Pavan Katepalli talks about content for Introduction to Ethereum #ethereumintro

– Welcome Pavan, thank
you so much for coming. I’m really interested in
what your background is as far as blockchain programming. – Thanks for having me Pemo. So I’ve been a developer for a long time,
CTO of a health care company, and I’ve taught web and
mobile development and then in 2016, I started
getting into Ethereum and then into smart contract development. Just really curious. Just
going through the code and really just trying to make something and I’m working on a few DApps right now. – And I hear that you teach
at Berkley. Is that right? – Yeah, at Berkley Extension.
At 160 Spear Street. There’s a great location right there, right next to a Starbucks. (laughing) – And as well online. – Yeah, I teach online as well. – Fantastic. And so tell me a little bit about the presentation that
you’re going to do in June. – Sure. It’s an Intro to
Etehereum Development, so there’s a lotta technologies used and it’s really hard for beginners because there’s a lot of different things. And even before that, you have to have some basic understanding of
what these things are doing. So, what we’ll do is we’ll walk through the different technologies
and how to get started and the common errors
that you’ll encounter. Because there are many common
errors that you’ll encounter. And that’s what we’ll,
we’ll get people started on developing on the Ethereum platform. – And what do you think someone would take away from that
particular presentation? – The big thing they will take away is being able to walk
away and start coding on the Ethereum network because it is very hard to get
started right now ’cause there’s so many different technologies. And just reading about what
they are is exhausting. So we’ll (laughs) basically
go over what they are from a very plain-English
perspective, right, without going into coding. We’ll go over how they relate to Ehtereum
and then we’ll go over basically, a small project.
The structure of it and the code behind it. How it works. And then I’ll share
that code with everyone. Fantastic. Thanks Pavan. I’m
looking forward to it. (laughs) – Awesome. And me too.

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