Los Serrano 20 capítulo (Sodoma y Gomera)

“My dad says Christmas is a
special family holiday.

That’s why I thought,
since there are more of us now,

it will be much more fun.
But it was a bit sad.

Lucia couldn’t come and
dad missed her so much.”

Idiot! Leave the game!
“I miss Lucia too.
Especially on Sundays

because it’s as boring as
it was when girls weren’t here.

My brother go out, and I stay in
with my dad, uncle and Fiti.

And they consider me a waiter.”
Bring more snacks.
What is it, your phone doesn’t work?
– I’m trying to reach Lucia,
but she’s not answering, she doesn’t call…
– That’s weird.
That’s really weird.
– Weirs? Terribly weird.
She doesn’t call, write, congratulate…
– What’s weird. Damn it!
Wow! Look at you.
Kid, bring the cloth. If it fries
you can’t remove it.
They operated her husband on
December 25th, I told you that.
He’s recuperating, she has to be there.
She couldn’t find the ticket,
everything’s sold out for the holidays.
If you had gotten married over an ad this
is exactly what would’ve happened.
Santi, she’s taking care of a sick person.
She’s alone over there.
And why doesn’t she call? –I don’t know.
Lines must be busy.
Here’s my hypothesis.
One of their snipers holds the entire
hospital as a hostage.
What hypothesis!
Honey, go get the fries.
What hypothesis!
You listen if this is a normal signal!
This is a normal signal.
How? One moment…
Lucia please.
It’s John, Sergi’s friend,
her ex-husband.
What’s with the looks?
What’s that for, for the love of God!
Don’t look at me like that. I
got nervous.
THE SERRANO episode 20
Sodom and Gomorrah
Thanks for the burger.
It was delicious.
I hope you didn’t think the burger
place was nasty.
Was it okay?
– It was worth it at least for the doll.
It’s cute. For Gabi.
I’m leaving.
And the kiss?
It’s just a half-kiss.
Marcos, we’re in front of your house
– What is it?
My uncle.
– Uncle?
You can really blend in.
Well he was there, he could’ve…
My brother!
Rush hour.
– Yes. –You didn’t
tell your whole family to go
out just to make a scene?
No, no.
I’m leaving now really.
One little kiss…
– Hi!
Hi, How are you?
– Good.
How are your private lessons?
– I’m doing great. –So lucky.
I see you’re happy. Since those
relationships are short and intense.
This one’s really intense,
but it won’t be short.
This one? With your teacher?
It won’t last few days.
What do you wanna bet that this
relationship will last? -Dinner?
Curo, easy on the candies,
you’ll get cavity.
I love this.
– Kid, leave that whistle!
You’ll break my eardrum!
You weren’t meant for philharmonic.
Santiago, do you want coffee?
I was reading the papers and they say
there are big discounts in January.
For example, white goods or
airplane tickets. All for nothing.
They can give me a free ticket I wouldn’t
take it. I’ve never flown.
I’m telling you…
Do you play too?
Leave it honey, you’re drilling our heads.
Airplane is the safest way
of transportation nowadays.
Yes, until that Bin Laden showed up.
Yes, but look at these offers.
New York 300 euros. Huston…
450 euros, hotel included.
– Are you going to America dad?
You’ll see my parents? –No. Maybe.
I said it just like that.
I want to go.
– Me too!
This is just a hypothesis and no
one can apply.
C’mon, get your thing and
let’s go to school.
You’re so cheap.
– Yes. Go now.
What are you saying, Santi?
Hypothetically speaking,
if I decided to go to America,
would you come with me?
No way.
– Santi… listen to me…
We spent our whole life working
our butts off here.
We never go anywhere. Have you
ever left Spain?
Once to go to Portugal to buy
towels. I didn’t like it.
How can you compare Portugal
to America.
America’s something else.
If I were to invite you to Houston…
No way I would go.
