Mine Crypto On Your Mobile- Electroneum!

Mine Crypto On Your Mobile- Electroneum!

Yo guys welcome back to my channel, I hope you guys are all doing well. I hope you had a good weekend so today
We’re gonna be talking about electroneum
I just want to show you guys how easy electroneum is making mining you don’t have to have GPUs anymore
You don’t have to shell out a load of cash to buy a load of gadgets to mine
You can just mine from your mobile phone, so they’ve launched this mobile app, and they say it’s very user friendly
But even a five-year-old can use it to mine also
Like I said before if you’re not into GPU mining you might want to give this a try
They also said it doesnt zap your mobile data as much
So I guess you’re good especially if you’re on an unlimited data plan and it’s also zero fees and they have 100% secure
offline wallet
We’re not gonna go into too much of technical details in this video because I just want to tell you guys about mining mobile
but you may be interested to know that they have their own blockchain as well
So you’re not on Ethereum platform or any other platform like that also?
These people are specifically targeting
Smartphone users so the amount of smartphone users of the world
I’ll just read this out to you guys the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by
2019 the number of smartphone users is forecast to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to 2.5 billion in
2019 with
Smartphone penetration rates increasing as well also
Electroneum is targeting the mobile gaming industry
So they’re gonna have different games from different platforms where you can play games on get tokens and swap your tokens for
Real value and the gaming industry is big
Let’s just go to the numbers so right now the gaming industry well last year in 2017 the gaming industry was worth over 40 billion
Dollars and the amount of people coming into the gaming industry is growing
These are very very big numbers so from an investment point of view are there massive potentials
What do you guys think let me know in the comments
So let’s have a look at a coin on coinmarketcap
So the max supply for electroneum is going to be 21 billion coins and at the moment
they have a circulating supply of just over six billion so the rest of the 15 billion coins will be mined on smartphones
They are not even trading at 1 cent yet, so you’re not too late if you’re thinking of a long-term investment
I’m not an expert, and this is not financial advice. So please do your research after you send this video
They raised 40 million dollars in their ICO
And now did they’re delivering on their promise which I think is awesome
I remember when they launched a lot of people were saying that this is electroneum a scam
yeah, I think people were saying that because
They had referral links, but now it turns out that they are not a scam yay. By the way this video is not sponsored
I’m just very excited at the pace at which the cryptoworld jet is travelling
I mean it’s designed so that even a five-year-old can mine like how cool is that?
bad news is they are only on Android at the moment, so this is their website and
It says
Coming soon to the Apple Store, which is not good news for Apple users let shave a look at their team
So the team is down here so they have a pretty solid team
I mean that’s one of the founders pick on your LinkedIn. They have LinkedIn pages which is quite cool
And a lot of you have already seen this, but just in case you have not I’m doing this video for you
And there’s also a guy called Duncan Logan as well
so this guy is involved with electroneum and he was involved with uber and
Spotify as well and is also the CEO of rocket space and its a company based out of Silicon Valley
So just in case you didn’t know what electroneum was or you’re still confused of what this cryptocurrency is about
I’ve on the Electroneum YouTube and I have a short video to show you
Requires making or buying a GPU mining rig or sending copies of your passport and bank statements to strange-sounding
overseas websites
You’ll probably need a complicated crypto wallet on your desktop, PC
What if I was to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way?
Electrum IAM is designed specifically for the average guy
All the security and anonymity of the leading crypto
coins but managed securely send and receive electroneum and experien ce mining crypto coins straight from
the app with zero technical knowledge
all that development is finished and ready right now
but what about the
Future the team behind the electroneum have a plan to get your favorite game based virtual currencies into the real world
this virtual currency exchange for gamers allows you to monetize and play currency and
transfer them in between different games
game developers can set the commission fees and gain additional
Monetization from gamers who are leaving or joining a game?
electroneum an easy-to-use crypto coin for gamers
Download the app now
So that’s kind of everything about electroneum if you’re new to electroneum they do have their social media platforms
yeah, I mean I’m telegram to have almost 50,000 members and
Yeah, they have their Twitter as well
I’ll show you guys quickly
That’s the Twitter account over 100,000 followers
So yeah, and it seems very promising what electroneum is doing for the mobile average person
I’ll probably try them out. Yeah, I’m here to have
Over 100,000 people as well
So that’s it today from me about electroneum and if you have any questions you probably want to check on your websites
But if you want to ask me you can ask me in comment section below
I hope you guys are having a good day, or had a good day, or are going to have a good day
And if you like this video give it a thumbs up, and if you’re not subscribed please subscribe
so you don’t miss my future videos and I will see you in my next video I


  1. Too bad i cannot create an account on ETN website somehow the confirm pwd box provides no input…
    Also people should research the mining, its not real its basically a ETN giveaway on your app…

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