On the perfect trading strategy, love to Bitcoin and the shitcoins future — WhalePanda

if Bitcoin cannot survive then I don’t
think any outgoing can survive hi nice
to have you here
glad to be here thank you for inviting
me yeah well my first question is usual
what we’re drinking today
apparently Shiva’s Chivas yes whiskey
whiskey you like whiskey I like whiskey
because when I ask you what what you’re
going to drink and each guest brings his
like favorite alcohol drinks brings yeah
ok or I’m buying for them yes so that’s
why it was not my favorite yeah you’re
special I’m buying this for you
but anyway why whiskey I don’t know I
like the taste but but I’m I drink
mostly a scotch so I can tell more or
something like that sorry
not too smoky but you’re not special
okay but still forgiven
yeah thank you so how did you actually
came to to krypton how you well this
it’s it’s just the same old story end of
2013 seeing news articles about Bitcoin
booming and then I looked into it and I
started buying shit coins so but but
well that was when I actually bought my
first crypto but before that I was on a
website called black hat world which was
very popular with like SEO type of guys
I did SEO back then and I read about
Bitcoin there and like 2011 I think and
I read about it and just seemed like a
scam so I just like if I would have
bought them it would have been a
different story but so I bought the top
at 2013 and then started buying shit
coins and so you’re a shit code trader I
yes I was or you are
still trade shit coins but just to make
my Bitcoin okay that’s so that’s a
reasonable explanation that’s a favorite
excuse of any shit going trader you know
yeah I do that i trade shit it’s like
it’s like I believe it’s like a glad
seeing that’s it it’s it’s called a
monetary Bitcoin maximalist okay so you
break ground there’s actual marketing as
far as I understand yeah
online marketing like what did you do
like basically anything in online
marketing like AdWords campaigns
referral marketing affiliate marketing
even SEO of it the circuit on that
website I was working in an agency that
it’s online marketing so and before that
I was even like completely different
things I did like customer support for
printers and online banking and stuff
like that did you enjoy the online
banking no I did it for six months that
was one time I had to help 70 year old
woman make a payment online and after
that I said okay I’m took me about an
I’m more into crypto and no after I said
okay I’m done with this I’m not doing
online banking support anymore okay so
did I show your marketing background
help you to promote your own personal
brand within the crypto oh yeah for sure
just knowing when to tweet how to tweet
now and now it’s a bit less so you know
because obviously you have like two
250,000 followers so it’s 20 to hunt
Wayne maybe when this airs it will be
yeah so it’s basically doesn’t matter
when I watch it I just you just can you
can just say like short bankers long bit
core and then everyone will just retweet
that and cheer that oh my god yes those
sort of people do that and those are the
easy easy wins but I try to avoid that
but it did help like you know with
certain exchanges have like referral
campaigns and using my background in
affiliate marketing
I certainly exchanges I have a lot of
referrals which is a nice passive income
for me as well because you know like
there’s all like in crypto there is like
business owners or developers usually
those who get the most of the attention
you know like owners of exchanges or
like on mining companies or like core
developers and traders of course there
yet it’s a huge like amount of crypto
community and they’re like really really
famous traders but this is quite a rare
you know for a trading trader to have
like that much followers I think you
were there’s a website called hive dot
one and you are included in top top ten
Bitcoin people and top xx in crypto
people in general I think it’s top
twenty and top thirty or forty last time
I checked but yeah yeah that that’s a
combination of things so I I do trade
but I don’t like make those rate public
anymore because it if you like say
anything about the coin people are gonna
buy it which I don’t really want because
I don’t want to like sort of like giving
financial advice obviously but at the
same time if they if they lose money on
it they will give you so much crap about
it even though everyone should be like
responsible for your own actions it
shouldn’t just follow other people’s
advice so I said I still trade a lot but
I don’t make it public anymore but I
think what really helped me or made me
popular back then was I made a post
about it cerium like oh the title was
called I was wrong about it cerium again
my marketing background you know
clickbait title that always works but it
was like at the at the high point of
aetherium so it was a 0.14 BTC so a lot
of people are saying item is gonna
overtake Bitcoin
and it didn’t but that that article got
shared and got like almost a million
views I believe and that really boosted
my sets as well okay so do you have any
like your own trading strategy something
like that if if you can disclose at
least to some extent like I have my own
3d see what is it
buy low sell high yeah maybe you just