– Santi, you’re my brother.
America’s huge, and I’m there..
I don’t know the language.
You at least know some.
And why would you go to America?
What would you do there?
Spy on your wife. –I don’t need to spy on anyone!
I trust her, it’s not that.
Just… I haven’t seen her in a long time
and I miss her. You understand that.
I can understand that too.
– Not “that too “. Just that!
I talked about going to America
as a hypothesis.
I asked if my brother would
come with me, hypothetically!
Hypothetically I’d do
anything for my brother,
but for nothing in this world
would I get on a plane.
Do you understand?
– Yes.
Hello kids.
– Hi.
As you recall, we chose
the easiest
song for our class.
But it’s just an introduction of test.
Teresa Capdevilla.
– Shitty flute.
Why the hell do we need it for
future? We don’t. –And math?
Is it useful for anything?
– Or history.
Why do we need it if it already happened.
But flute develops our sensitivity.
Well done, Musti. Flute if for
girls and gays.
And you’re not a girl.
I don’t know about you,
but I won’t pretend to be and
idiot with a flute. –Me neither.
Excellent Tete. Keep it up.
Gillermo Serrano.
Where’s your flute? –This is Music
education class, not flute class.
No one asked us what we
wanted to play.
I want to play drums.
– I want the acoustic guitar.
And Mustafa castanets.
– Quiet!
I won’t tolerate stupid things.
So go on.
Someone borrow him a flute.
Tete, you’re his sister, give it to him
– Yes, so he could drool all over it.
She’s right. I drool more
than a horse
Quiet I said.
You’re all grounded.
Nice Gillermo. I’ll
see you at the test tomorrow.
It could be your 5th F.
How come we’re going to Houston?
– Santi, look at this…
Look at the offer.
The second person travels for free.
We take off at 17:45,
from terminal 1.
You’ve lost it. You’re crazy!
How can we just leave?
Don’t overthink this now.
You said you’ll come with me.
I said that hypothetically.
You always trick me!
Santiago, I’m taking you for a
vacation in America, not to the guillotine.
Give me that soda bottle.
– Oh screw you! I’m not going anywhere!
Santi, please, in the name of
our dearest father.
Don’t leave me alone. America’s big,
I could get lost.
This is very important to me.
I need you.
You’re a disaster.
Look at this.
Yes but what about the kids?
– Well they will stay with grandma.
I heard you were going. I was
thinking about visiting my daughter
next month, but since you
are going it’s better to have company.
I’m sorry Carmen, I
don’t think I got it right.
You’re saying you’re coming
with us to America?
So Houston?
To spy on your wife huh?
Enough already.
And you want us to watch your
kids for a few days? Nasty.
Don’t worry, we’ll move here.
– Move here?
I think that’s great. They’re a bit
mischievous so it’s better if you’re here.
Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,
it’s a deal.
Me too. I’ll take care.
– Nothing, you both take care of everything.
Thank you my friends. I’m going
now. –C’mon, hurry.
Don’t tell me you don’t like the Serrano bed?
Leave it, Fiti.
Can someone tell us more
about this movement? –Me.
Well, romanticists were a bit dramatic writers.
They would write when women left them.
And kill themselves eventually.
Ok. A bit strange opinion. Anyone else?
Romanticists were tortured souls
that searched for unreachable ideals.
They are followed by loneliness
and unconformity.
Very good Marcos.
Can you tell us more? No book.
Romanticism representatives are
Lara, Espronseda, Sorilla…
Not Jose Ferilla.
And Becker.
And Alejandro Sanz.
– Good.
Do you know one of his poems? -Yes.
“What’s poetry, you ask while
immersing in my eyes
with your blue eyes.”
– Pupils.
Your blue pupils.
What’s poetry?
Is it possible you ask?

