New Australian banknotes purchaises

New Australian banknotes purchaises

so hello fellow coin collectors oh I’m
banknote collectors as well and my name is Glenn and today I have another
banknote video this is not really anything specific and just two banknotes
actually got from circulation and one I purchased so here is the older
Australians illa this version was introduced in 1995 and was replaced in
2016 and this one is a first issue so be a for these banknotes is actually a
first issue they didn’t actually issue a tank because the previous ones between
1992 and 1994 actually had a a and these ones have the dates so this is 2012 you
know I don’t actually see these in circulation that much anymore
so over the past two years these have been withdrawn and well the circulation
life is actually not that great for about one to two years and here I have a
ten dollar 2013 as you can see is the first issue a a so the 10 to 100 dollars
does have the AAA because they didn’t have the problem of default dollar
nightwear previous issue was had the date on it so there’s Mary Gilmore and
it’s also has banjo Patterson also if you notice the banknotes printed before
2002 don’t have the names of the people on them so sometimes people go oh this
banknote is missing his name must be an error so bad as banjo Patterson is a
poet this one has Mary Gilmore so if they missing their names and they did
one 1993 to 2002 then they’re not errors that’s the way they were actually
printed and here I hope that the new Australian banknote has the same people
Mary Gilmore and banjo Patterson I actually like that
Center but I don’t like the fact that is actually in the center and divides the
bank now yeah there’s a good fit here they’re not as good as some other
countries like Vietnam Romania Papua New Guinea there banknotes awesome in here
I have no one pound banknote so this one is the Reserve Bank issued between 1960
and 1966 so this was exchanged for two Australian dollars which is actually now
a coin and it has the coat of arms Commonwealth Australia Queen Elizabeth
the second on this side there’s a HK every time I see HK just reminds me of
Hong Kong the water my keys James Cook or Captain Cook was a crook ahahahahaha between 1954 and 1960 the issue by to
come off Bank of Australia instead of the Reserve Bank the signatures were the
same on the reverse he has Charles Stewart 1795 to 1869 Hamilton here I’ve
written a set explorers account remember that much
I didn’t 1797 1873 and it has huge water Marquis so James Cook and the Endeavour
is actually the ship that he captain and he was actually killed in Hawaii by the
natives but he was still revered and from all I read they actually regret
their actions and he’s a one pound so if we look down there actually has borne
pound as a watermark as well doesn’t have a security thread so if I send over
one pound these wouldn’t have any UV or anything on them because that was before
that was a implemented a new coat of arms actually has well the coat of arms
of the six states says New South Wales Victoria Queensland South Australia Western
Australia Tasmania Tasmania has a line for some reason and it has a Mew in a
kangaroo I heard that it was a red kangaroo but that doesn’t that’s not
fair to Tasmania because they don’t have the red kangaroo day of the grey
kangaroo so maybe can be a hybrid between your red and grey camera to buy
from their genius macro boost so me macro piss yep so that’s awesome so
those are my new banknotes I like to say thank you very much for watching and
down below I’d like to know what are the new banknotes that you have got laning
spring that collecting is awesome as well as coin collecting – and anything
else you collect as long as it’s not people’s body parts that’s fine so
awesome coin collecting time people bye-bye


  1. Great video. Got an older $5 polymer note in change today in good nick like the one in the video…uh oh…i think I now collect banknotes 😁☹ Can you do a video on the serial numbers? I have no idea how they work or what to look out for. Thank you!!!!!

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