like trading top 10 points or so well
that’s true so so in the past I used to
trade basically anything and I stepped
down for that because you need liquidity
and the quality is only in in the higher
and the top-tier coins but also I got
burnt really bad in like 2015 2014-2015
that’s why I also I wanna breeze for
havoc in Bitcoin maximalist I guess
because during those times I mean you
see an altcoin is going Bitcoin Bitcoin
talk yeah and you see like oh and we’re
this is better in Bitcoin and it’s
faster and it’s this and that it has
those features encrypted chat and and
then I was like so I was very naive back
then and I think a lot of people go
through that face like you discover
Bitcoin is over altcoins
and then maybe some of them are better
and then you like start to get
disappointed and all those old coins and
then you go back to Bitcoin eventually
so but yeah I mostly treat the top tier
I try to buy looks like the coins of or
your friends like Minerva or white corn
you know I have some one arrow I have
some lifetime undisclosed amounts
undisclosed amount what I wanted to ask
you this is there no contradiction you
are trading shit Quinn but still you’re
like naming yourself Bitcoin maximalist
no because I am my whole point is to
make more Bitcoin people got people are
gonna treat shit coins anyway so if I
money out of it for you shit coins are
just a tool to make me more baby yeah
exactly you recently also like became an
investor as far as as far as I know your
invest in some like projects and and do
that yeah not not only like buying
selling coins but also investing in like
crypto projects
well most actually Bitcoin projects yeah
so I’m focusing on Bitcoin project like
hollow for example yeah I know you
wanted to show your own product no I
asked you not not like name specifically
what project what I wanted to ask you
how you choose them what’s like you have
your own like not this is not like
trading but more like investment logic
behind any project that you invest yes
so my my idea behind it I have to like
like the founders but just it has to
make sense to me I get I got offered now
since I started doing it I get pitched a
lot a lot of even Bitcoin projects but
it it all has to click for me it has to
make sense because most projects don’t
make sense or I don’t see how they can
make it profitable because you know most
others fail anyway so even though I’m
not that long in the game yet
it just has to make sense to me and if
it makes sense to meet and ensure I will
invest in your in your project if I if I
see that the people behind it or
dedicated know what they’re doing you
know that make sense what do you think
about Libra does that make sense to you
that makes no sense to me
I think it’s desperate move from
Facebook to stay relevant because you
know people are leaving Facebook already
for a while I think it’s mostly a play
on Asian market because in in Asia
Facebook is still quite commonly used as
even it’s just like a shadow like they
don’t use of course you have like we
chat and stuff like that and it’s
countries in Asia they just use Facebook
yet to interact so I think they’re
trying to capitalize on that but Libra
itself doesn’t make any sense I mean
they kind of really something is in six
good luck with that and now already
regulators are saying that they’re going
to check everything so that is it’s
gonna be interesting but it’s not a
really crypto currency it’s not
decentralized you cannot validate for
yourself the transactions unless you’re
willing to pay ten million dollars to
validate those transactions and yet if
you even if you pay ten million they
have this own special requirements for
you you can pay them ten million those
but if you like they are filtering the
partners and if you’re not like making
in the in they’re like you’re not making
with their expectations then you most
probably even if you pay twenty or
thirty millions you won’t be able to do
that yeah and and it’s I mean it will be
a competitor for PayPal or orphan moe or
something like that
it’s I don’t see it as well many people
say that it will be a competitor with
Bitcoin like you know Bitcoin 2.0 like
the better going what what but with user
base like you know five hundred half
billion people using yes centralized and
I think I think actually might be a good
stepping stone for Bitcoin itself
because people as soon as people start
getting sensors on it then people will
start looking in a different direction
and then I see actually it might become
something useful for Bitcoin itself like
people might go to Bitcoin and check it
out mmm this cannot be censored this is
decentralized I don’t have a birth
checking what I ate last night with what
I paid for in Libra last night I mean
yeah so it can be a gateway to Bitcoin
yes as any other show going the token
dream that’s like the ideal scenario yes
yeah especially if they will allow
trading like exchanging
we brought to Bitcoin let’s well
corn-based was one of the partners
that’s that’s interesting at least it’s
a strange move that they’re making come
business meet a lot of strange moves
yeah I just wanted to yeah say that’s
like it’s not strange for a company who
is making a lot of strange moves yeah
it’s fully kyc AML so it makes sense
