LIVE High School Football – Ramona vs Alhambra

LIVE High School Football – Ramona vs Alhambra

we are moments away from the kickoff of
the CIF semifinals here at Ramona high schools the Rams are going to take on
alhambra moors earlier this week I caught up with Ken moshevsky and we have
that interview coming up next good evening and welcome to the coach’s
perspective here on Riverside TV is we are dwindling down and there’s only one
left in Riverside and that is my alma mater remote high school and we are now
joined by the head coach Ken machine ski how you doing Ken fantastic in a good
spot right now I’ll tell you what just coming over here I had I had goose bumps
I had butterflies in my stomach the Rams are on pace I mean you’re playing in the
semifinals this is this is big big news for you I think the third time this has
really happened in school history they’ve won two championships you going
for a third right right they they haven’t been in the CIF semi-finals
sense I believe oh three Burt Esposito coach who’s now to make a Valley doing a
great job there in the summers I was actually at that game it was Ramona
versus Kaiser in oh three I was standing on the Kaiser sideline because a buddy
of mine Phil zalaya was a defensive coordinator good-look was the head coach
and I remember going to the snack bar and I bought a 50 50 50 tickets and
loaned ahold third quarter end of the third quarter came around
I’m stay on the sideline and I won the 50-50 so there you go there you go so
it’s how I could repeat itself again and that’s that’s awesome coach I was at
both CIF championships at Ramona or stuck a bitch back in the day and then
coach Markham in I believe 1988 was the last time I was at both games they tied
Damien but it would be nice to see Ramona get a clear one all by yourself
and I’ll tell you what what has it been like for you the last couple years here
at Ramona oh it’s been fantastic you know we I talked about I just talked
about it with a couple players today during our office hours just the
transition from three years ago to what the expectation is now it’s it’s been
great the kids bought in three years ago they bought in last year but this year
they just seemed they seemed to click they seemed to really understand it and
we’ve been fortunate we’ve been fortunate through injuries we’ve been
fortunate through who we’ve played I think that we played a tough a tough
preseason obviously our league was tough very tough and it has really prepared us
to get to where we’re at and I’ll tell you there’s a buzz around Ramona there’s
a around the community because the
semi-final game is right around the corner well I’ll tell you what coach you
know following you guys over the last couple years you brought in some guys
were part of that 1988 championship team I think you have a couple on your staff
as well we do we do it’s funny because now that I’m older and obviously they
are older we’re all this I graduated 1989 so we’re all the same age their
kids are now playing at Ramona so you know Frank Berber is their Chris Wiley
is like yeah you know Steve Sanchez you know Justin Bruins Adam Gonzalez who who
wasn’t a member of that but but you know he’s our wide receiver coach it’s it’s
been great you know you bring back those alumni you bring bring in the community
and it’s just a win-win situation for everybody
now last year you guys took care of business what was the score 44 to 14 is
that what it was again to your last go yeah yeah last game against Cantwell we
we played really well both sides of the ball you know offense was able to run
the ball kind of control the clock throw when we needed to we put up 24 in the
first half it was 24 nothing going in which is real nice our defense that you
know they played a real bend don’t break mentality the first half the second half
they came out just dominated the D line you know had several sacks we gave up a
couple big plays here and there and you know we go away with a 44 14 win yeah in
fact I was calling a basketball game calling a UC Riverside game up at
Sacramento and I had the score on my phone during the game fact I mentioned
it on the broadcast and I honestly I think it texted you right afterwards it
was it’s just one of those moments I look back and I’m just so fired up not
only for you for the school but the community because I remember back in the
day when when a local team would make us CIF semis or the files it really is a
big deal and what’s it been like around campus ah it’s pretty it’s been great
like I say not I think our kids are our players they really don’t understand
exactly how big it is but they’re starting to you know yesterday at
practice there was kind of a little buzz but not what I expected I was thinking
man we’re in the semi-finals this is we’re gonna be Punda and they weren’t
there they were kind of kind of you know mellow
I think today’s practice and I know our Wednesday night practice will be
pretty high tempo the kids around campus have been have been great the the fellow
coaches the administration just there’s a real excitement around around Ramona
high school right now and it’s just great to be a part of it
let’s let’s move forward to this week how amber the Moors what do you what are
you taking away from them the ranked number one right now they’re 12 and OH
the first time they’d been 12 and Oh since like the 1950 correct I mean what
do you see in this team so alhambra has a very very good quarterback the funny
thing is he’s a sophomore he’s young but super super accurate he distributes the
ball very well to everybody he he runs well throws well they have a couple
playmakers especially number three a pretty good running back their defense
is just just everywhere they fly around the ball they have guys in different
spots they don’t just stay in one defense so you could tell they’re very
well coached but the one thing I take away from Hamburg is the fact that their
special teams are extraordinary you could tell that their coaching staff
does a really good job all facets of their special teams so we’re definitely
going to prepare for that and it’s gonna be a good game Friday night no doubt
about it now you have a pretty special quarterback of your own as well who can
is a dual threat guy I’ll tell you what seeing his growth in the last year has
been something spectacular especially he remembers I can tell it sure has Diego
muñoz as a junior and he has grown immensely and and and I’ll take a little
bit of credit for it but I’ll really give the credit to two guys one is our
quarterback coach Carl Moore he has just done a fantastic job he was actually my
quarterback back at King back in gosh I don’t know 2005 Carl is a fantastic
coach but John Tibbles who’s the athletic director at he was my coach I
have Ramona he I don’t know why but he really took a took a special interest in
in Diego and he’s kind of nurtured him and and and been tough on him give him
only a little tough love and he has just responded I’ve responded in such a great
way it is it is a true pleasure coach in Diego and I expect not only big things
from him Friday night but as we move forward looking on down down
rode down to his senior year he has to take over he has to be that leader and I
think he knows that and anchoring that offense is really the running back Dante
Roby who’s really I mean just a phenomenal player and himself you guys
run better than alhambra they have a little bit on there throwing edge stat
wise but tell us a little about about your great running back well so you know
everybody talks about Dante and I’ve come on the show and talked about
telling me a lot and I’ll continue to you know last last game I think he had
22 carries 190 yards for four touchdowns that’s correct
Dante’s fantastic played both ways with a broken hand but I’ll tell you I think
that the guy that gets overlooked a little bit as Kevin Sanders he came out
last last game had two touchdowns I think he rushed for 122 yards but you
know he’s only everyone makes fun of him he’s only five five a hundred and three
hundred and what do you whatever pounds but his attitude and his work ethic as
we have progressed into the CIF season it’s it’s unparallel you know he’s kind
of a goofball he he dances around in practice he has fun and we got it we
kind of have to get on him a little bit but in the games the last three game or
the last two games he’s shown something that that I haven’t seen the previous 10
games and he said before we got into CIF he text me and he said coach I’m gonna
work hard I’m not gonna screw around anymore and he has shown it so you know
I love Dante Roby but Kevin Sanders has really been the spark plug for us
well that’s great now this al-hamra team could put put the ball in the end zone
they’re averaging a lot of play are can you tell us I mean your defense has
really been surprising this year I know that was the big question mark talking
to all the coaches is what would Ramona’s defense look like can you
highlight some of those guys well I’ll tell you the hard thing about our
football team and it’s not our offense or our defense rating is we don’t have a
guy we don’t have like when we played Rosemead you know we knew we had to stop
number four we know against how hammer we have to stop number two we have to
stop their quarterback I don’t know what other teams say about Ramona because you
can’t just focus on one guy and if we go to our defense I don’t know who I’d
highlight I mean we have four extremely you know tall I think our defensive line
average 6:3 you know we have the two outside
guys Cato Davis and and iike Esau they’re probably six three and then on
the inside our smallest guy is Alton Durden at six two and then we have you
know Don yay romaine a basketball player at six six so we’re pretty big of up
front our backers are not the biggest guy you know Bobby Villalobos is the
only only returning guy and he doesn’t he doesn’t he probably is five eight
five nine the tallest guy we probably have has is his number 13 Julian
Castaneda a senior doing a great job I believe he led our team in tackles
this year during league season and then an outstanding junior number six as a
Ras playing great outside outside backer and another guy who’s really stepped up
who actually was almost a thousand-yard wrestler Forest last year’s number 30
Brian Alvarez I remember them and and we just talked yes I said Brian you’re
really really improved on defense and he said I really understand the role now I
understand what it means to fill and what it means to cover so you know with
those backers and then you couple in Dante Roby goes in and plays backer a
lot that’s a great front eight right there but who we’re really leaning on
this week is the back the back guys Kevin Sanders is going to play safety
with Marcos Hidalgo back there but our two corners Alex Martinez and and
Raymond Valdez are gonna have to come up huge because they throw the ball a lot
this week now we were talking a little bit before the game it seems like all
these teams are playing in the playoffs are from your area grow up and you
played Rosemead you’re playing out handsome what’s that been like so I grew
up in a small town temple city just southeast of Pasadena it was a football
town yeah Friday nights you know and this was 30 years ago – yeah so Friday
nights when there was a football game everybody went it wasn’t what are you
doing you’re going to the football yeah so yeah the first game we play is
Rosemead Rosemead coincidentally my junior there they broke my leg
I played Rosemead forever my junior all-american years and when I was like
10 years old we play for the championship we played Rosemead the
Rosemead rebels and we tied 0-0 oh so we actually so we fight we beat Rose me and
CIF and then we get you know Cantwell Sacred Heart out of mana
another school that’s five minutes from Temple City and then you know we beat
them and who do we pull we pull alhambra which is the the neighboring city of
tunnel city so it’s been kind of exciting for me you know we get three
San Gabriel Valley Schools I don’t think are our players our students know you
know anything about that area yeah but for me it’s definitely special now if
you win or win you win I should say who would you guys possibly face so
Inglewood versus Esperanza has the other side of the bracket both two very good
teams I don’t I don’t know who’s gonna win that Inglewood is going in at 12 and
oh so they probably are favored but Esperanza their league is legitimate
Esperanza I think was a number three or number four out of that league but you
know the competition they faced it makes it kind of even either way it doesn’t
matter I don’t I face either team the biggest part is we won both coin flips
and when we win this Friday and I we get the championship a home game at Ramona
so there there could be a possible ramona home game for that’s that’s
incredible yeah what we gotta get we have to get past this one way and and
our focus is on 100% well take care of all your neighboring schools that you
grew up playing against and we hope to see you in the CIF championship I think
you know I’m saying because I want you guys to win I’m a local only tonight I’m
a Ramona Ram but the whole community’s behind you coach mush and I’ll tell you
you’ve done a great job at the program I’ve worked for two years to come
thank you well he’s cameras schinsky and we’re gonna have the game of the week
the semifinals as Ramona’s gonna take on alhambra a tram hi it’ll be on Riverside
TV game of the week at 7:00 p.m. and we will be on all media platforms check us
out on all TV stations good night everybody
that’s been the coach’s perspective welcome to Ramona High School in
Riverside California I am Nick rice that is Geoff Goran a minute from junior
Ibarra as the say of southern section ford football championships continue
tonight the ramona Rams and the alhambra moors with a trip to the CIF
championship game on the line tonight soon
Cinderella years these two teams have been in the spot only a few times in the
history of their program so it’s a very special time especially here in
Riverside well I’ll tell you what I’ve been to both of the Ramona high school
finals championships I should say and I’ll tell you what there just is a
feeling a buzz around town that this Ramona team is gonna win tonight and go
on to the finals it’s certainly been an exciting year for the Rams
they had a tough stretch in the middle of that after a brutal non-conference
schedule but they have long four in a row led by an excellent running back Don
say Road abuse playing with a broken hand and still has managed to put
together an incredible run of the playoff well I’ll tell you what it is
about team with this coach Coach Basinski came in two years ago and
really turn this program around this program right now is playing on all
cylinders offensively defensively they are doing a number on everybody and the
best part about this is they got third place in their league and they’re pretty
good to possibly play for our CIF championship
there isn’t anything better than that and that space because these guys have
bought into coach mush and bought into Ramona high school yeah chemists keying
the Rams the last Riverside team standing but the trip to the CIF
championship on the line tonight meanwhile for al hombro who comes in
undefeated on the year the Moors a pretty good club they also went through
a brutal non-conference schedule and come in 12 oh no and looking like a team
that will give them a tough test tonight well look at it this way Dave they last
time they went 12 and oh it was 1955 my parents weren’t even born and I’ll tell
you what they don’t have a CIF championship to their name Ramona has
two and I’ll tell you what Ramona played a great great schedule plain hood
definitely a tough non league schedule and the River Valley League was a
gauntlet so alhambra is gonna have his hands full tonight
yeah no tough four opponent for these two then with a trip to the championship
on the line we have kickoff next from Ramona this is
the SIA of southern section ford football championships Ramona at 10 and
to Alhambra at 12 oh no next on the Riverside TV game of the week and
welcome Ramona high school the site the CIF semis between the Rams and the Moors
glad you’re with us Nick rice Jeff Gorham on the sidelines also JR Ibarra
this first out passes drops Jeff welcome to
the CIF playoffs it’s just that time of year it’s a very fun time of year the
energy is electric in this building tonight I’ll tell you what being a part
of a Ramona high school as an alumni watching I was at the first two CIF
championships I’m hoping the Rams can walk away here and get into a CIF
championship game next week this is the first CIF semifinal berth for the Ramona
Rams since 2003 what has been a Cinderella season for Ramona has this
inside handoff games to similar storyline for the unbeaten alhambra
moors they are 12 a know and are all Mountain League champions and have run
through the playoffs coming into tonight I’ll tell you what though they’re gonna
have to deal with Dante Roby a guy with the broken arm who has just been