is you.
– Yes, Salas?
All those beautiful verses
touched the depths of my soul.
I need to go out and vomit.
– Wait a second.
Learn all on romanticism for
tomorrow. Marcos, nice.
You got her with all these
romantic things.
What is it, hey?
That woman is a fox! The worst part is
that Marcos is too young for her.
She’ll leave him soon.
“A fox choses it’s pray
carefully in it’s habitat…”
Why do I tell you anything!
– Eva! Wait.
You need to relay and enjoy.
Relax a bit.
Besides, this kid is sleeping
here tonight. -God.
Hey, my shop is open 24/7.
Miss, is this one for Houston? -Yes.
I’m really happy. I haven’t flied since 70s.
We had to fly during this storm.
We won’t fly like this.
– You’re scared of planes?
The worst part is if there’s an
electric device and a lightning strikes.
Where are we?
– 23.
I’ll take the window.
Is it Bin Laden?
– Don’t be stupid.
What did you pack here?
I didn’t understand really.
We need to put the mask or
put it through here first?
I’ll ask.
– Santi, what are you doing? Sit here.
How may I help you sir?
– Why aren’t we leaving?
I don’t speak Spanish.
– When the plane be up?
Put your seat belt on and we’ll take off.
Put on your seat belt.
What are you doing? It’s here.
How do you tie this?
– Ah, you’re silly. You put it in here
And what are you doing?
– Taking off my shoes. Really?
Au, here we go!
Santi, if you’re feeling like that now what will
happen during turbulences?
That was good, Tete,
but do a longer B minor.
Let me see your hands… noce.
Curo, this is yours.
– What’s this green stuff? – Rukola.
I don’t like that.
– I didn’t ask if you liked it.
Tete… –What are you doing here,
the game is starting.
Fiti, it’s dinner time.
– Sorry honey.
I brought pizza and juices.
Hey, everybody sit here!
Here’s the missing little brother.
Did you think of sleeping
arrangement or we’ll throw a dice?
Take the adjustable bed and take it
to the boys’ room.
And come downstairs to have dinner.
Gille enough. Fiti,
no football tonight.
The kids will have dinner and go to bed.
– Don’t be so strict.
It’s a very important game.
– I wouldn’t care if it were the finals.
I’m taking care of the kids, so…
– No, both of us.
Diego said it clearly. I leave them to both
of you. Not only you.
Gille enough!
– I have to practice for tomorrow.
Why don’t you silence Tete
when she’s playing?
Because she’s playing flute and
you are blowing the wind. -Candela…
It’s discrimination.
Besides, if he plays the flute badly he
needs more practice.
I said no and that’s it. Eat the dinner.
I say he has the right to practice.
If you want to, we’ll discuss it.
There’s nothing to discuss.
– No? Kid, practice.
I allow you.
No, whatever
– Play! –Don’t you dare Gille.
And enough.
We live in a free country.
I’m going to watch the game.
When will it stop moving…
I’m sick.
What pills did that woman take?
She’s not even breathing anymore.
Relax, Santi.
– Two gin tonics. –Right away.
Where’s my shoe?
– Remove your seat belt first.
What the hell are you doing there?
– “Sorry”, my shoe.
– They’re so serious, the ones in the back.
Thank you.
What are you doing, calm down.
– Call, call…
Yes, sir?
– One gin tonic. – Two.
No, one.
I don’t know what the hell is in that “gin
tonic”, but it calms my nerves.
Honey come!
For a pillow fight.
Leave me alone.
You’re still mad?
They did what you wanted.
They ate all the rukola,
they didn’t watch the game.
Yes, but what about the scene you’ve
caused before dinner?
What the hell is wrong with you
playing a rebel in front of the kids?
What rebel.
You’re lovely but sometimes you’re
also a dictator.
Why should we fight with the kids
for these few days we’ll spend here?
That’s not the point. There’s 8 of us and
we need to be organized.
Besides, what do you know about
running a household?
Everything. I’s run a household even
better than you. –Oh please!
Don’t say stupidities. –That’s right, and
you didn’t even let me try.
Stop. We’re talking about the upbringing
of six kids,
you couldn’t do it with one.
– I didn’t know how to be a father?
No. You don’t know the grade he’s in.
What grade is he in?
They change it every year, but I love
my son very much.
Yes, you love him a lot
but you don’t pay him a lot of attention.
Kids love me for my charisma
and because I know how to handle them.
I’ll prove it to you. -Ok, Fiti.
– I’ll prove to you I can take care
of one, six, eight kids…
As much as you give me.