like any exchange can basically edit
without any risks
we’ll see how it goes but but I don’t we
don’t call the cryptocurrency goes
through and not like they don’t even
have don’t have anything it then about
cryptocurrency Bitcoin what is Bitcoin
for well ponder that’s a good question
for me it’s mostly a store of value so I
see it as a way to preserve and increase
my wealth and also for my children so
where when my son was born I bought a
significant amount of Bitcoin just for
him I’m planning to keep it for until
he’s responsible enough
that’s 1821 or I don’t know how old to
we before is responsible enough but I I
see it as something like sort of value
for the future something that will keep
keep over a long time keep increasing in
price because of the scarcity and
something that cannot be censored I mean
most of us have had issues with things
at some point or even if you make like a
payment and a bank call us you like why
are you making this payment who is it
that’s none of your business making this
payment I want to make this payment so
like just let it go through it’s my
money but it’s actually not my money
because it’s the bank the bank owns my
almost over money then so it’s it’s
taking back the money the sovereignty of
your money so what are the main wipe
things that you attracts you in Bitcoin
and initially it was just making money
but but now is it yeah just like this
permissionless censorship resistant no
middleman what are the these features
that a trial this is the censor the
censorship resistance the pseudo
anonymity as well I can’t have as much
Bitcoin as like no one can can if I keep
the addresses for myself no one knows
how much I have just for the record I
have zero Bitcoin the boating accident
yeah so and and just like it’s sending
money to someone on the other side of
the world
justjust like that I mean it’s just a
great tool
I know plenty of people who who have
like family in third-world countries and
they taste just use Bitcoin now to
remember that the moment when you
understood that Bitcoin my kids it think
you know trading all this shit coins or
when you just started to explore in
crypto you understood like the bitcoin
is like the main the main thing in
crypto I may be like the new monetary
system no I I cannot like say one exact
moment I think it came over time
especially since like I got burned on
quite a few scams altcoin scams and then
eventually you maybe it was after I read
the white paper and some started
following more interesting people on on
Twitter I guess because even when I when
I came just in Bitcoin I didn’t read the
white paper it was only like a couple of
years later that better read it yes I’m
not a good bit corner
and and just like you know the you have
the website is Satoshi Nakamoto
Institute or like what Institute yeah
and they have a lot of a lot of great
resource material and if you start
reading that you get like sucked sucked
in and then it’s all starts making sense
suddenly yeah so but for me it was not
like one one exact moment everyone is
actually I have like few questions that
was were sent to me before we make this
result some people and they actually
everyone was asking why well ponder
because you know like obviously I do
understand why whale because we have
this like big traders or whales but
while well ponder what’s behind that I
can actually this question all the time
so back in 2014 you had three different
pen the coins and had very big large
position in one of those pen the coins
okay so yet will panda that’s basically
just like that yes that does that’s it
it’s really not an exciting story at all
and then I I used it on I believe it was
on Bitcoin talk the first time when I
created an account there and then on
some slacks sheds and it just stuck
basically and everyone likes pandas so
it kind of nobody likes whales you know
yeah no but to switch it now just to pen
lights a bit like bit strange and
everyone calls me appended also yeah
most of the time I see you in t-shirts
and hoodies were only panda no we’re
marketing it’s your marketing I’m not
selling them in any way I would buy one
I can only so for a long time actual you
were hiding behind the avatar yeah it
wasn’t like you were disclosing your
real identity what was the reason behind
that’s a good question also I guess it
comes from when I was used to a stick
game a lot like World of Warcraft and
stuff like that you never use your real
name you always had your avatar it’s
sort of like safety net I didn’t so also
to protect your privacy protect your
family especially but it’s it’s more so
than just with gaming because you’re
talking about money here so I didn’t
really want to be in the public eye at
that spot at that point so it was just
for my personal privacy
yeah and now you’re like yes yeah yeah
and what’s the reason behind that you
you’ve now like basically told everyone
what is your real identity so suddenly
welcome were safe and no not really
so it was a consensus 2070 and I want to
go there because I’ve been in Bitcoin
quite a while I didn’t I never went to
any conferences consensus was big so I
decided to go to consensus also I think
even Samsung Samsung out told me to cut
to come so and then I started as a
message pickup of people like from from