phenomenal his entire career for the Rams
Dante Roby is the running back off play action he launches downfield and via
makes a circus catch and has dropped to the 29 yard line john ortega makes the
stop for the boards and sit down with coach mush he wasn’t too sure what kind
of defense he was gonna see he said if he saw something that he liked he was
gonna test that secondary and boom just like that the Rams are looking to score
here early a deep shot from Diego Munez who has been drastically improved over
the course of this year Dante Roby a three-yard gain as the Rams
offense throughout the postseason has made a clear led by head coach Ken
Lewinsky Ramona has been one of the best run games in all of the CIF since the
playoffs began the Rams come in after a season-high 369 yards rushing and
Ramona’s thumping of Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary in this building last week
Munez with the four-man rush is taken down at the 33 yard line
Nathan Martinez it’s a second sack of the year yeah I’ll hammer comes in 12 ago but
like we said hasn’t been 12a no since 1955 so this is a big big deal for them
but I’ll tell you what they don’t play in the same type of environment that the
Ramona Rams play in day-in day-out and that river tough River Valley League
where they finished third that certainly hung in in the league with some huge
wins Munez fires into the end zone touchdown Ramona Miguel via who knows to a V I’ll tell
you what a great play though he’s just stepping back testing that secondary
throws right over the top and if he just all by himself on two plays for two big
grabs and there you go Rams on top starting here early for the third
straight week the Rams on their opening drive make a statement marching the
length of the field there was a 58 yard march last week a 71 yard march here in
the CIF semis against the alhambra Moors who came in unbeaten and looked like one
of the best defenses and all the CIF and Ramona torches the defense with a
touchdown throat – Miguel via extra point is good of the Rams lead 7 nothing
for more in this game we sent it down to the sideline with our very own JR Ibarra
well guys the Rams have struck pretty quick and it’s not too surprising we
talked to Ken machine ski earlier before the game here and he said he was going
to teach or try to test that secondary of alhambra to see how well they will do
defensively and just kind of judge which he’s going to do the rest of the game
obviously it’s working out so far but he’s got Dante Roble who had a banner
game last season 191 yards coming off of a fourth touchdown game it’s a tough
running game here for mimouna that can also add to this offense we’ll
see how it comes out through the rest of this first quarter back to you guys yeah
thanks Junior so you’re referencing to Dante Roby who
has just been putting together a field day over the course
the playoffs he had four touchdowns Junior mentioned last week 21 rushing
scores this year and what has been a sensational season for Roby and he is
not just an excellent running back but also as we see this return from John
Ortega he also is a defender that alhambra should be circling throughout
that throughout their first series and for the Moors this is a team that
certainly even with Roby playing well that can test the Ramona secondary yeah
and I’ll tell you what that was the big question mark coming into this season
was that defense you know were they polished enough did they have enough
experience and I’ll tell you what that was the one thing that cam moshevsky
talked about before the season started and they surpassed all expectations the
Rams have been stellar defensively and it certainly is surprising considering
they returned one defensive starter from last year what Regas is pressured and
gets rid of it at traffic the pressure from Iike a soul in completes and that’s really out the only way I
think you can beat this Rams team is try to throw on them because we’ve seen them
throughout the year we’ve had them the last three weeks for gosh sakes they can
tackle the football they can tackle they don’t miss place and if you miss one
there’s another guy right on top this defense is pretty pretty phenomenal they
may be going up against the most talented quarterback they have seen all
year Noah Rodriguez takes a shot downfield
and overthrows an open Beto Russell with a flag thrown this is the first of the
ballgame Noah Rodriguez has put together a
phenomenal year for the visiting all hombro boars 55% completions but a
league-high 2379 yards 32 touchdown passes to just eight
interceptions and Ramona is called with a first down penalty there the mores
quarterback has just the sophomore speaking to head coach Erik Bergstrom
has every week gained more confidence at that offense and has put together some
impressive playoff games as they come in 12 and OH first intent from the 50 and Rodriguez
with just the three step drop he’ll take off against that Ramona defense and
scrambles down the field Noah Rodriguez marked out of bounds at the 30 and it’s
a dazzling scamper in a first down for the Alhambra quarterback who can take
off and run as well I’ll tell you what he just showed that he’s a dual threat
with those legs he was quick got on the outside that shows you right there the
speed that he has no around Regas over five yards to carry and two touchdown
runs to go along with his sensational numbers as a passer and the boars have
responded with the RAM touchdown throw from Munez Tuvia as on first and ten
rodriguez dumps the ball in completes knocked away from raphael sanchez a
mores receiving corps which goes about five or six deep they have a passing
game that can test this Ram secondary and so far Rodriguez with a scrambling
as well as proven that this is an offense that certainly belongs in this
football game tonight alhambra fresh off a 46 to 14 thumping
of Calvary Chapel Rodriguez fires its behind his intended target Vito Russell
in completes and we know they can score I mean they put up some big-time numbers
this he’s in fact the last two games they put up 46 and 49 points they beat
diamond bar 49:21 but they can definitely score they beat mark couple
59 to nothing so this offense is definitely potent yeah averaging 41 and
a half a game is the visiting Moors who come and unbeaten and rarely even tested
so far these years they have dominated the Almonte league in their first two
playoff games Rodriguez launches it a traffic overthrown and it’s intercepted
picked off yet again by Kevin Sanders he’s got a convoy at the 50 Kevin
Sanders to the 20 the 10 touchdown Ramona and what a great play I mean it seemed
like it took forever to get back to score that touchdown but what a great
move goes Juke fakes then goes outside and it’s a footrace against the big
offensive linemen and just like that I’ll tell you what the Rams are looking
good so far now from the looks of it that was a return that for Kevin Sanders
was a marked out of bounds at around the 50 that is the ruling right now Kevin
schinsky head coach of the Rams mentioned Kevin Sanders as a spark plug
and that certainly can rejuvenate this offense as the spark plug running a
small engine and nobody could catch him except for the sideline as he’s marked
out of bounds at the 48 Roby the handoff and the play gains three matthew dom co
makes the stop he is the number one tackler in the all MOT league with a
hundred and twenty six stops this year he paces a defense that especially with
that front seven has held their own against opposing rushing games this year
they are stiff on that front side of the line second down and seven Ramona a
design sweep to miguel via flag has thrown in the area of holding as for the
moment he’s knocked out of bounds near the 35 yeah that could be called back a
great play call though not a motion getting on the outside there last week
Ramona was flagged nine times for a hundred and five yards and this is their
second and fraction of what has been a exciting opening quarter the crowd in
massive numbers has fouled in here at Ramona high school and the Rams
certainly are feeding off of this energy to start the game they had great crowd here a lot of
alumni lot of dignitaries from Riverside in fact Mayor Bailey did a nice little
intro to talking about the game he’s a poly guy he’s not supposed to talk about
Ramona but I’m happy he did it’s the last team standing in Riverside the Rams
have put together a phenomenal year Munez dumps off a screen pass and Roby
has dropped at the 45 yard line a 10-yard completion from Diego Munez he
is a high completion rate thrower of the course of his junior campaign but that
was maybe a little too easy for the board offense
he threw to a one-armed man Dante Roby how do you catch with that big cast on I
saw him before the game and I’m like what is it
and if he can play that must energize the rest of the team knowing that
everybody else should be able to play Mutaz off play action throws a comeback
route short Vito Russell was on the coverage the intended target was Adrian
Monet the Rams receiver McKelvey who caught the touchdown earlier but he has
been almost thrust into this game plan to start the game can have to everybody
steps up big games big time players make big time plays the Moors I’m sure we’re
teeing off on the likes of David Cornejo and Adrian Monet who flourished last
week against Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary but Miguel via is the only score
for the Rams to start the game this plant from Adrian Monet is down near the
25-yard line Nick rice Jeff Gorham and junior Ibarra glad you can join us this
is the CIA of southern section Ford football championships winner of this
contest battles the victor of Esperanza and Inglewood in the CIF championship
game next Friday there next Saturday yeah in fact if the rams pull off a
victory here they’re gonna have a home field for the CIF championship wow
that’s a pretty pretty good thing they get to play three weeks in a row at home
in one coin flips and that’s the beauty of the coin flip the Rams have a chance
to play three home games postseason and the Rams this year haven’t lost a home
game against the nod her side team this year as Rodriguez
passes reeled in by Russell at the 29 yard line the Rams this year are 7 and 1
at home whether it’s the packed fans whether it’s the barbecue cooking
they’re near the entrance something is working for the Rams here in this
building it is the sheer greatness of being
Ramona High School in the greatest stadium on in the city right now it
almost sounds like you used to go here I did and I love the Rams and I’m I’m
happy to be calling this game I hope I’m not going to be I will be impartial
Noel Rodriguez against the Blitz climbs the pocket and takes off he makes a move
and is out of bounds near the 40 that’s a first down pick up for the alhambra–
quarterback so I mean the Rams you have been there for all three CIF semifinal
games I spend it to that championship games that they actually won yes two of
them so when they’ve gotten this far they’ve won every time yes they have and
they’re going to win again I feel it in my bones
oh do you feel in my bones Nick rice now they certainly were the wind would have
a very tough matchup but certainly one that should be fascinating to watch
currently underway the Aztecs and the Seminoles are playing first and ten
Rodriguez his head as he throws and that pass is incomplete Cody twang who has
just been on a tear throughout the playoffs he was the intended target for
alhambra right but for just the second seems to have deflated this crowd a
little bit Sanders had that pick six wiped off and Ramona is looking to make
a stand on defense here let’s see if they try to test that secondary once
again but like I said Ramona though that front seven they’d had a plan they’ve
been playing great all season long and have gotten better as the year is gone
yeah which has been certainly very important for them it’s a four-man rush
Rodriguez fires in traffic it’s incomplete good coverage from Alejandro
Martinez of the Rams on the throw incentive for Bentham Gurung setting up
3rd in town and you look at the two losses that they suffered a league you
know Nord Avesta who was you know went undefeated and really really
to put a snakebite on the Rams beat him pretty solidly but since that game
they’ve really come out they’ve learned from their mistakes coach mush has done
a great job preparing his guys day in and day out and like I said they’re
healthy they played well I lived in Roby’s giant broken arm he seems to have
not missed a beat you know he’s actually one of two Rams that are dealing with a
broken hand Rodriguez on third and ten nearly picked off by Martinez as Goro
was the intended target bring up fourth and 10 for Ramona this is a team that
when they lost two of three in the middle of conference play their defeats
at Hillcrest and order Vista by very few could have seen this type return around
the Rams were always a good bunch but on a four-game winning streak they have
trampled the competition two of their four wins during this winning streak
have been shutouts yikes great defense yeah 34 nothing
against lost Sierra on a neutral site and 48 nothing to her oopah Valley here
was the beginning of their four-game win streak that of course two playoff
victories as the punt is down near the 20-yard line
the Rams come in 10 and 2 and have advanced to the CIF semis for the first
time since 2003 in fact or deca bitch the longtime
football coach here when they won their first championship and he was I had a
chance to hang out and talk with him before the game it was great to see him
and his entire coaching staff for the most part was intact they came down to
watch the Rams which is pretty cool yeah this is this is where you want to be
here in Riverside on this Friday with a trip to the CIF championship up for
grabs the Munez pass is complete first down Ramona as he finds david korn a
hill for a 13-yard completion and in fact the other coach that won the
CIF championship the legendary Hall of Fame coach Don Markham who has since
passed away but was a phenomenal innovator of the double wing the Smash
Mouth football we see today took his team’s won CIF championships at
Bloomington he was just I mean an amazing coach and a pretty solid human
being Donte Roby the call and he moves the
pile this is a common theme for the senior running back it’s a gain of nine
yards for Donte Roby who comes in averaging six and a half yards to carry
he has been a workhorse this year despite splitting carries with Kevin
Sanders he has been excellent and coach mush really can do numbers with this
offense he can slow it down he can he can chew up a lot of clock which we’re
gonna see here at Horry can throw the ball it’s got a lot of weapons Munez
throws the Cornejo first down ramona gu rung escorts the senior receiver out of
bounds and the beauty of these teams is you know they’ve gotten better since
week zero you know they that goofy week where you
start and the penalties you see a cleaner games now you watch you see I
have playoffs you’ve mentioned 105 yards penalties last week that’s a little high
but still the games are so much cleaner when you get to this this point in the
season yeah most of those penalties late for the Rams
here’s Rowe be on the inside run and that gains about a yard so Ramona
certainly a team that while they can mix it up in the playbook their bread and
butter throughout this season has been their ground game and they’re playing
their best ball the year the Rams a season-high 369 yards rushing last week Munez drops sets up the tunnel screen
adrian mode hey is loose and is dragged to the 18 yard line by damien rosa first
out Ramona will sidearm pass there oh hey we got a little injury here but look
at the sidearm pass here just flings it out but great little pass and that’s
where they’re gonna get him view test that middle secondary get past those
linebackers you have a shot and then you’ve got the great running game you
can eat like I said eat up o’clock you can throw the ball you can make this
Drive last the entire quarter Rams five for five in the red zone last week four
touchdowns in a field goal as this play is stopped for no gain
the alhambra defense has yielded only 14 points per game this is the top defense
scoring and yardage wise in the Almonte league and the Moors come in a defense
with 27 interceptions they are opportunistic there is no team in the
CIF southern section not just the 13 and all the southern section that has as
many picks as the Moors as that throws incompletes
bringing up third and 10 they have more interceptions in any school any school
there’s 423 southern section teams Almonte is number one oh yeah don’t tell
me how many hours it took for me to find that everything I am impressed man you
were stat guy right there their breasts are scared huh I don’t know it’s time I
spend looking that up I’m telling you we need to get you out of the house need to
watch more of the as that pass is incomplete flag is thrown watch more