It’s okay.
– You don’t believe me? –I do.
Here’s what we’re going to do. While we’re here, one
day you do it your way,
and the other day I’ll do it my way.
Let’s see who does better.
I think it’s stupid but
if it will please you…
I start tomorrow.
– No way. We’ll toss a coin.
– Tails.
My turn tomorrow. What can you do,
sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Come here babe, today’s
my day.
Where are you going?
You really can’t lose.
Are you asleep?
– How much more? -2 hours.
What is it?
– I’m thinking…
Do you think Lucia’s still
in love with me?
What’s this about?
– I was thinking.
Is it possible she forgot me for such
a short amount of time?
It depends. -On?
– That person’s feelings.
Look, the granny was bitten
by cc fly. She’s only sleeping.
God! –What is it?
– What’s this shit?
Come here. Look at this, look at
what you’ve done.
That’s my suitcase!
– This is your suitcase? –Mine, yes, yes
How can you take that?
You’re really an idiot.
Typical Spanish. Ham.
The kid got
another medal.
Why are you laughing?
My brother cleans it for you.
Don’t get angry.
No one offends me.
Honey… Are you there?
Listen, I may have been an idiot,
but I can’t hold it anymore.
I want it. I don’t know if it’s the
Serrano bed or..
You need something, Fiti?
– Hi, Eva.
No, I didn’t wish you good night,
I am now.
Good night.
Eva, are you there?
It’s me.
What do you want Raul? –We need to
talk about something deep.
Let’s go downstairs.
My parents are here and it smells.
What’s going on?
I like you a lot, Eva.
And I’m completely crazy about you.
I know you’re in the next room
and I can’t sleep.
I’d like to know if you will, some day,
give me a chance.
Ok, that’s hard.
How about we make out a bit?
Raul, really…
That’s your problem. – What?
That… you tell me all that. you open up.
You’re so sweet and sensitive,
and then suddenly you change.
And you’re an ass.
– Which one do you prefer?
What do you think?
– She told me. –No, me.
You shut up.
Are you crazy? –What,
you having fun with the teacher?
Yes, but shut up already
You’re so lucky.
Raquel is hot stuff.
What’s she like in bed?
– No. Good night.
What happened?
– Nothing.
C’mon boys.
This is so big. God…
– Of course it’s big.
We’re in America!
Aren’t you happy?
It’s good we landed alive.
I freaked out.
My legs went numb.
And everything hurts
Like you slept the entire flight,
right ma’am?
We should call Lucia.
– Carmen, it’s a surprise.
You don’t announce that.
– Maybe we should call.
I don’t know what surprise
awaits you. -Santi…
We’ll get a cab and go to her
now. Here’s the address.
Santi, people go here as the please.
This is America, the country of freedom.
Give me a cigarette to celebrate.
Let’s go.
Come with me, please.
– What does it say? –I don’t know.
What? – No smoking.
– Ah, smoking.
Hey, leave my suitcase.
– What is it? Where are you going?
I don’t know but you go.
– I can’t find the exit.
Where are you going?
– No worries, we’ll be right back.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
What is it, you must’ve not slept the
entire night.
And now you’re stiff. –I’m stiff
because of the state of the kitchen.
Wait, wait. We have a deal.
I am now the king of this house
No complaints.
– Good morning.
Hand Raul.
– What hand?-It must be this one.
Easy Candela, I know you.
I know you can’t hold it in.
This is the plan. Here.
I’m buying breakfast. Like a lady,
you chose where.
Good morning. –Hi Marcos.
When did you come last night?
Wait a minute, I’m the bas cop.
When did you come last night? –Around one.
But dad let’s me.
– Who were you with?
That’s right. Some chick…
Fiti, eggs.
-Which one -Eggs.
I’d like to talk like this.
Here are the eggs.
I don’t like mine burned.
No there’s a small difference.
Can you stop for a moment?
Stop already!
– Gille!
See? Now you blew it!
Let’s go to the hospital.
You’re crazy!
– Easy, Tete… Relaxed.
Look at her touching the sausage.
I get sick seeing it.
Santiago shut up.
– It’s a sausage, not a machine gun.
Can I make a phone call?
– Stand up please.
Get your hands off me.
Sir, I don’t want to hurt you. Cooperate.
Get your hands off, I’m telling you!
This is violence!
I won’t repeat. Stand up.
– Santi, listen to them.
We have the right to call the embassy.
They handcuffed me.
Calm down, Santi.
No, no…
Nice, Yolanda, A.
Dad made me cut kebab all night.
It burns so much.
So you chopped kebab?
Sit, F.