my anonymous Twitter account like I’m
here let’s let’s meet up let’s have a
chat and then at one point Ricardo
Ricardo spiney from Manero he wants to
make a picture and it was not just with
my face well the first one was it was
just like normal picture with me a
Ricardo and Samsung and something was
wrong with the picture so he won’t dude
do it again and then actually my name
Tech was feasible and hit a and hit
three to death so then I was like
basically I was so I was screwed screwed
by Ricardo so yeah
and then also no longer like anonymous
so it was clean students basically yes
glad for that
no not really and how do you feel do you
feel better when you’re like well we’re
different or we’re like less safe or
like you don’t care about it anymore I
feel different I I wouldn’t say I feel
less safe
i I I have my security it’s my obstacle
is decent that’s good like that
but yeah it was different it’s it also
gave me a lot of new opportunities like
working together with Charlie and
Ricardo and Sampson on the magical
crypto friends
I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was
like anonymous and and a conference is
also fun I like to to meet people have
people come up to you say nice things
about you that’s always fun sometimes
they say bad things about you know
actually everyone was spawned well we
had one awkward conversation with Eamon
consider but other than very positive so
moving to magical crypto friends how did
you came up with that idea why it was
also like very very silly actually so
Samsung Ricardo and I met at consensus
217 but then at some point in October of
2017 there was a conversation going on
on Twitter and I think all four of us
replied to the same conversation and
then someone said like you guys you guys
are the four biggest roles on Krypton of
Bitcoin Twitter and you should do a show
together we’re like actually that’s not
a bad idea
so that’s basically how it started and I
actually only met charlie lost last year
consensus so didn’t even meet him before
even though we were already doing like
six or seven shows together so yeah
that’s basically the whole story why did
you choose that format like for friends
or just sitting around and discussing
like news and like there’s like there’s
like the the most popular format
encrypted I think is audio podcast when
you wait were you just listening
something like did you think about doing
the audio or you just straight away the
idea came to you do that the idea was
just to like have a Skype talk for us
and the audio what we don’t even have
because yet maybe when this airs we will
but that’s already substance been
working there for one and a half year
just to put our our podcasts or like our
videocast on the podcast but I mean I
mean it’s so natural we didn’t even
think about just doing audio and the
visual part also allows us to do to do
more or show show things and on my side
it’s like my cat’s I always jump song
and I mean I I don’t know III don’t even
know how most people view it just turn
it on and then walk away or put on like
a different tap and III don’t know or
maybe they’re staring at us for for an
hour long looking at everything we’re
doing I I have no idea but at least
people have like the option to go there
staring issue I think so
after the podcast the next step for you
was conference yeah that was actually
also very silly we just decided to do it
at consensus 2018 we were very
disappointed at the content that was it
was there during a New York blockchain
week and we just said like next year we
should to conference ourselves will be
more technical it will be more Bitcoin
focused because here it’s all suits
regulators ico healthcare on the box
chain identity on the blockchain we
don’t care about that and most people
don’t care about it but but they still
coming to New York just because f rom is
there at that moment so just for
meetings or something like that so a lot
of people that can provide good content
or want to listen to good color or watch
good content will be in New York so so
it kind of made sense but then like that
was him in May 2008 II but then I kind
of that died down and then in October
again like oh yeah we kind of promised
that we would do it so now we should
probably rush if like
it’s really start working on it but yeah
it was very interesting but it’s just
like came out of the blue just a random
suggestion that that that we came up
with and I said yeah oh she did it and
that’s how it always goes with
QuickBooks with us did you enjoyed the
role of conference organizer it was
interesting um so yeah so it was four of
us but I of course it must work of
course of course
anything else is here that that’s no it
was interesting I learned a lot about
about the space about speak the speak
actually the interesting thing was the
kidding the speaker’s was for us the
easiest part because we have a lot of
good connections between the four of us
so getting the the interesting speakers
was actually the easiest part then we
had someone a project manager doing the
actual physical like it she went to
check out the the the venues stuff like
that but the the conference itself was
challenging let’s move like that
so the morning we only had access to the
venue at 4:00 a.m. and we were supposed
to go live at 1:00 p.m.