tombstone that will help me get broaden my horizons penalty’s so far twice against the Rams
not against the Moors so far as a hambre so far the opening quarter has shown
some solid defensive snaps hold us against Ramona what have you seen from
alhambra to start the game on defense y-you know I think they’re they’re going
to allow the Rams to throw the ball you have a stat like that when you’ve
intercepted the ball so many times they’re gonna want you to throw the ball
against them they are gonna really emphasize getting up front making sure
you can stop the run because like I said if you run the ball and your coach
chemist MC and you’re allowed to be able to kind of dictate the offense you can
like I said you you’re you have the lead you can dictate and own the clock here
in the first half and that has been a common theme throughout the playoffs for
the Rams but they’re backed up here is monje who guns it over the middle to
david tornado he makes a move at the 10 slips a tackle at the 5 first than goal
Ramona on third and 20 Cornejo gains 24 all right that’s the type of play to
david Cornejo that can win you a playoff game right there converting third law
yeah they really seemed dialed in I mean focused we talked about you know coach
thought he didn’t have a great practice but I tell you what they really look
focused tonight jet sweep Miguel via and this time he is tracked at the line of
scrimmage Damien Rosa was the first more in on the stop let’s see if you did your
your handiwork do you know what a more is type of animal come on I’ll let you
go work with this later and this run for Robi gains a yard by the more must be
very aggressive so far the penalty Department Rams have been flagged three
times alhambra yet to be penalized so far in the first quarter of this
ballgame but the Rams were able to overcome every infraction they have
suffered so far as we take a look there at the bottom ticker all three of those
remote of penalties the Rams have been able to get out of that bat field
position most notably a third twenty conversion to David Cornejo Roby dives
touchdown Ramona so the Moors he said have given up her
average only giving up 14 points they’ve given up 14 in the first quarter Nick or
13 I should say while the Ramona Rams have an offense
that have just trampled through especially during this winning streak
some of the best teams in the CIF early movement thereby beetle Russell as
Ramona throughout this win streak in the playoffs knocked out Rosemead in the
opener before a 30 point win here last week a beat-down over the Cardinals of
Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary who had one of their greatest years in program
history led by young head coach CJ Martinez in that game the Rams were up
24 nothing at the half and to me what look what separates a well coached team
from the rest of the league is their ability to jump out to those fast starts
it’s for the third straight playoff game the Rams are up double digits in the
first quarter they come out focusing you could tell that’s what Coach mush and
his staff had got him going he said he didn’t like the first practice of the
week but they’ve been dialed in ever since high snap via splits the uprights
Rams up 14 nothing less than 12 minutes into the game here’s a look at the most
recent Drive and Diego Munez orchestrated to the start of that
possession and he found his favorite target scoring March that’s the senior
David Cornejo Rams went ground a few times
the most notable run was that nine yard scamper from Dante Roby then here’s
Cornejo with the second of three catches you would hear of the third here’s Munez
who dumps it on a crossing pattern to Adrian Monet who played well last week
that’s his first catch of the ball game here in Ramona then Diego moon is on
third and 20 finds David Cornejo he was a bit quiet in the playoffs to start but
has come up huge in the first quarter of this game and Roby scores his twenty
seconds touchdown of the year Rams up 14 nothing here’s the kickoff from via lion
Drive it bounces to about the 25 yard line taking on a hop by way of aguado
turns to the 38 Bram’s as many touchdowns as Moore’s
have first downs in this opening quarter alhambra we’ll try and get something
going led by Noah Rodriguez who showed some glimpses on the last couple drives
both throwing and running the football first and ten the mores this year scoring 41 and a
half points per game an even higher clip throughout the postseason for Alhambra Hernandez into the backfield off play
action Martinez was all over that slant route goo rung the target but
Rodriguez’s passes incomplete great job by Martinez as he get to arm
over the top and bats at ball down as the receiver really went inside great
defensive play as we see here on the replay catch it just on the outside
there as you see Alejandro Martinez number 25 picked a lot last week as the
go-to target for receivers against the Cardinals of Cantwell Sacred Heart of
Mary played well a week ago an despite being targeted to start this game he has
held his own in the secondary he fires towards Martinez again and the pass is
incomplete Rodriguez is picking on number 25 and it hasn’t worked so far it
hasn’t great defense as you watch the receivers wasn’t going for trying to get
the interception just kind of keeping his his hands in the air making it a
tough target here watch hi this is that textbook defense here he is I mean part
of that may just be a slightly overthrown football Alejandro Martinez
with two interceptions and five deflections this season he’s to the
bottom of your screen covering Victoria venom groung
Rodriguez’s hit as he throws and that pass is caught here’s Vito Russell who
is down to the 44 21 yards on third and 10 a great play on offense Ayers
quarterback gets away nearly sacked from behind but gets away and gets him right
at the first down marker miss a rare miss tackle by the Rams Sanders and Martinez combined for the
RAM tackle the Rams didn’t allow a third down conversion for just about the
entire first half last week that’s just our rare that Ram defense gives up a big
play deep crossing pattern to veto Russell tripped up by Raymond Valdez
it’s a first down great passer a rocket of an arm there you see here watch that’s gonna be tough to stop the Rams I
gotta be worried about that secondary now
yeah butyl Russell’s been excellent this year top receiver the all MOT league
with now 52 catches in nearly a thousand yards video game numbers for this
passing game and Rodriguez after the slow start has found his rhythm in this
offense he dumps it to Russell and he has spilled for loss Valdez makes the
play it’s the officials mark him back about a yard no no about about three
actually though mark him back of the 29 yard line that’s one of those plays I
mean you might as well just throw the ball in the dirt with Ramona all over
that on first down get out beside the tackle box throw that thing away yeah
Noah Rodriguez has been a down field thrower this year 32 touchdown passes
and it’s a threat to go the distance on any play alhambra down 14 nothing to
start more’s wiped out a 21-point deficit
earlier this year in a road game against the Oilers a montebello timeout call by
Alhambra so the Moors are led by head coach Erik Bergstrom he’s in his seventh
year in alhambra it was a slow start for him first five years he was 14 games
below 500 but he has won 20 of his last 22 I mean they’re just must be something
that he did to change that locker room and now they’re winning football games I
tell you what it’s when you get a winning culturing you kind of get it
moving it kind of stays the same he seems Toronto Centennial’s done that
Rancho Verde when you just kind of get the ball roll and you stay pretty darn
good I’ll tell you what when you were 20 of 20 – that’s a pretty good clip yes if
you’re anybody and I’ll Habra winning the tough all Mott league last year with
a big comeback win on the road against Montebello here they face an equally
tough crowd the Ramona Rams a raucous building here there’s a couple thousand
and attendance right now for tonight really these fans
knowing the implications of this game and of the city are representing
Riverside as Ramona’s a win away from the CIF championship well snap to
Rodriguez he handles it and fires into traffic what a catch a late flag is
thrown as he’s marked out as Russell at the five yeah big time play caught
between two defenders here just a dart thrown here right between two one-handed
catch with the right hand Crowley no flag sorry that brings up first and
goal from the six beetle Russell who has just been a star for the Moors
throughout this year sets up first and goal after a long drive Hernandez the
gut run and he has upended just short of the four alhambra throughout the year
has been an excellent run game we’ll see if they can punch this in when we switch
sides to start the second as so far Ramona’s held their own here at home
Rams up 14 nothing JRE Baris standing by on the sidelines with more on this game
is he nope no jr. right now so juniors on the
sidelines though watching and what do you think jet Oh nope go ahead first
let’s go to junior sorry yeah guys you know looking at the trends here down the
numbers it is interesting to see how things have formulated when I look at
the attempted passes here for Alhambra know Rodriguez is already thrown for 15
passes already only has five completions very untypical for this quarterback on
the flip side Daniel Muniz has eight completions offensively for the remoter
Rams so things have kind of flip-flop ffensive LY for both of these squads
we’ll see what happens here in the second quarter Guerra those are the
biggest gloves I have seen those are awesome they’re isotoners it’ll keep
them warm because it’s a chilly night here it actually feels like a fall night
feels like a playoff night does it Jeff I was driving it was 4:30 or was dark I
said what’s going on here oh man well we’re in the upper 50s with a bit of
humidity and wind about five miles an hour
perfect playoff weather Isaac Hernandez nowhere to go it’s a loss of three so
the Moores have been an excellent run game this year a hundred and twenty
eight yards per game on the ground but thus far the Rams have forced all hambre
to be one-dimensional there’s the tackle from Dona Romain on second down the Rams
defense likewise has been excellent stopping the run Hernandez is the
running back as Noah Rodriguez launches the ball to Russell who makes the catch
but has marked out shorts Raymond Valdez escorts amounts by that
appeared to be as the play gains five that appeared to be a third down play by
design because the Moors late signal they may just bring out the a field goal
group here but if you’re running a route short of the endzone Jeff on third and
goal why wouldn’t you go it on fourth down no no looks like they might go for
it looks like they are coming to a jump jump the Jumbo pack is to see if they go
Dameon Rosa is the quarterback and he tosses to Henry Soto touchdown alhambra
the moor is bring in a completely new lineup they brought almost every player
from the bench onto the field and the boar’s converts as the rams give up a
lengthy drive and soto scores the first points of all hombro tonight’s and what
they did is they what they they took out all the receivers put in a jumbo package
and just said hey we’re gonna smash it right up the middle and that’s exactly
what the Moores did and that leads to Al Hamra ‘he’s scoring drive the extra
point is good by Mathew dunk Oh the Rams 14 and the Moors 7 Al Hamra
converts a fourth and goal but they got it started as Noah Rodriguez who had
struggled in the first two drives found some poise here on the 3rd his go-to
target was number 3 Vito Russell most of his passes off play
action here is Russell another 14 yards the boars near field goal range then
Rodriguez takes his shot one hang catch by Russell to set up a goal to go then
after a 5 yard completion to gooo wrong the Moors punch it in on 4th and goal
from the 1 by a way of Henry Soto the senior running back
this number is sensational Jeff he has 12 touchdowns on 21 runs
yikes that’s a pretty good that’s pretty good odds right there when he touches
the ball he’s probably finding the endzone so out comes Matthew Don Cole
who swings his right leg a bit of a line drive kick on the bounce
taken just short of the 15 mone reverses field 2530 out of bounds Matthew donk oh the kicker
was one of the Moors in on the stop I thought they might have thrown a flag
there’s little a hit I’m how to bounce but I think he might have just been
following see if the Rams can capitalize yes Ramona responded well after Cantwell
Sacred Heart of Mary’s first touchdown of the game in the third quarter
the Rams responded with that score by really giving the Cardinals a gut punch
marching the length of the field and scoring 7 themselves will see if they
can counter that more touchdown Buddha’s pass on a seam route is completes to Zac
shanaar just the second reception of the playoffs
it’s a Ramona first down as Diego Munez has looked every bit as good as the
quarterback on the other side and Noah Rodriguez he’s got nine completion so
far yeah according to junior and he’s always right he is Oh
Jr’s got about four stats going there at once on the sidelines that’s something
four-man rush Luna’s dumps the chadar I mean Alhambra I’m sure looking at the
scouting report and they knew they needed to stop some of their top targets
coming in today drew Monet and David Cornejo so canva schinsky the mastermind
he is he brings in other guys that make place to start of course the art of
deception he should be working at the Magic Castle or at the festival of
lights festive lights coming up next Friday second down and short
Dante Robi he was hit four yards in the backfield manages the game three first
down Ramona how about a festival of first downs for the Rams to start this
game I’ll tell you what there’s been nothing but light because they’re
scoring touchdowns people are taking pictures and early in the second quarter
Ramona is responding to the touchdown run for Soto all play action diego
luna’s scampers for a gain of nine dog go and Paul on the tackle for all hombro
the Rams are gaining huge chunk plays on first and ten
they’re staying ahead of the chains is Ramona having only a couple third down
tries in this first half it was a great fake pulled it right out
of Roby’s hands smart move by that junior quarterback the Rams signal
caller likewise a lethal runner that carry puts his him over 200 yards and
two touchdowns on the ground this year Mutaz pumps scrambles hit as he throws
Cornejo is at the 25-yard line and is hammered of the 20 venom goo wrong on
the tackle for all Habra diego moon is to think that over the
course of his junior campaign he would have a couple tough games against the
likes of notre Vista and Hillcrest they finished third out of the River Valley
League and I’m sure Diego Munez knew that he would have to improve if they
want to win a CIF championship as this run for Roby gains a couple and so far
with that pressure thrust on his shoulders as there have been a couple
quarterbacks to start the year he assumes the job in non-conference play
his game has really taken off I’ll tell you yeah he’s been become a dual threat
he can run the ball and he’s got great poise in that backfield not many guys
that in this situation and he’s able to stand back make throws and it reaches
progressives pretty well Nunez fires touchdown Ramona
David Cornejo diego moon is with five different
receiving targets in those first half has picked apart the once excellent
alhambra defense the moors give up under 14 a game ramona in the first half as
three touchdown drives this extra point is good by via the rams 21 and the moors
seven Ramona’s put together one of their best halves of the playoffs led by
number five Diego munis his first target that was Cornejo then he tucks fakes the
handoff and scrambles for a first down for the Rams that Munez dumps the
Cornejo again and of course he was the touchdown recipient for Ramona the
senior receiver has had a coming-out party in the first half DeHaven Cornejo
reeling in his third touchdown of the year and he made it look so easy I mean
he’s really like you said he’s hit his progressions he’s poised in that
backfield and that’s that’s the true sign of a leader a guy you want behind
Center I mean making smart decisions smart throws I mean just a perfect you
know quarter and just a little bit more than a quarter here by the Rams have
scored touchdowns on three of four drives that offense is rolling squib
kick four via and it’s reeled in on a hop near the 25-yard line the return
from aguado and he gets a good block it’s a 20-yard
return for the senior Noah aguado and Al Hamra has yet again good
field position early in the second quarter the Moors off it’s fresh off a
long scoring drive at this rate they may have to do it again well they’re gonna
have to score quick because the Rams like you said three or four times
there’s a look at the bottom ticker first Esperanza and Inglewood tie it at
