Nice Dutch banknotes of the 60’s and 70’s

so hello fellow banknote collectors how
you going today this is playing back with something it’s from the Netherlands
so this series that I have here I only have the free lowest-ranked night series
and these ones the 1960s and 1970s golden series so I have five ten and
twenty five golden the only other two banknotes in his series all free
actually there was a earlier five golden issued in 1966 and there was a hundred
golden na 1000 Goodman so hopefully soon I’ll be able to get the 100 golden but
do 1000 golden well that’s a bit expensive so that’s gonna probably take
a few years to actually get so let’s have a look at them so these are all
pretty much mono color means that they basically just one color pattern but
there are different shades of like the green on here so this is the second five
golden that was actually issued in so this one this issue 1973 to make it more
in line with fire the ever banknote designs because the 1966 ones bit bitter
different and it’s also be harder to get so but it doesn’t they’re actually these
banknotes are not too easy to get and their prices a little bit expensive
depending so majority of them I’ve been selling for over over $20 but this one’s
in quite circulate condition so it’s actually a bit cheaper so who are on
these banknotes well on this banknote we have his name’s Dan here just bend in
bundle so who is this guy hmm well who is born in 1587 and died in 1679 so
that’s uh 93 92 years old roughly 92 and a half reckon he was a poet and a
playwright so he actually done the plan john the
baptists in 1662 and he’s called he greatest dutch epic so he died in
amsterdam so if you go to one of the cemeteries maybe you be able to find his
grave Oh had four children I’m looking off
Wikipedia I’m not gonna actually say too much you know it’s actually born in : so
he was actually German but well was these parents but his parents are Dutch
anyway from enfoque so then we have the secretariat and the president that might
be the president of the Netherland is a bank
I think the Netherlands doesn’t have a presidents his estate visits a monarchy
and these issued in Amsterdam measure considering lowercase and so the
grammatical features up a language don’t why don’t I apply here so 2004 March
1973 any watermark is so have a look at the watermark looks like a fellas oh no
no it’s a it sir there’s that quill there’s the ink pond so it is just a pen
really an old style pen that the upper class actually used because very very
ornate in its design so a quill in a pink box and on the reverse pretty much
snapshot design looks like might be building with a covert op and here we
have a doorway it looks like a building in the background
here’s the actual fence there’s like the curtains up there so
not too sure what that represents maybe represents nothing easy inscription no
probably designs not too sure can actually read it it probably designs the
punishment and why it’s a legal tender here is the copyright who it actually
belongs to and presume that is the actual printer and this one’s generally
come in so it’s free 6 9 10 10 11 serial numbers and that’s a good bank name then
we’re b10 Gordon as you can see it’s just boy and I like this so you go on
this one is Hans files and he was a Renaissance painter so he was born in
1815 82 and died in 1666 yes 66 and he lived in Harlem worked in
Harlem which is in Netherlands not the United States this is the early version
he shoot in 1968 and the actual water Marquis a snail shell or cornucopia
actually with a fruit coming in if it so cornucopias just like it a horn or a
shell or something has fruit coming out and it represents abundance of produce
so it’s his name there and I’m sure that is that it’s on all the banknotes but he
looks like it’s used for mapping or mathematics if anyone is to move this
dinner please let me know but I like blue blues and awesome colorful
banknotes blue yellows and reds and you look at that feature more named abstract
features on the back this actually is probably a mathematical
drawing mess can be applied today but what it looks like is when I build a dam
they actually have a big funnel for hole in it so if a floods over
certain level then the water will go the top and actually go down the hole and it
looks like a giant whirlpool and that’s what actually that looks like to me and
then we have a it looks like a target and we also have nothing probably more
modern type of target so at least I’ve beautiful tingling and then I have d25
golden side is issued in 1971 as you can see so I did then join on in 1671 did
their signatures very no no it’s the same people actually in charge from 1968
to 73 this one’s a nice rig one has a bit of orange on it
it’s our orange is just a variation between red and now yellow and your
water my carries wavy pattern so it could actually represent fish so this
guy was actually a composer so maybe that’s actually sound waves
I’d say that’s what it is so the watermark is probably associated with
the person so sound waves because it was a composer of music in the use of
renascence kaposin what’s his name gen pierre see it’s link he was born in 1562
and died in 1621 so well this banknotes have people that were born in the same
period and under reverse that could actually be some ways but it could just
be an abstract image so and the banknotes that we should ask is actually
more abstract Germany didn’t represent any any definite feature that people
really so five ten and twenty five golden must
be stressed that these ones would have been used and that will replace in the
1980s and 90s but they probably still circulated up to 2002 and this almost
replaced in nineteen eighty eight eight five golden coins so here’s the actual
coin 1988 and that’s more from modern design so beautiful Dutch boom I’m
trying to get rest of the series and Dutch banknotes are just awesome anyway
because uh earlier one they had a lot weirder denomination I would like to
know what do you think about these banknotes and if you actually collect
them I know I know there is one youtuber is actually collecting them beings from
Albania I don’t know anyone from Australia it’s actually trying to get
these banknotes as well so I say thank you very much for watching my video
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you and how awesome banknote collect in time people bye-bye

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