bet from a while ago from a live stream we hit like
500 likes and i had to grow my beard so it is what it is if we hit 500 likes on this one i’ll
I’ll put snipers tube on the bottom of the beard how about that
I’m just kidding well we might hit 500 then i have to do it i’d look
Now the likes go up of course yeah it said
120,000 by first 2019
awesome somebody says should i sell credits
faisal sy i
think if you’ve been able to get a good position in credits you might as well hold on to it i don’t like to sell
Coins have pumps because?
At the end of the day once a coin pumps i mean it’s probably not going to go down to the levels that you bought
It if you were able to buy at the bottom
So if it is in that manner that mean you’re pretty lucky to have the coin at that price and
it’s a good idea to hold because at that point if the coin has intrinsic value and it goes up over time you have a
very good position locked in and you’ll never be at a loss so
You know you can always take 50% profits and leave the rest in there
Vinson says damn why did i buy silica when you mentioned it at 4 cents hey you guys got
To act
quick all about sense of urgency let’s actually pull up the next technical analysis yeah i want to talk about
aetherium because a thing’s looking a little bit different not as bullish about aetherium right now because you can see here we’re over the 50-day
the 180 the 200-day moving average right now and in comparison
To bitcoin if we were to ask ourselves
which one is a better
Play at this point we’ll go ahead and remove this driven on to iteration so you can have a better view if you look at
bitcoin we’re still
Under some of these moving averages on the one day so?
if you pull up the one day it you can see we’re under the 200-day moving
average and i don’t know if you guys remember that article earlier from i believe it was bloomberg but they talked about how any
Asset class that sees a 75 percent retracement and value like bitcoin did from 20,000 all the way down to 6,000 is
A very good time to buy that asset if it’s under the 200-day moving average right because the 200-day moving average is a very strong
indicator of where prices should or should not be and as you can see with a bitcoin we are still under that 200-day moving average
matter of fact we found
resistance alongside that 200-day moving average
Not going above it and in my opinion it’s only gonna be a matter of time until we start
To see bitcoin?
Rise right above because you can see here you’ve got that 108 moving average acting as support at this point so now we’re starting to
See all of these moving averages
converge together and in my opinion it’s only a matter of time like i said before bitcoin is over that 200-day moving average in
Comparison to a coin like aetherium where we’re above the 100 the 200 and the 50-day moving average right now and in my opinion we’re
See a quite a bit of consult us?
retracement here being the fact that we’re also forming this rounding bottom here if you see here we’ve got this rounding bottom formed with this
downward trend
Hitting resistance about to form a handle most likely going to either see support right along that
100 day or possibly even going back down to that 200 that 50-day moving average and i don’t think it’s going
To be too pretty
for the big 4 aetherium at that point
because you can see here as well with this rsi we are already at these overbought levels in comparison to bitcoin as well
where we’re not at these overbought levels we’re actually
Maintaining these neutral levels so in my opinion if you were to ask me which one is a better
purchase at this point i think bitcoin is a lot more
Undervalued right now in regards to the short term five to six week aspect so let’s go ahead and pull up
Ripple’s, ta here keep things a little bit simple for today’s live string here you can see with the ripple we’re starting
to retrace back down to that 50-day moving average i think we’re gonna go all the way back down to that 200 like we did
Prior and see support you can see we saw that once again and another reason i would mention that is because you can see we’ve?
already broken all these neutral levels in rsi so at this point we’re kind of in a freefall and last time we broke these levels
Like we did here we ended up dropping all the way back down to these
Oversold levels so in my opinion we’re still gonna, see quite a bit of retracement here and in comparison
To bitcoin once again i just believe that this is the best buy right now because understand rsi
might be a little bit lower for ripple but look at the moving average we’re still above the moving average so with bitcoin our size
a little bit higher but we’re starting to find accumulation at along these our side levels and not only that
we are still under that 200 a moving average so that’s kind of my hypotheses and let’s talk about some opportunities in
my opinion
whenever see it market
Retrace or find accumulation along certain zones you want to look
For the coins that have had?