20 the winner of that game will play either the Rams or the Moors Ramona
would host the winner of that contest if the Rams finished this one outs
against 12 and OH Alhambra Ramona comes in 10 and 2
first in San Moors at their own 45 gut ronda Jose Ortiz and the seniors stopped
near the line of scrimmage the Sol Humber run game Deering six and a half
yards that carried this year they certainly are capable of testing that
Ram defensive front tonight but Ramona has held her all to the first
half they’ve done a great job on the run for sure here in the first half that
that front line though like I said one of the best tackling teams we’ve seen
all season long here in Riverside TV and we’ve seen a lot of games yes we’ve had
two three teams a week at times led by Alabama commit Bryce young the
modern-day monarchs are getting beaten down now 28 3 against Mission Viejo here
at the 1st and Bobby villa-lobos makes the stop on that second I’ll pass play
from Noah Rodriguez of Alhambra yeah Mission Viejo put the hammer to the
number one ranked team in the nation 28 to 3 Wow and the other semifinal yeah
Bosco playing at Centennial tonight writes so I’ll tell you what I was
hoping to see a modern-day Centennial rematch but hey if Mission Viejo wants a
piece play that played the Huskies the evil empire would love to play Mission
Viejo yeah have fun with that Rodriguez dances in the pocket and
completes the pass to Cody shuang 50 catches for 810 yards and a league-high
13 touchdown receptions for Cody twangs so far this year in the second quarter
the Braves of Saint John Bosco 14 to 7 over centennial the Huskies have run
through the the competition coming into that contest the first time that the
Centennial Huskies have hosted Saint John Bosco so a big game just down the
freeway not as big as this one though of course and tackle from isaiah reyes
on the throat of venom gong of the pores as alhambra is orchestrating another
impressive drive here in this first half jeff and noah rodriguez early in the
game i’m sure new as the run game struggled that he would be forced to
throw the ball 30 40 times tonight against the Rams if he wants a chance
and he wasn’t able to get out of bounds good tackle by the rams keep that clock
going it’s been an impressive start so far for Ramona should be noted the Rams
if I’m not mistaken they kicked off to begin the game is that that throws and
completes Martinez knocks it away from aguado
so Ramona should receive to start the second half is my memories serving me
correct Jeff you are correct okay cool we are neutral here all Rancho Cucamonga
14 to 6 in the second quarter we are giving you scores and pivotal games out
of the Inland Empire and throughout CI a– football tonight along with of
course Ramona and all hombro winner advances to the CIF championship as
you’re joining us live on the Riverside TV game of the week in the CIF southern
section ford football championships rams up 21-7 rodriguez guns the ball in
traffic and it’s nearly intercepted by reyes
raphael sanchez the intended more targets and with that incompletion
alhambra faces fourth down can’t well Sacred Heart of Mary went for it
six times converting three occasions on fourth down last week against this Ram
defense and Alhambra will bring out the punt unit for the first time tonight as
the Moors converted a fourth and goal a moment ago with a touchdown run from the
senior Henry Soto high snap it’s reeled in by GU wrong who gets rid of a wobbly
punts flag is tossed late it bounces at the 19 yeah they’re gonna say that the
roughing of the kicker and another flag thrown down at the other
end of two other flags thrown at the other end of the field so we could have
offsetting penalties here let’s take a look at that you’re wrong that’s one of
the best catches we’ve seen tonight hit by alts and Durden number 99 of Ramona I
mean that was quite the catch to be a punter to reel that in like a punt
returner that’s got to really give his coach some confidence yeah I’m not too
sure I think he might have done a little bit of acting cuz you know punters are
like soccer players they like there’s nothing wrong with soccer players
nothing wrong with the game but you know there’s if you touch them they fall down
and I’d be honestly I’m not too sure if that was a a true true hit here we go dürdane that penalty declined running
into the kicker that’s accepted both penalties against Ramona however Paul
ambra still has fourth down after the running the kicker that was a 5 yard at
fraction where at least that’s what the officials the clenched fist that’s a
fourth down yes they will redo it I mean this is quite the year for all hombro
the Moors entered 2019 having missed the playoffs two years in a row but the team
responded with its first undefeated regular season since 1955 yikes that is
just how outrageous this year has been for the Moors they did it by overcoming
to halftime deficits including the affirmation 21 points hold they came out
of against mato Bello last month it’s just one of those years where everything
has come together for all Habra as this is their best year in a long long time
that’s best urine like you said it since 1955 for gosh sakes that’s alright
before I was even thought of before my parents were thought of wow man Wow
the fans a lot of lot of Riverside out here to support
like I said Mayor Bailey gave his love for the Rams he’s a poly guys that’s
to do that but I’m gonna take it any day he is the mayor he’s allowed to do those
things can you blame a guy for watching good football no no everybody’s watching
from the warmth of their homes he got Matt Walter the assistant coach over at
North High School’s just sent me a text said he’s watching from the warmth of
his home I wish I was pretty good idea I wish I could well I could call a game
from my couch be great get underneath my blankets fourth down and one Noah
Rodriguez is out there to go for it he looks and fires the pass is taught at
the 10 yard line by cody Trang that sets up first thing all the Rams had alhambra
stops and the Moors executed the punts but after an Alton dirt and roughing the
punter Rodriguez throws a dart to Cody trying first down alhambra he was wide
open no one near him a very quick vote defensively to make that tackle saving a
touchdown right there Kevin Sanders the Moors albeit a pretty tough night
converting third downs all home birds two for two on fourth downs the first
was a touchdown run for soda we’ll see if the second results in points as well
inside run to Jose Ortiz and he is denied in fact loses a yard against that
Ram fronts are there some no neighbors up there
all of which stands 6 foot 2 or higher certainly not getting the big sack plays
on a regular basis but their ability in the trenches to move the line of
scrimmage has been integral to their success this year we’ve had some good ones this season on
Riverside TV I want to say we’ve done at least 20 games yes and this is 24 just
high school and that does not refer to what’s going on tomorrow night’s second
down a goal from the five Jose word Ortiz is the running back
Rodriguez fires into the end zone Vito Russell touchdown all home run we got us
a ballgame here a score fest between the Moors and the Rams both teams have
orchestrated back-to-back touchdown drives but it was a bit unconventional
for all hambre they certainly proved something did the wars converting that
fourth down led by a young quarterback and Noah Rodriguez it seems he’s growing
up before our very eyes tonight Jeff he’s playing great football mean you’re
down pretty quickly and your throw an interception you could have just folded
but man has really put it pulled his head up held it up high and really
became that quarterback we’ve heard so much about have yet to see but man he’s
done a great job here in this first two second quarter he finishes the drive
with his 34th touchdown pass of the year number 7 venom Gore goes on the
receiving end of the first throw of the game this fourth down conversion to Cody
twang gave them more as a first and goal and after a run for a loss forties he
dumps the russell who does the rest it seems all Umbra they may just have to
throw every snap the remainder of the game they have got nothing going on the
ground so far in comparison to the Rams so that makes the the onus of Noah
Rodriguez even more impressive that he’s able to a score the touchdowns as the
Rams have teed off on the past certainly this kick offers retrieved short of the
10 Adrian monje escapes to the outside 2530 but he takes a tumble at the 32
yard line where he is dropped by Damien Rosa of Alhambra
and go figure a late flag has been thrown the Rams been beaten and battered
with nine penalties a week ago this would be their fifth and from the looks
of it yes the Rams have been flagged now five times in the first half now they
have been able to get out of it Ramona penalized five times the Moores
once so far Ramona has been able to overcome some of these penalties but
that has to be the halftime locker room speech for head coach Ken moosh in ski
yeah you cannot give up penalty especially in the semifinal game the
biggest game of your life you have a big lead you can’t make
mental mistakes that will cost you especially with five minutes left here
in the second half their first half Rams the pass with Moody’s he takes his shots
and he’s got Monet open he under throws him and beetle Russell nearly had his
fourth interception of the year for a team with so many interceptions that is
about as rare a drop as we have seen in the secondary bile hombro now tell you
what he threw that up there and with a jump ball it’s just a lucky missed balls
to the cop that should have been interception Nunez has been incredibly
efficient this year as quarterback of the Rams with 11 touchdown passes and
just four interceptions and despite the Rams with the lead as that pass is
incomplete Ramona starts this Drive with back-to-back throws and now have been
pinned into a third and ten at their own 15 this would be a pivotal juncture in
this game if all Habra makes a third down stop yeah we’ve seen the Rams
really put a number three out of four drives if they can get out of his Jam
here Rams 5 for 7 on third downs last week
third and ten the moors have seven men in the box and
will bring three Munez plenty of time takes off and will be stopped shorts by
Damien Rosa Moore’s force their first three and out of the game and now the
more starting look like they’re coming alive here looked a little timid little
out of sorts at the beginning but defensively office Lee they’ve got
things going on all cylinders here the Rams with design passes on all three
sequences and the Moors look prepared for it and Ramona’s Adrian monje checks
in for his first punt of the game only his third of the playoffs this that’s
just how rare the Rams have brought out this punt group mode hey looking like a
seasoned veteran their delivers the ball favorable Ramona bouts to around the 42
yard line boy the Moores have looked very
impressive after that first drive of the game where they looked a bit out of
sorts and a little overwhelmed by this crowd and the implications of this game
hey you know their big game is the biggest game of these young men’s alive
on both teams neither teams want to see I have championship in the last four
years so this is all new ground for these guys and of course it’s going to
take a little bit to get going but I’ll tell you what we have ourselves a pretty
good ballgame thought it was gonna be a blowout put it Alhambra has really come
back strong here in the second quarter Lambert quarterback Noah Rodriguez two
touchdown passes in the first half 34 for the year he fakes the handoff fires
of slants Cody twang to the 43 yard line a gain of 14 for alhambra first down
Moore’s and they’re gonna continue to hit that middle secondary all night long
those little slant patters have 10 wide open needle though Jeff he’s got a great
arm very quick quick release and that’s the one thing you is tough to stop is
he’s got two steps and he is releasing that ball quickly I the sky certainly
seems like the limit for the sophomore Noah Rodriguez that is a very tough
position for him to come in and this type of moment as a real first-year
starter at the varsity level and perform like this empty formation Rodriguez
launches downfield nearly intercepted off the hands of the diving Raymond
Valdez maybe he’s got very quick receivers that’s why he’s able to just
take three steps and boom get rid of it so quickly
the Rams really need to jump to jump the gap on those because he is such a quick
passer yeah beetle Russell that was an excellent effort to play defensive back
on that play now this for a sophomore to step into this type of moment reminds me
back in the day of anthony herrera or amando herrera I’m sorry Fred Lindsey’s
Valley he was a sophomore that guided them to a championship in his first year
as a varsity quarterback he was a fantastic player ended up playing last
season at San Bernardino Valley had a great career inside run for Isaac
Hernandez this is his longest carry of the game he breaks three Rams tackles
what a run 16 yards for Isaac Hernandez Hernandez last week held in checked with
all of 49 yards for the game yet Hernandez bounces off several tacklers
that has to be a punishing run for Ramona he got a piece of every shoulder
pad on that Ram defense first and ten for all home breath as the Moors may
want to play this clock right if they do so they can score the game-tying
touchdown two and a half from the 28 of Ramona Rodriguez dances in the pocket
and takes off gets by Davis at the 20 and Noah Rodriguez is escorted out of
bounds short of the 15 yard line who lien
Gaston ADA after a gain 213 pushes Rodriguez out
Rodriguez he is sure fun to watch he is running all over that pocket eluding all
kinds of traffic but I’ll tell you he’s got great legs kids gets outside smart
and runs out of bounds very smart move might look like he hurt himself a little
bit though on that last play maybe the most promising Drive of the game right
here for the Moors this would tie in at 21 if they find the endzone
Rodriguez launches the ball into the end zone incomplete alhambra started this drive around their
own 40-yard line after the excellent punt from Adrian Monet and more
quarterback Noah Rodriguez has done a number in this half against the Rams
secondary especially in the second quarter the running back is Isaac Hernandez
ripped off that 16 yard burst earlier in this Drive he takes the call spins out
of one tackle in turns a loss by Durden into a gain of two Castaneda spills the
running back in Isaac Hernandez alhambra is put together man by committee in that
backfield number 6 isaac Hernandez also a sophomore has played well on this
drive he was really bottled up Jeff from the previous three or four possessions
I’ll tell you what this al hammer team he’s young they’re gonna be back in this
they don’t win tonight though definitely they don’t move up in divisions being 12
and oh they could be right back here the next couple years certainly Eric Bruce
roms got them in a good position low snap Rodriguez gallops past Davis and
gets rid of the ball towards the sideline officials roll in complete veto
Russell the intended targets and the Brewers have a decision to make fourth
and eight do you dare to go for it I think you just get points on the board their fuel goal kicker they’ve got two
of them Cody twang is two for six on kicks this year
Matthew donk oh no field goal attempts but he is missed just 6p8 sees there’s a
look at all of us in the crew here at Ramona high and our mayor’s up here know
why he’s a he’s a be the poly bear but I’m gonna have to talk to him at
halftime here’s the field goal 1st of the year from donk oh it’s got the
distance and the kick is good senior p80 specialist matthew dokgo
drills his first field goal to season the Moors Dow by for how we definitely
definitely have a ball game thought it was gonna be a blowout
did you know but the Rams giving up some points to the Moors you still haven’t
answered me what a Moore is would you like to know what happens we keep the
fans guessing I’m gonna tell you what this is because first let’s look at this
Drive Isaac Hernandez that was the play of this Drive was it not chat was I mean
everybody thought he was down he grumbling fumbling and stumbling sixteen
yards that set them up in scoring range and Noah Rodriguez put moves on several
more rams to put them into the red zone on this excellent first down scamper as
you mentioned earlier looked a little hobbled heading back to the sidelines
but after the Rams buckle on defense donc oh drills a 36 yard career-high
career long field goal monje has some room across the 30 and he has dropped
near the 35 Aguayo combines by Nicolas Mathias for the special team stop for
the alhambra– bores 124 to go in the second quarter the Rams set up shop all
three of their first half timeouts up by four we’re gonna be joined by the mayor at
halftime rusty Bailey’s gonna sit down with me we’re gonna talk a little Oh
Ramona football and talk about what’s going on the city always enjoy talking
