Potential Breakouts: Litecoin ($LTC), EOS ($EOS), Monero ($XMR)

Potential Breakouts: Litecoin ($LTC), EOS ($EOS), Monero ($XMR)

I am so what is going on
Snipers naima low baby here. I hope you are all having a wonderful
Day today, let’s just dive into our daily cryptocurrency content and analysis for today
We’re gonna be talking about potential breakouts in the market today as we’ve just seen AOS breakout over
30% now in the past seven days
And I actually got this question from one of our patreon members if y’all are
Patreon you all know over the past 24 hours
We’ve already called a ton of breakouts if you’re not a patreon the link is in the description below
But you could see how DG be over 10 percent gains
Qlc over 15 percent gains and a nano within two hours
Over five percent gains and how do we call out all of these trades?
when the market is in a bear trend well there are very simple indicators that we utilize here as a
Technical analyst that we can also share with each and every one of you, which is why we’re making this video
So I’ve gathered some data that I’d love to share with some of y’all to show you what we’re really looking for when
Looking for potential breakout, so we’re gonna take a look at yo s as it’s already broken out
But then also other coins that haven’t yet broken out like litecoin here down
3% or Manero down 3% in the past 7 days
So let’s dive into this if you’re watching this after it’s already published by the way
It’s a live stream, so we’re gonna put timestamps in the description
I know it might prolong quite a bit
But let’s go ahead and dive into it do we have on live right now Wow we got quite the crowd here welcome
Here, oh, my gosh, Bobby crypto. Now’s display in the house. I’m all-in
Who else do we got here dozy boy?
slime season
Good to have you all
Somebody said have some water didn’t you want start welcome back?
Yes, we had some audio issues at first, so let’s dive into our potential breakouts for today starting off with this
Chart so over the past couple of days all of you snipers out there
If y’all don’t know a sniper is by the way the reason our channel is
Youtube.com slash snipers is because we got to snipe these trades right we got a snare
into the entry we had a snipe out in the exit so
We’ve been talking about altcoin dominance shifting over the past couple of days
Bitcoins dominance is starting to drop and altcoins dominance is starting to increase and this is due to more investors coming into this market
Signing up to exchanges like bid tricks that just opened up signups
I think it just paused it because it had so many users come in
But other exchanges like buying in seeing an influx of users
and we’re seeing influx of investors looking at alternate coins other than Bitcoin and aetherium so
Looking at this chart litecoin down 3 percent the majority of all coins right now are
over 10 percent in the past 7 days at least in the top 50
Now if I were to look for the next potential breakout
I’m looking for a coin that hasn’t yet seen over 10 percent gains in the past seven days
That’s one of the rules too when I’m looking for a breakout and
That’s some way that we as
analysts can predict potential breakout so one other
Project here that I haven’t mentioned yet by Nance coin B&B expect it to have coin burns on April 15th and 30th. I believe and
Every time it’s had a coin burn so far. It’s risen up in value you can see by Nance or the by Nance coin down
2.7. 8% the past 7 days pretty low right now, so what does that mean well?
There’s a lot of opportunities in market
let’s first dive into bitcoins technical analysis as
We’ve been covering this over the past couple of days and talk about what we’re seeing right now with this RSI because as you can
See we’re starting to test this resistance level
and it’s either going to form a triple top and drop or it’s gonna break through this 40 and then
Finally enter into this neutral zone for the first time
since march 25th
That’s gonna be a big deal for Bitcoin because once Bitcoin is in this neutral zone. This RSI will most likely consolidate
I’m sorry now
It will retract back down find support on that previous resistance, which will now become support and then start the uptrend
with its RSI in the neutral zone most likely going to see
Resistance here at 60 as it did before and that would be a take profit zone if we were trading this on this chart
So let’s dive into this Bitcoin technical analysis. We are going to go into this four-hour chart here
Just to get a little bit of a better view of this channel. That’s forming here as you all know. We’re seeing some lower highs
with the
Resistance levels and some higher lows with the support level which is forming a symmetrical
Triangle or a pennant, and that’s when the lines of the resistance and support converts together
And it’s an indicator that we have a very uncertain market right now, and I’ll draw that out for you
So you can have an idea of how this looks we’ll do it on a one-hour chart here because I think we’ll get a better
view of the
Convergence here, but you can see here. How we’re getting these
price levels, let’s delete this channel here and
pop this up so you can see how these lows are starting to increase a little bit these highs are starting to decrease and we’re
Forming this beautiful symmetrical triangle about to approach the apex
Which is the end of the triangle which will indicate that it’s going to squeeze and break out?