I don’t know what’s wrong, it won’t play
– Bellido, blow harder, don’t mess with me
Bellido F, sit.
Go to the toilet if you need to.
Gillermo Serrano, F.
Stop playing.
Stop! What are you thinking?
That this is humor fest?
I’ll cut your wings.
Enough laughing.
What’s with you?
– Nothing, flute hit.
I have 8 stitches.
Candela, I can’t play.
Don’t worry, you have an A,
you play great. –Wait a minute!
You’ll let her pass without checking,
and you didn’t even let me play.
And you gave me an F. It’s discrimination!
-That’s right!
Enough and enough!
Gillermo Serrano, from now on you have
additional music classes.
For provoking the gang.
Enough is enough.
C’mon, where there’s ham
there’s fun. This is for you.
Fiti, I don’t eat meat.
– Yes, but it’s ham.
This is for your sister since she’s
feeling bad.
Don’t say I’m a bad father later.
Why don’t you want to?
– I’m not hungry, I’m sad.
At your age?
It doesn’t exist.
Candela’s all over me.
She let me play yesterday.
And I got an F.
And you said nicely that’s discrimination.
Tete got an A,
and she didn’t even play.
How can she play with her lip like that?
– Yes, but she listened to her.
She didn’t even let me try.
If the exercise is worthier,
at least let me work out.
– Yes. Mostly…
Briefly… what do you want
say Gille?
I would’ve gotten an A if Candela
had let me practice.
Of course, my dad’s not here,
no one can defend me.
Wait, your dad’s not here but
I’m your exchanged dad.
Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her and
we’ll solve everything. -Thanks!
What a mallet…
Go boy.
What is it?
– I cut myself, and well.
Damn it, Fiti…
Raul… let’s go.
Were you looking for someone? –No.
I had to copy something.
I’m going home.
– Marcos…
I want to talk to you.
Come in here.
Hi what is it Candela?
– Some rumors reached me
and I’d like them clarified.
What do we need to clarify?
What rumors?
What’s the nature of your relationship?
– Well, teacher-student.
Only that?
– Stop.
There’s friendship too.
– Yes, we’re friends too.
Nice, really nice.
Do you know why’s that bice?
If it were something more,
something intimate between you,
I would have no other choice but
take necessary measurements
What measurements? –For starters, to
inform the student’s father
and open a file for the teacher.
Which implicates banning
of practicing this profession.
I know the rules,
but this is not the case.
I’m glad, because if it were
I would have to interfere.
Is it clear? Good.
How did she find out?
– She finds out everything, smells it.
Like Hannibal Lector.
– We did silly things
here at school. –From now on
we won’t do anything here at school.
Didn’t you hear what she said?
– Yes, but…
If we do nothing in school and
see each other outside of it…
We could take a trip,
whatever you want.
Marcos, I have a kid. I can’t
lose my job.
Raquel but… I love you.
I can’t think about this right now.
We’ll talk later.
It’s so hot in here!
This is crematorium.
Those bloody Nazi will leak gas.
What are we accused of?
Owning sausages?
This is kidnap! Kidnap!
Let’s go.
Hey! What about us?
I’ll give you! Idiots!
It’s my fault I came. Who made me
come to America!
The country of freedom! Yeah right!
Screw that freedom of yours!
And what’s with you?
– Nothing. –What do you mean nothing?
It must be something.
– No.
Calm down, Lucia will call
the embassy, you’ll see.
And everything will be solved.
– It’s not that. –Then what is it.
What do you think, why did I
struggle deciding to come and see Lucia?
Because I’m possessive, insecure
and damn jealous.
But that John from the other day…
– Yes. You were right.
I came to spy, to see if I’ll catch
her red handed.
And I got you into trouble.
– No.
I came because I wanted to.
I wanted to leave Spain a bit.
Relax. This is all an adventure
we’ll retell.
Good afternoon.
Roger Campbell, inspector.
I’m Jimmy Mendosa, your
Brothers, let me tell you,
things are complicated.
They’re analyzing that white powder.
– It’s soda.
They’ll do a check up.
Jimmy… what’s with the gloves?
– Start taking your clothes off slowly.
Come in.
May I?
– What are you doing here Fiti?
What did you do?
– I cut cheese.
14 stitches, and the nerve is…
– It’s ok. I can only imagine.
But I came to talk about something else.
About student Gillermo Serrano.
As a substitute father and teacher.
Ok. Here.
So… as I understood, you’re dona Candelaria,
my kid got an F at the flute check.
Am I right?
