Lost Bitcoins. How to Prevent It? TOP 5 Recommendations

Hey there! It’s STIPS FinTech, the fairest cryptocurrency channel. I’m NikitaKutsenko. Today’s topic is how to prevent losing your cryptocurrency. 1. To begin with, dedicate one of your devices (laptop or PC) to work with cryptoassets only. Otherwise, if you browse porn websites, talk to your granny, download torrents and at the same time log in to your wallets (Heaven forbid storing private keys there), you are at a great risk to lose your cryptoassets soon. Encrypting viruses, hackers, bitcoin racketeers are a small subset of the danger that you can face at any second. 2. Use a stand-alone email to log in to exchanges and wallets. And never use it anywhere else. Active emails that often appear in the web get hacked, and access to them enables changing passwords and stealing funds. 3. Always set up two-factor authentication where possible. Use a dedicated phone for that! This is the only way to protect your money even if your passwords were stolen. 4. In social media, do not let people know you own cryptoassets or mining farms. Racketeering grows popular across the globe. 5. Do not mention your cryptoassets in new communities. Such talking may lead to problems. 6. Avoid pump communities, MLM programs, signal staff; do not reply to unfamiliar people in Telegram, do not go to links. In 99% cases, these guys are cheaters trying to get your money. Well, that’s pretty enough for today. Keep your eyes on your wallets. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe. More great stuff to come!

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