New Apex Legends Leak! Meet Husaria – The Hard Breacher! Say Goodbye to Campers!

New Apex Legends Leak! Meet Husaria – The Hard Breacher! Say Goodbye to Campers!

Hey everyone, it’s time to talk about Husaria.
Another leaked legend that was found in the
game files in the most recent Iron Crown update.
I’ll explain what Husaria’s abilities are
and what kind of playstyle she will have.
I think Husaria will have a very valuable
role in the ranked meta and I can see a lot
of people enjoying playing her.
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Previously I covered Crypto’s abilities, Blisks,
Seer’s, and Ramparts.
Now, it’s time to talk about Husaria.
So who is Husaria and what are her abilities?
So for those unaware, the name Husaria is
inspired by the Polish Hussars, an elite group
of cavalry from the 16th century.
I don’t know the full back story myself, but
from what I can tell, they were really badass.
Besides that, the Polish hussars were also
known as Winged Hussars, which leads me to
believe that this leaked image of Husaria
is actually Husaria.
In the past, people tried to match the names
to the legends, and whilst some were right,
the new abilities have kind of helped us to
match up the right names.
I personally think this is still Husaria,
and when we look at her skills, it will make
more sense too.
So Hussaria’s subtitle is Hard Breacher.
And let me tell you now, she really is a hard
breacher in every sense of the word.
Remember, this is all subject to change.
We’ll start with Hussaria’s tactical.
Pretty much what it says on the tin.
Throw a grenade that briefly blinds and deafens
Now, we know how flashbangs can be in video
Sometimes they are awesome, sometimes they
just don’t cut it.
I really hope they work well, especially indoors,
and most importantly I hope that there’s some
kind of visual animation that legends will
perform if they are blind.
If they shield their eyes or something, that
would be really useful.
Next, we have Hussaria’s ultimate, another
tool that’s powerful for breaching buildings
and it’s going to rip up the current camping
meta in ranked.
I actually hope that Hussaria comes very soon
because she’ll be so valuable in today’s meta,
but maybe not so important in the meta 5 months
down the line.
Her ultimate is called Concussive Breaching
This ultimate does a lot all at once.
Plant a breaching charge that fires a sonic
wave through walls to destroy traps, force
open doors, and disorient enemies.
So this is really awesome.
It destroys traps, and i’m pretty sure this
will be able to bypass Wattson’s ultimate
– it’s not really ordanance.
I could be wrong there but I’d be surprised
if I was.
And on top of that it disorients enemies and
forces open doors.
I imagine the disorentation won’t quite be
as strong as a full blown flashbang effect,
at least that’s how the description makes
it sound.
For Hussaria’s passive, we have another breaching
A breaching shotgun on your calf that discharges
when you melee doors or enemies.
Requires shotgun ammo.
This is really, really awesome.
Firstly, I really hope this means you can
counter the door block meta.
By that I mean the whole thing where players
hide behind doors and heal.
If you can fire it and still shoot immediately
after, this will completely bypass that.
Husaria will have so much value in areas like
Skull town where healing like that happens
all of the time.
She will deny players the chance to lock down
buildings and that really does play an important
role in the meta.
Besides that though, Hussaria kind of lacks
any real power in general situations.
She has absolutely no abilities to use out
in the open – no movement abilities – even
Wattson and Caustic can use their abilities
for a sort of disengage.
I’m worried that Hussaria players will struggle
to compete in 1v1s or solo mode because of
that, but sure in ranked she’ll have a relatively
high pick rate.
So that’s all there is about Hussaria.
Tomorrow, I’ll talk about Valk, another legend
we’ve never heard anything about yet.
She has some really awesome mobility skills
and she literally has the ability to hover
off the ground.
More on that tomorrow.
Thank you so much for watching.
What are your thoughts on Hussaria?
How does she compare to the legends we’ve
talked about so far?
Let me know your thoughts.
I’ll see you in the comments.


