Price Breakouts: Ripple ($XRP), Cardano ($ADA), Dash ($DASH), Ethereum ($ETH), And Stellar ($XLM)!

Price Breakouts: Ripple ($XRP), Cardano ($ADA), Dash ($DASH), Ethereum ($ETH), And Stellar ($XLM)!

What is going on snipers 90 Melo baby here I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today if you guys are watching this live stream after it’s published feel free to use the 1.25 X speed in the description below in the settings and we’re gonna get right into this live stream talking about different price movements over the next couple of days where they’re headed for day trader swing traders and value investors So let’s go ahead and dive right into it So pretty much what we’re seeing right now, we’re looking at the dash chart Let’s go ahead and not zoom in here and see a little bit of what’s happening with the price movement You can see there’s an obvious descending pattern here, and if you actually close this pattern You can see it does form a pennant if you guys are on our discord once again This is a free resource open to everybody the link is in the description below You guys can actually go over to our trading 101? We’re updating this a lot of you guys are asking about trading 101 by the way we are updating our trading 101 section We’re completely revamping it we have some graphic designers working on that, but if you guys go on there right now You can actually go in there right now and see all the patterns here. I actually coupled them all in one photo so that’s all designated for you guys to actually consolidate that so you can see it clearly and read the Description you can always zoom this out as well, and then once we have our new graphics up. It’s gonna include Even more patterns as you guys can see we have a lot to add I just put the drafted copy out there for you guys So you guys can have an idea of all the patterns we’re gonna start adding here But this is a pennant you can see it’s pretty much where the price resistance and support levels start to consolidate and get narrower and narrower once again You can read a little bit more of a description on that in the discord once we update all of that what we’ll have all Those descriptions set in place for you guys to ensure that it has the maximum amount of usage, and you know Capabilities for you guys as you’re trading, so let’s go ahead and see who here is online Let’s go ahead and pull up our chat here, and so we got about 600 viewers IOB said why is he dressed for a video lmao, thank you if you think I’m dressed appreciate that brother Berta said good work Thank you, brother Thank you. Let’s see who’s in the house Mitch. She’s in the house Muhammad is in the house Kevin Williams said Substratum why don’t we look at Kevin’s pic? He said substratum? Let’s go ahead and pull up substratum here So obviously we see with – there’s a pennant forming so a potential break out right there Let’s go ahead and look at substratum and see what’s happening, ooh? I like this chart quite a bit actually If you guys look at this chart what I like most about it is The fact that the support level is right down here and guess where the prices are at looks like we’re at fifteen thousand eighty-two Satoshi’s Resistance looks to be like right around 21,000 105 Satoshi’s now what I like about. This is the support is right at 14,500 so if we could start heading down to that level that could also be a potential buy right there potential trade Once again, you can see here. It’s heading towards support I actually got a question today And the question was how do I know when to buy in a channel and it’s really? dependent upon What your trading? strategy is because there are traders that buy it the breakout and I can show you an example of how that would work in your Favour if you were to buy at a breakout now Let’s pull up a channel here and see if we can find a channel that Was formed right here perfect channel you can see there’s a clear resistance level right up here around 3422 Satoshi’s looks like there’s a clear resistance right around 2995 satoshis what I would do trading in this Channel if I were to trade the breakout I would look to see where is this resistance level broken and once again if you see here this is really where it was broken if You would have purchased right there as soon as it broke you would have taken advantage of this huge relief in price so breakout buys Work now we can go into the support strategy where you’re buying at a support. Level however I let’s go ahead and save that for another technical analysis, so looking at this chart once again It looks like prices are at a good level for purchase in my regard And if it does bounce it could potentially see some more resistance right around previous resistance that 17,000 799 satoshis so if you’re a day trader you just want to get a quick swing that could be the channel you trade if You’re a swing trader. You can see if it’s gonna test its potential resistance here that was pretty strong at 21,000 Satoshi’s you can see you forgot Double-talk tested once tested twice to test the three times and then consolidated so nice chart there Good pick substratum. Let’s go ahead and See what the chat has to say so who here is online right now Somebody said Nayeem is hot. Thank you Ronald E is in the house get to have you brother Annual said by at a breakout yes 23 KRK said what up 9 looking for technical point of view BTC correction should go to about 9000 and if that’s gonna happen. Do you think alts will go down too good question? 23 krk let’s pull up the BTC USD chart here And what I want to show you guys let’s pull up the 1-day really quick. You can see here That we are correcting right at this 50-day moving average This is what I’m watching right now to see when do I want to get here’s the thing when Bitcoin? Corrected down to this level the time that I was you know Reba. I position into Bitcoin was around the $12,500 range because that’s where the 50-day moving average was at the time you can see this is the 50-day at the time of the correction and It was right around twelve thousand six hundred thirty nine so right a core about 12,500 right now The moving averages obviously increased as it’s weighted upon the current total price and as the price has had more time to mature at These high levels you can see that the 50-day moving average has moved and increased upon that as well currently at around 13,000 651 so about a thousand dollars more than where it was previously around January. I’m sorry December of 2017 around the 25th so right now you can see we are Bouncing right off this let’s go ahead and see if we hit bottom now What worries me about this right now is the fact that the RSI is not under 30 But when you pull up the one-hour chart you can see we did hit RSI under 30 a couple times Especially if you look at the previous bounce from that That support level where the 50-day moving average is acting as support. You can see in the one-hour chart We definitely went under 30 RSI And then you look here right now at these levels we touch 30 RSI I think we went under really hard one time and now we’re seeing that bounce back and then really this is where We saw that bottom occur so pretty interesting there Claude you are the man Thank you so much Claude good to have you on the live stream brother He said hi name and love to get your thoughts on po. Let’s go ahead and check po l so p OE BTC looks like Oh Interesting so we were descending we bounced up right here, so this was obviously the support level it looks like RSI dropped down Completely so in my technical view it looks like we did see previous Resistance around that area here around January 4th as well at least looking at the one-hour so I would draw the line right over here and the reason I say that Here’s something that you guys might be able to take something from when you see a huge Uprising price out of nowhere where you see these huge gain candlesticks? This is an uprise or an ascending pattern. You can see that. It’s just shoots up it’s typically because something has just been oversold and Another great indicator of that is the RSI you can see the RSI was pretty much below 55 Since this point the price started declining RSI was tipping over heading towards under 30 And then it popped right back up as soon as it started to realize that hey This is being under sold and guess what moves along with the RSI and the price movement guys The EMA this is such an important indicator. You can see the EMA right here. I’ll kind of Bold that for you guys just to make it a little bit more clear, so this right here is extremely important clot Let me show you something brother This could have helped out. Let’s say you were trading this and you saw prices We’re declining in broke support level that kind of worried you right it broke the support. You’re like okay Should I sell should I set up my stop-loss alert and any sort of level here? Well, here’s what I’ll tell you the fact that we didn’t correct back down to this Area right here where we found previous support was a good sign for this price point now What really is intriguing about this chart is the fact that it formed a whole new support level around the? 940 satoshi range so When that happens you want to keep your eyes on the EMA because the EMA is not influenced or rather shall I say it’s not as Provocative as The support level could have been if you were basing your Analysis upon that rather than watching the EMA and saying okay, obviously it’s pointed down remember I always talk about using the EMA as a pointer right it’s pointed down, but it’s still starting a slant This could have been an indicator okay prices might start heading up And then as soon as you saw this EMA shoot its way up and points straight up That would have been a clear indicator to a trader that this is going higher And you can see it shot right up here EMA currently is pointed down so Being that if you zoom in here, you can see it’s getting steeper and steeper so that obviously isn’t the best sign It does You know invoke that the prices may start declining now what I would say in this chart in General if you look at this chart. You can see overall. There is a declining pattern so When you when you look at a lot of the indicators here it pretty much says To me at least looking at this chart and obviously. This is a little bit zoomed in if we get out of this We can see a little bit more in Depth here. It’s obviously starting to decline Now overall pattern, and you can see here is ascending so it contradicts itself, right? Now here’s what I would say with a pattern like this Look at previous levels because previous levels can indicate Where future levels are headed and when you look at the previous levels you can see that we shot up once Form this support line shot up again form the support line, but then started seeing weak hands around this area Which eventually strengthened itself? We’re finding support back around this level My worry would be if we drop beyond this level right here, which is previous resistance. Level and became support levels That would worry me because of the fact that if it does hit that we’re most likely going to come back to this channel And if we come back to this channel, there’s a higher opportunity or a chance that we’ll come back to this channel So hopefully that helped out clod. Thank you so much for the super chat brother Appreciate having you here So let’s go ahead and see what else we got here Who do we got in house sawyer johnson in the house every day is a miracle in the house Jake and you come in hit the house, let’s see what else we got here Joshua Moore good to have you brother Hussein in the house Ryan Anderson is here as well Good to have you guys somebody’s had Bollinger Bands. You guys really want to start using the Bollinger Bands Don’t you you guys want to start seeing the Bollinger Bands say yes in the chat if you guys want to start seeing the Bollinger? Bands That would be fun, right You know it’s one of my one of my favorite things about reading charts and understanding the technical side of it is Correlating that with the fundamentals so one good reason that this chart And this is a really good example the one that Claude mentioned saw this decline Was most likely because of the overall market you can see here if we pull up cryptocurrency Total market cap here you can pull up the total market cap here And you can see the graph of the total market cap which is astounding if you look at in that perspective But you can see here with the total overall market for the past three months. We’ve seen this steady Incline in price we saw that correction bounced on top saw steady incline and then we saw this minor consolidation or you can consider it a