to my god what a more is I’m gonna tell you what a more is a more isn’t it’s a
historical member of the ancient Berber people from the Arab into Spain in parts
of North Africa in the eighth to the 15th centuries I wonder why all hombro
chose that because it’s cool by the way in the bottom ticker the Lancers a
flying start to the year in men’s basketball they lead by one over Central
Arkansas and a 2k tournament there the passes in completes cornet held the
intended target and tomorrow night we’re gonna be back on airs the you and I are
gonna be calling hey JC playoff game between RCC and the always great mount
sac I’ll tell you what explain this to us this is a Final Four situation it is
not just the Final Four situation but it’s kind of a monkey on the back of Tom
crafts it’s it’s a fascinating story because I mean he is one of the most
successful coaches that has never won a state championship here in California he
is looking for as a hundreth career win tonight as head coach of the Tigers and
now was the top team in the nation now looks like as good of any of a time for
the Tigers to win at all this year I’ll tell you what Tom craft in his 10
years has just been phenomenal over at San Diego State he was over at Palomar
as we take a picture here with the the mayor himself we’re gonna join a
halftime yes but but tom craft I mean Palomar he won championships in
the last decade at RCC is just one of those that you can’t even match it’s he
wins every time moenay’s his passes drops Cornejo with
this was the intended target during tom crafts rookie year as head coach of San
Diego State he set an Aztecs program record for passing yards and he has
taken that prowess – RCC were at the junior college ranks
he has put together as the Rams when we forced the punt here he is put together
just an annual list of all-star receivers and quarterbacks last year
stone smart who is currently playing football at Old Dominion he is their
starting quarterback in Norfolk Virginia he is tearing up the NCAA and now
they’ve got not one but two we knew coming into the year Mike Urban was
talented they’ve got two quarterbacks that looked like NCAA caliber players
you got Jacob Bartlett is the freshman who played his high school football is
just down the road at Valley View high school play for his dad Dan Bartlett’s
his mom is a state champion volleyball coach LA and I believe that their young
daughter and his sister might be the only one that doesn’t have a state
championship ring because Barnes played in a state championship wanna see I have
championship but yeah I’m sure the daughter if she’s gonna play volleyball
play for her mom and she’ll be a state championship – that might be the most
decorated family in the entire area outside of the Miller family or with the
Gorham family’s pretty darn decorated but nobody compares to Reggie and Cheryl
Miller Riverside’s finest athletes both in the National Basketball Hall of Fame
al hamra has got some fine athletes they have mounted a bit of a comeback here as
that passes in completes and just to finish up our preview for tomorrow’s
game our CCM Mount San Antonio the last time the Tigers were ranked first in the
state’s from not mistaken 2014 what happened that year they were knocked out
in the SCF a championship to mount San Antonio and that’s and that’s the team
they played tomorrow night and here’s another one for you thirty years ago
they were national champions did you know that 30 years on the day down the
dot yeah exactly so that means they’re gonna win it again that means who knows
back shoulder throw excellent pass from Noah Rodriguez that’s a college level
throw first down for Al Hamra yeah through outside perfect pass able to
thread the needle and get in get out of bounds was it out of Bounce let’s see
they moved the chains to see the clocks yeah no I think you
were right I think I questioned your cannot great pass to announce I take the
mores can take the lead who would have thought after Ramona looked like they
dominated the first quarter of 14-nothing
Rodriguez takes off and he’s got green grass Rodriguez gallops and he
tightropes four more yards this Rams defense looks like they’re about ready
for halftime they were stiff two first downs on their first two drives allowed
the Moors couldn’t get anything going to start this game but alhambra has settled
in here on the road yes because of that man right there that get her back is fun
to watch he gets he’s all a little Doug Flutie asked very good comparison mines
me a little bit of Cameron Payne who was the last player to beat Ramona a
quarterback that was about a month ago this passes in completes since Ramona
dropped that game to Hillcrest 42 to 13 and Cameron Payne who’s just this crafty
a quarterback is this I mean the Rams there there was never any doubt in that
locker room even though they looked like they were reeling a bit league play and
they really have rallied behind their coach and I think it all started in the
you know last year when he took over you know Vinny Fazio came in and really had
a good a good coaching career here and really started this but Ken moshevsky
came in and really kind of finished the job he got everybody buying into the
waiting room and really buying into the entire program and now Ramona is one of
the best programs in the city everybody supports him it’s great took a little
bit of time to click but when it did Ramona has been unbeaten in the last
month flag is thrown as Rodriguez spins boy this is another dazzling run for the
sophomore signal caller but most likely this will be averted
as a 17 yard run is going to be greeted by a hold there is only eight seconds to
go in the half so alhambra may be down to their final play and that was a big
play right there because I think it really put them out of range
for field goal range there’s a look that’s 52 who holds them down for all
Habra Siraj groung that is just the second flag of the half against the
visitors do you take a shot to the endzone or
maybe try an out pattern or something in eight seconds I honestly I think you’d
go for the endzone it you know it’s too hard right now to get out of house less
you’re throwing to your side of the field yeah I think you go for it all
right now nor odd Regas we’ll see what type of arm he has Rodriguez loads up
and fires downfield incomplete there still is time for one more play Ramona
had put together two touchdown drives in the first quarter and led 14 nothing but
the boars responded led by that special quarterback nor Rodriguez it hasn’t been
just until recently that they have established some of a ground game and
this will be a fascinating half time to see how Khemu schinsky maybe even how
our mayor can help adjust the Rams defense going into the say he’s gonna
have to do something because it’s been this secondary has been tested coach
Basinski I’m sure is gonna talk to his guys at halftime and say hey look you
gotta shore this up we got to show you where they’re gonna throw the ball and
see if they can adjust final play barring a penalty of the first half
four-man rush Rodriguez drops by Russell two quarters complete the mores showed
some promise there in the second quarter as they nearly avenge a 14-point deficit
we’ve got a game in the CIF southern section ford football championships as
the rams lead 21 to 17 now the scoreboard reads point three
seconds left in the half Wow so we may just have one more play
here it was zero zero point three in basketball that’s that’s you can’t get a
shot off it would be halftime right there lay appeared like it took more
than for second or 3.7 but fourth down and
the bores will get another shot at it here we go here’s Rodriguez this would
be impressive if he scores that’s a step patter for Noah Rodriguez
first half complete Rams up 21 to 17 Jeff what did you notice oh I think I
think the RAM started off great you know I said they scored three or
four on their first four possessions they looked crisp their quarterback
still is good but the defense has really given up a lot the secondaries been
tested and the quarterback you’ve got to put a spy on him you’ve got to stop him
because he has been the answer to Ramona’s offense you know what also has
got to happen we’ve got to ask the mayor of Riverside what a more is could you do
that for me no I’m not gonna I don’t quite a stir mayor what his favorite
food is we’re gonna have fun here or maybe his favorite sideline reporter my
favorite is JRE Barra gerrae what do you have for us which you
kind of dominated that first quarter but the second quarter was a bit of a
struggle for guys yeah I wouldn’t say as much struggle there yeah you know a very
good team they’re 12 and OH for a reason you know our defense is playing well
just just a couple mistakes here and there they are doing a great job with
our run we’re just gonna have to come out so that can happen and start control
the game a little bit better seems like penalties have been kind of the Achilles
heel for you guys yeah you know that old adage goes you know you’re shooting
yourself and your foot and that’s what we’re doing right now we’re gonna go
talk about it in the in the locker room get it sorted out fix it and come back
out and get W alright thanks for time thank you okay guys we’ll send it back
up top to you the excellent Kem Moos schinsky searching for answers I’ll be
at the Rams by 4:00 winner battles the victor of esperanza Inglewood in the SE
of southern section championship game 2/4 completes or amps 21 Moore’s 17 our
halftime interview and more is coming up in a moment this is the Riverside TV
game of the week one major perk of living in Riverside is
the amount of large community events that take place throughout the year but
with busy sporting events concerts festivals and other large gatherings
people may sometimes become vulnerable to safety risks protect yourself your
family and your valuables when in a packed crowd see something say something
help keep everyone safe by reporting any suspicious or illegal behavior if you
see something that does not seem quite right say something in the case of an
emergency call 911 good evening and welcome to the RCC
pregame show as the RCC Tigers are in playoff action versus mount sac and I’m
joined now by their defensive superstar Kobe Fitzgerald how you doing tonight
yeah how about you I’m great I’m great now let’s talk about this this RCC
season so far you guys are on here in California citrus is a part of
our lives every day but what if it all just disappeared
a devastating plant disease called huanglongbing or HL being spread by the
Asian citrus psyllid is fatal for citrus trees and it might be found in your own
backyard that’s why it’s important that we all do our part to keep California
citrus safe don’t let California citrus disappear
visit California citrus threat org to learn more got junk too big for the
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pickup Riverside residents get two free pickups a year but you got to follow
three simple rules both the items must be curbside by 5:30 a.m. the day of your
pickup light enough for two people to lift and the total volume can’t be
larger than eight foot by four foot by four foot if you got a lot of junk check
out our bulky item and a waste drop-off events held several times each year
bulky item pickup call us today and we’ll haul it away I’m a police officer pilot I’ve been
with the city for a little over ten years
I’ve always loved aviation and I’ve always loved law enforcement so to be
able to combine the two together to the things that I love the most I’ve got
experience in the background in law enforcement so it’s a couple that with
aviation and and fly every day and still do police work that’s why I’m out here
work day shift seven to five I usually get here a little before seven we’ll get
an email on what occurred the previous evening saugus for those also check
temporary flight restrictions so I’ll check those and see if there’s any in
the area that we can’t fly into and then we’ll go out and do a pre-flight on the
helicopter we’ll walk around check everything make sure everything’s
functioning properly and sometimes are up for Patrol other times when we’re
here on the ground we’ll respond to an incident if a vehicle pursuit or a foot
pursuit or something goes out were launched for that if there’s a fire in
the river bottom we’ll go up and provide air support for the firemen on the
ground code enforcement uses us for their green pool flights and so we’ll go
up and we’ll look for green pools we’re assisting a lot of different
departments I’m a fourth generation Riverside resident out of five
generations now my family is set roots here back in the
1900s and I’ve got a connection Riverside so family and friends are here
and it’s nice to give back to the community that you’ve been brought up
and so if I were to describe my job in two words it would be uniquely awesome
it’s awesome I get to fly a helicopter and do something that I really enjoy
doing at the same time protecting and serving a community that grew up Plus novio says a Mexican market located
on Main Street not far from downtown Riverside the name means young male bull
which is typically used for its high quality meat albert Amarillo is the
owner being in the business for years and years almost 20 years in the City of
Riverside and always in Austin so start working I I always dream like one day I
will have my own business and since I’m being in Riverside for so many years I
said well this is a good opportunity so I asked a couple friends you know like
and my brother hey this is the opportunity of her life we take it on I
they’re like yes go for it the store features a good selection of
fruits vegetables canned goods meats and seafood there’s also several kinds of
cheese salsa and guacamole loyal customers who shop here say it’s
because of their fresh food and great customer service I hide my veto and I go
here every morning to buy a fresh ceviche it’s a great market they’re just
gonna get bigger and better so usually I’ll come in here to buy lunch but if I
need anything for my house I’ll you know any supplemental groceries I come in
here and I buy everything it was fresh Alberto says he trains his staff to
treat customers like family Mercedes Duran is one of his cashiers
just asking with how are you doing that makes a really big difference and just
being in a small market you kind of notice who who’s who and what I like
doing there sometimes I’ll even ask them like what are you cooking today I do
spaghetti are you doing kind of your father you know that’s mixed I wonder
the people when they came I want that I feel like walking like oh this is my
house you know like this is family and that’s what I’ve wanted to tell all my
customers that they’re not just customers they’re guests for me another
guess is there my guess there my my family all the time when they came if I
know their names I you know I tell them about their names and everything I shake
hands all day long and I think they like it my name is lovey Jung and I work for the
city oversight fire department I’ve been here for about seven years now and I’m a
firefighter/paramedic on engine one when I was younger I actually wanted to be a
firefighter but I ended up getting sidetracked and went and played softball
for the Olympic team in 2004 2008 and when I retired in 2009 that’s when I
decided I wanted to switch over to becoming firefighter
usually when I come in the first thing I do is I check my personal protective
equipment and then I’ll also check the medical equipment being a paramedic I
have to make sure all my medications are there and that my equipment is working
properly so that when we go on a scene to a medical aid that everything’s in
working form and that were professional on scene if I were to describe my job in
one word it would be adventurous every day is different from day to day
depending on the training or the type of calls that we run you know some days we
might go on more duis there some days we might go on more traffic accidents so
every day that I come to work is gonna be completely different from the day
before and the next day they get to work with a group of people that I enjoy
working with and having that camaraderie that I’ve missed from being an athlete
but now being a mom I just kind of I want to be that role model for my
daughter to you know show her that you can be independent and you can have a
job that you want to work in whether it’s a male-dominated career or not and
I want her to understand that how she grows up we need to make sure our seniors are
safe with consistent proper nutrition and healthy foods delivered to their
homes elderly patients who do not have proper nutrition have a higher risk of
irregular heart rhythms and sepsis River sites meals-on-wheels program can always
use your help if you can volunteer or donate you can visit our website and get
more information how you can participate and we thank you and welcome back to the Riverside game
of the week as we’re at semifinals of Ramona high school of the week game of