Positive or negative most likely in my opinion positive
why well look at this one-day chart and
Look at this MACD and we’re starting to see more buyers than sellers in this market guess what the sellers have already been
Exhausted you could see the sellers in this histogram indicated in this pink. It’s so low right now
We’re starting to see the start to the buyers come in so my expectations for this MACD to start to gain some traction
That buyers sentiment right there is going to take this RSI past the neutral zone into the neutral zone
Which then leaves it into this zone where now people?
Understand that this may indeed be the bottom for Bitcoin so very very nice to see this
But I think we’re gonna see more
opportunities in these vault coins as we know a lot of investors are trying to transition from Bitcoin to all coins liquidating their capital and
Trying to get these intrinsically valuable
projects, so we’re going to be talking about some of my favorites and some of the potential breakouts starting off with light coin trading at
the bottom of the Fibonacci retracement at the point 23
And we’ll dive into that technical analysis in just a second
Let’s take some questions from the audience now that we’re done with our Bitcoin technical analysis and the altcoin dominance
So we got Michael in the house display
Glenda Ling Stephanie Jo
Celona is that an Italian name it sounds Italian. It sounds like a good pasta dunk head words in the house crypto Krissy
So I would say is your beard finally growing I’m growing the beard we had we had a challenge
Somebody said a hundred likes and you keep the minik. Oh, man. I don’t know about keeping it, but we’re gonna grow it
Every time somebody says that you guys keep those likes in your pocket somebody said Tony from Chicago get to have you from
chi-town, baby
Beautiful, what’s up, Steven Knight gin any?
questions before we dive into our
Potential litecoin breakout because I am very very bullish about light corn right now look at this histogram. Oh my gosh
Barely, any sellers the buyers are starting to come in
man Mac the fast lengths crossed right over that slow length very bullish indicator right there somebody said
LTC to the moon shut up from San Diego
Good one crypto life
Somebody said from London good to have you from London, so he’s a nice blue blazer. Thank you
I appreciate that so
Let’s dive into this technical analysis now that doesn’t see me have much questions like coin is trading in the bottom of the Fibonacci
Retracement right now if we were to pull up that coin market cab you can see we’re down 3% for the 7 day
Performance and what’s also interesting is we’re going on these known support levels right MACD starting to show
Good sentiment with a little bit of buyers coming in but there’s definitely a lack of sellers pulling up the RSI
You can see as well if we were to go on 40 we did find resistance there, and we’re still trading below 40
However, we are not necessarily going down all the way to that 30 oversold level
And it doesn’t look like we’ll get back down there because we already
Approached that level and found a bottom there on March 30th or April 1st
So looking at this more zoomed in chart for like Conwell go to the to our chart
You can see how we are trading this known bottom. Why is that a good thing?
well as a trader your goal is to minimize your losses and
Maximize your profits so when you’re going into a trade you want to make sure that there’s more upside potential than downside potential well guess
What all of this right here is upside potential and the only downside potential you really have is right here
You can easily set up a stop loss here because you know if it drops below this level
Hasn’t done that a very long time. That is a very strong support level it hasn’t been under that level since
prior to the December rally so
Knowing that there’s a lot of upside here in my opinion great time again a matter of fact
I don’t typically share these trade alerts, but litecoin is a pretty big coin, and I love my audience here
We posted a light coin trade alert today
Why because we are optimistic about light coin being at these lower levels while most people are focused on these
Already broken out coins like cos
I’m focused on the ones that people aren’t focused on observe the masses do the opposite write that down, baby
So that’s what we’re looking at right now with light coin very simple analysis volume is starting to go down
But I’m ok with that because that means people aren’t trading it
And I’m fine because I know the price levels are where I want them to be so
that’s what I’m excited about with light coin one of the first coins of this video that I
will say in my
Opinion as a analyst I believe we will see some further upside for light coin now does that mean that it’s an all and all
Guarantee no because guess what if we drop below this level no big deal see as a trader. It’s not about
Necessarily getting every trade right it’s about managing your risk properly because as long as you can manage your risk you could pretty much make
It out pretty clean on every trade so in this trade. There’s very little downside very high upside
I like light coin right now
and I think it’s a
Great one to look at if you are looking for a potential breakout and then moving on to our next one we will go to
Manero and talk about the technical analysis here
And why it’s also trading at low support levels also
showing with the MACD
more buyer sentiment how ever there is a little bit more of that cellar power here than we saw with light coin and Bitcoin so
Manero might be a little bit more of a
I’d say 7 out of 10 rather than like a 9 out of 10 in comparison to light coin, but