correction because correction is anything over ten percent and Cryptocurrency in my opinion a true correction is over thirty percent now if it’s over ten percent I would call that more of a minor correction seeing the traditional markets in the stock market It’s different in this traditional stock markets when you look at a correction ten percents a lot if Apple stock go down ten percent Something’s wrong something happened. They didn’t sell enough iPhones. They didn’t sell enough air pods or whatever the case may be and It’s just not a good indicator, so Um I think this could have had an influence on this price decline It’s almost like it’s almost like I like to look at this like Land that’s just starting to sink right. It’s like a sinkhole you see this sinkhole Just come out of nowhere, and you can see there is a hole. I mean you look at the EMA it’s literally like a cup right forms a cup and That typically happens when you see a sinkhole. It’s typically because of fundamental Aspects rather than technical aspects or technical reasons, it’s typically fundamental reasons and fundamental versus technical is An extremely important way to look at the market because fundamental analysis is so important. It’s understanding What is the market like like when coin market cap? Influence the market by literally just changing the way they averaged prices that was a fundamental Core that was a fundamental aspect of the market it wasn’t technical there’s nothing technical about coin mark you can not make an announcement About their change in averages right, which they’ve done that multiple times And they need to stop doing that and start making an announcements and learn how communicate right so Anyways to get off of that point. Let’s go ahead and look at all of these requests We have tons of people online now good to have all of you guys on here Let’s see somebody said Danielle is in the house. Good to have you Danielle actually saw a comment from you today on patreon. It was funny I liked it. I don’t know if you saw that but good to have you on She said XRP long-term hold yeah, I mean I I definitely held on you know I I repositioned some of my coins some of you guys know which ones I’ve repositioned However, you know I’ve been through these cycles before guys and these cycles have been pretty redundant and they’re common, and they’re most importantly Consistent so I haven’t seen a cycle. I think the cycle that was most It wasn’t really when BTC corrected from 20,000 to you know 12,500 it wasn’t really that you know dramatic for me because of the fact that I was watching the one day moving average and One day moving averages are tipping and when I say one day I’m talking about using the one day chart look in at the 50-day moving average but looking at the 50-day the 108 the 200-day on the one day chart really gives you some perspective on the long-term Valuations of a coin or a specific asset in this case Bitcoin because of the fact that the one day gives you a more It’s more of a deeper perspective. It’s more long-term right you’re looking at what is this chart looking like over a month, or a year Typically it’s a year you can see when you look at this chart. It goes all the way back to December September August July June July April March and right here We’re already in the start of 2017 into 2016 so it’s pretty much a chart where you’re looking at month to month or a year to year so 50-day moving average is extremely important using that on the one day is also a Great tool for those of you that want to utilize that you can see we’re bouncing back from this Support looks like just a little bit So let’s go ahead and check our Chat here who do we got on? The chat right now we got Ben Fairchild in the house Kevin Lopez is in the house Nem Saavik good to have you brother Greg to Fano thoughts on nebula anyone Anyone good one Eric chan in the house Fatal fury We got tons of requests guys Wow Which one to pick right so we do. Yeah, we do have some super chats I do want to say Thank you so much to all the super chats Thank You Joseph Mena nefarious set thoughts on GTO not too familiar with GTO First I would want to look at the total market cap if you guys are ever looking at a coin for the first time Here’s something that could really add some value to a lot of you snipers out there Look at the total market cap before looking at any sort of technical charts or looking at any sort of you know other aspects of the coin because the total market cap Will really give you an idea of where this coin is that in terms of volume in terms of? Abundance in terms of adoption. You know it’s truly a good indicator to know sometimes. It’s an indicator that something is You know too Overbought right now. You know it’s like verge for a long time had a chart. That was just insanely Parabolic and sometimes that’s not a good thing for a coin that you’re looking to invest in long term because you would want to invest Around these levels not these levels right so When you pull up the three-month it’s a little bit more graceful for Verge You can see it’s a little bit nicer, and I don’t I don’t see too much You know negative about this chart here because you can see there’s clear support levels You know and if we pull up the total chart. You can see a little bit more in-depth, but back to GTO looks like we have a 131 million dollar market cap I don’t mind anything over a hundred million. That’s typically where price manipulation Decreases it looks like around this area. We could have seen a lot more of that, but now with prices Heading up market cap increasing. There’s less vulnerability for any sort of price manipulation Let’s see if we can pull up this chart here in trading view There’s an ascending pattern here. You can see Overall looking at the one-hour with a zoomed out perspective looking at the Short-term chart here. Let’s pull up a 15-minute. You can see there’s quite a bit of volatility. This would probably be a coin To day trade yeah, I mean, this is a little bit too volatile actually Wow Sometimes when I see this amount I mean there’s no clear levels. There’s no clear support channels There’s no clear resistance channels. You can see support is here support see air support is now yeah, I mean, it’s just moving around like crazy You can see it’s forming a little bit of a curve here, so it’s starting to curve back. It looks like we hit Top right here almost looks like a head and shoulder to you a left shoulder right shoulder Top right here a little bit overstretched though. I would say If we pull it up here in the 15-minute might look a little bit more like 1 You can see here as well We tested these levels multiple times here seems like we tested it three times and then broke through it testing new levels, but finding resistance very close to previous resistance so I’d be interested to see how that handles itself because This is the first time it’s seen this much resistance around the top levels you can see here when it popped up only saw resistance once twice drop back down three times broke it out and Consolidated from there so over here. It’s testing it three times in a row fourth time breaks through now. We’re seeing this Potentially turn into support, which would be interesting so something I like to look for as well guys this might help some of you guys when resistance levels become support levels It’s a good indicator that It’s pretty much solid at that level and The reason I say that is that typically will happen when you see these big buy orders come in and then you see less sell volume and Right here, we saw a huge amount of volume in sales But it looks like the by volume here could have made up for that Except this is extremely you know Larger than most of these other bars here doesn’t look like I see anything Like that until back here for any sort of by levels And that’s typically institutional investors people that have a lot of money Wales as people like to call them especially recently um that like to buy a lot and Once they buy they have the ability to hold on and keep the prices at a certain level you know something that You know that people that have a lot of money Struggle with is trying to keep prices down because when you’re buying a lot of coins Let’s say you have a hundred million dollars to invest when you buy 50 million of that you’re raising the Market cap of that coin by 50 million the price is gonna shoot up through the roof and you’re gonna end up buying a lot of your coins at extremely pro-rated amount rather than buying incrementally or even spreading your Capital across many different coins so that’s typically how press manipulation occurs. It’s when a coin can easily be manipulated and when prices increase like that some people will see that as a potential Continuous breakout and will start buying at those levels and then those are the ones that end up sometimes losing because whenever that way or that an Institutional investor wants to sell and they have all that volume to sell with then it does the complete Opposite with the sell volume it breaks through all of those cell walls, and then it continuously brings the price downward resulting in a huge loss so Anyways um in terms of the technical here. We’re testing these high levels I don’t see you know in terms of a buy position that wouldn’t be something that I would consider it that these levels You know at these levels out either be considering repositioning myself number one if I’m a swing trader Maybe even taking profits, if I’m a dry eight day trade And if I’m a long term investor once again long term holders like to keep their coins Not necessarily, you know get rid of them, so that’s pretty much what I would say for GTO great requests here I’m going to take a little sip of water. How are you guys all doing today? By the way let’s hear some of you guys How are you guys doing? And everybody here having a good good week. I know we’re in the middle of the week. It’s Wednesday it’s officially over now, but it was hump day a Lot of you like to call it Jonah said great from Canada good to have you from Kenan. I actually got a message today from a guy from Canada And I can pull it up, but it was an awesome message. He said this to me. I actually pull it up here I’ll read it. I thought it was awesome. He said hey I am I really like what you give to the community I wish I had more hours in a day. That’s definitely – if you’re a day trader Between working for a huge corporation raising kids and working on our hobby farm life is tight for me anyways, man when I have made enough in this venture I can use that and add a lot of value to your community as well as Myself you remind me of myself and that you are driven to make it happen a quality I like to see in people and one that has allotted me a ton of success in my life I wish you all the success And the best brother cheers from Canada every time I see that message from Canada it reminds me of when I worked for telecommunications sales and I would get at a Canadian on the phone at every single time because the motto was you don’t let off the phone until they Say no five times the Canadians. Just don’t say no. They know how to say no so politely it’s insane They’re like well You know um I understand what you’re saying and I totally agree with you however And then you know they’ll come up with their little alibi so anyways I love the Canadians so shout out to all of my Canadians Mario said hi from Mexico great day today. Good to have you from Mexico Mario good to have you Bill Bob in the house good to have you bill Bob Somebody said let’s see Jordan Tell him is in the house as well. Good to have you Australia Jerome II said Australia that is awesome I Love Australians The funnest thing about Australia to me is the Sydney Amphitheater I that’s something that I’ve always Longed to speak at you know I actually had a mentor of mine go out there to Sydney, Australia And he spoke at the Sydney amphitheater, and he spoke to I think it was a group of it was thousands of entrepreneurs out there And it was awesome. I mean it really built my dreams up and something that can help you guys with trading And I highly recommend this is start building a why like you guys have to build an inner desire to want more and specifically find out Exactly what you want Like right now if I were to turn the camera aside right now right in front of me I have a dream board on my dream board at the top. I have my values I’ve got the certain values on top there. I have my family there I’ve got certain pictures there that mean a lot to me But then I also have as the dream board expands other aspects of you know tangible things Intangible things that I’ve always Wanted but never really had a deep desire for until