The most amount of sell-off because understand you want to bind the red and sound the green and right now looking at
cardano’s stellar and tron as the next possible breakouts over the next couple of days being the fact that if you look at this chart
cardano’s down
13% the past seven days stellar down?
13% both great projects as well as tron 10% down and that’s in comparison
To some of these other coins like these majors that are up and then ripple being only 6% down aos only being 5% down these
three in my opinion are gonna have huge potential in the next couple of days if not weeks
Being the fact that they’ve been oversold over the past seven days so let’s take some coin requests from the audience and
We’ll wrap up this baby i wanted to just do this quick live stream we are working
So hard on our discord platform we’ve been killing it on the discord we’re still
Enhancing and improving some things but if y’all are not on the discord get on that discord and?
flanagan says litecoin let’s do an flanagan’s request like coin
Btc i don’t think i’ve seen an flanagan on the sniper students livestream so good to have you michael lind them in the house
vincent in the house jesse
life-size box that’s a nice name you honus crypto
Sofia alves get to have you where were you i missed a sniper’s suit scene we were at a conference
the futurama conference all men so i
met dad a – for the first time and what an awesome guy nicholas merton shoutout to data – if y’all not far on him
Following him on youtube he is such a great guy i met him and his father and we had a great conversation and
You know we’ve connected really well actually you know i-i-i
Had a two or three hour conversation with him about the cryptocurrency market and where things are headed and you know as
influencers how we want to approach this market how we want to guide our
Audience right because we really care about each and every one of you want to provide the best knowledge and the best value so
sajal says i was just missing you for a long time i miss you too
sofia says yeah great news another kiss from portugal thank you you’re making me blush
dominic says other than that it’s the bomb
boris says did you see superman yes i saw superman he was awesome – we didn’t have as much of a
You, know conversation like i did with nikolas but yeah i did see him
Alex says bro don’t go offline for so long all right we’ll stay
Displaces this ptz going to dump at eleven point five thousand that’s the million dollar question
i don’t think so i mean at the end of the day for you look at bitcoins technical analysis like we saw earlier
we’ve found such such good
support right over along that 9000 level and in my opinion coming from six thousand and nine thousand and also finding support and
accumulation at nine thousand is exactly what we saw eight thousand right when we hit eight thousand we stayed at eight thousand for about a
Week or two before we saw another breakout so i think it’s the same case here i mean we’re at
9,000 and understand this every analyst right now that’s saying we’re going
To see a retracement what are they telling you they’re not saying that we’re gonna
6000 or
7000 they’re saying we’re gonna see eighty eight hundred eighty seven hundred eighty four hundred and when i see that in the mark when i
See other analysts predicting we’re gonna see a very small
retracement i’m like screw that
Regardless if that’s the case let’s say we’re all right right the bad analyst and the good ironist we’re all right
well regardless if you have a position in bitcoin and it goes down two or three hundred dollars no big deal so
regardless of the fact if it goes down or up we’re still in a great
Market it’s a positive market do you guys agree with me or not yes or no
in the chat if you agree with that like all these analysts are saying oh we might retraces
8,700 okay let’s say we do who cares
unless you’re shorting with a hundred x leverage i then in the day for you’re a long term holder
The market sentiment in general is bullish so in my opinion your mindset should be let me see if i can get bitcoin under
10,000 before it’s over 10,000 and we’ll go under 10,000 ever again right
Hey soos castro says yay no they, see us as yay aaa
vijay says yay
boris says yeah
dallas says whoo
and it says yeah
brett says yeah brazil crypto says yay david hubner says yes
francisco aguilar a yellow bra
Man i took spanish classes when i was little so i learned how to roll my arse very early on in my life
gonzalo robles do you support list i like lists it’s not a bad project alex says bit connect
Alright so by the way we’re gonna have this new mic soon actually had a sound engineer come over and
Set this up so we’re gonna have this set up stern i have this huge like it’s called a pro channel to
tune preamp
Compressor nama doesn’t say crypto it’s actually an opto impress er all this like equipment just for the audio just i can give you guys
better audio but i’ll be set up soon
Martin says someone’s getting off track on ltc ta okay fine marcus whatever let’s do this ltc ta so
first thing i want to do here is pull up a different chart because this one is
Lacking data and i also want to do a usd chart because
Usd charts for ltc is i think it’s it’s gained enough reputation to do a usd chart so let’s do a fibonacci
retracement first and foremost to take a look at these levels
I’m gonna go all the way to the top of the switch down to this low that we saw?