Another potential breakout, so we’re gonna dive into the Monaro technical analysis in just a second
But let’s look at our live audience and take some questions
Jose said and that’s why I joined as a patreon that is awesome. Actually had somebody comment that that the market health updates
Alone are worth it
If you all don’t know we have these information from them in any other sniper’s tube of 6,000 that we have not
These are cool because I am able to just go on my phone any time in the day, and I can keep my charts open
I can just say hey
This is a health update if there’s a critical time in the market so keep track of all that and I appreciate
The support by the way mr.. Jose Saldana
Lick my that’s not an appropriate word said BTC to hit
18,000 this month
very interesting opinion
JV said what will be the target for
LTC I would say it depends on what you’re doing so if y’all are on our patreon you saw what we described on
That trade alert I talked about how this
Actual trade here could also act as a long-term hold so not only is this a swing trade
But the trade alert that was posted was also
to indicate that this is a time to enter in if you are looking to hold long because some investors aren’t necessarily as
proactive as others that
Want a day trade and swing trade constantly so in that manner if you want a long-term hold
I think an entry point right now with litecoin is a great idea being at these low levels prior to the december rally so
Looking at Manero
Let’s dive right in here and check out the technical analysis here because Manero is also acting in
A way that I’m very optimistic about being the fact that it’s starting to consolidate however
I do think that we may see a
Little bit of further downside before seeing a pump and the reason I say that is if you look at the Fibonacci
Retracement you can see now we’re not quite all the way down to that Fibonacci level yet
Not only that you can see how this drop here actually occurred all the way down around 151 US dollars
And now we’re only trading run around
166 so there’s a little bit more room, but regardless as long as your dollar cost averaging anywhere
Between these price levels should be a good entry point now. What’s also cool about Mineiro
I think it has a little bit less upside potential right now than like coin, however
I think as a coin as a privacy coin. It’s one of the most mature established coins
There is if y’all don’t know who fluffy Pony is I actually was at a conference with them recently
He’s one of the developers and Panero
but Minerva has been around for so long as an amazing community a lot of use case and
I know Virg a lot of y’all are fans of Virg with the i2p protection the ledger protected all of that
But Virg is such a new project like recently they had that little
Vulnerability right Manero isn’t really facing much of that
I mean yeah, they were forced to have a possible hard fork
And they had some issues come up with some bumps along the road
But the end of the day they’ve been
Established for quite some time now in comparison to most of these other private scones that are just now popping up so in that
Perspective I think narrow is still one of the leaders, and we all know that they’re continuously developing and trying to enhance their
Project and that’s why I’m very bullish on Manero so in my opinion
Great time to enter a position here a little bit less upside
That’s why it wasn’t on a trade alert, but I think it’s still a potential breakout now the next coin
I’d like to talk about is iOS. We’re currently seeing a breakout if you all don’t know they just released the
Pre-release to their main net which is due in June and as you all know if you have a main net already launched it intrinsically
Brings the value of your project up
Being the fact that now you have some sort of use case for people to now have an idea of how
your project looks to create a vision for the future so
Looking at this breakout that we’re now seeing with iOS in my opinion
I don’t know if it’s gonna be the best time to get it at this point only because of the fact that
Yeah, it’s breaking out right now, but we’ve already seen an increase of volume
We’ve seen an increase influx of buyers
And you can see with this histogram that we’re starting to cross over to this buyers side
And I think there’s still a little bit more potential to gain some traction with this trade
but I don’t know if it has as much upside as some of these other coins like litecoin and
Sometimes when you’re creating a portfolio as a trader you want to make sure that you’re allocating your capital
Properly and sometimes if you have capital that you can put an EOS for example it might better
It might be better to put it in like coin because like mine is more upside right so
I’ll give you an example. Let’s say the OS 38 percent up for the past seven days well. Let’s say it goes up to maybe
Sixty percent up right that’s another 30 percent that you can gain on well
Yeah, that’s a good amount, but think about litecoin if it’s down thirty percent right now
And the next seven days it goes up sixty percent well
That’s sixty percent that you have the opportunity to gain rather than just thirty percent so that’s why when something breaks out
I’m like you know let me wait until this consolidometer
Tracks again
So that I can then possibly put a position into this coin and go from there so one thing I would watch for with
IOS, though is we are approaching
And this channel that was previously formed
And we found resistance along this channel right around right around that ten dollar mark
Which is a big even as we start to approach ten dollars?