the week this is the semifinals mr. mayor that’s right CIF semifinal yeah
the Ford CIF semifinals team let’s say that correctly hit me know this is big
tired we are big time sponsor here with section we got the ramped up 21 17 over
the the Moors of Alhambra Wars you don’t know more is this do we discuss this and
nobody seemed to know it’s like a land this is what I thought too but it’s an
Arabic thing from the fifth to the ninth centuries that ruled the world okay so I
guess that’s kind of a pretty tough thing but well they’re not ruling yet
tonight are not 17 the Rams got it going we’re looking good you know it’s been a
back and forth game it’s been back before well if you’re just joining us
I’m joined by the mayor I got my Randy the mayor rusty Bailey RAM pride he’s
wearing his ring she have a Ramona Ram so I very pretty your poly guy and we’re
supposed to never talk but they said got the mayor of you are the layers you are
poly yeah but I I’m a member of her I’m an alumnus of Ramona so true great
things happen but thank you for joining me rusty Bailey how you doing I’m
fabulous I’m looking at a beautiful Belle and rain cross look at that center
of the field the city logo right here Riverside in the end zone is there
anything better than this it’s a great fall night but we got a lot going on
right now this is the festival of lights next Friday be there I’m gonna be
hosting my friend I interview duty the long night of arts and innovation which
was one of the greatest event it was awesome but we have something some
festival holiday light festival in the country and River siders love it they
come down every year support it the Mission Inn is gonna fire off some
fireworks yes tops which on like five six seven
million lights I don’t know what they’re up to now
several million yes several million but your family yeah you’ve done such a
great job I mean we see you everywhere uh what has been I mean I know your
reign is coming to an end you’ve done such a great job what do you look back
in your being a mayor what’s been your your favorite moment it doesn’t get much
better being the merry hometown there’s too many moments too to tell about you
know I mean it’s lease which on ceremonies dancing I was telling you
dance on the street where Kenny log any lands yeah and Footloose comes on and
and I get to lead this this mass of humanity dancing in the streets of
Riverside that was a highlight that that would be Sheryl Crow playing the Fox
Theater oh yeah that’s a good one she opened it up yeah that was pretty
incredible I will never forget that there’s so many
there’s so many good things going on with the holidays and so forth but
something that was kind of dear near to use the Riverside Youth Council they’re
doing a lot there it’s like a mock trial situation but they’re gonna do a mock
City Council meeting yes December 11th from 6:00 to 7:30 can you
tell us a little bit about that the City Council Chamber City Hall and we the
whole intent is to you know connect to the youth in our city and the Youth
Council which is students in high school are inviting again the the broader
public to youth the parents to come out they want to to discuss as a relevant
issue to them which is gun violence you know in schools in public at City Hall
and so they’ve got this question out there and they’re gonna take a vote at
the end and inform you know us at the City Council level about what they think
in terms of this topic and and so we’re asking students to come down and
participate they can speak I think it’s up to two or three minutes voice their
opinion about gun violence about public safety and security
in public places I’m really excited now it’s the first time we’re doing it I
don’t think there’s I don’t know if there’s any other city in this area
doing it but the Riverside Youth Council which is a great bunch of leaders again
and all of the the public high schools I think it’s a private high schools two
across Riverside coming together that night I’ll tell you what Riverside has
never been better I think and I think 18 I have to say that a lot of
this do to you but a lot of it has to do just because we have such a great great
tight-knit community like we see here at Ramona tonight Sweet Caroline playing
and singing with it still a small town but we got a big city right examinee
amenities I was growing up you know there’s a hundred hundred thousand
people a night we used to be able to ride our bikes down
Magnolia on Sunday morning to be on the road Main Street yes roll bowling ball
down Main Street and I hit anybody yes you could it was coming I well I’ll tell
you what we got to get going here but Mayor Bailey thank you for joining us
and thank you for supporting all of Riverside Ramona’s happy night tonight
though these guys are are bringing it home it’s a Riverside they’re making us
proud well he’s rusty Bailey I’m Jeff Gorham
and we have about a minute we’re gonna step away we’ll be right back with the
second half the Rams leading 21 17 here on Riverside TV game of the week here we
go Thanks we’re taking a look at the first half
highlights here as we’re gathering ourselves here in our seats thank you
for joining us for that halftime interview as Ramona got off to a flying
start here’s a look at the highlights they led 14 to nothing lay to the
opening quarter but then all Hamra quarterback Noah Rodriguez really showed
some boys in the SEC quarter of this game alhambra outscored the Rams 17 to 7
big plays such as that one and catch the beetle Russell that set up the fourth
down run from Henry Soto that was the first
points of the game for the boars Ramona did respond as David Cornejo extends the
lead for Ramona to 21 7 then the more is countered this is a fourth down
conversion on a big pass play of 32 from Cody twang and a 5 yard scoring sauce
from Noah Rodriguez to the likes of bidam Garang that cuts the lead to 7 and
then as we’re fading into the third quarter here by the Rams after that
field goal drive from the boars they saw their lead of 14 evaporate to 3 and with
that repeat you back here at Ramona high school where this is the CIF southern
section Ford football championships and as of right now the biggest game in the
lives of all of these players because neither Club has been this far in nearly
two decades the Rams it was 2003 when they made a
tear to the CIF semifinals alhambra not since 1955 we have history in the making
tonight as ramona leads 21 to 17 welcome back here we are beginning the second
half Hernandez the run and he has smoked for boss by that Ram defense which
struggled to the second quarter Jeff I’ll be at they Dooley by 4 yeah I was
hanging out with the mayor we were sitting around messed around sorry to be
a little late here on the broadcast but when the mayor talks to you you can’t
say no oh yeah good game though on the bottom there 33 seconds left the al
ansar men down one to Central Arkansas not as good as this game but pretty good
down there too has Sports is in full swing in the City of Riverside the
winner of this game advances to the CIF championship Rodriguez fires
a slats incomplete intended for number 12 Cote Shuang who was the league leader
in touchdowns coming in receiving Weis for all hopper with 13 of them Noah
Rodriguez and that second quarter especially showed some poise as the
sophomore quarterback threw two touchdown passes and set up the field
goal drive on the final few plays of the opening half third down and 12 rodriguez against the blitz pumps runs
Noah Rodriguez gets a good downfield block but is tripped up short of the
first down line the Rams Bobby Villalobos number 23 the
only returning defender on this roster from a year ago starting makes the big
third down stop well he is he is cagey can’t stop that young man he is so tough
elusive he should go Wildcat let him run he
certainly has kept the remoted defense on their toes along with all the other
teams they have faced as all hammer comes in 12 and oh this is the closest
the Moors have gotten there in a Moors opponent has gotten all season I mean a
hundred twelve oh no most of those games have been over by the opening kickoff
seemingly as that game in Cal Baptist is coming down the final few seconds there
the Moors are not only 12 a no but they have registered two shutouts and all but
only five of their 12 wins did they give up more than nine points I mean they are
just trouncing the competition yeah Ramona up 21 to 17 has a shot here and
what has been a nip and tuck game with a good second half to advance to the CIF
championships with the CIF southern section ford football championships here
tonight’s Ramona 10 and to all hombro it’s woven own alhambra like said 1955
Wow hey the mayor didn’t know what a Moore
was either oh thank you no I was wondering if you’re gonna ask
of course I asked him Lunas finds Cornejo that has been a popular
connection in this football game 16 yards to the senior receiver who has
really against that excellent more defense he has really just been a
unstoppable force for them they’re throwing a second safety underneath into
the box to try and slow him down they’ve got
two guys shadowing the receiver and he has been putting together an absolute
clinic there at wide receiver first and ten Ramona goes grounds and this is the
ever so physical Dante Roby he has some speed but there at the end you see his
Display of power 16 yards the 15 first down Ramona and this looks eerily
similar to how the Rams opened the opening half as Ramona March 71 yards
for a touchdown for Roby to begin the game and they look like they were going
to roll overall Harbor two starts and they begin the second half the same way
the past the david korn a hose drops Ramona’s readying for the fifth play of
this Drive mores began the second half with a three announce and Ramona has
quickly marched down field Roby he is stuffed at the line of scrimmage
number 65 the senior defensive end Chris Benitez was one of the first Moors on
the second down stop wait we’re not watching the game live on the bottom
ticker there though but a central Arkansans cow baptist going back and
forth yeah might be the game of the night for basketballs we’ve got early
movements just beyond the bottom of your screen david Cornejo compiles the miscue
of a drop with a false start no yes false start nice movement on both sides in fact I was just sent a text that
orange vista versus Adelanto in their game the game was called with 9 minutes
and 28 minutes 9 minutes and 20 seconds left in the third quarter flag is thrown
any reasoning bird that you know of lied the game Wow yes in fact orange Vista
and Adelanto with 9 minutes and 20 seconds left in the third quarter the
game was canceled because of a result of benching a bench-clearing brawl and both
sidelines were ejected game called orange vista lost 41 to nothing in that
third quarter so a semifinal called for a fight that ended the game with 920
left in the 3rd 4th down ramona sets a punt for the second time today i mean
that probably isn’t a first but that that is incredibly rare especially with
9 minutes and 20 left in the third quarter
matthew donk oh you saw him for a hombro he was he was fired up on special teams
here’s they get into position eventually and there was no fair cat signal this is
a return from beetle russell yet the rams are all over it the brawl between
these two have been played on the field tonight jeff has that game Cal Baptist
Central Arkansas share on the bottom ticker they’re going to overtime tied at
88 but early on for those of you just joining us welcome in this is the
Riverside TV game of the week the final team standing in the City of Riverside
is just two quarters away from a trip to the CIF championship game to battle
either Esperanza or Inglewood will give you score updates on that on the bottom
blue ticker there it should be noted the annual festival of lights will also be
broadcast here on Riverside TV next week Rams got off to a flying start they laid
14 nothing 10 minutes into the game but alhambra has settled and led by that
excellent quarterback Noah Rodriguez this is the longest run of the game for
Jose Ortiz of the Moors sixteen yards for the senior tailback
first out all Habra boy they’re really starting to take note and a lot of real
estate here is that’s a big run running off tackle there and that’s what they’ve
been kind of struggled in that first half yeah I’m throwing the ball all
peppering each receiver I’m testing that Ramona secondary we’re starting to get
it going here on the ground Raymond Valdez the tackle first and ten
al hombro off play action Rodriguez fires in traffic nearly intercepted
knocked away in the second level by Valdez there on the bottom ticker the
winner of this game al hombro and Ramona tangles either the Esperanza Aztecs or
the Inglewood sentinels that game underway at your Belinda high school
just across the road here as next weekend will be the D 13 CIF southern
section championship game and Ramona’s made it this far third round of the
playoffs and the Rams of so far tonight been dealt their toughest test of the
postseason yes a good bit a great game start off I thought it was gonna be
really did I thought Ramona was gonna blow him out but how hammered kind of
poised up and got no I guess he missed an open Kody twang that is a backbreaker
Shuang had about five extra yards of real estate there yeah this is a big
play right here third and long third and ten here to give the Rams the ball for
all the great throws Rodriguez is made that’s one you know once you take back a
head back yeah that’s you get those when you’re asked to throw it 40 times here I
think you’re allowed to have one yeah have a couple of those I mean this is
established itself we knew that Ramona could run the ball and the boars also
had a complement of excellent running backs this has been a quarterback duel
tonight Diego Muniz has thrown two touchdowns same with Noah Rodriguez of
alhambra who fires to trang on third and 10 the Moors gained eight Isaiah Reyes
makes the stop and so far the boars have proven that they are not scared of 4,000
bruh is too – converting fourth downs today – yes
they have it yes who just made that catch he came in
as the team’s leading receiver with receptions and touchdowns 50 catches a
110 yards 13 scores for the senior number 12 code each way the Moores head
coach Eric Bergstrom in his seventh year with all Homme bruh he is the former
longtime OC at La Valle and Occidental College before an abrupt retirement to
their head coach led to the Occidental cleaning of the coaching staff so Eric
Bergstrom was looking for a head coach position and he found it at Alhambra six
weeks before the opening game of the 2013 season so go figure the Moors were
off to a slow start with him as a late addition as head coach but it’s his
first full-time head coaching job and after all Habra had losing seasons five
straight years who would have figured that al Harbor goes from that depth 14
games under 500 to being a 12 and old bunch the remoter Rams have been a power
out of the River Valley for years in alhambra has got him down only four
midway through the third quarter you said earlier in the game 20 out of 22
wins that I mean that’s that’s incredible just losing two games in that
stretch that’s a great great turnaround this is a young Bunch as mentioned
sophomore quarterback sophomore starting tailback and we’ve seen some other
underclassmen make big plays in this game this punt from Matthew Dunkel
bounces that around the 25-yard line has after this game began as a score fest we
have seen one punt for the Rams two pumps for the Moors to begin the second
half and I think it’s gonna come down to a couple final our final play here in
this game the way they’re playing it’s been a good one so far here a little
different tone than what you had to start this off that’s true I thought was
gonna be a blowout of a Rams you know I mean I gotta be a homer right I’m with
you I’m with you Ramona their third trip to the CIF semifinals in program history
as the Rams winners of seven games last year can make it 11 with a victory
tonight shanaar dropped the snap but it’s real think quickly by via of Ramona
this play is going nowhere as he has rustled down for a 3 yard losses Miguel
via who was a go-to target in the first quarter this game for Ramona quarterback
Diego Munez that’s his first touch in the next 15 minutes so we’ll see if via
is a bigger part of this offense moving forward number 11 no he was just happy
he got it off the ground here I’m too sure I think it was a broken play I’m
not sure they meant to do that I’m sure a head coach Ken Basinski isn’t thrilled
of his quarterback providing a block there no gotta protect that guy yeah
midway through the third quarter both teams searching for some continuity
they haven’t crossed the 56 halftime Munez delivers a strike and Cornell
makes the catch he’s signalling first down but he’s a
yard short yes gotta love that enthusiasm though
because for many players I’m sure being told all week hey this is the biggest
game of your career that’s got to add some nerves to you well I was talking to