like a doors open at 12 and the first
speaker at 1:00 but I meant that at in
the morning we had to make 800 goodie
bags which all those like big plush
dolls and all those coins so it’s like
an assembly line of like 15 people all
stuffing bags with at all that so it was
extremely stressful
of course Samson showed up late so it
was very stressful for me but then as
soon basically as Elizabeth as they seed
they were the first two speakers so it
was a fireside chat with Stacy
Herbert for from Kaiser report
Elizabeth start from lightning lips and
as soon as they went to sate like the
the oldest rest like left my body it’s
like they’re now stage I’m fine all good
all good if something goes wrong now but
at the same time you don’t really enjoy
your conference that much so because
you’re I know you can you can talk about
this all so you’re running around yeah I
have to we head on to Suites two stages
on two different force so we had to look
for the speakers get them miked up make
sure that they’re there on time
Elizabeth stark like came in like five
minutes before she had to get on stage
I mean you constantly running around but
don’t you think that this format of
conference focusing only on Bitcoin is
like starting to to return to it like
relaunched and then we see more and more
conferences trying to focus solely on
Bitcoin or at least focus on proper like
blockchain projects yeah so our alcove
our conference was Bitcoin focus but not
exclusively Bitcoin I mean with speakers
from working from tar labs working on
Manero stuff like that but yes and I
think it was same with I cos so he had
so many ICO conference too many and a
tie it down I think it the same will
happen now also even with a Bitcoin
conference that you have too many so
over the next few years I think like the
less popular ones will not get enough
sponsors will not get enough visitors so
I think she’s just a cycle but I think
it’s very positive that there are more
Bitcoin focus for conferences I mean we
need to get word out there we also just
kind of by our bags yeah but I see that
I see that there are two types of
conferences so you have the conference’s
that are
focus on building or on end of on the
building on the community you have
conferences that are mostly just about
making money and I hope that the ones
that are focused on building or the
community are will obviously prevail but
sometimes it’s not just about like
agenda of the conference or like topics
that they’re discuss it’s also about
like managing all stuff that surrounds
like setting the proper price you know
making a proper arrangements bringing
the proper people and you know it’s not
just like I’m saying I’m like we will do
like Bitcoin conference and and that’s
it and now we bring a lot of people who
are irrelevant
yes yeah well well we had advantage
added that we had like the proper
contacts so if if I messaged someone
they were like him immediately yeah yes
awesome it’s only 50 minutes and like no
it’s only 50 minutes but but but yeah so
I think you need like proper bit corners
if you want to do a Bitcoin focused
conferences conference you should have
the proper Bitcoin – you shouldn’t have
like people who attack Bitcoin on your
conference because it makes no sense I
think you should also be very careful
who you pick as sponsors we had so many
offers from the skinniest I SEOs or
companies that you can imagine or
companies that would not be considered
friends of Bitcoin and we just turned
them down so that that’s what I was
talking about when I said like you have
to type of concerns the one for the
community in the building and the other
one that’s just me trying to make money
okay so next year you’re doing another
one yes
where are you doing again in New York I
know we initially said that we would
move to Asia but it went so well and
everyone was like oh but now you
establish yourself
here you have your the people here so we
should do it again next year in New York
you said yeah okay I guess we will do it
again in New York so yeah we don’t have
exact dates yet maybe when this airs we
will but it will be in New York
probably the weekend before consensus
but then it’s between now we did
Saturday Sunday then we will do Friday
Saturday because on Sunday it was
Mother’s Day and a lot of people
apparently didn’t show up because this
Mother’s Day and we didn’t and none none
of us thought about that before that it
was actually Mother’s Day so yes that
the big one the main one will be in New
York and then we’re thinking today like
a trysts test trial version in Singapore
or in Asia as well
later that year so you’re going to
basically like travel around explore new
locations it was actually one of my
suggestions ideally you would have like
one conference every two months like in
every part of the world like North
America South America but you know how
difficult or you had a conference you
know every two months
oh yeah no no that was a joke but two
per year’s issue it ships that should be
doable yeah that’s manageable yeah
make sure so this avatar culture it’s
quite popular and in crypto space why
why you think it’s it’s so popular