putting it on paper and going out Maybe let’s say it’s a car going out to the dealership Visiting it have you guys you you might say you want a Lamborghini or a Ferrari but have you ever? Sat inside of one have you ever driven one right or you might say that okay? I want to be financially independent, but have you ever met somebody financially independent and ask them? how was your daily lifestyle like you get to wake up with your wife or your husband every single day and Do what you want to do? Without somebody telling you what to do or having a schedule to be a part of see all of that Will drive you to get better at trading if you feel like man. I’m just not motivated enough, right inner motivation is such an important thing you can’t always depend on other people to motivate you and I think that was one reason I Was so driven in the market when I started because not only that if you guys don’t know my story You know I didn’t grow up with the best you know with the wealthiest family matter of fact my family that I grew up with think it was a family of professionals that I Don’t know if any of you guys are from out of the you know out of the country of you guys are second generation First generation, but I’m as pretty much second generation you know I I was born in the United States my parents weren’t and from where they came from they actually had a lot of you know credibility and Stout success They were engineers and my father was you know doing something with? I think he was an Air Force pilot actually and When they came to America they lost all of that credibility which happens a lot if you’re from a third world country Or you’re a different country, and you come to America. You don’t just get handed a degree and say well You know you were extremely knowledgeable from your country, so here you go You know you can go ahead and work as an engineer here. No you have to go through Recertifications you have to go through schooling and especially a lot of you know people that I know from Puerto Rico and even like US Territories will come here with a dent I was talking to a dentist the other day, and he said he’d come here from Puerto Rico and he said he’d lost all of his degrees all of his everything he had to redo school redo everything over again, so What am I saying this is what I’m saying I’m saying that building something inside of you that gives you a desire to want more feeling that instead of having a want you Have a need and that need has to turn into a desire and it has to be Burning inside of you every single day guys and that will get you good at trading. Why because you will naturally? be Curious to know more and you’ll be more apt to Gain knowledge that you otherwise wouldn’t have gained if you weren’t as curious about it because you weren’t driven about it, so You know we can talk technicals all day. We can look at charts all day guys We can look at you know all of these great You know patterns here, and and yeah, we’re in a volatile market these patterns work really well, but at the end of the day It’s about How driven are you how much of a desire? Do you have and what does it mean to you to really obtain? What you want, so? Hopefully that helped out. I’m sorry for going on I ran guys. I’ve never done that but anyways Hopefully that added some sort of value to somebody Let’s see did that help out a little bit. Let’s let’s take some requests Trevor said name if you bought fifty million and doubled a coin price And then sold wouldn’t that give you double investment since you sold it double the coin price doesn’t sound right what am I missing? If you bought fifty million and doubled a coin price well No, Trevor see here’s the thing you can’t buy fifty million at one price You’re gonna buy fifty million dollars worth, but there’s different orders So if I were to pull up an exchange right now like finance for example right if we were to pull up finance Let me teach some of you guys something this may help. I’m sure it’s gonna help Trevor here But you go to exchange your you go to basic. It’s it’s called an order book right so the stock market and the Crypto market in most markets work in a manner of buy and sell it’s all about supply and demand So when you look at this right here? You can see there is an order book to this left hand side and in the order book you have sell orders and buy orders now the buy orders here have a specific amount of coins attached to a specific price and The sell orders have the exact same thing you see is the amount and the total so I’m sorry the price is to the left and the total is to the right so for example Let’s say you were to buy 50 million dollars worth of Or let’s use Bitcoin for example, or if we pull up to USD chart this might even work better We’ll just keep it at BTC, so let’s say you were to use What for example well let’s be a little bit accurate here, so I like accuracy. It’s a big part of a My mantra, so let’s say a bitcoins $15,000 and you were to buy him butch you say 50 million so 50 million Let’s say divide that by 15,000 and you’ve got 3333 bitcoin right so with 3333 bitcoin and You want it pump this coin right or whatever you call you want to invest a lot into this coin. What will happen is this? With 3000 bitcoins you’ll buy The sellers you buy this order you’ll buy this order. You’ll buy this order. You’ll buy this order. You’ll buy this order You’ll buy this order you’ll buy most of these orders matter of fact. You’ll clear out this whole order book and guess what the price up here is not the same price down here so the more you buy the more your Expensive her it’s gonna get because you’re going through an order book so it’s you don’t necessarily get 50 million dollars worth immediately of that specific price you get 50 million dollars And you have to buy through an order book so hopefully that helps out a little bit, and that’s why Sometimes if you pull up there’s certain charts that have this let’s see maybe if we go to the advanced chart You can see the buy wall on the cell wall if you want G Dax. I know they have it on G. Dax oh Well, they’ve got it here, too Look you can even zoom in to the buy Order books and the seller to books but G Dax has a really good example Let’s pull up G Dax really quick you guys don’t know G Dax is A platform where you can trade pretty much without fees if you’re using light-cone aetherium Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash So if you pull up view exchange you can actually zoom this in So you see there’s a depth chart and this all right here Can show you pretty much? what the by and the cell wall looks like so this right here is the indicator of the buy in the cell wall and You can see there’s a little bit more sell orders here than buy orders, and if that’s the case what you’ll find When we’ll pull it up training of you Let’s pull up trading view on the BTC USD chart this might help some of you guys as well, so When you pull up the BTC USD chart pull up the one-minute the real time chart You can see here It will correlate with each other let’s put up the coin base, so you can see how prices are dropping right now well It’s because the buy wall is higher than the cell wall but minutely but it is so that’s why you see the prices are dropping and It’s gonna work exactly like that So hopefully that can add some value to some of you guys that may be I know we’re getting a little bit more Flexible here, I figured we might as well. Just get a little bit more flexible and in tune with you guys We are gonna be having a ruby night out tonight for all Ruby patrons and above we got a lot to talk about And we have a lot to discuss so that’s gonna be here under patreon exclusive under ruby plus night owl So i’ll see some of you guys there tonight for those of you that are staying up for the live stream And we’re gonna be taking some more requests, so let’s go ahead and look at our requests We’ll call it instead of an order book. We’ll call it a request book. What do you guys think about that? Thank you guys for the super chats by the way, I see we’ve got Joseph here Ripple 757 Joseph night Jen Nyko Marshall Daniel Mohammed Mr.. Gohar mr.. Harris Bradley SP towner thank you guys so much for these super chats I’m gonna take Marshall go loves here in just a sec is it highly probable that BTC is forming a bear flag Or you personally expecting a deeper market correction great question, Marshall, let’s go ahead and pull up BTC USD see if we’re seeing a bear flag um and you know I’ve already watched bitcoins, I kind of already have my opinion on this and I definitely can see why you? Can sit for those of you that don’t know what a bear flag is first of all why don’t we? Why don’t we help out some of you newcomers so the bear flag is another? Pattern here that you guys can actually utilize. It’s there’s bull flies, and there’s also bear Flags You can see here the bear flag is a sharp strong vol decline several days of sideways to higher price action on much weaker volume Followed by a second sharp decline to new lows on straw Vol so does this look like how BTC is looking right now III can definitely agree so but here’s the thing Let me make this clear so Recently we’ve seen a lot of interruptions if you guys are What was it I think I sent this to golden above patreon you guys know you’ve got my message today talking about the after You know what happens after a correction right so? Here’s what I talked about in that little Podcast it’s a podcast that we send out to our gold and above patreon and I talked about interruptions, right? market interruptions are a long-lived you know paradigm that’s been around for a long time and It also affects Cryptocurrency and what do I mean by that so? Market interruptions that have recently occurred include the coin market cap little mistake quote-unquote of not announcing that they were gonna change the averaging ratios and The way they average prices on their homepage by removing the Korean prices right and that Created a lot of hysteria and and it actually did on the live stream if you guys watched our live stream We do this pretty much every night you guys saw when that happened it went from like a hundred and twenty two billion dollar market Cap down to like ninety four billion in a snap of a finger. Why did that happen? Well, it was because of what coin market cap did, but here’s the thing when you’re in beginner and you’re working your nine-to-five You’re with your kids all day, and you’re coming back home from work And you just have like five minutes to look at your phone go on coin market Capcom and you go coin market Capcom Let me just take a quick peek whoa My gosh. Why is the price so low oh my gosh, and then you log in to? Finance and you sell your ripple, so that was a fundamental Occurrence that affected bitcoins price, and I think what was happening with Bitcoin as we were seeing this Continuous you know up rise in price. We were going up. We were going up. We were going up We were going up and then we started seeing these little things interruptions mark options come into place What was another market interruption, South Korea right? Oh? Well they’re banning so South Korea comes out with their news and then guess what happens Market continues to decline here’s the thing I’ve already been through that rodeo Guess where I’ve been through that rodeo. I went through that rodeo back in I Believe it was let’s see here. It was around August and Some of you guys were there I think it may have been even before August, but I don’t know if you guys remember this it was actually right here right around September 1st when China Banned I SEOs right I think that was around that time. Let’s see let’s find out exactly bands ICO date let’s find the exact date out here. Why don’t we do that the date looks September 4th? 2017 right this is huge guys so this article China’s Bandai Co September 4th so basically happened in September and Guess what happens I’ve been through this rodeo guys. This is why? You guys in my opinion should always look on somebody who has been through something and have done has done that already because they can lead the way my mentor told me this is a name if You ever want to learn how to do something go to somebody that’s already done it and Asked them how to do it, and that’s it don’t go to Google don’t go to your best friend Don’t just listen to what everybody’s saying don’t just listen to the rumors right because typically rumors are started by somebody with intentions of getting something out of the rumor being spread huh you guys thinking a little bit, so same exact concept here, so September 1st Guess what happens see you so oh by the way? Let’s just kind of give you guys some some context here right so here’s the context of this before this occurred Bitcoin was right around $1,900 and it was at a low point it hit three thousand at one point consolidated And this was the time that nobody see this is the chart we were looking at we’re like Dude bitcoins never been this high. Oh my gosh Blowing up, this is insane. Oh my gosh. I don’t know how this is occurring This is crazy, and we were freaking out this is Nobody was talking about a twenty thousand dollar Bitcoin if somebody was they were that guy on that was the guy on reddit And he got one up vote and ten Down votes or whatever right so nobody was talking about a twenty thousand let alone a ten thousand dollar Bitcoin Nobody was talking about a ten thousand dollar Bitcoin That was unheard of like We how much? $10,000 ten thousand For one the same Bitcoin that I bought for a hundred dollars in 2010 what what? ten thousand so The market was in this weird Phase not like where we’re at today where we’re like oh Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin ripple rip. No. It was just another Quote-unquote Price increase for us right and we thought it was a bubble we thought it was a bubble at this level Guess what happened this was the context we start going up we started going up And this is already when we thought this was a bubble we hit 5,000. We’re like. That’s it done deal That’s it that it’s done China bands. I ce o–‘s bam drops down Guess what happened? 