  1. They really need to push another legend out after the Iron Crown event. I think it would really do them well to do 2 legends per season for the next 2 seasons.. There will always be atleast one that kinda fizzles like Wattson did.. Itll keep people coming back. Especially with COD coming out

  2. From someone who played a ton of blackout and cod, I hope the devs can really balance this, as it is a game breaking grenade. I remember losing countless solo matches in Blackout because of a flash bang or a stun grenade. There’s already ark-stars that have the ability to inhibit movement, if she has a flash-bang it should be her ultimate, not a tactical with a 30 second cooldown, jeez

  3. Maybe the whole idea of Apex is that you're essentially a titan. Or more a titan pilot hybrid in the fact that you can perform titan-like abilities within a PC based arena br setting the fact that Respawn are considering adding what I imagine is a VOTL hover to a legend makes me re-evaluate how I look at Apex legends …. Just a mental rant but still very interested to see the development of this game

  4. Don’t you hate when you bite into an ice cube and it stabs into your gums but just leaves the wound open because its ice so it just melts away but your gums don’t melt back together so its like wtf ice

  5. The only issue i see w solos is something that u mentioned about her being underpowered in solos.
    The moment they start trying to balance legends for group and solo play it’s gonna fuck the original game up. She sounds perfect for trios. But if they start fucking w her to make her viable for solos, where would it end?

  6. I was that Pathfinder crouching behind thoses boxes named February_Gold. I still remember that death but i don't checked your name in game. So suprised, i've been in a match against you.
    Keep up the good work, i enjoy your videos man

  7. Would be great if we could get him instead of crypto, yes camping is a strategy but it's not suitable for a high paced game like apex. Love your content. Have an awesome day!

  8. Saying that she may not have a hugh pick rate because of her abilities not being verry useful is quite funny considering wraith is a top pick still and her abilities are dog shit

  9. You're worried about the flashbang being too weak, I'm worried about it being too strong. Bump into an enemy Hasaria around a corner flash bang r99 ur ded fun game thanks Respawn.


    Gaming Merchant, check out Sabaton's song "Winged Hussars" amazing song that tells of one of their greatest feats

  11. Can you do a video about the lead developer calling fans "asshats" and "dicks?" I'm curious if you think people will stop playing because of this.

  12. I'm getting so annoyed with these types of videos. They're not coming, none of the 20 "leaked" legends, at least not in this season or the next since we already have krypto


  14. Haven’t you learned your lesson of digging through game files and pushing out info on “potential legends”! Or do I need to reference the respawn blog post about this topic?

  15. Honestly the shotgun kick sounds stupid what's it do? Break the door? Hurt someone on the other side? I'd much rather have the passive be an immunity to her flashbangs

  16. You’re clearly working hard with these daily uploads. Keep up the great work! I’m enjoying all of them. 👍🏾

  17. Are you sure those are her abilities? Why would she have that device over her shoulder? I've seen two pilots that use that device in Titanfall two: A-Wall and Cloaked pilots. You sure her ability won't be the one that grunts use in the Titanfall 2 campaign where there shield is always in front of them while they move?

  18. I am so hyped for this legend, probably most of all the legends that mendo has shown us. I will probably main this in squads as this legend can be so extremely valuable

  19. I wish people would stop hacking game files to find speculative data. What happened to the old days when all our info came through smoke signals?

  20. Great video as usual dude!
    Here's my 2 cents 😄
    I don't know if you've considered this or not, but wouldn't she be able to use her "flash bang" to help with disengagements? Especially in solos.

  21. I like your content and will continue to support you, but I've uninstalled Apex and have gone back to Overwatch due to the Development manager swearing at his fanbase and calling us freeloading ass-hats and dicks.

  22. I wish this character were coming first, because these abilities actually sound like the kind of thing we need right now. Actually, releasing Husaria and Crypto at the same time would really shake up the meta and get us away from Watson building camping. Those pro matches with Watson were horrible to watch. So much camping.

  23. Um what campers….. this is like the one game campers are rarely seen lol this character just sounds like a broken headache …… flash bang really like wtf that's such a skilless ability and that's going to take advantage of real skilled players….

  24. Jesus, she get's a flash-bang and like, a super flash-bang that goes through walls and kills traps. Dude, this sounds OP and fun as hell. I'd love to blind ppl who have better aim than me. NO-WAIT~! Blind ppl on the airship-drop and watch them all run off the edge! YES LMAO. I wanna do THAT~! XD

  25. You said she’d have a flash bang grenade then go on to say she doesn’t have any sort of dueling capabilities and compared it to Wattson and caustic having even some with their ability to put up traps and fences in the middle of a fight, respectively. Isn’t the flash bang a good ability to duel with or did I miss something?

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