within the crypto space because actually
I guess also because of the anonymity
and it’s it’s more interesting to see an
avatar that someone’s face sometimes
yeah so yeah well my avatar actually
Samsung create them so I was actually a
very creative guy for all his flaws he’s
a very creative guy because he has a
gaming company the match kokuto friends
the intro the short
also all the avatars and the pledge
dolls so I understand like the story
behind well Punda avatar understand the
story behind fluffy pony avatar like
litecoin charlie just chicken but it was
from rice chicken which was like in that
was used whenever that like on pumped
back in the day btc-e days so it’s a
very long time ago and with with Samsung
is his Twitter handle was Excel lion so
that that’s where the lion came from
it’s actually like the the the part of
community that are more frequently using
this avatars and ritual traders so you
don’t see quite often like business
developers or like core developers or
somebody that they’re using avatars but
some core developers are I yes who like
prefer to stay more anonymous like
Vladimir and stuff like that
but yeah I actually don’t know why that
is more the case with with traders I
guess with traders also preferred the
anonymity you don’t wanna like show if
ya OPSEC you don’t gonna show your face
so people know what you look like
because if your trader people is
immediately assume that you’re rich well
if you’re a developer that might not not
be the case so I mean for more for
businesspeople it’s more like – well
obvious but you want to be like
transparent yes transparent and and like
it’s more like classic like classic
people if from finance stuff like that
they will they will not trust avatars or
an enormous accounts that much then I
also notice a lot so
I had a lot of conversations about
people saying like oh you’re and I’m too
the troll no I’m not I’m just using the
hand like people if you do a bit of
research you know immediately who I am
it’s just you’re assuming that because
of my avatar I’m because of my my
nickname but actually a funny thing
about that so I guess you know she lush
slash from slash fool and there were a
couple of others because because I used
the panda people assumed that I was
Asian so I had a lot of people come up
to me you’re not Asian oh that’s a
surprise yeah yeah but you also use a
whale yeah which is not Asian well yeah
no no so actually somehow there are many
many like traders specifically in like
area did you leave like Netherlands
Belgium and all that these countries do
you have like some kind of culture
whether the roots of that because
they’re like plenty of specifically
traders like I obviously don’t know that
that’s you have a community you yes no
you hang out with each other no I don’t
I don’t I never been to the first
conference I have been to now while it
was breaking Bitcoin in Amsterdam it’s
the first conference in like Belgium
Netherlands area that I that I’m into
but there are a lot of a lot of like
Dutch people in in the trader community
I think it’s because they accept
technology very fast so they’re always
ahead of the curve while in Belgium
we’re always like at the end of the
curve like for us to confer a long time
like when I say us I mean Belgians in
general to trust like e-commerce and
stuff like that and that’s growing now
but yeah in evidence there are a lot of
traders like yeah but but I cannot
really tell you why I just assumed it’s
they’re ahead of a curve today they see
the potential in Bitcoin
from your perspective what lacks in
Bitcoin to become like massive thing you
know like commonly used like at least at
the level of some European payment
systems something like that ease of use
yeah so that’s that’s also one of the
reasons why I think you know it’s a
popular opinion that we’re gonna use the
custodial wallets just because it needs
to be easier to use and sadly then then
you’re going to end up with custodial
wallets that are like one two clicks
scan one click and that you don’t have
to worry about your seat freeze your
recovery or whatever so I think
custodial lightning wallets will play a
big part in that for you personally if
you would have like three options to
choose from like we’ll give you one
option you choose that and maybe or
maybe not you will have like boost in in
mass adoption like three options are
like some kind of new technology like
built up like on top of Bitcoin or with
into Bitcoin one of the biggest
government’s accept Bitcoin as a as a
legal tender or as a payment method
within the country or like huge inflow
of institutional investors what which
one do you believe would have like the
biggest impact on mass adoption and in
price obviously well that that’s the
difference because on price I guess
institutional and okay let’s let’s like
pick one for the price and one for the
mass adoption mass adoption is obviously
one government like having it as legal
tender and the price will be an
institutional money yeah so the
technology doesn’t mean a lot or we
already have like we already have a
certain level of technology and I think
