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Welcome blockchainers, block n’
tacklers , you lovely lovely crypto people how are we all this week you may notice
there’s a bit of a gap where the old ball and blockchain normally is she’s
working very hard on a new documentary series and I’m here working late because
tomorrow we’re finishing off our movie so it’s all go go go in the world of the
new kids on the block chain however we’re here to speak to you lovely people
and give you our unique insight into the world of crypto now what is on this
week’s show I may hear you call well we’ll be starting off with the
final part of summary of our trading with three commerce section where we’ll
be reviewing everything we’ve learnt over the last few weeks I’ve been
fantastic we’ll get into that in more detail we’re also chatting to the guys
from creator eco which is a fantastic new platform allowing content creators
to match with audience and create an ecosystem and find a new way of doing
things it’s very very exciting but I guess before we get too involved with
all that we should probably have a little look at a news roundup starting off with a look across the
weeks kind of a market cap on what’s been going on the top ten coins brought
to us by coin paprika we can see this is Thursday night about 6:30 p.m. GMT and
we can see that over the last week bitcoins about two percent down but it’s
up nearly two and a half percent today if they’re real nearly five percent of
the last week with a slight increase and the big winner this week has been a US
which is nearly sixteen percent up in the last week it’s needed to move it’s
been a while since we’ve seen the action from that bond ounce coin dropped down
quite considerably over the last week Bitcoin SP down a bit we’ve got manera
they’re dropping and Cardno has gone up a small percentage Cardno
is not even in the top ten any more so I don’t even know why I’m talking about it
first up it’s Bitcoin price action and positive diverges are occurring says a
John Bollinger from you today according to trading legend John
Bollinger who famously created the Bollinger Bands indicator the Bitcoin
price could soon experience a major uptick in his recent tweet Bollinger
points out the Bitcoin altcoins are caught in the Bollinger Bands squeeze
this unique trading setup takes place when an asset becomes less volatile BTC
USD is in the BB squeeze as are many of the alts positive divergences are
developing awaiting confirmation of the move higher as reported by you today
this is the most stable bitcoin has been since May when its price was hovering
above the 7000 level Bollinger believes that periods of high volatility always
come after periods of low volatility which means that we might see some
fireworks in the short term next up from amb crypto will like coin 8th and all
the other alts experience a sort of 2017 boom again it looks like it could be a
pipe dream perhaps nostalgia is what people holding
alt coins are experiencing the bygone times of 2017 bull run where alt coins
pump to the moon and beyond everything since then has ironically been an uphill
battle alt coins are dead more precisely shit coins are dead yet people still
talk about an impending old season expect a repetition of 2017 even if it
isn’t comparatively as huge pragmatically expecting 2017 like old
season has been optimistic to the point of foolishness there have been quite a
few crypto gurus who previously predicted an approaching old season
turns out it wasn’t the so-called crypto series and their followers are still
waiting with bated breath for the old season nostalgia isn’t the only thing
that’s making people wish for an offseason heavy bags with worthless shit
coins is also another reason on te OS now and Tim Draper joins board of
directors at an EOS based dat firm Tim Draper a famous investor with an
estimated crypto net worth ranging somewhere between 350 and 500 million
dollars has joined the board of directors of IO spaced decentralized
application DAP firm makes sense labs in a news release on September 9th Draper
said I’m excited to support this amazing application Center chat and proves human
connections by allowing private seamless messaging and payments nothing of worth
can be found about Cardona at the moment obviously all that talk recently about
you know here we go with Shelly all this stuff happening can’t find any news
whatsoever prices marginally gonna throw the last week but not a lot going on
back to that story about altcoin season I heard a term this week for the first
time ever I thought it was brilliant it was a term for people who are
desperately hanging on for this potential upswing and it was bull tardes
I thought that was brilliant the idea of bull Todd screaming that it’s coming
this next big bull run it’s happening all the bull tarts getting together it
seems like the idea of some crazy zoom up like we had in the past is really a
thing of the past do you agree comment down below are we
going to go back to the moon again or is it going straight into Uranus talk to me
people so this is the 4th weekend sort of
roundup period looking into our crypto trading with three commas you may
remember over the last four weeks we’ve been looking at this really serious set
of kind of trading tools that gives you more than your usual set of parameters
that you get exchanges we’ve explored smart trading which I would advise
anybody go and look back just to see how powerful for e-commerce certain sort of
suite of tools is we have done probably 20 smart trades ourselves now obviously
we are pretty newbie traders we don’t really know what we’re doing but one of
