Minting Explained: Creating digital gold and silver

If you own gold then your investment is
currently under utilized and undervalued your potential earnings are slipping
right through your fingers costing you money instead of generating
a yield in return Global central banks have increased their
purchasing of gold by 74 percent in 2018 Why? because they understand the role of
gold as a store of value and so should you with the current economic system
struggling to sustain itself exponentially increasing global debt
concern over asset bubbles and faltering currencies you have to ask yourself is
there another way? With ambition and time things evolve and gold is no exception
to the rule thanks to Kinesis the Kinesis mint
allows you to act as your own central bank you can create a gold based digital
currency with a fee sharing yield from your physical bullion without paying any
storage fees whether you choose to hold, send or spend your precious metals with
Kinesis you can now earn a yield derived from the transaction fees generated by
the system for life. Send internationally within seconds for
the low flat fee of not 0.45%. Xompeting with the best money transfer services in
the world negative and low interest rates subject to central bank policies
are now a thing of the past with legally allocated title given to your
bullion Kinesis mitigates counterparty risk
unlike the paper money issued and held with your bank you are the legal owner
of your currency no longer do we need to be at the mercy
of central banks and their low interest rate environments where the value of
your wealth is eroded by inflation transparency is at the forefront of
Kinesis and with the introduction of the blockchain we now present an immutable
record of your precious metal ownership with 100% visibility of all interactions
and holdings on the network. No longer do you need to trust in any company when it
comes to your money Kinesis brings the power back to you. Participate in the
Kinesis initial minting offer for a host of benefits that will bring excitement
back into your portfolio. Join the Kinesis mint and bring a yield to your
gold forever visit for more information now

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