3,200 went from five thousand to three thousand two hundred if you were to look at that that’s 1/5 of the that’s matter of fact sorry, that’s Almost two fifths of the price, so look at where bitcoin is that right now and If you were to look at two fifths of the price if it was at twenty thousand that would be about what? four thousand or was that eight thousand so looking at the price levels and where they’re at right now guys and By the way so once that happened we went up So China had no effect the ban is still in place But here’s the thing and this is what I want you guys to get from this and this is coming from one of my mentors as Words verbatim he said name The reason Bitcoin was created was to get away from government control Period so you? Know is this a Bear Flag well once again We’re looking at volume right what does a bear flag? sharp strong volume decline Do we see a sharp strong volume decline so this is an example here? You can see the volume is down here Trying to see if they have any other good examples so yes There is a decline in volume that is true several days of sideways to higher price action on much weaker volume Yes, weak volume sideways price action Sharp decline to new lows on strong Volume I think that’s something we haven’t seen just yet being the fact that this is the sharp decline Is this a Bear Flag I? just couldn’t say that it is and the reason I say that is because I think it’s more of a Fundamental reason why Bitcoin is acting the way it is rather than a technical Logical reason and you guys know I don’t say that much often, but this time I am And the reason I’m saying that is because we were all good until the news came out we were all all green until the news came out so We were going up we were going up the news came out down. I’ve seen this before I’ve been through this cycle and once again in My opinion, it’s gonna be the same exact thing that happened around this realm. Why do I think that well guess what it’s January? 12 2018 the institutional investors are still looking at the market not even participating in the market and Wall Street has not even come to the market yet, Main Street has Wall Street hasn’t so am I optimistic for Bitcoin 100% why do I say that because we’re at the 50-day moving average So even with the fundamental Analysis the technical analysis also works to its favor see this doesn’t come up the 50-day moving average It doesn’t talk about the 50-day does it talk about it here. No, it doesn’t talk about the 50-day so I Don’t know who wrote that, but that’s just one article that’s just one indicator the Bear Flag is one indicator and I’m not saying I’m right That’s just my opinion once again none of this can be taken as trading advice for financial advice or so forth however It’s a perspective and I highly implore you guys to get as many perspectives as possible When looking at any market when doing anything in life because perspective is like peripheral vision without it You can’t see what’s beside you so good question Marshall Hopefully that was uh some sort of you know Benefit or added some sort of value to you Looks like we got a really really really cranking livestream here guys Scoob’s lee said love the story and advice. Thank you brother. Thank you brother Ah perfect Let’s see who’s in the house Peter page is in the house We’re gonna be doing some nice price predictions in just a second guys We got a ton of coins to look at got – we got funfair. We got substratum dragon We got nebula bye Daniel : let’s go ahead and move on to nebula. Thank you so much for the super chat Daniel and EBL BT see that’s an e BL BTC I’m not as familiar with nebulas I should be So let’s go ahead and look at total market cap here just ensure We have a clear perspective on what’s happening here if you guys want to do the ripple analysis Let’s take a quick vote if you guys want to look at Ripple like this video right now Let’s go ahead and see how many likes we get so I can no engage whether or not you guys want to do the ripple analysis We haven’t gotten that request on the super chat just yet, but maybe you guys still want to see it. Oh wow Okay, I guess that’s yes on the street chapters. Yeah from 200 okay Yeah That’s for sure that so we’ll go ahead and do the ripple Analysis as well after this and then we’ll go ahead and dive right into substratum and all of our other coins here, so let’s go ahead and Look at nebula nebby nem leo, sorry I’m known one of my first videos It was a nine minute video about electron him and the whole time I’m saying electron him wrong I say a electro I I forgot what it was I think I still say it wrong and it’d be quite frank with you I think I said electron Electron iam or something and everybody everybody was freaking out. They’re like. What are you saying? What are you talking about? but the funniest thing was I did so much work on like looking it up and Learning about the team so I knew so much about it, but I was calling it the wrong name just like I called github github and Let’s not get into there, and I called the Wraiths protocol wrath protocol, so I do apologize guys once again It’s not about how you say it right. It’s about What your intentions are and? Actually, you know we can get into some deep stuff here looking at this chart here for Neb leo negative 11% 403 million dollar market cap not bad whatsoever equivalent to about 29,000 Bitcoin there we’re looking at the date chart here looks like they recently added this year to the I guess this was which exchange was this financed nice, so let’s go ahead and pull up the one hour here Maybe get a little bit deeper of a perspective. Okay. Uh we are declining quite a bit here Based on the technical here looks like we hit a top here saw some strong resistance right around 43,000 satoshis and then coming out of 43,000 satoshis looks like we are finding Some fair amount of support here right around 21,000 we kind of glanced or glided right on top of the support level So I wouldn’t say that’s a strong support level here Maybe we can have some previous indications to verify that looks like we saw resistance here So I would even draw this a little bit lower Just in case here right around that resistance because that would be me a little bit more Confidence at the true support level so sometimes if you guys are trying to find a support level you just don’t know how You can look at the support level obviously It’s where this touch is right, so this is where the support level would be here But to confirm it you can go back and say hey was this a resistance and you can see at this point it looks like we did touch it at one point with this huge wicks that looks like an institutional trader that was buying So you guys want to see something about smart money you want to know when the smart money comes into the market? Let me show you something here This is how you find out whether smart money has come into the market or not? Look out and look. How this coin was just kind of chillin It was just kind of going back and forth back and forth you saw some high buy volumes This sometimes is you know maybe like the founder of nebulos telling his friend like dude I know this thing is gonna get big and you see even a technical look you see this pennant form BAM pennant breaks out to the moon, not really just right here Consolidates down a little bit, but then guess what? so you start seeing this price action and then see this is where the Smart money comes in so you see volume BAM increases No, cell volume, or at least minimal cell volume BAM volume increases, right? Smart money says you know what this thing is only seven thousand. What is this at this point? It was like right around seven thousand Satoshi’s. Just let me let me buy in here BAM. You see this huge buy order here Pumps the price back up because we talked about prices right you guys remember the order book lesson. We just did prices get pumped they stay on this level you know how they stay in this level because you don’t see the cell volume come back and What if you don’t see the cell volume? with this high of a by volume That’s an indicator that this person hasn’t sold off yet this institution or this institutional trader Or better yet this whale has not sold yet so It keeps the prices higher because as that buy order comes in it obviously will result in higher prices And that’s where the smart money comes in so you see smart money comes in more smart money comes in more smart money comes in and Now we’re seeing some consolidation. It looks like we’ve seen one or two large sell-off so far based on this technical here I Don’t have much wrong With the fact that this is descending only because of the fact that It looks like there were two large sell orders that really affected this price looks like this one really affected it Once you see these large sell orders what typically results from that is retail investors kind of you know almost like fearing that Okay, this is selling off let me sell and then they continue to sell that’s what you see with a lot of pumps right and Then it started to consolidate But it started to form more of a stable channel not necessarily a volatile Decline and as long as it finds support here I wouldn’t even I wouldn’t mind even purchasing at this level and then setting up a stop-loss I don’t I really don’t mind doing that I do that quite often to be frank with you because Setting up your stop losses. You know especially so you know I I obviously don’t always make 100 percent calls I just like any trader. We’re trying our best to find the best charts to trade and Looking at this type of chart. I wouldn’t mind putting an order in setting up my stop losses properly And if I lose, I lose no big deal if I lose five times And I win once typically your winnings are a lot higher because your stop losses are minimal So when your stop losses are minimal? and when I say minimal the profits that you or The capital that you Potentially lose is minimal because you set up that stop-loss whether it’s the actual stop-loss or an alert I like to do alerts a lot because sometimes you’ll see these random huge wicks come in and that will trigger your stop losses and Typically you don’t want that to happen So I’ll sometimes set up an alert You can easily do that on trading view the link is in the description if you guys want trading view right so When you when you set something up like that and you have a couple missed plays one good play Makes up for my mentor told me. This is a name. He says to be successful in life You only have to be right a couple times You don’t always be right you don’t always have to make the best decision but you just have to do it couple and eventually things will work out as long as you have the good in right intentions you have the good the right values and people can believe and trust in you and that’s the biggest thing for anything right so Looking at this type of chart it’s Exactly what I’m seeing here is the fact that there’s a potential here that this could break out because we’re starting to see these high Spikes and volumes just come out of nowhere however Even at this point that we’re at right now We are in low levels compared to where it saw this high around 42,000 satoshis right now. We’re sitting around 23,000 Satoshi’s which is almost half of that so potential