My Bitcoin Price Target For Bitmex Trading! BTC ADOPTION! Cryptocurrency Analysis/Ripple XRP News

My Bitcoin Price Target For Bitmex Trading! BTC ADOPTION! Cryptocurrency Analysis/Ripple XRP News

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we
got another killer video for you guys
full of information today I’m gonna be
sharing with you guys my Bitcoin price
target in the short term we’re also
gonna be looking at the GOG market
indicator as well as tons of other news
that went on in the cryptocurrency space
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off your first month so now let’s get
started with some technical analysis
we’re going to start off on the for
hourly chart and to me pretty much in
simple terms we are following not on the
not only on the RSI we do have this
pattern over here where we are trending
upwards in order and we’re gonna see
obviously we’re at the support right now
if you will continue to break up from
here or if you will reverse back down
the stochastic is also pointing upward
so bullish momentum here room definitely
for growth on that but to keep it simple
to jump right into the part you guys are
probably interested about my price
target for Bitcoin now as you guys know
I’ve been in a long position for Bitcoin
pretty much just before our recent rally
where we have gone up here and the left
of the position is still open with
targets in mind for when I would want to
close it so if we zoom in a little more
just so you guys can take a look I’ve
made the chart very very simple and I’ve
put this green line this neon green line
over here as the point as my price
target the ultimate price target at
least for now in the short term
for Bitcoin the reason I have this press
line over here is pretty much as the
resistance that we’ve seen on several
occasions where Bitcoin has topped out
in this area where we have been again
since that big drop from $6,000 so
that’s what I’m aiming at right now
that’s what I’m looking at this line
roughly around four thousand two hundred
to four thousand two hundred twenty
dollars again I put the line here and
again if we zoom out and we look at one
of the reasons as to why this line is
here again as you guys know I’ve been
sharing with you guys some of the
indicators especially the simple
indicators I think you guys could really
use to in order to get started to learn
some technical analysis as I know some
of you guys are interested in doing so
if we look at this again the V P V R
which is the volume profile it shows the
volume at different price levels on the
for hourly chart and even if we zoom out
to the daily chart and we take a look
like this and we look at what happened
since that big job that we’ve seen well
there is a very strong price support
there is some very strong volume in this
area obviously where we’ve been pretty
much trading sideways in this range but
then after that there’s not too much
volume up in here so the resistance line
pretty much is on top of this V P V
hours like I said it’s between 4200 to
4220 I would say it is and that to me is
the price target for Bitcoin a break
above this as we can see there is not
much holding a Bitcoin from going all
the way back up we had one huge fall did
not build much much resistance on the
way back up for Bitcoin so if we are
able to break through this and continue
going if we have enough bullish momentum
we could definitely go back up and that
just makes me highlight the fact that I
do not think we are in a bull run just
because we enter this range to me
anywhere between you know where we are
right now to five thousand to five
thousand five hundred dollars is a fair
game for Bitcoin especially with this
low volume in between especially with
the lack of resistance to me we could
definitely just trade in this region if
that is what Bitcoin decides to do but I
will say that our break above here and
again this is my target as of right now
it can be adjusted if things look
different I can re-enter along if we do
break above that and that’s something
I’m gonna be keeping the group updated
on but I did want to highlight for you
guys the price target that I have in the
short term for Bitcoin of course being
as we are at four thousand eighty-one if
you are
and you do have a leverage position
usually I’m gonna give you guys some as
some of the information that I use I
usually use a 5 to 10 X leverage on bit
mix with Bitcoin so even if you were to
enter here and cash out up on top if we
do reach that target then again that
would have been 120 dollars it per
Bitcoin and if you use leverage you can
make some pretty decent gains on this
move but I am not telling you guys to
invest I’m not a financial adviser I’m
not telling you guys what to do all I’m
saying is that I am already in a long
position in profit with my stop-loss at
break even so no matter what happens for
me at this point I still close the trade
in profit that’s why I’m saying I’m not
telling you guys to buy just share with
you guys the targets that I have for my
specific trade now I do also want to go
over and talk about the God indicator
and this is something that’s actually
picking up a lot of traction this has
been around for some time if you guys
are interested in this he’s using the
crypto total market cabin I’m gonna show
you guys the indicator in just a bit
this is from crypto these crypto thighs
don’t know exactly how you pronounce a
king of thieves on Twitter do you guys
wanna go check him out forty twenty four
point six thousand Twitter followers so
a pretty big name in the space he has an
indicator that if you go and type in it
is just market God V five point three if
you go in and type market God on
indicators with um if you go to Micah
God on with indicators on trading view
you should be able to see and you should
be able to access AI found that the
weekly looks best without too many
signals but one of the reasons this has
picked up a lot of traction I’m actually
gonna take out the V PVR right here as
well the reason why this has picked up a
lot of traction is because of the cell
signal pretty much right over here now
keep in mind you should never use one
indicator to trade a hundred percent of
the times it’s never 100% accurate
that’s why you use a mix of indicators
that you find to be your strategy and
something you are comfortable in using
so that’s one thing I’m gonna get out of
the way but again if you do want to try
this out you do want to use bit mix in
order to do some trading if you guys
create your own strategy then make sure
you check out the link for bit mix down
below as you do save fees if you use
that link so make sure you do guys do go
ahead and check that out if you look
back on previous price action
not too bad I’m on the weekly chart
right now to give us a little bit of a
zoom out view on the daily you obviously