– You’re right, don Fructuoso.
Can I ask why?
– Sure.
Your kid knows the flute as much
as I know generic engineering
Candela, how can you be so unfair?
He wanted to practice last night
and you kept pushing them. Is that what happened?
It was like that. Was it good?
– Why do you say “and”?
If he doesn’t practice the flute,
how can he pass?
Today is the first day this year he
even brought the flute.
That kid is an idiot.
-That’s what I wanted to hear.
You just think he always needs to get an F.
When someone’s different, the easiest
thing is to ditch them.
Instead of being positive, constructive.
It’s hard when you don’t believe in
someone. That’s hard.
Fiti, what’s gotten into you? Don’t get
that much into your fake parenting.
– It’s just a few days.
Wait a minute… I’m asking for
a second chance for Gille.
Second chance for what?
– To prove you
that he only needs love and
feeling someone’s by his side.
And you’ll be by his side?
– Yes.
You have to have faith in Fiti.
Although it’s dangerous.
Vezaro. You passed by protection.
– Not really.
You need to play it right tomorrow and that’s final.
What do you mean tomorrow?
– Listen. Fiti believes in you.
Let’s go and practice now. We have
the entire afternoon.
Relax you fingers, you act like your bones hurt.
Now sol fa… -Fiti, we can’t focus.
Fiti, how many apples eats a child if he
eats one quarter of an apple?
A little. That kid dislikes apples. Give it here.
And just like that. Look at the manual
and be more careful.
Partner, practice,
I’m going to make a snack.
What are you doing here? No ham for
you until you memorise the poem.
And play loudly so I can hear you.
Get another bear Marcos.
Listen to Gille playing… he’s talented.
One ear here, another there
What do you know about music?
Cut that ham, I can’t.
Fiti, ham again?
– Yes, what is it?
I’d prefer chocolate.
– Me too.
Do you see chocolate here somewhere?
No. What do you see? Ham.
We’ll eat ham. Gille!
I don’t hear the flute.
Fiti, look! It fell and broke. –Oh God…
How did you drop it?
It’s ok, don’t worry.
We’ll buy another one. What time is it?
– I’m sure it’s closed.
We’ll find it somewhere.
Let’s go change,
get our jackets and we’ll go.
Marcitos, you had to work.
– Marcos, two beers.
You’re gloomy. What is it, your
private teacher criticized you?
She spanked your ass for
being a naughty boy?
Eva, stop saying stupidities.
– I have to be careful.
It’s a dinner bet. I say it
won’t last, you say it will
We’ll see.
– What do you want?
You’re so sensitive. I’m
messing with you. –Yeah, right.
But sometimes it seems as if you
wanted my relationship with Raquel to go down the drain.
Pakillo I just remembered.
Dad told me to water it.
Don’t leave me alone, my soul
is in my throat…
You’re the man… Hi.
She’s hot.
I mean, she looks nice.
Where are they going?
I don’t know and I don’t care.
Why are you asking me?
Don’t be so envious.
– I’m not. –Oh c’mon.
Let’s go to your place, to watch
a movie and get you your part.
I mean, tenderness.
– Move.
By, Pakillo.
Don’t you dare mention this
gloves thing in Spain.
This has never happened.
– I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Brothers, they analyzed the powder
and it is harmless. Congratulations.
They won’t keep you here anymore.
– So we can leave?
Yes, back to Spain.
– Spain? We’re being deported?
Let’s go home.
– What are you saying!
My wife’s waiting for us. I travelled
for hours to see her.
I won’t even try to translate that bro.
Safe trip and long live Spain.
Inspector says
that they’ll take the ham, sausages
and the rest. Bye bye!
That’s ours.
Don’t come to Spain! I memorized you.
What’s with you?
You said nothing.
You don’t care they took our ham.
I don’t care now.
I don’t want to end up in a hole.
What’s this, all closed?
Where do we live.
So much of capitalism and other nonsenses .
– Such a shame, and I really wanted to play.
Wait, wait… I have an idea.
How much for the flute…
– 100?
Here’s 20 and screw you.
– Ok, but that’s just for you.
And just so you know
it’s like a gift.
Here, practice a bit.
– The flute and I don’t get along.
Don’t be picky.
I believe in you.
You really believe in me?
– Of course. What are you?
You’re a horse now.
I mean, a winning horse.
– Sorry Fiti. Curo’s nowhere to be found.
Calm down. We’ll look for him but
with calm.
Where di that kid go?
How is this possible? -Curo!
Good movie
I can’t get Marcos out of
my head.