one of our recent lows here and
When you’re doing fibonacci retracement sometimes you want to force correlation sometimes you want to make yourself
Find correlations in the fibonacci retracement count so what i actually do let me actually reset this
I’m actually going to go into the 4-hour because i don’t want
to do a 1-day analysis right now but we’ll do the 4-hour chart down from this high
Down to this low
So if we were to look at this fibonacci retracement right now
can see how we found some
Resistance right along that next level at the point 38 and if we were to actually. Zoom into this
you, can see in regards to this ascending support line that’s forming here very bullish in that regard but
At the end of the day what we want to watch here is some of these other?
Indicators especially this moving average so fritter probe isn’t moving out as you can see we’re starting to
converge here with all three of these moving averages and
At this point we’re still under that 200-day moving average so in my opinion a lot like bitcoin
Being under the 200-day moving average is probably a really good area to get a position in litecoin also knowing that we’ve already
Seen levels above the 200-day moving average but then seeing that retrace right back under that to me shows that we’re trying
to find some accumulation up here and then if you also pull up this rsi a
Lot like bitcoin we’re finding some very strong support right along 52 so i think that
the analysis for bitcoin and litecoin are very similar at this point and i think both of them are very good buys if
anything i think the best thing you can do if you were to choose between bitcoin aetherium ripple and litecoin it would be
diversifying the majority of your allocations for your short-term swing trade with bitcoin and litecoin
and then maybe putting a little bit of allocations in aetherium the ripple if you really want to but i think that the most bullish
setups right now is bitcoin and litecoin
knowing that they’re following the same pattern we’re on the 52 we’re finding support and we’re still under the 200-day moving
Average so that would be my
Guests here and knowing that the point 38 is not that hard of a level to cross in my opinon if we can cross right
over that that would be ideal in this
situation you can see at first we formed this cup and handle and then we broke out but then with the full market
retracement we ended up seeing that
retracement back down but that’s typically a strong sign that we at least have a very strong support level at this point right along that
150 dollar mark so i don’t, see us going back any further i think that litecoin in bitcoin are the two most important
hasan shaheed says b and b
Why don’t we do b and b so we’ve been talking about bnp
For quite a while now and i told you all just to hold bnb right we’re seeing another little rally here
Today in my opinion my b&b holdings is not going to be sold for a very long time
knowing that the rsi is still in this neutral zone knowing that we found support right along that
39:40 if you don’t know if 40 is that very famous level on our side because if we go below 40 that means we are
oversold but we’re finding support which is very bullish we double bottomed out at that level in my opinion the most bullish setup at this
point is for this bnb
Price to see all-time highs soon and the reason i say that is we’re already riding and finding accumulation along these higher highs and
knowing b and b as an intrinsically valuable coin they just added their their implementation of their dusting methods where you can actually
dust all of your coins you know those little balances that get really annoying now you can dust them and not only that
Knowing the use case would be and be in my opinion over the next couple of months it’s going
To see more and more use case and it’s gonna increase the value
Exponentially and then you can also see here with the 50-day moving average we are still under that about to go ahead and go over
that i actually would want to pull up one more indicator here i’m gonna pull up the ema this is an
Exponential moving average and this is actually a really good one to look at if you’re trying
To see or the moving average exponential but this one really will indicate whether or not we’re going
To see a bullish setup yep right there so you can see what this ema i’m gonna go ahead and make this boulder check that
out that’s a huge sign of a bullish setup very soon if you actually pull this here will actually
bold this for you and
you, can see how we just jumped on top of that ema so that is a very bullish setup we were under the ema and
We just jumped on top of it so in my opinion we’re gonna see a lot of further highs here for b&b i am holding
my b&b if you have b&b i would be holding as well i think this right here is going
To see an exuberant run-up
Soon i think this is gonna see all-time highs and i’m very confident with the b&b
matter of fact i’ll tell you what if you’re gonna ask me what coins i’ve been looking at recently
By the way we added a new feature for all of our sapphires and above we’re posting weekly coin reports of long-term holds i’m actually
going in and actually doing analysis for all of these coins like we just did silica and
icon those are two long-term holds that i have in my portfolio
Another long-term hold is b&b and the coo coin chairs i just made a pretty large?