the great things about smart trading application was allowing us to really
feel in control of what was going on in combination with taking decent sort of
signal profits from various sources including signal profits we were able to
really calculate exactly how we wanted to go into a trade you know everybody
can go in there and set their buy and sell and set stop-loss and you know on
kind of normal exchanges but we were able to really get in there and set a
number of parameters I’ve never really done trailing buyers before I done
trailing stops I’ve never done you know multiple exit points on on a sort of
trade and there’s so much more that we haven’t even be able to get into because
it’s probably way beyond our level of knowledge at the moment but certainly
the smart trading was an incredible sort of set of tools to get into we’ve we
found it really really useful and we’re going to be continuing to use it and
kind of reporting more over you know over the coming weeks but that’s a
really good one the bots have been really interesting
too we have two BOTS running now they’re very kind of I would say low volatility
bots they’re looking for about 1% sort of you know profit that they’re taking
just little pieces and they’re just you know sort of running off looking at
trades opening up like just taking these little bits bringing back out and over
the last sort of probably 10 days that’s been running for they’re you know
they’re both in profit we’ve put a second one on about two days ago and
then they’re not setting the world alight but we are
using very small amounts of money so I think we’ll have a little roundup look
at what our kind of profits are at the end but we’re dealing with kind of very
very small trades so there’s going to be no sort of Lambo montage inserted here so I would advise anybody who’s serious
about trading just click on the link below we’ve got a free trial third three
commas there’s also a discount if you decide to you know sort of carry on with it
it is a fantastic set of tools it’s you know it’s something we’ve really enjoyed
exploring we’re gonna carry on using it and maybe we’ll do a monthly report or
something going forward but I would suggest get on board click the link have
a look at it yourself they also give you a paper trading account when you first
download you’re sort of free trial so yeah a thousand dollars kind of I guess
fake trading account so you can have a look at it play make some mistakes and
not worry about losing real money that’s something I’d really advise people do
because that just allows you to put the training wheels on you know really get
under the hood and have a look and see you know kind of explore some of the
bots explore some of the smart trading and and really get stuck in so we have
been really impressed with it and it’s a sponsored segment I’m not going to kill
you know the guys have sponsored a few segments that help us out with the kind
of production cost of the show because we’re always looking to try and find
ways to pay for the cost of the show studio cost editing costs nobody’s
trying to get rich in this game but we are always trying to look for a way to
just keep our running costs to allow us to do this show every week and so it’s a
big thank you to three Commerce for that but genuinely very very impressed with a
software we don’t take sponsors on board lightly and we don’t just take any
sponsorship that comes our way I can honestly say that their tools are very
very I guess in-depth and if we were you know a lot more switched on in trading
we can pull it so much more out of it but we have learnt so much in the last
four weeks and I’ve you know I plan to continue learning with their software so
check them out three commas linked below and thank you again for watching this
trading segment so on our featured projects this week we
are with being struggling as kind of YouTube craters to find a way to engage
with our community also to give added value to people trying to find a way to
fund our channel always and it’s always been a sort of difficult scenario and
we’ve been chatting for a long time now about an exciting new project that’s
coming out and we’ve got a old from crater
eco on the line and are you there yo yeah hi EXOR welcome on board I guess
before I start droning on about it maybe you could just tell us from your
perspective what is creator all about so creator is all about content creators
and their ability to essentially engage with their audience in a completely new
way that was never available before and that new way is by essentially creating
their own token their own token for their own channel and providing perks
and premium content and special access and in the future many more exciting
things to their audience that they can do with these tokens because I think
going back obviously – you know 2017 and earlier it was creating a token itself
was quite a process right it’s very difficult but you guys have found a way
to don’t explain a little bit about how that works and how it’s become simple to
create a token on your system yeah so the the first barrier for creating a
token is essentially the liquidity and that his has been the stuff that we’ve
been working about the most because the entire idea behind the Bangko protocol
that we have been building has been to enable the long tail of user-generated
tokens and this problem that it solves is liquidity because if I would let you
right now just to issue your own okay guess what it’s not gonna be liquid so I
want to want to buy the token so I won’t want to sell the token that’s gonna be
no not gonna be seller a buyer there’s not gonna be any market maker