breakout here? Other than that let me pull up the one day really quick see how far we are from the EMA Not far so we’re still bouncing on top that a May this could have easily just been wolf-like right so Hopefully that added some sort of value. Let’s go ahead and uh Let’s see so where are you guys all coming from let’s let’s look at different countries here, so where are you guys all from? Let’s go ahead and see we got 1500 viewers on right now Let’s go ahead and see Dou T. Says, thank you for the inspiration got tears, that’s awesome man Roman 1 is in the house Pedro is in the house Let’s see Jessica sort of jadi is in the house So he said what chart tool it’s tradingview brother Let’s see We got tons of people here, Wow, New Zealand Vegas New York City Daly said Holland Jerusalem My mom has always wanted to go to Jerusalem. I asked her once I was like mom cuz we you know she I never traveled much when I was younger Some of you guys may have been that fortunate. I actually my mom She used to travel a lot when she was an engineer she went to San Paolo, and then kind of fluctuated around that but You know I asked her one day. I’m like hey mom if you could travel anywhere in the world Where do you want to go? She said Jerusalem, and it’s always been it’s actually on my dream board to take her to Jerusalem I’m not sure you know I’m pretty sure it’s for religious reasons You know I guess that’s a very cultural religion. I mean, I know it is So that’s why people want to visit it Shawn Brown said Scotland, Ecuador, Malaysia Josh Robertson somebody said shot to the Philippines Hate you said do the Tron analysis please We will be doing Tron for sure hungry Interesting David Power said Ireland via Thailand I was in Thailand recently Rajic you said France Vlad carnal Venezuela nice Hey sue said, Florida good to have you here in Florida Josh, Robertson, North Korea That is funny Canada baby good, man. That is awesome, Bulgaria Jamil said what’s the deal with AST nobody talks about it. Why don’t you guys talking about AST come on Mexico Turkey? So um Blaise the media said hi there I’m struggling to get the my current price to show on the right axis training can anyone help, is it a separate indicator potentially Leo said California all right guys um so here’s what I want you guys to do really quick if you guys are open to doing so so after this we’re all gonna be heading towards a Night owl, so our night owls are pretty much where you guys can ask me questions We can get into a little bit more depth. We can kind of get into more uncensored content And it’s gonna be for rubies and above tonight, so all rubies and above are allowed in this night Al it’s gonna be on our discord if you guys are not on our discord This is a resource that we use for the community as Well as to educate you guys so you guys have all of these charts open here You have all of our resources or helpful read section as well where you guys can look at the recommended books to understand blockchain distributed Ledger’s what they can add value to but most important you guys can engage with the community we have voice channels here you guys have all of these coins that you guys can chat about But tonight we’re gonna be doing a night owl, so the night owl is where you guys can actually create dialogue Within the community with me as well and our Moderator team will be there So you guys can actually ask questions? If you guys want to plug in your microphone feel free to do so if you guys want to just listen in if you guys are more introverted understand that You guys can just come in and listen in to our night owl So that’s for rubies and above what I would suggest is just make your discord first So you can get that set up And then you can do the patreon and get the Ruby and above tier and that will allow you to connect your discord I actually added the link to the patreon to Stop with all of the questions because everybody asks us about that so hopefully that can help you guys I look forward to meeting some of you guys tonight some of your new guys and new ladies as well And we’ll definitely go ahead, and uh you know answer your questions about anything so We do have a ton of requests here for Substratum so I do want to look at substratum really quick here this was also a VIP access request So we also have somebody said I love your glasses. Thank you So let’s go ahead and Let’s go ahead and pull this up here. Give me one second somebody said Technical analysis has no evidence. That’s very it’s true in some ways but at the end of the day In a volatile market, that’s where technical analysis You know can thrive in because volatile markets Breeds patterns and patterns breeds success right so that will definitely help you Let’s go ahead and see right here what we have in terms of requests Francisco, okay, let’s see here. Just want to make sure we have all these requests Here set up Somebody said How the potential crypto band in south korea affect XRP due to the majority they hold Brandon that is a good question so two of the largest banks in South Korea actually had announced that they were gonna start working with Ripple and I’m interested to see whether or not the ripple net is going to be affected with this South Korea band I think that’s a topic that may be discussed today in our night owl for the Ruby and above night owl And the reason I say that is because when that happens You know the government doesn’t necessarily keep in mind. You know the practices and the The other aspects of you know what South Korea is doing with their banks and stuff They are more so single-minded on the policies and the regulations they want to implement so sometimes they don’t take that stuff into Consideration where banks have already made proposals and have you know Have created agreements by the way look at this. We’re running backup now as we talked about With the support level so anyways I’d be interested to see how that is effective for sure Leo or Gozo said respect what you by the way you guess and ask questions in the chat right now I’m gonna read some questions here Respect what you do 19 only ask me if you look at non chart indicators that a coin will do well Coin goals white papers etc for sure 100%. I am always looking at non Chart related indicators. I mean that’s a big part of Trading because you have to understand especially if you’re a long-term investor. You won’t understand. What is the long-term potential for this coin, so? That’s for sure 100% Somebody said You are awesome. Thank you you were awesome Can you do a live explanation of how a depth chart works, please? And thank you we can get into more of you know Even a day I mean a depth charge I mean we can get into some really cool charts if you guys really want to get into some like more Advanced stuff I mean we’ll eventually get to that point I think Obviously a lot of you guys are more basic traders, so we want to make sure That you guys have the ability to have a better understanding of the basics because it’s all about the fundamentals when a boxer is not Doing so well he’ll go back to the fundamentals right it’s the same thing here you want to go back to the fundamentals if you feel as if Things are not going the way that it wants do right Kevin Herrera said, bro we got the same plans for our mom’s to pet is awesome, man I think that’s always been good thing. You know it’s always been a I’d say like For me at least a burning designer. I think everybody has you know a special connection with their family. I mean who does most people and if not you know I feel fortunate that I have somebody said uh Stacey King haven’t been here for a week, and now you’re rocking a suit. Lol. Thank you, man. Yeah. I’m just wearing this too I had a ton of meetings today. I just had to get out of the way Been super caught up with that Alberto said I have noticed that ripple and Bitcoin go up at the same time and down at the same time Why do you think that is I haven’t noticed this relationship the other coins in my portfolio So I don’t know why you haven’t noticed that with other coins in your portfolio Alberto however if you do go on coin market cap you know a big reason that Bitcoin influences the market is because it’s over 30 percent of the Dom in the Dominating you know asset in the market so when something is dominating at that level I mean even right now You can see there is a slight correlation, but it’s not just Bitcoin and ripple you can see here even card on oh Pretty correlate. It’s a Bitcoin right light coin pretty correlate. It’s a Bitcoin They all have their correlations, but because it’s such a large part of the market This is where things are gonna change for 2018 you guys want to know what is gonna change in 2018 it’s gonna be dominance right dominance levels will shift and I Talked about this partially in a night out. I didn’t get to elaborate but my good friend He is on who just had an icy Oh rose. Oh, I see oh just raised over ten million dollars He talks about dominance right he told me he said name the dominance ratios. What are what? truly Indicate which coins will influence the market in The majority so aetherium for example aetherium influences a lot of other coins because number one They have the ERC 20 token which I cos are built on top of so there’s a large influence in place that aetherium Holds against a lot of other coins so that’s one example of how aetherium can influence other coins And then ripple you know I’m sure has an influence on stellar Why stellar is a fork of ripples so you’ll see this a lot Bitcoin probably has a huge influence on Bitcoin cash Not so apparent in the graph here, though You know I think they’re more of a competition against bitcoins, so anyways hopefully that helped out a little bit Somebody said can you do a theorem? We will definitely look at some of these more major coins what brand of water are you drinking? Purified drinking waters what it says Some say what is your favorite brand of soup? I think my favorite brand of suit? I would probably say Saks Fifth Avenue That’s probably the nicest I’ve only had one and it was given to me as a gift and I really liked it a lot And I would love to have more of those but quite pricey there um Somebody said I paid for a gold patreon level for a night owl Then I was no longer gonna be in the night owl because I had to pay more never had super chance termite money down drain Black June, go I don’t see any sort of super chap number one number two the reason we We do Ruby and above night owls is because the night owls are meant to be more of a closed environment It’s not necessarily supposed to be a hundred thousand people in the night owl or in this case You know eight nine hundred people in the night out You know I wanted to keep it under fifty, and if you look at our discord right now We have over 87 rubies that are online right now So that’s at least fifty that are gonna be in the night owl tonight You look at gold there’s over a hundred so I had to make a decision on how I was gonna separate this and you know When when it comes to investing in yourself? I don’t have I my personal opinion on this is there’s nothing wrong with investing in yourself, right? Because obviously it takes a lot to coordinate things And it takes a lot of diligence and effort to be able to properly educate people right because it takes Proper thought I think if you’re a teacher You are probably one of the most under valued employees and I’m speaking for the United States of America and I say that because I think teachers should be paid way more than their paid right now if you’re a teacher I Highly respect you for what you do and the reason I say that is because teachers are teaching the next generation of students how to Do certain things and how to think right? I think it’s more about how to think rather than what to do or how to do it? Right so they’re teaching them how to think and they are specialized in a certain subject in my opinion They should be getting paid way more because they’re breeding the next president of the United States the next engineers for SpaceX and Tesla The next doctors that are gonna be working in the major hospitals around the world fighting Diseases and things that have not even been solved yet So the teachers are the ones who are really impacting these students as they grow up They mature they go through K through 12 And then they graduate and they have the whole you know their whole life ahead of them, so Anyways, I’m not gonna get if you’re a teacher Props to you. Thank you so much Somebody said I’m a teacher preach it. Haha that is hilarious somebody said Brett McNary said preach Happy t said keep it real, bro. That is funny Kent Clark Krypton said sniper can I be a part of