Frank barber who was part of that championship team the last time the Rams
want it and he was saying you know his son Maximus is playing on the team they
just don’t get it it’s just it’s a lot different you got yeah it’s the biggest
game of their lives Nonna’s dumps it off and traffic in the
past is incomplete shanaar was the intended target Ramona has fourth and
one at their own 31 yard line this would be an interesting decision to go for
it’s or the Rams offense is I rates as they have decided to bring out the punt
group it was a late signal from head coach Camus schinsky of the Rams but
Ramona with six 19 to go in the third quarter is set to bring out the punt
team this is the fourth pump we have seen to open the second half go figure
these two top flight offenses are struggling to move the football since
halftime adrián Monet he fakes the punts crafty
decision from 10news schinsky and it works as he’s tripped up with a fifty a
gain of 19 yards for the punter Adrien Monet a little trickery pollution
Anakin’s by a coach Basinski shenanigans his rights great play and he was in a
dead sprint nobody saw that coming Henry Soto was the closest one there and
he was five yards away number four fourth and one Ramona goes for it and on
their first first fourth down attempts of the playoffs the Rams moved the ball
to the 50 that was a huge decision from Ken Moo shitski and it works off play
action Muniz takes off and he’s got another
huge convoy and is out of bounds across the 40 that fourth down conversion has
ignited this offense certainly put this crowd as well I’ll tell you what they’ve
got the the Moors on their heels they don’t know what they’re what they’re
doing do they go to the running back or do they just continue to just run around
great great play Colin by the Rams coaching staff yeah whether we’re in the
1500s in Britain or in Ramona high school for the CIF semifinals and the
Moors have hung in for quite a bit but the Rams are putting together their best
Drive since halftime pressure is coming he launches into the end zone there’s
two defenders there Vito Russell as intercepted Diego Muniz touch back that
is the 28th pick of the year for that defense that is the most interceptions
for a football team in the salya of southern section they are first out of
423 teams it was only a matter of time and that one was a jump ball and it just
I could have been a little push beforehand no call well there is a flag
down at the 10-yard line the officials have picked it up on sports more like
conduct is against Ramona who would have thoughts there Rams I’m sure screaming
their case a penalty on all Hamra and stead the Moors have wiped out the
momentum of Ramona’s best drive since halftime they had a four version this
crowd was ignited it looked like the Rams got all sorts of mojo back in that
unit and Munez is picked off for the fifth time this year yeah that’s a tough
tough call there and whether it’s Erik Bergstrom head coach of all Habra
whether it’s these players or just any of the other coaches or faculty for the
Moores they just are at the right place at the right time for these
interceptions they have an opportunistic all year Rodriguez nearly intercepted by
Martinez of Ramona in completes way there these quarterbacks to throw the
ball all over the field man they’re gambling they are throwing it in traffic
man great great great plays usually you’ll see quarterbacks begin the game a
little nervous but both were firing all over the yard as if we were you know in
the parking lot or something then coming out of the half these are two
quarterbacks we haven’t seen so far we stopped five minutes and six seconds to
play here in the third this is gonna be a marathon game yeah at this rate for
punts and an interception we have seen so far ending the drives for these two
teams in the second half Rodriguez pumps and fires downfield in completes
kody twang was the intended target isaiah reyes number six number
thirty-two Raymond Valdez was on the coverage as well for the Rams and out
rang is now let’s take a look at that Noah Rodriguez for those pundits who say
he is simply a precision passer let’s take a look at this arm strength he is
rolling to his right fires across his body to the left and trying just in the
wrong position there got tangled up and the officials are looking at the veteran
receiver that’s not a a good sign when you’re
messing with the ankles or feet I think he got stepped on there’s a look at
Diego Munez number five what have been your impressions Jeff of the junior
quarterback tonight I thought he was I thought he’s been phenomenal I thought
you know he’s been very he’s always poised in that backfield I look like as
calm as ever I mean maybe somebody might want to
remind him hey this is but honestly you know he’s one of those guys that reads
his progressions well makes really good decisions that last pass just was just
he let it go a little too high but other nannies I think he’s one of the finer
quarterbacks we’ve seen here at remoting a long time yeah it will only get better
Cody shuang would be dearly missed if he cannot return as al hombro wide receiver
after the timeout by the way on the bottom ticker the Lancers pulling off a
big win over Central Arkansas a tournament of Riverside and overtime it
appears that they’re on their way to a compressive win as Cal Baptist
California Baptist third down Rodriguez goes deep again and Vito Russell is
godit’s imitates a shoestring tackle from Dante Roby to save a touchdown for
Vito Russell third and 10 Rodriguez thous the deep ball Jeff it is a huge
game 33 yards and that’s where they’ve done their damage really is hitting that
going over the top of it going into that Ramona secondary but man those receivers
are pretty phenomenal to watch they’ve been able to split the defenders all
night long now a career day for Noah Rodriguez it appears he was just eight
of 20 last week but he has just been phenomenal as he is relied upon to carry
the burden a majority of this game as Paul Harbor has been limited to so far
on the ground of measly 30 yards rushing let’s take a look at this penalty flag
thrown Paul start on the boors Ramona was
ravaged with penalties five of them in the first half of this game but now
Alhambra has committed some mistakes here in the third quarter as a defense for the Rams how do you
eradicate some of these deep thrills from Doyle Rodriguez well you know
whether you choose to play zone or man if you’re the coach and if it’s man it’s
just you just gotta buckle down at eight I’m not gonna let my man catch the ball
got to put his fire there on the quarterback as well yeah butyl russell
wide open here and he has stacked up as Reyes was one of the first ones in on
the veto Russell tackle after a completion of ten late flaggers thrown
as the Rams and head coach Ken moosh it’s key has to be kicking themselves
here’s a look at the previous play Vito Russell in quick motion he is wide open
it appears there’s not a man autumn downfield look at the screen there’s
just one blue jersey there the far end that has to be a bit frustrating for the
head coach yeah and you’ve got face mask whoa 25 yards now is the net result of
that play yeah that’s a tough tough penalty on the Rams that to mental
mistake that cannot cannot be happy if your coach can’t machine ski and his
defensive staff well the I guess they have holes it a
first and one that’s exactly what it is okay from the 28 Rodriguez maybe as
Rodriguez fires and he finds Vito Russell first and ten first would want
first and whoever number three has been the receiving end of some huge throws
from Noah Rodriguez yeah what a beautiful catch here unbelievable catch
it goes up over everybody as you see here and the Moores who are down 14 to
nothing in the first quarter this game have come storming back and are seven
yards away from their first lead of the game
Raphael Sanchez is one of the three slot receivers to the top of your screen
Rodriguez looks towards beetle Russell he escapes Rodriguez buried out of
bounds by Roby at the five well you know the the offense of course
our heavy Ramona tonight however they may do the officials up a point here
that appeared a little tough a little too late let’s look at that replay yeah
he was out of Bounce am i right yeah that’s oh that’s a good call it’s tough
it was close but he already had a foot out and of course as the officiating crew
they have to be like parents you know your your uh your first priority is
player safety and that penalty sets up first and goal from the to my house I
got three boys all they do is beat each other up there is nope I can’t do any
parent and all they’re doing is fighting all the time I’d like to be in your house no I I
can’t be a referee in my own home goal line formation another toss to Soto
and he crawls to the one final score they’re on the bottom and Riverside
California Baptist winners in overtime Jeff so they’re competing with UCR as
the best college basketball team in the city he got the crosstown showdown which
would be believed December 4th as we’re gonna see Cal Baptist and a UCR pilot
that should be pretty good this year it’s at CBU I can’t wait to
check out that arena oh it is good Soto’s the deep back the quarterback is
number nine Damien Rosa for all Habra second and goal tossed the soto again
who follows his blocks and squirts towards the end zone there is a pile of
cloud of dust at the one-yard line he is marked at about the half setting up
third and goal yeah this is huge that they can stop them from scoring is maybe
the territory though yeah that that’s that’s the problem as mentioned Henry
Soto came into this game scoring touchdowns on over half of his carries
he’s about as impressive a red zone back as there is in the Almonte league and
maybe in the southern section he scored his 12th touchdown earlier in this game
from this end zone Soto’s the deep back a quail’s the pullback morosa
quarterback sneak he gets a push from his running back yet his denied
at the one fourth and goal both teams know what’s coming and this crowd knows
it too many here some here in the pitter-patter of the feet
great defensive stand so from this putting eleven in the box by the Rams
the Moores have driven from inside their own 42 the Ramona quarter yard line you
can’t put the nose of the football any closer Jeff dole line formation for the
fourth straight play Rosa is the quarterback Rosa loses the snap and the
Rams have made the stop on defense a huge play and a drop ball that might
have cost the Moores the game if it comes down to fourth quarter here yeah
you never know where those points will be needed for all Habra the Moors March
nearly the length of the field yet the fumbled snap from Damien Rosa prevents a
good opportunity on fourth down to punch it in the Moors have to be encouraged
about how they were able to move the ball but the Rams put together the
defensive stop of the game so far first intent remote a better be careful
they go ground and Roby spins out of traffic in fact he gains too as Justin
Gonzales pulls him down to the three and a half the gutsy play there by the Rams
handed it to their one hand back and that has ignited this crowd the Rams are
12 minutes away from a date what they hope here for the CIF championship
against either Esperanza or Inglewood third-quarter completes neither Club
scored the most important drive was the last one as the Moors are stopped on a
fourth and goal from the 1 foot line this crowd is jazzed all of us here the
booth are excited for the final quarter of football as the final team in
Riverside standing is 12 minutes away from a trip to the CIF championship you
can definitely feel the excitement that is for sure
nick rice jeff gourmet re bar – what is tonight the most important game in the
City of Riverside the Rams and the Moors this is the CIF southern section ford
football championships Ramona at 10:00 and 2:00 and Alhambra at 12 and oh well
for all of those MaxPreps rankings for whatever those are worth of the four
teams remaining in the d13 standings Ramona was ranked last for whatever that
means the Rams have certainly proven they’re better than their ranking in the
CIF southern section standings as they have led throughout this football game
and it looks like if the Sentinels hang on they’ll play the would the winner
play the engl of sentinels as buddas takes off and he scrambles to about the
16 yard line gain of 13 for the quarterback first down Ramona
a great run there by the the QB smart getting his head down and the Rams even
if their strive doesn’t end in points their ability to move the ball out of
the end zone is important for their success moving forward here is Roby who
has been the Belk out tonight and he surges to the 28 yard line it’s a 12
yard scamper for senior running back Donte Roby who has led a run game that
throughout the postseason came in averaging seven and a half yards of
carry it’s big physical run such as that from Roby a 5/8 185 pound that have been
an import for their success laying there in that left cast as you see Dante Roby
Don Verdean is dealing with a broken hand that he suffered late in the
regular season moon is in completes Cornejo the intended target coverage by
number nine Damien Rosa Braham head coach can Moo schinsky
former CIF southern section champion at Irvine Beckman a 2011 and a finalist in
the East Division at King high school here in Riverside is searching for a
championship in the CIF southern section for Mota this year his safety valve Roby
dropped the football yeah Dante Robi with a completely healed
hand I’m sure makes that catch up yeah you catching that with no fingers yeah
catch against the cast I mean if he can go out there and play just about anyone
can we haven’t seen point scored since a minute left to go in the second quarter
after this game got off to a flying start with both offenses the Rams put
together a strong start to the drive but Ramona stalls on a five play March it
ends at their own 28 yard line and after all home bruh had a very impressive
Drive here late in that third quarter of course it ends with that goal line stand
and the muff snap from Damien Rosa it has to be concerning here that the Rams
defense will most likely be put back onto the field here early in the fourth
quarter yeah and they’ve really kind of given up a lot here to that quarterback
who’s been phenomenal tonight Adrian monje he picks up a first down on
a fake punt earlier than this pot will be down there is fetal Russell 40 Davis
provides chase and Russell is wrestled down at the
48-yard line number 48 Kido Davis saved the bigger play and
this crowd may have a case for his illegal block in the back as fetal
Russell gives the Moores great field position for their first drive of the
fourth quarter let’s take a look at that play number 18 that is Rafael Sanchez oh
yeah they definitely have it complained that ball hit off of the shoulder and
the RAM could have picked it right up but he was shoved in the back I think
that’s what everybody was whooping and hollering about here I mean you could
hear it every play this crowd is is engaged just underway in the fourth
quarter glasgow join us is the CIF southern section fort football
championships rodriguez delivers a strike and finds Jacob Nieto for his
opening catch of the football game and the senior on a gain of 12 has a
alhambra– first down the boars picked up right where they left off on the last
Drive and the Rams defense they’ve they’ve I’m sure they’re wondering wins
that next big break that can allow them a chance to catch a breather they have
been on the field almost the entire second half but I’ve yet to allow points
since the intermission Rodriguez finds Nieto out of bounds at the 35 it’s a
gain of eight final score orange Vista 41 Adelanto
nothing the orange Vista beating not mistaken was at JW North last week no no
to Vista now orange Vista is was playing the semifinals this game was cancelled
in the third oh yeah yeah snappers to Rodriguez he fires in completes AG while
the target in coverage from Martinez a pivotal third down and 2 is coming up I
mean I’m running out of adjectives here Jeff seems every play here in those
fourth quarters huge this is the first time here’s a look at
a crowd all harbors trailed in the second half this year we’re in the
fourth quarter certainly Rodriguez finds Russell again why that quarterback
doesn’t seem to be fazed by any third down that’s a 7 yard completion for the
sophomore no and he throws it so quickly gets out of his hands so fast and he
takes two steps and just gets rid of it every time impressive coverage by
Raymond Valdez score update Cypress has beaten Serrano 26 to 21 Moore’s
Rodriguez fires to Russell he heard footsteps
Sanders provided the chase for Russell who dropped the football has a perfect
pass like he said heard footsteps he was he was already making his move before he
caught the ball and knew he was gonna get hit pretty hard there that’s one he
wants back there as you can see Kevin Sanders 5 foot 530 pounds was the safety
on a scoreless er no 14 San Jacinto 7 as well cute provide you score updates