and banco protocol is the first solution that actually addressed that and solved
that and it was proving pretty useful for a lot of tokens that has been issued
through 2017 and 18 today I would say it’s a little bit slower on that front
but definitely it’s a it was always designed for the longtail it’s all over
our marketing material and our white paper and now for the first time we are
using the Banco protocol for what it was intended to do so essentially when
someone comes you know it’s really a free solution it doesn’t cost you
anything you you just need to have a you know a phone number your verify your
phone number you put you know what you want to be the
first initial price of the token and you have to deposit some reserve it’s not
spending the money just depositing it in order to have like initial value for the
token if in in exchange for that reserve you receive a hundred percent of the
initial supply and from that moment people can just buy your okay whatever
they want whenever they buy the token price will go up whenever they sell the
ticket price will go down but for the and usually just choose a symbol choose
your price say how much B&T you want to put in the reserve you’re done the
community is up they I think the most important thing is that it’s a single
solution for everything because you know how it is with crypto you go for this
place to trade and this place to check the prices on that place you know you
have a wallet here and there this is not good for regular people with this this
product is not for crypto heads at all it’s for the mass audience so the way
that we think about it is that you need to have the entire solution with it you
need to have your wallet you need to have your price history the the premium
content by the Creator member list prep profiles following each other all that
stuff is within a single product and this is why we’re so excited about it
because for us it’s the first time we’ll create a product in crypto not targeted
at crypto people not targeted our own industry but you know the general
audience now it’s still new we just release it three days ago so you know
– MVP working out the kinks but we’ll bear
very exciting so I guess one thing just to kind of explain to those so explain
why it would be useful for a creator to use this and then why it would be useful
for the audience so just explain a little bit about so we’re here new kids
we’re creating content obviously it’s very difficult these days to monetize
content we want our audience to get involved and feel like they’re part of
the community have some active involvement it and grow with us as we
grow so what’s the kind of you know exchange between creator and audience
where’s the value there so I would say that a creator that issues a token has
you know some kind of a hierarchy almost in a community because you know he might
have big stakeholder a small stakeholder so for example I tell you some of the
things that I do in my channel now I don’t have as many subscribers as you
guys you know I just started my channel but for example I have a weekly and ask
me anything session that is recorded and then post it to the channel and in order
to participate in that you need to own at least seven tokens some of the videos
I have a premium version maybe a longer version maybe an ad-free version in
order to access that you need to have three tokens it’s important to emphasize
you don’t pay the token you just need to have them it’s a matter of ownership
another thing is that you know a weekly call with one of their subscribers is
offered again for people that hold some tokens but if there are many people that
want to have this we can call I am selecting the one with the most tokens
so this is just the beginning we actually have a lot to offer in terms of
you know voting on who should be your next guest and you essentially you give
a stake in your channel to your followers and and give them access to
premium content to you and you know to to the creator itself and I think that
this is this is kind of the base value proposition from you know the engagement
side of things however there is nothing something very very important that is
very different let’s say in comparison to other city like patreon so with
patreon you can also provide some perks your features for your subscribers
however when you are using a token that people hold essentially what happens
they become stakeholders in your community and they have much better
incentive and willingness to promote the creator now I’ve been the founder of
little loom website called Metacafe it was second to YouTube in a winner takes
it all market and I can tell you that I learned a very important lesson I
learned that creators especially in the beginning they always prefer Fame over
fortune you know it’s good to have both and they want both but in the beginning
it’s really important for creators to grow so having a vested I would say a
stakeholder audience that really cares about the channel and see himself like a
partner of the channel and benefit from the growth of the channel I think that’s
the key for most creators and why we believe that this solution is the right
one for them and we’ve got quite an exciting announcement to make because
we’ve been working with the guides for the last well the last few months really
I’m having regular calls getting involved on it and we have actually
launched our own token today and we are the first number one a tie-in number one
on greater exciting this is this is for me historic interview I mean for me you
know I believed in the vision of long tail of user-generated talking since