I think that’s really where we’re gonna start to see a little bit of level off
But I think from seven to ten. I think it’s not going to be surprising to me if we can get to around that
99.5 t
cent area
Just being the fact that this exuberance is most likely happening because people are realizing that you OS is a great project they have
extreme amounts of speed within their blockchain in comparison to blog chains like aetherium and
In my opinion a lot of projects are gonna start transferring from IO
Er C 22 the EOS platform as their main net launches and we go from there somebody says no support will get dumped again
Hey, you never know somebody says Nano can surprise you geo said very bullish on LCC and EDA at Cardinal just had an awesome
Breakout today as well
Edit name says did he already do LTC yes
We did sag Jim said name is the Gaddafi of crypto or the Gandalf?
I’m sorry pet right I almost said Qaddafi
That’s not good. Glenn said lol go-set I liked ethos what coins
Are you all bullish about let’s see if any of the viewers here have good opinions
What coins are you bullish on and why and I’m not gonna read it unless you tell us why?
Glenn said ha ha ha M. It. Says name. Did you remember to check out theta token? No?
I did not get a chance M. It. But um I will have to look at that sometime soon
Mr.. Salman said, what do you think about POA haven’t looked at that? I’m sorry. I can’t look at every COI
I mean, I’m not like a 24/7 technical analyst for each and every one of you
I would train myself out if that was the case so I highly recommend you all try to do your own technical analysis and learn
That for yourself and even your own fundamental analysis
I really just can’t do that unless you’re a VIP on our patreon and you are obligated that service
I just can’t deem that for every single person and that’s just that’s just the truth of the nature. I mean I
try my best but
parish said XRP real life case and
Cash and cash is interesting and cash has seen quite the run-up, and then you know retracted it a bit
But I think n cash has a little bit of potential
I know a lot of people were excited about that and it’s cool because understand this
Whenever you see a project that has a hype right and it has a community around it that project is most likely gonna
Be around because that community is gonna keep it around no matter what it’s all about having a community because without a community without
dispersing or
Giving your coins and distributing them amongst a community you’re not gonna have use case so and cash has a huge community
I think that’s why as a project it can have that intrinsic value, but there’s other projects
I just don’t have that community, so that’s why Elektra Needham was a great hold for me because yes
It might be down right now
But I think people are so focused on these top 50 that some of these lower cap coins are being underestimated
but I’m not gonna talk too much about those because I think it gets a little bit too subjective when you get into like the
100 million dollar
market caps
Somebody says I’m excited for 19 coin
That’s gonna be fun check this video out by Roger verb on Bitcoin now that we’ve done our technical analysis
I want to share this with y’all because I think he really depicts where we’re at in the market right now
And I think this could really help you just watch this quick little part here of this video check this out
You are once named
Bitcoin Jesus it does he won’t quit coin has fallen from grace. Oh, you still holding on to victory. He’s still calling
If you only look at the last couple of months then maybe you could say that but if you look at it over the last
Year, it’s up to several hundred percent
And I suspect most of the different hedge funds and things that are being discussed here at the event
Aren’t up several hundred percent over the last year
Got him
He said some of these headstones are probably not up a hundred percent like Bitcoin man it reminds me of the Mark Zuckerberg
scenario, that’s happening right now with Mark Zuckerberg if y’all don’t know but highly recommend you all follow us on Twitter by the way we
literally will post
Constant news here, and I’ll tell you what technical analysis is good, but fundamental analysis is also good
You can really get a lot of information just from looking at fundamental analysis
And that’s what we focus on here
Posting different news here like look at this Brazil are offered its first master’s degree in crypto finance
Who’s enroll in so highly recommend Twitter, but I didn’t want to prolong
This whole session here, but I want to see if there’s any good questions in the audience
Let’s take some questions here, whether you’re on Twitch Twitter Facebook or YouTube
What do you all have to say today Matt fiscal?
End I saw your comment Matt about the Zuckerberg scenario, and I think that being
Being in such a position like as what Mark Zuckerberg is in right now
Getting facebook on a blockchain could really create a lot of transparency. I think a lot of those senators and all those
Questionnaires that had no idea what they were talking about I think that they would be a little bit more you know
understanding of what marketers doing if they were to be on for example a blockchain not they would understand that but that
transparency would create a lot of
Positive sentiment for Facebook as a company in my opinion so a great comment Matt fiscal
and I always love seeing your
Professional photo on our videos and our chats men get to have you here part of the sniper stoops community all of you are all
Snipers we are changing the world y’all I sounded like the bit Kinect guy
Man, that was not good, but we’re changing the world because we’re all snipers and snipers we target trades
We target opportunities, and that’s why this community is great, and I appreciate each and every one of y’all being here
So he says why can’t we rewind your live stream?