Investment in the coo coin shares just knowing that the coo coin shares in my opinion coo coin
See you always have to have an apple on a microsoft you have to have a competitor i think coo coin is gonna be by
Nance’s competitor and it has just as much intrinsic value as the b&b coin and in my opinion
It hasn’t seen the run-up that it’s supposed, to see just yet?
So if you’re gonna ask me what’s another coin that i’m extremely bullish on i would say the ku coin shares so i’ll actually show
you exactly how this chart looks as well we haven’t seen much exuberance
Since that december rally with the ku coin shares so you can see how we’ve seen this huge
retracement a little bit of an overall ascending support line and in my opinion sooner or later we’re gonna see a
Huge amount of exuberance here just like we saw the silica just like we saw with the bee and me coin at one point and
we saw earlier if you see with ku coin the potential of it up to
$19 right right now we’re sitting it right around 4 dollars and 25 cents so this is another coin that i am watching right now
knowing that it’s very similar to the buy nance coin in use case and intrinsic value so
cryptology says a sniper students you think can sense this week we’ll give us a bit of a boost
You, know i’m gonna be really honest with you
Consensus is gonna be the time in which you may want to be a little bit more
cautious in the coin market i think i think in my opinion
consensus is not necessarily gonna affect the market as much as it already has
I think people already realized the effect that consensus is gonna have to the market back around early march into april
so i think at this point it’s not necessarily gonna have much of an effect but i think we should watch
consensus very diligently and just kind of see what the overall atmosphere and sentiment is at that conference because that conference is really where
large announcements are made and things of that nature so it’s important to at least be in the know and it’s just like what i
did recently this last weekend of going to the blockchain summit out in dubai i learned so much about the current market
sentiment from market leaders and that’s super important in this sphere so
francisco aguila says cos he’s been a longtime follower will do tos btc and
after this we will end a live stream unless we hit 300 likes then we’ll take two more requests so
It’s gonna be a given again at this point because i do have a lot of work to do today what are we at right
Now 103 likes all right so we have 300 likes we’ll do another 2 requests but let’s do a os
So i’ve got a position u.s.
I don’t plan to sell it i know we’ve seen exuberance already but understand gos is
aetherium competitor so
More so than just looking at the technical
analysis you can see we’ve got a bull flag for me here we’re seeing a little bit more of an upward trend we’re seeing it
above the ema back above the ema very bullish setup i
Think that in my opinion we’re gonna stay above these really high rsi levels for quite a while you can see where we’ve pretty much?