2012 I I so beats going in 2011 and in 2012 I decided that this is what I want
to do I’ve been working on it since you know there were no platform then then
there was a theorem but you know the theorem was too hard for that not
scalable we you know we we waited for more scalable platform to come we build
tons of Technology around it we finally released it three days ago you know
after so many years of like thinking about it obsessing about it and you are
the first customer the one and you’ll say on screen will will pop up now some
best friends or something I mean this is just shaking a handshake across the
ocean and we are so we now have we have new kids token and you can basically go
and you can see I’ll put the details you touken they are a whopping ten sends
each currently you are able to buy some we will be rolling out premium content
and we’re still working all this stuff out but we wanted to you know we’ve been
beta test in the system and we’ve like I say we’ve been looking for ways that we
want to try and find the next paradigm for how content creation works which is
why we’ve been so excited about this so why not come onboard the journey with us
have a look just come by a handful of tokens fifty cents a dollar whatever
it’s not about money we’re not like back into the 2017 pumping tokens time this
isn’t me trying to pump and dump you its come on the journey with us buy a few
new kids tokens and along the way we’ll all be part of the journey and and we’ll
be chatting I’m sure more over the next few weeks yell about this and we’re very
excited we think it’s a really interesting concept I on boarded today
with you guys it was so simple I didn’t need crypto knowledge the only I think
the only bit that was the some crypto knowledge was setting up my initial Bank
or wallet but it was really straightforward and really simple and
you know or you could you buy these tokens by using EOS or it was just it
was very simple or a credit card this is I think one of the biggest things that
that has changed in the industry yes recently because they are now credit
cards to crypto solution that require no kyc you can complete the process in less
than a minute so do but but it’s limited to about two hundred dollars per day per
person now for this purpose this is so much you know you don’t need more than
that and this is why we’re so excited because again this is a path for
mainstream audience to onboard to the kind of crypto space and we’re excited
about it and maybe I should tell you about you know to your audience
essentially about stuff that is coming up so soon you’ll be able for example to
see the member list sorted by how much token they hold and when people respond
to post those who have more token will show up first so it’s really a way to
filter your attention to your community if you’re you know too many comments two
minutes too much attention if you even a huge creator this is a great way to kind
of give respect to go to your biggest supporters ascension I mean so if
somebody now wants to we have our new case
coin we have our new kids community if people now want to come and sign up to
that I can put the link down below and they can just come up sign up to that
content they can look at there is free content on there so one of our youtube
content to be on there and then token holders at certain levels will be able
to have access to other perks in a similar model to the patreon way but
like you say in this case they’re actually a stake holder as opposed to
just paying a couple of bucks a month to somebody they actually hold tokens and
they essentially are part of the future success of the channels exactly exactly
that’s what it’s all about fantastic well look really exciting
stuff we’re delighted to be number one number one well yeah and as we roll out
over the next few weeks we’ll get you back on to have more of a chat and we’ll
also be chatting to some of our creator sort of friends across the community as
well so you’ve got lots of friends out there in the space that are really good
creators and they’re all facing the same problem which is just you know nobody’s
trying to get rich out of this we do it because we love it but there is a cost
of running a channel and there is a cost of putting out content and the old
models of doing stuff just aren’t working anymore and I love the idea of
incentivizing people to do it together so they feel involved because nobody’s
going to be behind a channel as much as if they hold some skin in the game so
it’s fantastic well done a pleasure to chat and I’m sure we will chat soon yeah
and I’m going right now to buy some of your tokens before this video goes live
nice thanks I’ll take care that’s all folks it’s the end of the
show I’m afraid I’m sorry I’ve been on my lonesome
Lisa will be back next week I promise I hope it’s not too disappointing to have
just me happy mister tell us down below was I disappointing but I probably don’t
tell me down below to talk to us though like/comment/subscribe do love that
stuff tell us what you’d like us to talk about is there anything particularly out
there at the moment alt season do you think it’s coming are you a bull turd
are you a bear tard if they even exist you know what’s your thought so that’s
what was going on are there any events you want to go have a look at are there
any people you want us to talk to any project she wants to talk to we’d love
to get your help on that because ultimately we make this show for you so
let us know have a fantastic week and until we see you next week remember you
been blockchain

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