get a lot more signals here and there a
lot of people are indicating that there
was a buy signal over here
so maybe we will be seeing a little bit
of a Bitcoin rally now we’ve seen buy
signals coming before it’s roughly
around this area we see a buy signal
over here went up a little bit then
obviously the sell signal coming back
down so in that sense it has been pretty
accurate to predict bigger moves such as
this we do see that big sell-off and you
can look at the past price action like I
said no indicators 100% accurate but
this has gotten it right sometimes it’s
gotten it wrong sometimes the cool part
I like to see is this range right here
where you see it actually told you the
sell pretty much at the resistance buy
again at the support same thing here not
too too accurate but again you could
have made some gains in the bull run
using this method on specific times I
wanted to share that with you guys again
if you guys want to want to go and check
that out full credit to the creator
right here again I don’t know if I’m
pronouncing his name correctly crypto
thighs crimping your King thighs these
whatever it is this is pretty cool see
this picked up a lot of tracks and
that’s what I wanted to share with you
guys like I said people are saying the
buy signal means we’re it’s time to buy
right now you know we can still make
profits I believe we can still make
profits in the short to mid-term with
Bitcoin even in the long term all ranges
we can make profit with Bitcoin but you
have to one know what you’re doing to
have your strategy set out you don’t
wanna use one indicator you want to have
your strategy set up and from there you
can move on and and you know trade the
way you’d like but moving on looking at
coin market cap really quick just over a
hundred forty billion dollars in market
cap with a 50 point eight percent
Bitcoin dominance again not many big not
much big change in the market we’ve been
talking about this for some time Bitcoin
has a big move and then trades sideways
and that’s pretty much what we’ve seen
still we are able to make gains in this
region if you trade correctly if you
wait for the right opportunity if you
have a good strategy you’re still you’re
still able to make gains but again very
small moves from the bigger crypto
currencies from the bigger all coins not
something we’re used to seeing but again
we’re seeing stellar actually up still
from that coin based news you guys
didn’t see a coin basis now apparently
adding stellar so that obviously gave it
a little bit of a boost also some other
came out moving on to ripple XRP we do
have some big news at the end of the
video so make sure you do stay tuned all
the way till the end
Ripple’s XRP finally integrates with
three with WooCommerce to reach three
million customers so some pretty big
news again of increasing the reach for X
RP and on a survey from a Japanese
Internet giant x RP was the most voted
the most likely crypto to rise in 2019
so I figured when there’s a survey I’d
love to do this I want to get your
guys’s thoughts in the comments down
below let me know in the comments right
now which cryptocurrency do you think is
most likely to rise in 2019 most likely
to rise and also which one do you think
is going to have the biggest gains in
2019 let me know your guys’s thoughts
for that in the comments down below but
now moving into the big news
Switzerland’s biggest online retailer
starts accepting Bitcoin etherium Ripple
Bitcoin cash
litecoin B&B and even OMG so oh me say
go this is obviously from a third party
but whatever crypto you’ll have will
take seems to be the message from
Switzerland biggest online retailer with
yearly yearly revenue of circa one
billion-dollar digitech Galax us I
believe that I pronounced it not upset
sure sounds about right
they’ve received Swiss francs on their
end with the conversion handle by coin
if I so similar we’re seeing from
Starbucks where they never actually hold
the cryptocurrency I’m assuming for tax
reasons that would make sense similar to
like I said with Starbucks it makes
sense for tax reasoning for the
regulations to come in for crypto
currencies they’re using a third party
in order to let you pay with to cool
with kryptos and they accept it and they
you know get it in in what they’re used
to which is these Swiss francs that’s
still pretty good news though they have
been upfront they have been in front in
terms of development and doing things
correctly getting in on the right trends
obviously why they are the biggest
online retailer in Switzerland otherwise
they wouldn’t be if they didn’t weren’t
able to catch trends they weren’t able
to get in at the right time but guys
good news here very happy to see the
adoption that we are getting and
hopefully moving forward we’ll see the
big guys like Amazon and so forth do
as well that’s gonna be if this video
hope you guys did enjoy if you did don’t
forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a
comment down below in order to enter a
chance to win some free Bitcoin and of
course be subscribed and have you know
occasions turn on take your check back
in to see if you did win so you can go
ahead and claim it but guys thank you so
much for watching I’ll see you guys
tomorrow for another video


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  2. ohhh I have some coins that I think will rise. but the question is which one of the coins you think will rise in 2019?

  3. Nice video as always, lots of sign show that we have actually bottomed, we may keep going up amd down by just little until the bull run which i think it’s going to be around May June July this year. The most recent sign we already bottomed is Coinbase increasing fees in preparation for the bullrun

  4. XRP will do well this year. Perhaps even break 34 cent resistance. But I am looking for XY Oracle to take off because of favorable trade winds.

  5. Splendid, I agree with you more than most ever will. I think it is ok buying loads of coin for a future that could moon or completely dip and cost you your hodling that is primarily why I stopped hodling. I lost more than 3/4 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $8,000 xrp. I was devastated and got desperate seeking for options to recover my loss when I stumbled upon Adrian Markus on youtube. After considering the odds, I contacted him via mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading over hodling especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to make almost 80% on my ripples. Adrian never asked me to give him access to my account, and he would warn me against doing that with anybody as its a way many Fakes use to defraud people. If you have any inquiries reach him at *<<Adrianmarkus48gmailcom>>*, you can reach and gain reliable profit with your little experience on crypto.

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