Pawn Stars: Bank Note Plates Give Chumlee an Idea (Season 16) | History

Pawn Stars: Bank Note Plates Give Chumlee an Idea (Season 16) | History


  1. History Channel if your looking for a great idea for the next generation of shows I could possibly work something out with you .

  2. Hi, I m Gaurav From India… One of my have a one million dollar note….. can u please tell me the rate of the note

  3. Cashier: ok sir that'll be 18$ and 47 cents
    Rick: the best i can do is 3 dollars. And im taking a risk here, I'll sit on my shelves for at least a month

  4. Sloppy Editing! 2:31: 'I'm gonna call a buddy down here to help me' . He never showed up! After a stop at the printer's Ricky goes back and seals a deal for 4500 bucks, for what? A single plate, or? It's not clear at all. Any thoughts of the gazillion other plates in the warehouse, was it looked at? nah man…bad editing. Cool stuff though, is this the youtube edited version..make it loooonger! I need it.

  5. Rick has tons of knowledge about history and that's what makes me most happy and satisfied with this show + passing my history exams 😉

  6. May I ask you a question, do you have a website to show and sell these plates? I am very interesting on these plates, for its wonderful tiny picture.

  7. He told him there is a huge market and he just shat the bed with that low asking price. Currency collector my arse.

  8. 4500 for all of that? That is a steal. I thought that stuff would have gone for at least a quarter million dollars. The printing stuff is hot right now and isn't really going away anytime soon. The guy must be well off and just wanted to get rid of them to let them go for that price.

  9. At 3:42 Gutenberg did not build the first printing press. There are still printing presses in existence that were built in China about 500 years before Gutenberg was born.

  10. If those plates went to auction
    Can you imagine how long it would take to catalogue all of them
    and how much it would cost

  11. Rick: Asks the printer to print a picture of a train.

    The paper has a picture of a train on it.

    Rick: Wow! I had no idea it would look like this.

  12. Whenever Rick Said “ so… do U still Want 2 do 4,500 bucks” that’s when you got him on check and add more money before he gains conscience lol.

  13. I’m going to assume 4500 was for that plate or a few? No way he bought all those pallets for under 5gs, right? I get the labour and time that would go into marketing and transporting all that but still.. has to be 10 grand in scrap metal there alone..

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