This will be posted after it’s already out somebody says can you explain setting up a stop loss?
Stop losses are easy you want to set up the stop
And then the limit and it has to be that period it has to be a zone right because that zone is where that’s gonna
Trigger it if that zone
Doesn’t trigger because it will trigger as a market order if it’s not within that zone and the price drops to faster goes up
Too fast then the order won’t even be placed so make sure you set your stop
And then your limit and have a good little you know
Threshold there some B’s this power ledger power ledger from you, so I’ll tell you something interesting. I invested in a project
I can’t talk much about it yet because it was you know it was reserved for accredited investors
And it was you know kind of this low key project that’s going on right now
But I can’t share a little bit to the extent that it pretty much is looking to attach
Energy to a blockchain right so put energy on a blockchain and
give energy and tokenize it and give it value right so there’s this thing called energy arbitrage that occurs and
Sometimes you can get energy in different areas for a lot less and then arbitrage that into other areas where it cost a lot more
Utilizing this method of tokenizing the energy allows you to transfer that energy and arbitrage it properly
There’s a big opportunity there, so I’ll talk more about that project soon
I will be doing a video on that but first I would like to uh
You know get permission to do that before somebody said volume is a little low I apologize. Hopefully it’s a little bit better but
Somebody said liske for long-term hold LSK. I think risk is a great project good question all eyes says
Please I respect your opinion and won’t take as financial advice
But what do you say it’s a good time to drop three thousand on Bitcoin. I think bitcoin is in a fair spot
We did a technical analysis earlier in this video. I definitely watch the
earlier part when is
Published somebody says is race chance a stoploss will not be filled on Finance my nano profit got why doubt from our trailer um?
I’m not sure what your friends are on, but there is a chance that orders
Don’t go through of course you have to have that threshold so if you have your stop-loss at six thousand to
Five thousand then Bitcoin goes from seven straight to four doesn’t go through six and five, then the stop-loss won’t trigger
But that’s not gonna happen because that’s an
Impossible scenario for the most part unless it sees like a flash crash somebody says can you recommend an exchange in the u.s.?
To trade beats II for margin trains or options cannot find a place to short Bitcoin Shawn
I don’t think there is a place not that I know of I am not so familiar with that
So I don’t wanna talk about something
I’m not confident about but I know people are on bit Macs and they do their thing and they can do that if they want
Somebody said I will check it, but you didn’t finish your advice which advice about what?
my advice on
My to drop 3000 on Bitcoin
My advice is go look at the technical analysis
and then you determine whether or not you want to put your money in it don’t ask somebody to do something for you because then
I need to tell you when to also exit
I’m not there to tell you when to exit and went to enter unless you’re part of our patreon
But if you’re getting trade alerts then you can utilize those
But you know it’s all up to you where you want to put your money
Somebody says B&B will do great things best long term and short term
I agree B&B is a great coin a lot of intrinsic value so other than that that’s all I wanted to share with you all
Today, I’ll keep it a little bit short. Thank you all for watching and
like always
snipers out


  1. Not able to rewind when live… very irritating because when we find your video after it has started… you refer to things A LOT that you’ve already discussed so it’s frustrating to watch. For me, waiting for it to end and starting to watch at that time doesn’t work so I end up just having to pass on watching. I’m not sitting in front if you tube all day, I check in when I have time and the last couple videos have been a huge disappointment to attempt to watch from the middle. Please rethink this strategy, I don’t understand how this is a benefit for you, just a hindrance for your dedicated viewers. Love your videos… if I can watch from the start that is. Thanks for listening.

  2. We've been able to predict a few breakouts in the past 24 hours but there seems to be a lot more opportunity available. With the market shifting to more Altcoin dominance, there seems to be more and more investors liquidating there Bitcoin and buying intrinsically valuable Altcoins. Some of these include coins like EOS ($EOS), Ontology ($ONT), Verge ($XVG), and more. Let's see if we can find more!

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  3. Facebook is a deep state tentacle like Google and amazon. Zuckerberg is a cabal baby. One of the 4th Reich Nazi families public faces. He’s a dirtbag. He sees his customers as “Dumb Fucks”. So yeah I won’t be looking up to him anytime soon but ur still young and prolly don’t have much time for learning about the world around you. I forgive u. Lol

  4. I agree with you on LTC, it's not gonna go much lower than this. On BTC though, I don't think your assessment is correct. The one aspect missing from making bitcoin bullish is the volume. The volume is still relatively low and until we see a spike in volume, then I'm still bearish.

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