that mass adoption also kind of forces
you to to scale so one of the things
that the people are saying like oh other
things as we’re seeing not all exchanges
use batching not all exchanges to sacred
stuff like that but if you had the fees
go up at some point they will be forced
to use it so it’s in a way they will be
forced to to implement those things
because during the I mean people have
been bothering them for like since the
since end of 2017 I guess like when
you’re gonna do batching when you’re
gonna do seg wit and saying like ah we
don’t the sort of priority for us now
we’re gonna implement shit corn blah
blah blah but for us now yet so that’s
something not a priority but but but but
without the particular exchange you are
referring to but let’s not talk about
many many many exchanges so but so I
think like once the best absorption
happens they’re forced to do that anyway
so do you really believe that technology
wise bitcoin is already ahead the curve
and of the curve and we need like lay
layer base layer yes I mean there can be
a lot of stuff built on top of Bitcoin
itself and that’s being built I mean
we’ve seen like with Lightning Network
we’ve seen with with side chains like
liquid and stuff like that there’s a lot
of stuff going on and it’s actually very
exciting that to see like the progress
that we made and lost to three years but
the base layer not much has changed
there and that’s actually a good thing
so I see a couple of things more common
now in addition or and stuff like that
but after that I think
soon after that it will just freeze and
not change anymore and everything will
be built on top of that layer 2 layer 3
so you referring yourself like you
usually say about yourself that you’re a
Bitcoin maximalist although as we do the
trade shit coins is there any chance
that in future you will say ok I’m not a
Bitcoin maximalist anymore like I know
that there’s always a chance but like
what could actually force you to stop
being Bitcoin maximalist and become like
out coin maximalist or like a person who
accepts that there are other out coins
exist and actually cheering for other
old coins as well I actually think that
I would rather quit entire space then
then that that happening we guess
bitcoin is like its inception was like
like a virgin exception like it was so
so pure almost that that that’s
impossible from now on because like even
if you look at the start up with Korean
it was mine to dead by like a lot of
feces but a lot of money in like buying
Ric’s fur to just mine cream it does at
a start like the slow start that that
Bitcoin head it’s impossible now so I
don’t think that something like that
could be possible again and if Bitcoin
fails for whatever reason it does if
that one can if Bitcoin cannot survive
then I don’t think any altcoin can
survive and that’s actually also one of
the interesting things a lot of Ultron
creators they see their product as
better and Bitcoin but you know what
we’re talking about Charlie Lee or
Ricardo spiney they don’t see it like
that they could also call themselves
becoming maximalists because they see
Bitcoin as the main coin and they also
know that if Bitcoin fails or other
projects will also eventually
because if that even cannot survive then
there’s no point really when you’re like
comparing Bitcoin to this virgin
inception I had a religious experience
yeah there’s a famous famous words from
one famous man
so yeah about about Bitcoin like in ten
years from now do you believe that there
will be only Bitcoin or there will be
like other coins there will be less
coins there will be more coins and what
that depends on what kind of coins were
talking about so just like the pure
altcoins there will be less but they
will still exist it as long as its
profitable it will exist and we also
this discussion actually on our show if
there’s no more narrow or believe
there’s no like oh and then another coin
will fill up that gap and maybe it will
be a more scamming one so you know you
always have that there’s always like an
incentive to create something new and –
yeah try to scam people – bye – bye oh
shit going now
so but although I think there will be
less out coins but maybe you’ll have
more like security tokens and so like
that sort of thing that might that might
become more popular I don’t know your
opinion on the stable coin security
tokens government coins governing back
coins or commodity back coins security
tokens can be interesting I guess but I
still need to see the first one that is
fiat coins are useful for transferring
money between two different exchanges
that’s that’s it as a trader you use it
like to 2h basically or or or – to
arbitrage yeah basically now with with
all the second layer implementation
coming out like where you have like
liquid of course it’s for institutional
players at the moment
but you can like instantly transfer
bitcoins from oneexchange to another
exchange like in few seconds and so
basically there’s no need on having it’s
only worth if you want to fix something
like but it is a arbitrage a possibility
that then that that’s like Fiat coins
can still be useful at some point but
