Numismat – Billetes y Monedas

Dear fellow friends Welcome to Banknotes and Coins You are in the best place to learn a little more about this passion that unite all us Here, all passionate people about notaphily and numismatics will find room Scholars, historians, collectors and all people who love this activity have a place here Even curious about this art and accumulators will find shelter Constantly we will be making a trip across world history from banknotes and coins We consider ourselves the modern archaeologists Also we will be reviewing prices and recommendations on how to find some pieces We will be making 4K videos and macro photography I invite you to subscribe and activate the notifications bell to never lose a video and more important I invite you to send me a message if you have any questions or suggestions or if you think I can make some changes to enhance this channel in order to navigate together this boat in the vast ocean of notaphily and numismatics Welcome all to Banknotes and Coins I hope you can enjoy this journey

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