your group as a moderator uh to be a moderator you have to be A little bit more common with us. I have to see you more often I have to see you participating and then I can decide that And yeah, so let’s go ahead and see here. What else we’ve got Do you like Forks, I don’t know what that is sorry I’ve never heard a fork so Sorry about that What would be the top three tips while beginning to reach arts great question Oishi opal previews? I would say the top three tips that I can give somebody right now when reading charts support levels Resistance levels and channels, those are the three basics you can get into patterns, but I think it’s more important to understand to support resistance and channels because Understanding those basics will really enable you to start identifying Different patterns and then identifying patterns, or what really? enable you to get rid so here’s another example of a channel that was broken negative and You could have easily have predicted this Price decline so if all I needed was support resistance and channels I would have been able to spot this channel form BAM resistance if you guys on order channel It’s like a ball dropping right BAM support BAM resistance BAM support band resistance Support break support right here. I would have sold. That’s why you set your stop-loss alerts because then guess what if it breaks support What’s going down, which it did and then yeah it went up later? But for the majority here profits were lost if you’re a day trader that doesn’t turn out too good, so Hopefully that helped out a bit Shout out to sakuni’s Sam Brand new Ruby you’ll be coming into our night out tonight shout out to Denise dear brand new Ruby patreon You’ll be up the night out tonight. Can’t wait to see you guys Shout out to Matthew Cephalo brand new gold can’t wait to see you tonight at the Nite Owl And let’s go ahead and get started with our exponential Analysis review if you guys are rubies and above we will be having a night out tonight I know we have some new viewers So that’s gonna be under ruby plus night out in our Discord to become a ruby you have to go on our patreon all those links are in the description below for those of you asking Now let’s go ahead and pull up one of our super chat requests here that we got earlier delshaun hair said Hey brother I’ve learned a lot from you Can you do it a valuation of srn visit the website and chart Ruby Night Out was helping a lot as well awesome Cool for sure Thank You, mr.. Ayers. Good to meet you, man. I can’t wait to talk to you tonight I don’t think we’ve ever spoken so srn is not pulling up here I think that’s why you said pull up the coin market cap take a look at srn You can do you know a certain degree of technical here says Syrian labs token? 194 million not bad looks like it’s down. I like this type of chart Especially looking at the all chart, which means that it’s always been around this level you don’t see any crazy breakouts. Especially in u.s. Devaluation here in Bitcoin valuation, you can see it’s fluctuating quite a bit But in USD valuations looks like it started off like right around 74 cents hovered around dollar right over $1 for quite a bit popped over to Didn’t hit three Found resistance around two dollar sixty two cents and then continue to follow that two dollar mark I like this chart a lot just based on what I’m seeing it looks like an early coin number one if this coin had fundamental Value to it and what I mean by fundamental value blockchain smartphone, that is awesome Wow Look at that guy’s Wow check this one out blockchain smartphone I Am looking into this. This is new see wow this looks sick. I like this a lot state-of-the-art mobile device for the blockchain era Behavioral based intrusion prevention system that’s probably a really smart way of saying a gyroscope. I’m just kidding That wouldn’t be good This is really cool. I really like this. I’m gonna look more into this. I’m gonna actually add this to my favorites Phone I see oh here so I can remember this one But that’s there right in front of me. I’m gonna look more into that if this has really good You know here’s my question. I mean, how are they gonna use the token so I am optimistic Having a blockchain phone, but how are they gonna use the token so once I can analyze that I’m gonna read through the white paper Depending on how they use the token is gonna Be dependent upon whether this is something that I would want to invest in or not so Good call there and Let’s go ahead and pop up a different coin And see what else we’ve got here. We didn’t have a ton of super chats here Marshall Golub also set up a super. Chat said is it highly probable that BT sees for me a bear fly locally We’ve already read that one sorry Daniel ko hen said nebula okay new subscriber awesome. Good to have you man Let’s go ahead and see what else we have here so we do have some VIP access Requests here, so let’s go ahead and pull up the VIP access request Somebody said how do you maintain a work-life balance? Zach day here’s what I say, it’s all mental You know something that one of my mentors Tom Miller told me he’s a name Success is not about what you do he said success is about how you control the space between your right ear near left ear and He’s referring to your brain for those of you that are a little bit slower um But it’s all about how you think it’s all about your mentality right and I think that’s a big part of trading. It’s a mental Emotional it’s called Emotional IQ what is your emotional intelligence? I’m sure you guys have heard that before But what is your emotional intelligence because your emotional intelligence will determine a lot about your the way you trade the way you handle situations The way you handle bumps in the road the way you handle comebacks the way you handle loved ones relationships right so it’s all about Where’s your head at? Where’s your mentality at so? Anyways, let’s go ahead and look at these charts here. I’m gonna take a quick sip of water So Now we go into the super chat sphere XRP let’s look at the Big, Mama XRP I Say Big Momma cuz you know who Big Daddy is that’s Bitcoin somebody’s probably gonna rewind that and then put it into a video and then Start a music video and say oh now. You’ve said this look at this a man You know what you know you know what I heard. I heard negative or positive attention both will increase your exposure Not saying that anybody wants that but that’s the truth So check this out here You can see some clear support levels right around eleven thousand seven hundred ninety-eight to Toshi’s It looks like we hit a top here. You can see wow look at that beautiful beautiful top here you can see a huge run-up And we’ve already discussed this one before we’ve seen this before I Like to draw that out just so I have an idea of where that occurred so when I zoom out here Into the 4:00 hour I can see exactly where that occurred Looks like we’re finding some channel resistance Right now right around fifteen thousand eight hundred and twelve Satoshi’s And the reason I say that is because this is really where we saw this huge run-up And then we saw that break occur may possibly be a bull fly here But I don’t typically see that with a ripple quite often ripples pattern just from the history It’s typically a run up followed by some support run up support run up This was the first time we saw this peak occur this is the one concern I have about Ripple and the one concern is this it’s the fact that we peaked out right here and This peak right here is The first time that we’ve seen rip will act in this manner and when you see a coin act in that manner Or act in a manner in which it hasn’t acted in before it can be quite A kicking it can be quite the indicator for curiosity And what I mean by that is why is it handling itself that way because this was before the Korea news, right? Korean news I think was right around here where we saw that decline found support Thankfully we found support right here at previous support levels, so that’s always a good indicator one thing I like about this chart right now is the fact that the EMA is starting to point up This right here could be an indicator once again our size not too high it’s right under 56 This could be a sign of a potential resistance breakout is it there yet, it’s gonna Be hard to determine that whether or not this pattern continues to slide to the right and may form a channel however if it slides To this upper right-hand corner. It could potentially break out so that’s ripple for you guys I’d continue to watch this somebody comment another deo name You know he’s always you know every every prediction is different for an item like he one day. He says this one day He says this Well, you’re obviously not an experienced trader because when you’re looking at a one-hour chart earth fifteen minute chart things can change every single day dude or do that like It’s like the weather something I learned early on the the markets like the weather it changes every single day it changes Whether it’s because of fundamental reasons, or if it’s technical reasons It’s changing when I say technically. There’s no real technical like it’s not like you know ripples like all right guys Let’s form this cup and handle we’re gonna form this cup in hand or whoever knows about cup inhales are gonna profit whoever does it? Sucks to be them. No, that’s not what’s that’s not how patterns occur? technical charts come from hundreds if not over a hundred years of And don’t quote me on that but years and years decades right decades of proven experience in the markets with predictable patterns that have occurred over a long lapse of time and because of those patterns there are patterns that have potential indicators of Reversals or breakout, so those are the two types of patterns and reversals or breakouts so? Hopefully that can assist by the way Just a little sneak peak on our discord We’re gonna be having so if you guys are not on our discord yet, the link is in the description We got tons of new members today if you guys Want we’re gonna have under the tools breakout charts we’re gonna have you know different it’s gonna be crazy like I I wish I could show you guys the draft here, but There’s gonna be grayed out charts reversal charts you know different types of indicators We’re gonna have this huge plethora of resources for all of you guys But anyways we’re all gonna be here once again Tonight we’re having this Ruby plus night owl And that gives me the indicator here to go ahead and give some shout outs shout out to Denice dear just became a new Ruby I’ll see you tonight Brian rivers just became a new Ruby. I’ll see you tonight brother Good to have you on the team Hosea Juan Blas enniaa Garza new ruby good to have you Jose Joshua De La Salle a Became a new emerald. I’ll see you tonight as well brother in Christian Bluett. Oz just became a new Sapphire, so I’ll see you tonight. You also received that recording brother and let’s pull up our next coin here for review Let’s take some quick questions from the chat box. Let’s see what you guys are saying Chris Gonzales in the house I had a friend named Chris Gonzalez. There’s a very good guy Somebody said He teaches super super compressed in the last 10 minutes, can you look at it? It’s super pennant? Well, we’re looking XRP right now. What do you mean by? Oh you’re saying compress right here in the you’re probably talking about Let’s pull up the 3-minute Yeah, you’re probably talking about this right here. Yeah, I mean that Right here, are you talking about this super? Is that what you considers a super pennant? Yeah, definitely a pattern for me. I mean if we were doing our live trading right now I mean I would probably trade this right now This is a live trading chart because you can Easily look at this right here too as a channel and you can even trade within this channel So as a day trader once again. There’s three types of traders By the way another little sneak peek at what we’re gonna be doing you know with our discord community So we’re actually gonna be adding swing trading day trading and value investing Resources that are specific to those types of traders because you know there are so many different types of traders And we’re gonna be upgrading a lot of our tiers so all of our silver gold ruby sapphire emeralds and diamonds are gonna have brand new features and Benefits, so we’re gonna be doing a lot of stuff guys outlet. I’ll keep you guys up to date as you know That’s why I’ve been really busy over the past couple of days Just working on some future plans for Sniper student to make this the best community for Information and wisdom and knowledge to be brought forth to you guys In a personal way somebody said