bounced above 56
For quite a while now now we’re seeing a little bit of a positive divergence
Occurring here with this rsi going a little bit higher so i think we’re gonna
see further highs with eos if you want to get a position in right now i
wouldn’t hesitate it’s a great project long-term i think the most important thing to watch with the os though is
understanding the fundamental side of it in
Comparison to aetherium so if you don’t understand what yo s is it’s a it’s a direct competitor to aetherium right they have 21
centralised nodes which makes the platform extremely fast in comparison to aetherium and
in that regard you have a lot of these ico starting
To transition away from aetherium onto the eos platform because they need and require that speed so in that regard
knowing that athenians at a 75 billion dollar market cap and ios is still under 20 billion i think it has a
Long way to go and possibly even hitting that 50 billion dollar mark seeing at number three i wouldn’t be surprised
to see eos at number three over the next couple of months and i don’t know who would agree with me on that but i
Believe that is gonna be the scenario here so do you guys
agree with me or not saying yay or nay on the chat if you agree
bourse jefferson says we need 300 likes otherwise he will leave i
Have a lot of work to do i mean if you guys really want to do another analysis let’s sit under like we’re at
158 but i really got a lot of stuff, to do somebody says agreed
Pranjal pondy says nah well why don’t you go sell your holdings bro danny says not go sell your holdings
To hash things louis go sell your holdings bro go sell go sell out bro sell out man
everybody else said yes i’m with everybody else
Vincent says just leave but come back tomorrow yes we will bors’s smash the likes force him to stay
nelson says and
rize says
18k down so that’s my opinion with a os i think that we’re gonna see some further highs i
think that looking at the market cap in a fundamental sense it’s a great project it’s backed by a great leader and
in that regard it’s gonna see a lot of growth over the next couple of months so
hopefully you guys enjoyed this livestream let’s see if there’s any other questions here somebody says can
you please explain stop losses
That’s a very simple google search that’s not something that i would necessarily have to go through but stop losses are very easy to
Use there’s a stop and a limit let’s see here somebody says
trx please
s xc fitness and weis is 19 bull run after consensus very very possible
master says doug poke bet tone
Btc won’t reach 6k again no i think we’ve already hit bottom
oddly well this is interesting alley moon bashir
bukhari says
Got us at 50 cents and worried what happens after 5th of june won’t be able to sell then should i sell now many
Eos can’t be treated after the fifth of june no it’s not that it can’t be traded it’s going on to their own block change?
So that means they’re transitioning from aetherium to the eos
Platforms the same thing that the buy nance coin is doing it’s the same thing that a lot of these coins are gonna make tron
right when they’re main that launches so no it’s not that you can’t trade it it’s just that it’s switching platforms right
sammy says if you don’t want to leave them and slap that dislike button
No, don’t slap the dislike button
Zem let says normalized the audio man going from super quiet to insanely loud yes i’m gonna have the audio fixed soon and we have
this new set up we got a sound engineer to come and help out with that
Dave hub nurse is a live stream on long-term holds would be awesome one day please i’ll tell you a couple
Long-term holds i have right now another one i have it on my whiteboard?
counterparty if you’re not, on
Counterparty right now you better get on counterparty here i’m gonna show you something really cool actually so we actually have our
discord platform now up and running with our analysts and i’m training our analysts on a daily basis to be
just as good if not better than me
Not that i’m great or anything but i’ve had some experience in this market and they also have a lot of experience i wouldn’t
Hired them but at the same time i want them
to become better and better at analyzing the cryptocurrency market and
we actually posted one of our analyst posted this today and i want to play this for you guys because
this is gonna be the next
Big play in my opinion for the sniper suit community just like we played silica from four cents all the way up to where it’s
At now i want you all to listen to this right here that we posted if you don’t know
where you can find this by the way this is for all of our golden above
Patreon if you’re a patreon we transitioned onto the discord platform so now we post daily trade signals
Market health updates and this is actually when we post our long term project so we’re posting coin reports now i’ll show you an example
Of one since nobody’s ever seen a coin reports but we’re gonna be looking at long-term projects and posting
Information for you guys to understand why these projects are long-term what we believe the project
potential is and i think it’s important
To know this right like a lot of people to invest in silica do you know what silica really is do you know what ikon?
Really is so that’s gonna be for our sapphires and above since that takes a lot of
effort we have premium education for all of our rubies and above and then
Check this out so this was
For our golden above this was one of our long-term pics and i want you to listen to this because it’s actually a really good
to our technical analysts
as we speak just prior to clicking
due to
The risk reward factor here right so we’re looking at the weekly time frame where we can buy down here and we can sell right
Here and if you look, to the left
Just, about every single swing from the low
competes at this level and as you see
majority of the times we we surpass that right so we’re looking at very good levels to buy you not this is
long-term trade we are in the weekly time for him if you can count the candles you can count the weeks
about, how long you know we’re looking for this thing to come into play we’re talking about this just being on bit risk and poly
necks right now so there is a
sounds like he’s about to wrap he’s like if you can count the candles you can count the week because i’m gonna call you week
because you’re the tweak i’m just kidding all right let’s keep going sorry
i expect a complete surgeon price as we know
What happens when it comes on finance so it is very good always to get into you know certain coins
Before they’re listed on the major exchanges i consider bit tricks and poly next to be major but once it goes out
To finance it’s it’s pretty much game over as you can see?