I’m obsessed with him but there’s
no point because it’s not gonna happen.

Marcos is crazy about Raquel, he
doesn’t even see you and you’re going crazy here.

I rented a movie for you,
since it’s romantic.
Yes, yes, to be in style.
You have to get him out of your head,
not to think about him.

Think about someone else.
You need to be with someone
else, but who. Anyone.

Even if it’s…
So what’s the deal?
Friends without benefits?
What’s this? Sodom and Gomorrah!
To your room! And put that shirt on!
Dad… it’s not…
– Shut up!
Is Curo here?
– No. –This is a mess.
You didn’t lose the kid, did you?
– He was gone in a second.
Did you call the police?
– Yes, we just came from the station.
I’m a miserable, punk.
Your mother said it nicely.
I am anti father!
– Fiti…
Why don’t you call Candela?
– Candela? –Yes, dad, call her.
I’ll call her, right now.
Candela hi, how are you?
Can you come?
Something happened.
I can’t tell you.
It is a bit urgent.
But no one’s hurt.
Hurry. C’mon. See you.
Ham and legs… mine!
Leave the legs and ham.
They’ll put us in there again.
This is abuse. If we’re going back they
should hand our stuff.
You’ll eat ham in Spain.
– It’s not that, Santi.
They kept us here, in jail.
Deported us and why?
Because of their huge ego!
USA democracy is a facade!
That’s Lucia. Lucia, my wife!
I have to talk to her.
They’re sending us to Spain because of the legs!
Lucia… love…
Just a moment…
One moment.
Lucia, honey, I love you
I love you so much.
– Enough.
Did you see, Santi?
She’s so pretty.
It was worth it.
– Who’s that guy?
Who’s that with her! Is it John?
– Lucia!
Damn it… I’m so…
Dad, don’t worry that much.
Anyone can lose a kid.
Your mother said it!
I’m not for this.
And I was stubborn! And she’ll come now.
How can I look her in the eye
and say I lost a child, our
I’ll do it
You’re spreading kids on the street.
– Oh man… thank you boy.
You’re welcome. The kid is
dangerous, he should be an actor.
You should see him remove the
daisy petals.
Here, dude, here.
For the cab and a wine.
And the flute.
– Thank you.
C’mon, get in. You scared us so much.
I called police, Candela…
U, Candela!
Listen over here.
I was thinking.
Why to worry Candela
with a kid missing and then coming back?
We better not say anything.
C’mon here. And everyone keep quiet.
It’s for the fear.
– Fiti, it’s better to tell the truth.
What truth. Here, have some.
Quick, you play the flute. You
turn on the TV Curo.
You sit and read and you bring
some snacks. Quick!
What is it?
– A?
A, nothing, to switch, I finished
my day.
And see I can lead everything
this house and seven more.
So you got me out of the meeting for this?
Yes, of course. Because you
didn’t believe me.
Here you have them. This is family,
and this is great father. How are you doing?
– Really fascinating.
What’s with Curo’s face? –When
I grow up I’ll be a meme.
Wee done kid, creativity.
One day with me and he sees the future already.
I was just looking at cars…
– Hi.
I heard some noise.
– I’m preparing something to eat.
You just got here?
– Yes. Will you criticize me again?
No, Not more than once a day.
And three with Fiti.
Marcos.. do you want to talk
about this morning? –Not really
I do. –If you want to know if Raquel
and I broke up, yes we did,
Happy now?
We just broke up.
Can I go now?
Yes, but I’d rather you stayed.
I’m not happy nor sad because
of what happened.
Those are the rules.
– I don’t care about the rules.
I juts fell in love.
– That relationship is not good for you.
That must be it.
I always fall in love with an
inappropriate person.
I know what it’s like being 17 and
falling in love.
I know I’ve asked for a very difficult thing.
When I was 17 I madly fell in
love with my cousin
We’ve seen each other secretly
for a month
until my mom caught us. It was a mess.
She didn’t stop until we separated.
I wanted to go crazy because I thought
Manolo was the love of my life.
I didn’t eat, drink, sleep.
I hated my mother.
I was so desperate I started going out
with the first one. Guy from the neighborhood
I’ve known already.
And who…
– Fiti? -Yes.
But that’s the life.
The guy I hooked up with to get Manolo
out of my head
turned out to be the love of my life.
That’s why I’m saying, you never know
where you’ll meet the love of your life.
When you least expect it, it will come.
I hope you’re right.
Good night.
– Good night.
– What is it?
You’re too… the love of my life.
I got up at 6.30 just to see you come down.