Something not good Billy Harris should I saw my wife’s left kidney form or vibe Billy that would be? Horrible don’t do that Your wife is the greatest? Blessing that you’ve ever received in your life. Hopefully Somebody said Brian Brandon Joseph Dean in the house good to have you brother Somebody said when the audience is mainly waiting for TRX should we do Tia if you guys want to do Tron? Let’s take a quick poll because we do have another request here – but if you guys want to do Tron Why don’t we just do a quick like this video if you guys want to do Tron? We’re currently at around what 200 something likes. Let’s see if We if we reach 500 will do Tron Let’s go see where we’re at right now. We’re gonna take a poll. It’s the easiest way to poll right It’s the easiest most productive way to pull we’re at 348 likes now So it seems like people are backfiring it to 375 Okay now now we’re catching traction 404 huh oh my gosh, I guess we got to do Tron then 410 I’ve never seen it go up that fast. I thought I did the other day, but this is fast 430 all right I guess we’ll do Tron Let’s go ahead and do Tron guys Whatever you say Let’s go ahead and pull this up give me one second here All right, so we’ll do TRX BTC here. We’ll do a little cheap cheap jump here for you guys Mmm look at that, baby Looking really good here So seems like with this chart Obviously we’re seeing these levels starting to get a little bit more You know stable and leveled not as dramatic. You don’t see these huge red drops or even these huge green spikes Let’s pull up the one hour here hmm look at that I Would say that we were forming a pattern here, but unfortunately Doesn’t look like a pennant because there’s no ascending support level however There is a channel which is good, and it also looks like this channel It’s right along these levels. Where did we ever see? previous resistance around those or support nope so the channel looks to be right around this line and It seems like we’re finding current resistance right around 944 Satoshi so we’re in this really tight channel, that’s a good thing reasoning a good It’s a good thing is because it’s more predictable especially if you are once again a day trader Look at that Look at that beautiful channel to day trade This right here for me would be money you have clear support levels you have a clear channel a matter of fact We’re trading inside the channel in the middle of the channel. That’s always the funnest place to trade so I Like this chart in the one minute, but in the one hour. I have a little bit of a different mindset because If we can find true support right around 730 Satoshi’s I think that would be good for Tron But now that we’re starting to Horizontally cuz at first. I was expecting some sort of breakout at this point, but then we saw South Korean news, right South Korean news brought everything down We see this peak here it was a clear head and shoulder you got a left shoulder right shoulder you got the head up here If you guys don’t know how that looks here. This is pretty much. What a head and shoulder looks like Right here for those of you. I actually added this new Version of it here, I like this one better, it’s a little bit more advanced I think that’s why some people don’t like it as much It’s not even on here. Let me pull up the old one We don’t have everything on here right now. Oh we added it here, so you’ve got the left shoulder the other uptrend. There’s a neckline Followed by the uptrend the uptrend is what initially? Allows the left shoulder to occur and then you see the neckline form as the and the right shoulder are produced And then you see that reversal right after that right shoulder crosses in between that neckline where the uptrend initially came from so Once again if you guys want this resource this is our discord the link is in the description It’s a free ad free resource for you guys and Yeah, I mean that that’s a descending it’s a former reversal does it mean it’s gonna continue to go down no cuz reversals can always reverse and Then turn into a breakout right so um Am I optimistic I am pretty Neutral on Tron right now. That’s what I would say kind of like how the chart says it says it, right It’s not just me. It’s it’s my intuition telling me that Not that I have intuition in some of them you guys everybody has intuition intuition by the way intuition is Something everyone carries, but they have intuition in different areas right something my mentor taught me said Anytime you look at somebody they know something that you don’t know and you can always learn from somebody else so In this case I’d say it’s a neutral chart RSI is neutral Volume is starting to level out a little bit still high in my opinion compared to what you saw back here where there is no volume But once again, this volume is what led to this volume so this volume Continuously occurring could lead to some good things But you can see there’s more cell volume here for the majority of the fact being that more of it is red than green so in terms of a long-term Analysis, let me pull up the one day here. See where we’re at we’re really far from this 50-day There is a potential that we can see this price, just like a lot of other coins correct down to this level Now will that happen now or later That obviously is up to tron to decide But there is a potential that we can correct back down to this level. That’s what happened with Bitcoin, right? that’s what happens to a lot of coins because the 50-day moving average is a great indicator in my opinion of When coins or high levels you can see are a sign the one day is through the roof Even at these low Kotaku levels are at 57 so you know as a quick swing trade I’m sure you can find some opportunities with intron but looking at this chart. It is a little bit hectic here And I am neutral about tron right now is it gonna correct here. It depends. Is it gonna break this support level That’s what I would be watching if it continues to break support levels there can certainly Be a path to a descending Channel so hopefully that helps out a little bit Somebody said where is the night owl on the night owl tonight like the majority of night owls are gonna be Ruby and above patreon so after this live stream you have an after party we can have an uncensored version we’re gonna have a question As an answer session we’re gonna have a little bit of a quick jam session afterwards we called it a night owl here on Cyprus OOP It’s only gonna be for rubies and above being that we have 1400 people on this livestream in order for me to answer your questions on your microphones and for some of you they just want to listen in we only can really handle about 50 people so it’s gonna be any Ruby and above so those who have Invested in themselves to be a ruby and above we’re gonna be under the ruby plus night owl channel here on our Discord so if you want to become a ruby the patreon link is in the description below And then you guys can actually access that and look at the tiers there Once you actually are on patreon you can have your discord link to your patreon so once that’s linked together It’ll automatically give you guys a ruby above role you see right here. We have 89 So I’ll see you guys there as soon as this livestream is Concluded we do have a couple requests here that we actually Got from the VIP access for those of you. Who are emeralds and above, so let’s pull up – BTC This is actually an alert that I sent out Recently to our gold patrons and above that our gold patreon you guys got the trade alert for me Looks like we’re seeing a little bit of consolidation here Could possibly have been a hoax, but we’re still following this channel, so that’s what matters to me you can always Move these to be more accurate upon these wicks you see guys these wicks are important some people they Literally will open up their chart click wit and then not see the wicks But it’s important because it shows you price engagement if you guys don’t write this down for those of you taking notes price Engagement what is your price engagement? It’s another way to say. What is your volume right? So how engaged is the market around this price zone and? You can see you’re over This right here, you can also indicate that pattern What is – forming in my opinion there’s obviously this ascending support level it hasn’t been dropping the way It’s been dropping like around the 6th of January 8th to January was a little bit higher 9th of January a little bit higher you see these lower lows these highs higher highs lows mid lows and then some stability was caught right around the 7 million four hundred eighty four thousand satoshi level so Looking at this chart right now I’ll show you guys something that I looked at when making this trade alert when he poked the one day. We’re right at this 50-day What does that tell me that tells me that? This coin still has a potential to run up the way it did here around March of 2017 so You guys can see here There’s this huge run-up, right? Look how far we were from that 50-day. We’ll actually get a measure stick right here we were 92 percent away from that 50-day right now at current prices looking at the one-day We’re only ten percent away from that 50-day, so for me Not only that looking at the fundamental side of – right – is a proof-of-work slash proof of state coin There’s all these great things that dash has in the fundamental sense that in my opinion Puts it in a good position to really see a break out over the next coming weeks if not They right and the reason I say that is because of the fact that mmm for me personally the levels look good and Why do they look good you can see RSI is not too high? There have been instances in the past where our side was hovering around these levels and it popped up This is kind of what happened here You can see even right here our size came from a high consolidated sawsan level popped up But there’s also been instances where our RS iowa’s mid-level popped up dropped back down sometimes They were mid-level dropped back down for the most part. It goes up first right so even here goes up first Potentially we recently saw this drop Now the drop was even that bad once again. It was right around three point seven million satoshis were an hour around 7.4 million versus where we were couple months ago at 1.2 million less than a million almost so I Think in the in the retrospect here what we’re looking at is a potential coin That is not necessarily valued at the level It could be valued at with the type of market momentum that we’re currently seeing within the current market So hopefully that answered one We got a couple other Super chats here. We got not superjet. So these are a VIP a PPC on by Nance this was an interesting one I actually looked at the one day for a second the one hour and I saw something really cool about this one It’s the fact that it’s ascending right so you can see here you’ve got that ascending line or a Sigh right now starting to curve a bit as it did right around here where we saw these price action levels Right over here. You can see we formed some resistance. It looks like we got a resistance right around 3 Yeah, 31,000 Satoshi’s and now we’re following on this within this channel Looking at this chart here what I would say being at the RSI is low in the one-hour pull up the one day You can see ooh That was a little over stretched there you can see here. You can clearly see that ascending up It wasn’t as clear in the 1-hour pulled the 15-minute You can see here as well We’re starting to form these volatile levels volume is starting to increase right around this level or saw a little bit of a decrease cell volume increased here Volume over here was parabolic prices went up Stayed up form this channel what I like is the fact that there is all these green candlesticks And then no red candlesticks as large as that what does that show me it shows me that people investing in this coin Have a true belief in it and are holding despite prices increasing You didn’t see a sell-off here right price to shut up No sell-off that gives me confidence in putting money in this coin because that means prices are stabilized and a certain degree so That’s what I would say for a people you see not much more than that and once again I haven’t done my fundamental research on this, but as the technical side of it I can certainly go ahead and evaluate that side, so let’s go ahead and look at Dragon so dragon has been a big coin here By the way, I want to say this guy’s Shout out to our new patrons that are coming tonight to our night owl mr.. Paul Harris Just became a new gold so you’ll be coming out to our night out tonight Good to have you Christian ro dais just became a new sapphire as well We’ll