Just, with some of the coins that came out recently you got you know bite coin that type of thing i wouldn’t say that’s as?
as probable as that
This scenario if you’ve looked in the counterparty that is something we’re going to be doing is releasing a coin coin report here shortly
Furthermore though on bit tricks and poly necks this is a no-brainer trait to me especially to hold i would invest you know slight
slightly to this i mean it’s there’s really really low risk on this trade
But at the same time if you’re an investor and you’re looking, to do long term you know allocate your portfolio
and make sure you spread out of course you don’t want
not going to go through the whole thing but for those of you that are on our
discord community platform you know we just released our version one point over discord and
It’s been such a journey it took about six months to really plan this all out but it is awesome we’ve got this awesome
Trading chat here if you’re an emerald or above you can ask any question or request any chart?
24/7 and get an answer from one of our analysts and
That’s in the vip chat so?
hopefully i’ll see some of you guys there but i think this was a pretty cool livestream we went over a lot of awesome information
i talked about some more long-term holds and i think that was great that you guys enjoy it
matt fishman says teach them what you know but never everything you know i like that
but i love given all the information right you might as well
hastings says great job 9 thank you brother digital head says damn i’m late well tune in tomorrow
we will be back live daily live streams we’re back from our conference and we’re gonna make this baby happen
fasting says i loved it awesome
Just, wait we’re gonna have so much more it’s not
even funny how much
content and
Stuff we’re gonna start posting on the youtube channel but most important in our discord community because we really want to make that something special
So thank you dago blaming this is excellent video very smooth
stream thank you if you guys enjoyed it like it it really helps especially with the haters that are out there
somebody mentioned on our last video that i was logged into our diamond account but i only did that because i needed to show all
the features so
Screw those rumors somebody says credits to the moon yeah credits just killing it we talked about credits early i think it was at
160 cents when we talked about what is it that now
82 cents look at that the snipers are sniping trades on a daily basis snipers out


  1. Nice update, great to see you back. Just got some positions on BTC/ETH and now on B/E SL. Nice to get your analysis.
    PS – If you like KCS then check out Bibox (BIX). 0% limit buys, living the dream.

  2. We are back from the Futurama Blockchain Summit and the common thread between every keynote is the bullish sentiment for this market. In the next few months institutional investors will be dipping their feet in the market and things look poised to rally up to see all time highs. Let’s take a look at the 3 majors Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) to see if there’s any patterns forming, as well as take some live audience requests!

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  3. Just watched your video…. and realised that you haven’t discovered Elastos yet. Once you do, you will sell all other coins. Just watch Elastos – it’s a game changer compared to every other coin

  4. I like and watch both of You, You and DataDash. However even though I like Nicolas and I try to save enough time watch him too, he is only after You! Welcome baaaack ! 🙂

  5. Love your channel on here brother, learned a lot from you the past few months. Applied that knowledge to my trading and it has worked. Thanks for the advice and the reviews. If you ever get a chance, look into Apollo currency. Looks like a good one. 💯

  6. Do you think owning BNB and similar exchange-owned tokens (such as Huobi Token and Kucoin Shares) are like owning a store selling to the miners in the goldfields?

  7. I started watching this in the Discord, and realised that I couldn't expand the picture or login or give a thumbs up. Maybe there should just be a still picture and one or more links, in case people want to watch it on another platform where you might have it.

  8. Naeeeemmmmm! Dam it’s good to hear your voice again I’ve bin panicking here making bad trades n shit

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