Thanks, but juice is enough.
Nothing’s enough for my girlfriend.
Silly, come here,
that’s your brother.
What is it?
– Brother hug me.
What’s with him?
– Your sister and I are together.
What is it? You’re not happy?
– Congratulate us.
I’m so happy.
Congrats to both.
C’mon, breakfast.
Raul, I can eat by myself.
– Good morning.
Fiti, I’ve played with only my fingers
the whole night.
It’s disgusting to blow this.
– Marcos, get the acid.
Fiti… -Nothing. Just believe in yourself on the test.
Show what you’ve learned.
Let Candela see that Fiti
made an effort with you.
I’ll give my best.
You trusted in me.
I’d like to pass to make you happy.
But when you don’t say the tones
I get confused. –Good morning.
Look, the flutist from Santa Justa.
The kid’s got talent.
Yes, ok. Now go away, Fiti.
– I don’t want you to go, Fiti.
Don’t worry, Kuro, just for a day.
I’ll be back tomorrow.
Who’s coming? – Fiti the king!
– FI, fi, fi… – Ti!
Fiti! Fiti!
– Enough!
When is my dad coming back Candela?
And why? Why does some guy have
to hug my wife?
I told you, if they’re doing it openly
you don’t need to worry.
What are you saying! He was hugging her.
I went that far to get
rid of my paranoia,
and I’m coming back with an even bigger one.
I’m worried about what we’re
gonna say when we come back.
When we start talking we’ll
spill about the glove for sure.
And we can’t do that!
– No, no, no…
How about we go back?
– Where? –To America.
But without the meat.
We could try again.
We’ll really have bad luck if the same
cops find us.
Don’t look at me like that,
it was a hypothesis.
You were saying hypothetically
but I will say something really clearly.
I’m never leaving Spain again!
In my life! Was I clear enough?
Raul what’s up?
I was waiting for you.
I wanted to discuss something
Yes, but let me first.
What you saw yesterday is love,
not sex.
Love? Love is ok, but
be discreet.
There’s kids, us, your parents…
What, you like Eva?
– I’m crazy about her.
We’re living under the same roof…
– But you must control yourself.
I know your age.
And the kid’s… really…
I know all that, I understand.
A man waits for the love of his
life to show up.
And she does, and we wait…
It comes or…
Dad, you’re awesome.
See you later.
Wait. That’s not what I wanted
to talk about.
I wanted to ask you something.
Was I a good father to you?
– Are you serious?
Yes. Did you feel like I
wasn’t paying enough attention?
Since I don’t know you grade,
That doesn’t matter. That’s what mom’s for,
she’s a living encyclopedia.
Yes, yes.
So… so, you love
me the way I am?
– Well…
Hug your clumsy dad.
Good, that’s it.
Oh damn it, it’s almost 10.
Gille’s playing.
We have 3 more minutes.
Serrano, the moment of truth.
Take your flute.
Where did you get that, on the flea market?
– Let it go! –Good luck.
C’mon Gille, play.
I don’t know if it’ll work.
What is it? Fiti didn’t help
you at all? –He did.
Gillermo, we’re waiting for you.
I’ll value your effort. Start.
Good huh?
We practiced yesterday.
But no town was built in a day.
Principles’ husband is a geek.
– Enough. Class dismissed.
You passed, but barely.
Really. What the hell.
You’re making scenes in school again.
So what honey.
– Why did you come here?
What do you know about music?
– I have music in my blood.
You don’t know so much about me. –Too much.
For example, where did you take them
yesterday so that Curo could impersonate?
Not trusting again.
No can do.
I said I’ll watch the kids and
I did, didn’t I?
Yes. Kiss…
And we must try the Serrano bed,
we’ll miss the opportunity.
What has got into you…
I’m starving!
– Don’t yell, everyone will hear.
This is life!
Those Americans know what’s good.
That’s why they’re afraid people
will try our sausages
and their burger business
would be ruined! –Shut up!
How… Who are you damn it?
Asking? Askin who?
Shut up.
Peter, John’s boyfriend?
So John, Sergi’s friend?
Yes, yes, congrats, that’s nice.
Is my wife around?
Hospi… In the hospital?
Yes, ok.
Nice talking to you, Peter.
He’s gay
Damn John is gay!
For the love of God,
you scared us so much!
What are you doing here so soon?
You know what Candela?
Nothing like Spain.
America is crap!
Country of freedom is a lie!
Don’t yell, the kids…
Aren’t you in Houston?
– Dad! –Honey, where are you?
Why aren’t you here?
Fiti, why are you dressed like that?
You came in the worst possible moment.
Translation: Jovana Jasovic

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