other than that no and government-backed
coins like petrol and stuff like that no
no no thank you
I don’t see any any future in that
yes stos maybe we’ll see I have a
question which I always ask to my to
most of my guests to all of my guests
which is who Satoshi Nakamoto by your
opinion like there’s no if you don’t
want to name any like particular name no
there’s no need to do that just like you
can describe whether it’s like group of
people or one person how do you think
who is he or she or I think it’s a group
of people and I think that healthy knee
is definitely part of it as for the
other people III I honestly don’t know I
kind of want nick szabo to be it but I’d
actually doubt it
I’ve heard the craziest like we all
heard three stories but so is that even
like Peter thought could be Satoshi
Nakamoto because he was at a very young
age he was already talking to Adam back
and stuff like that the age of it came
in at age of 14 he was talking about
double spend parabola and stuff like
that so I honestly don’t know but I
wanted to be nick szabo okay yeah if you
had a chance to like like know this
information like you had a chance to
like the Satoshi Nakamoto will be
disclosed to you would you take that
will other people know that I know no
they don’t know like you’re the only one
oh yeah yes then I want to know like if
other people know then they might
pressure me or something like that so oh
yeah what did you pressure yourself you
know because you’re like now you know
like information that nobody know that
will be interesting I mean I what you do
is I think no actually I don’t want to
know that because I might get
disappointed yeah well like it’s quick
right no no I I’m very curious person I
always want to know everything so yes I
think I want to know you want to know
yeah like if you had a chance to
disclose it publicly no I I wouldn’t
tell anyone
no yes and especially like if the person
doesn’t want to make it public it’s not
my it’s not my spotter like to make it
public like if the person was to be in
peace let him be in peace at least I
will know so no and I’m actually sure
that some people know like to put people
who were there initially I’m sure that
some people least some people know who
it actually is or was I asked Jack Oh
Mike showed this question but I want to
ask you as well
who is the super villain of Bitcoin and
who is a super hero of Bitcoin you can
name a few or you can just a super
villain I guess the obvious one or rocha
fir creek right
hi Roger he actually did like in the
days yes a good good good thing but but
that’s typical for a super villain oh
like he started out good it is there has
to be a big story so it started good and
then he like lost his mind in
some kind of accident and supposed to be
cash and then he turns into the bad guy
SS for the the good guys I’m eating I
guess people like Adam Beck
actually for me whoa jimson lop he’s
like he’s so smart and he like yeah I
really like James is it for me one of
the heroes then of Bitcoin I wouldn’t go
for like the obvious names with Jameson
so basically developers yeah any
business developers as well like or
maybe like people who like public
speakers something like that or book
writers or something like that weird no
I’m just just just you know I’m not
pointing you it so I feel the way tell
more people you know no just if it’s if
it’s developers and I agree with you on
that because these people are obviously
doing like the most of the job and then
what they’re building the important
stuff I would say Nate’s from bitstamp
no actually is are very important
because they also have an important role
in the entire ecosystem yes some
exchange owners supported like every
attack on Bitcoin own name who but then
you have like bitstamp BitFenix kraken
who like get bitcoin bit mix as well
like bit mix they provide a lot of good
that their research is amazing and
they’re also like really Pro Bitcoin so
though those are the people that like
are very good educators and very
important like they’re in key positions
to help support Bitcoin and they’re
taking their responsibility which is
great ok I have the final question I
think I usually ask my guests to make a
prediction about Bitcoin price oh and we
will put that prediction on on the
prediction platform and anyone basically
who will be able to be first there will
be able to bet with you so you need to
pick a date somewhere in the future like
September October November and say like
on the first of I don’t know November
let’s just do like the the 1st of
January 1st of January 2019 2020 like Oh
mold the show in 2018 you know if we
would I would make a lot of money with
like you know shorting in yeah of course
so yeah first of January 2020 hey let’s
see bigger than or Slyke smaller than
basically nice more than 20,000 smaller
than 20,000 yeah okay so when we will
publish your episode and we will put
this prediction on on our prediction
platform we’ll see ok ok thank you very
much was it nice to speak with you thank
you for having me regarding with you see
every day yeah Cheers

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