be having you out tonight as well. Good to have you on our squad and We’re gonna start heading over there soon guys so for those of you that want to ask more questions And get into a little bit more depth Palhares as well Just got that notification there We are gonna be doing that Ruby night owl and above tonight, and that’s gonna be in our discord, and I can’t even Is it d rgn which one is dragon could somebody comment? Dr. Jian right isn’t that on Finance no. It’s not a my Nance Interesting I thought dragon was on bian answers everybody was talking about it like it was on Finance What markets is Koo coin? That’s why okay? Based on Dragons Overview chart once again. There’s not much technical analysis. I can do here, but based upon this chart what I would say There’s obviously it looks like we have a support level here you Can see That it’s clearly formed. I would want to look at this on Finance. You know to be honest with you this chart I can’t really decipher it as much I’d like to Look more into the technical sides of it because there is a clear support level But I don’t see a clear resistance level looks like it peaked out here but it peaked out there twice and then went a little bit higher, so One thing I’d like to talk about something that I’m not familiar with and in this case. I’m not necessarily feeling too Too good with this one right now not in the charts manner But I do I just don’t I need to see a little bit more so Let’s move on to the next coin here. I don’t want to talk about something. I don’t know much about Funfair Let’s do funfair All right wow this one’s a lot nicer so at least we have some clear levels here so this one There’s some very clear support levels. Let’s say we have about three levels of support here in the bottom The wicks touched all three which is good And then I’d say the next one would be right around these levels Looks like we’re right around that support, let’s see how far we are from that 50-day. Oh We are quite a bit away. It looks like for you to measure that It looks like we’re about 137 percentile out so 137 percent overvalued, I’m just kidding It doesn’t necessarily mean It’s overvalued a lot of times the 50-day can move In you know can be pulled by these price levels especially price Levels are able to maintain this may potentially turn into a head and shoulder you can see a head here Maybe a left shoulder if your right shoulder forms that could be a sign of a reversal It looks like it’s seeing a lot more consolidation that seen previously during these run ups so that could also be a sign of reversal Looks like RSI is still high. I would say in terms of fun If I were looking at this chart. I I’d say it’s starting to head down The reason I say that is you can see RSI as I might find a little bit of support here If it doesn’t head down. It’s probably gonna head this way Until it can start catching up with more volume with more price action to eventually start heading up looks like it really shot up here and saw some strong resistance, so That’s what I would stay here for fun fair Once again guys. I thank you all for tuning in tonight I really appreciate all of you guys here you guys have really made this community such a strong community Thank you guys for all of the strong support you guys bring to the community it really really means a lot You know it’s not easy I guess you can say trying to really create the first you know cryptocurrency uh you know wealth of you know knowledge and and and It’s just it’s it’s it’s a lot of work managing a lot of people and trying to Ensure that the community is safe and protected But also that snipers tube as a company is protected right because we have some really big Plants as you guys know for this channel, you know we really have a big plan for the whole community and You know something I do want to address here for sure guys is you know there’s there’s been a lot of different things that have occurred over the past couple of days and What I want to say is this you know and this is in regards to Everything that’s happening here within sniper students the good and the bad right so there’s a lot of good stuff happening There’s a lot of you know struggles that were working with as well just like any startup, right um, but here’s what I’ll say I think every person you know Every person in this community and that has ever been a part of this community whether there’s still a part of this community or not I Think every single person has good intentions and what I mean by that is I don’t think there’s truly somebody out there that has Raw like bad intentions right like intentions to hurt somebody or intentions to to make somebody’s life worse or To to hinder somebody’s growth I think those things are a little bit more. You know on the cycle You know this cycle like it’s more of a psychopath right somebody. That’s trying to really hurt somebody. I don’t think that’s common place in the world and and within the society, and I think we’ve built a strong community I Think each and every one of you guys for being a part of this community Whether you’re still part of it, or you were a part of it You know one thing I will tell you and it’s something. I’ve always talked about is I don’t mind you guys starting your own communities Right if you guys have different belief systems if you guys want to run things a different way Feel free to have your own community start your own version of snipers tube or the latter or something different or whatever you want to do I Encourage everyone to follow your dreams follow your path follow your passion in any way shape and form but most importantly Stay in control of what your passion and what? Your work ethic is going towards because if you don’t stay in control of it From my experience it can lead to a lot of disagreement and disagreement will create Miss harmony and without a harmone harmonious or Harmonious I sound like the Harry Potter, right? harmony Without the the harmony in an organization Or if you don’t feel harmony with other people right? Maybe you’re working with some you have partners right and you just don’t feel this harmony sometimes. You just have to say You know what I? Need to focus I need to really hone in on what I have a desire for what my vision is and this is for you guys, too right and Sometimes you have to cut some ties you have to let go of some things and you have to move forward with what your true vision is for the community and where it’s headed because You know I I care a lot about you guys you guys have all changed my life You guys have changed my life in many different ways Whether that’s you know in many different in all aspects in every aspect you guys have changed my life And what I mean by that well you guys are all I talk about When I’m when I’m out and about all I talk about is the community oh, man Just got a message like and when I’m what sometimes I like to visit my parents every now and then because we’re getting older um you know my father’s I think 69 But you know he’s got health issues. He’s got a lot of stuff my mom You know she’s she’s also heading up there as well, and I like to take him out You know to dinner or something or whatever? I gotta take my mom at Jerusalem soon, right um But all I can talk about is man. I was talking to this one guy the other day You know on you know on I don’t say discord But I was talking about was one guy online and you know he he shared with me a story of you know what you know Cryptocurrency has done for him and his family You know being a part of the community He said that he got connected with somebody and that led to this partnership And they started you know helping each other out and that led to a lot of success And you know he’s very fortunate to have had that success however um you know it’s really blessed him and his family in many ways and now his wife doesn’t have to work anymore and You know that like my mom is oh, that’s cool, and I am and I’m like but for me. That’s like like this lady does not have to go to another man and That man is never gonna tell her what to do, and she can stay home now with her kids that she created and put into this world or shall I say what they were created and She helped the husband did too, right But she can stay home because of You know if we were looking at the logical tangible sense because a cryptocurrency Because this individual him or her had took his his or her time and Invested it into learning and understanding this emerging industry that is benefiting a lot of people look at vitalic computer And he’s 19 years old he created aetherium right like it’s Literally changing this world and I have so much passion for this and I want to Ignite the passion inside of each and every one of you guys to feel the same exact way Here’s what here’s one thing. I’ll tell you if you guys ever want to know something if you guys ever want to know something Message me reach out to me don’t avoid Don’t be a lone warrior. Don’t just isolate yourself. Don’t just go with the flow go with the crowd Find out the truth always find out the truth go to the source find out the source and you’re more than welcome to Message me in any platform. Whether that’s Twitter Instagram. What if I don’t reply in a week two weeks? That’s fine. I’ll get to it Something that perks me is when I don’t reply to somebody I always want to reply because it shows that I care And I know that and I do care, so I do want to reply if I don’t it’s hard when there’s a hundred messages Here’s what I’ll tell you guys where we’re going in the next couple of months. It’s gonna be great I’m not even I don’t know how many people I don’t know how many people are watching this right now I don’t know what you guys are saying in the comments. I don’t really care because this is just coming from my heart, but I Cannot wait for the next couple of months for everyone here. You know whether crypto currents. It doesn’t matter Bitcoin corrects Let’s it goes to 6,000 her Bitcoin goes to 50,000 doesn’t matter what matters is this is a true industry It’s emerging By the way whatever South Korea bans You probably want to invest in I used to say that a lot with China whatever China bans you probably want to invest in it because There no offense to any Chinese or South Korean descent, but communist countries they want control That’s fine They have a lot of other things that they ban too that have done really well if you’re on if you’re if you’re in China try logging on to You try logging on to Facebook, right? They’ve I don’t know if Facebook is allowed But for the most part most websites are banned in China you can’t you can either have their own Version of Facebook and their own version of kik they have their own Bert so they might have their own cryptocurrency their own ICO, you know that’s what I like Neal anyways To get on topic here guys. I care about each and every one of you guys This is an awesome industry. The channel was going to great dimensions I’ve made some mistakes I can admit to that I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I always learn from my mistakes and one thing that I’ve learned is uh is To just care about people have the right intentions, and you’ll get everything that you Desire for those people and for yourself because when you help enough people get what they want you automatically get what you want And that’s been my passion my desire so I don’t mind sharing my knowledge Because I don’t have to do this at you know 318 a.m. but I decide to do it because I have the opportunity I get to do this and That’s that’s pretty much what I have to say guys. I love all of you guys each and every one of you guys I think any creation on this Planet was created for a reason and God has given each and every one of you guys a purpose Not to bring that into the equation But that’s the truth and I believe all of you guys were made for greatness. You just have to tap Inside of yourself to find that greatness because we all have a gift inside of us and a gift that’s not used will be taken away from you and You have to use your gift and my my personal opinion on that is Find your gift as fast as possible so you can start using it because that gift is gonna impact a lot of people I’ll see you guys at the Ruby night owl tonight snipers out


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    Thank you
    From Ireland

  9. Hi Naeem, I came across your channel a couple of weeks ago. Both my husband and I have learned so much by watching. Thank you for providing this platform! And I have to add the last 90 seconds of this video were spot on! It's not everyday that you come across a person like yourself. Keep doing what you are doing!

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