throughout tonight a CIF playoff action Russell wanderson motion Rodriguez is
chased by sue gets by him Rodriguez tucks pass romain launches
downfield tipped away by Martinez in completes a rather Valdez
we have 3rd and Ken man he eludes so many guys he was narrowly caught twice the Rams came into this game with 34
sacks on the season none tonight’s Noah Rodriguez and his ability to evade in
the pocket has been a huge reason why third down and ten the running back is
Jose Ortiz he’s into block Rodriguez goes downfield in completes Beto Russell
the target and there are no flags on the field great defensive effort by the Rams
there this is getting to the nitty-gritty yes it is alhambra with a
big conversion to Vito Russell on third down earlier in the drive but the
offense stalls from there on three straight incomplete throws from Noah
Rodriguez the lights are on in the biggest game in Riverside this year the
winner advances to the salia championship game next weekend against
Tyler Esperanza Inglewood fourth down and 10
Rodriguez looks and launches into traffic in completes the coverage by
Martinez the throw intended for garage turnover on downs for all Habra and we
talked to Coach Basinski as we watch this here replay he said he can slow the
ball down and eat clock up he’s got a lead here a four let’s see what he
decides to do does he decide to go to Roby does he mix it up and throw it to
his receivers here the Rams fresh off a season-high 369 yards rushing and their
win over Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary last week the flags are out as the Rams
tonight have leaned on the passing game and Diego Buddhist is two touchdown
throws will see if they go back to the ground here in the fourth quarter they
started off with Sanders stacked up at the 35 make sure to join us tomorrow as
Riverside football tangles Mount San Antonio at the SC FA playoffs the winner
advances to the South championship game the RCC Tigers are ranked as the top
team of the nation and remember this year we’ve got the festival of lights
next Friday night make sure you check us out on Riverside TV Munez there’s
Cornejo eight yards and a first down it’s been a quarterback duel in the
first half of some big shots downfield but in the second half kind of like a
game of chess couple first outs here moving the chains they’re keeping the
defense on the field in the fourth quarter is diego luna’s of ramona who
hands to the ever-elusive but dante Roby bailey robinson records
the tackle for all hombro non c’è Roby comes into this game as the league’s
best runner with 1200 72 yards and 21 touchdowns he tacked on another one of
the first quarter this game and he may be the leaned upon running back in the
fourth wearing number nine he joins Kevin Sanders but Roby takes
the second down handoff and he stuffed the push up front from Justin Gonzales
of a Habra after a 1 yard game the Rams in the second half of struggled on third
down is do you get crafty here on third down of for Ken Wyszynski I don’t think
you I think you just play your your style of football you see what the
defense gives you right now he’s he’s kind of peppering
with both but I go to your workhorse I go to Roby make it close and then go for
it on fourth down it’s really about all you can do get
lower these teams have been going for it on fourth down
throughout this game third down and five al hombro four-man rush he unloads the
past thes action our that’s his first target of the second half and the
sophomore dropped the ball and now it gives dicey yes I think you’re gonna
have to punt though and you’re gonna have to rely on your defense here you
still have the lead you don’t want to give them the ball in their tort or
territory get rid of the ball game update st. John Bosco up 31 14 over the
Centennial Huskies setting up a d1 championship potentially between Bosco
and Mission Viejo correct I think it is actually modern day was winning that
ballgame I think it was I think it was backwards I looked it up so they think
modern day is still gonna be number one in the country after tonight and there’s
the movement I could give the Rams added life well the official ruled neutral
zone or false start and now they have converged nearly midway through the
fourth quarter this football game all starts well the Rams
they have four drives in the second half three punts and an interception have
been the end result as we sieve modern days up 49 24 in that game over Mission
Viejo better game here Rams four drives three punts and a interception Alhambra
has had four drives all of them ending with no points three punts on a turnover
on downs so one of these offenses need a spark to open up this football game fair
catch signal Dan made by beetle Russell the Moores are 79 yards away from the
lead and we have a final in the other half of this bracket is Esperanza comes
off with a one point victory Wow over Inglewood 42 to 41 so that’s
the first loss of the year for the Sentinels the Esperanza Aztecs will play
the winner of this game next week I mean that they will be nine and four we’ll
Esperanza going into next week’s game Esperanza high school out of Anaheim
will play the winner of this affair Rodriguez’s pass is intercepted picked
off by Todd hey Robi touchdown Ramona a one-arm catch great catch by Robi this crowd has erupted in the fourth
quarter as the best team in the CIF southern section and interceptions
watches Noah Rodriguez at a tip drill have his past picked off by the man with
one hand Dante Roby 25 yards for the Rams and
Ramona has taken a commanding double-digit lead as vias extra point
gives Ramona a 28 to 17 lead with 637 left to go in this game even the most
important play of the football game is on a tip drill
Dante Roby who had a dropped pass on a critical third down earlier in this
fourth quarter reals in this one he was not going to be denied and maybe the
most important player on the team the number one running back one of the top
defenders he had been quiet throughout this game alhambra had bottled him up on
the ground and the Rams defense led by Roby makes a huge play in a critical
juncture and what how fitting is it though for you’re the guy who’s been
your leader the last couple of years to really the biggest game of the year make
the biggest play of the year yep winner of this ballgame battles the Aztecs of
nine and for Esperanza and the CIF championship game on Saturday the
kickoff on a bounce is taken at the 21 yard line along the return and he has
reached 30 the Moors may be down to their final drive they must if they
don’t score and please the field all this possession then it will be
incredibly tough for them to a knock out Ramona mr. Moore’s their most successful season
since 1955 they are 12 and OH Alhambra came back down 14 nothing in this game
and with a late first half field goal from Matthew donk Oh cut the remote a
lead to for the Rams rooks once he 117 at the half Rodriguez takes another shot
downfield and there are something said about Camus schinsky at the half because
this Rams secondary yes they have pent throughout the second half but they
haven’t broken and for a team that has relied on Roby and company offensively
the Rams defense has made two huge plays in the second half goal line stand and a
pick six and really that’s what Coach machine ski talked about before the
season started we’ve talked about it at length is the question mark was the
defense of this romona team Rodriguez a deep slant and a diving catch 15 yards
the veto Russell that connection from Noah Rodriguez the veto Russell is
keeping the lures alive here in the fourth quarter and he’s only a sophomore
quarterback they are gonna be pretty darn good for a few a few more seasons
yeah they certainly will miss Vito Russell dearly when he’s gone after this
year Rodriguez makes some magic happen in the pocket for a moment but then Don
yay Romain who will play basketball for Ramona
after the Rams playoff run is over he makes the stop for the defense with 552
left to go on the ball game and a flag has been thrown they call the penalty on the Rams that’s
certainly the penalties against Ramona has kept Sombra alive in this football
game now Esperanza came into the playoffs losers of three consecutive
games so they were reeling going into the playoffs and have notched three
consecutive postseason wins to advance to the CIF championship they will battle
the winner of this game as Rodriguez his passes incomplete they trampled Rancho
Alamitos to the opener on the road 45 to 3 they beat Fillmore at home 18 to 7 and
Juan on a 40 to 41 barnburner over the Inglewood sentinels to give them their
first loss of the year and now Esperanza they may not be you know on paper the
best team of the league but they are the hottest team in the league and the
Aztecs now at night at 4 will meet the winner of this bunch second and temp from the 44 yard line
Rodriguez pressured by Dante domain and he gets out of it yet again it’s a gain
of eight tripped up by iike a Sioux Rams are playing smart all they have to do is
let that clock run play smart prevent football and they’re going to be walking
away into a another CIF championship game
the Rams when they have reached the spot of long the championship every year
they’re in the semis for the third season of program history Rodriguez with
a deep drop he is pressured and sacks first sack of the second half iike asou
makes the play for the Rams and alhambra maybe down to their final
bullet here on offense now by 11 with just over 4 minutes to go in the game
Alton Durden also got a piece of it they’ll be sharing a sack half a piece
for the senior in the Junior Eco Sue and Alderton the Ramona defense have been
running around they’re Thea’s the opening half of this game by the
electric Noah Rodriguez but now the Brewers have burned a
timeout all harmer faces fourth down and 11
and this has to be crushing for Erik Berks drama no Ambra the Moors if you
look at the numbers they’re dominating the yards battle in this contest it just
can’t seem to punch it in once they cross the 50 yeah I mean they’ve made a
couple of mistakes drop the ball at the goal line at thee not even at the goal I
mean it was the nose like you said was on the line they dropped the ball I just
didn’t go their way so far but with 434 left in the game here they could score
go on on side but they’ve got to do it here on this plane or it’s all over the
Moors their most successful season since 1955 it may just come to an end if they
can’t convert a fourth at 11 here down to the Rams 28 17 Rodriguez Russell has
got it’s he’s got one man to beat touchdown Alhambra a big-time play from a big-time player
what a pass here because it goes to the slant and it’s just a foot race after
that alhambra was down to their final strike of this game two outs bottom of
the ninth and Noah Rodriguez drills a home run is that about as good as you
can get extra point is good by Matthew donk Oh 425 to play the Moors have made
this thing a game again and they may not need to go on side with 425 left no but
you know I was curious I didn’t know why they didn’t go for – just because you
would have been within striking distance either way if you scored yeah but at
least at least you might have that is a collegiate level throw Jeff Vito Russell
kudos to him for adjusting to the ball and sprinting the rest of the way but
with two defenders there one blanketed over the top I mean he drops that into
the breadbasket on 4th down and 11 a perfect perfect pass though the Moors don’t go down easy it’s
what makes them one of the few undefeated teams in high school football
in America left their 12 and oh the kickoff from natthew dong ko hated sores
bring me back the return man who makes the catch at the attend yard line does
Kevin Sanders he slips through the first wave of the 30 and takes a tumble just
short of the 40-yard line a 29 yard return the tackle from more senior
damien rosa number nine the ramona offense which came in as the best run
game in the river valley league the Rams averaged 220 yards per game rushing led
by excellent running backs Dante Roby and Kevin Sanders they’ve got the ball
on a running situation Jeff and all Humber is down to just two timeouts and
the Sanders came out looking a little battle wounded here see feed me what
they do here to cut some off the clock before 18 left here in the ball game now
alvarenga takes his place Roby is stuffed on first down the bird defensive
line Aguayo provides the push joined by Justin Gonzales number 54 there’s number
75 Nathan Martinez of the boors Paul harbors run defense has been the best
the Rams up faced in the playoffs and they have proven it tonight and Roby not
being able to get his normal run totals tonight but I’ll tell you what
defensively he was stud with a one-handed catch for the touchdown on
the pick-6 alvarenga number 30 he’s in the
backfield joined by Roby flag is thrown Roby is off and running but most likely
this is coming back that is a gain of 22 for the senior yes that is against the ranch and they’re gonna call a chop block on
the offense the Rams haven’t scored an offensive
points since midway through the second quarter let’s take a look at the
previous play yes a chop block against the right tackle
Brian Aquino no no that’s not Brian Aquino that is Richard Carranza in the
54 if indeed they called it on him so second and long to say the least here
huh big so 25 to go for Ramona Brian Alvarenga and Dante Roby are in
the backfield Brian all varenka’s first carry of the game is a good one that’s a
five yard scamper the tackle from Robert galled amend Eze of Alhambra now the
Rams 5 for 7 on third down last week but this
has been a third down sequence that Ramona would love to forget about here
in the second half the Rams offense hasn’t scored and over two quarters they
don’t even need to score anymore but that chop block is an absolute Drive
crusher and that was a tough one I tell you what though wow this is getting to
the nitty-gritty time I think I think alhambra right now is is feeling pretty
good for themselves Ramona though it’s gonna pull up some
pull something out of the Hat here with third and ooh 22 so for those of you
just joining us Jeff Gorham our wonderful partner here the lone
Riverside TV member who went to Ramona high school I did and you had been to
now three CIF semifinal games this has got for the Rams you’ve been a plenty
others yes this has to be the most gut-wrenching this is tough being alumni
and watch this it’s it’s I’m excited I’m on the edge of my seat alhambra a very the heads up time outs
with 302 to go the ball game rams convert this and the moors it’ll break
their back and they do 25 yards the david Cornejo first down ramona with 256
to play and just to watch a perfect route and he knew exactly where he was
going just outside that pile on the stick and makes a great grab to save the
season no flag thrown first and ten for ramona because that that receiver david
Cornejo ran out of bounds the clock is stops with 256 left alhambra one timeout
and their back pocket and kevin Gertz from here’s the handoff to Roby a
straight arm and he is dragged after a four yard game number four Henry Soto
the tackle he came in with 89 of those this year for a stout run defense but
the Moores have made this tough on that defense they’ve got to make a stop if
Ramona moves the chains once this game is off this definitely with one timeout
left Ramona’s got three Ramona’s gonna sit on those David Cornejo on third down
and forever makes a huge catch as they went past on third down and 20 handoff
to all baranggay he slips through a hole and has tackled a half yard shorts
Ramona is inches away from the CIF championship game and a firework can Burzynski and the
Rams I would go for it on fourth down if they don’t get it here on third you
definitely need to you don’t want to give them any opportunity to run the
ball back let’s see if they try to throw the Moors offside here with the cadence
count here yeah winner to play the Esperanza as Tech’s
in the shy of championship game next weekend
handoff Dante Roby he has got the first down in the Rams are just a couple
Neal’s from a trip to the championship it’s a fitting way for the Rams to close
it out yeah it’s nice for the workhorse of the Ramona Rams to make it to the
finals a big big celebration up here in the booth is the the fans outside and
inside feel that this game is over coach mush just a short period of time
in this sophomore season of the Rams looks like he’s going to take him to the
southern section division 13 CIF ford football championship the Ramona Rams came into this game with
their winningest season since 2003 and Ramona
now as the timeouts call by the boars need to execute a few more kneel downs
and they will advance to face the Aztecs of Esperanza they come in at nine and
four they have won all three of their games including a thriller over the
previously unbeaten Inglewood sentinels and they will meet the Rams
here I’ll be it an absolute collapse my Rams will play them here next weekend
Wow Alhambra their best year there their first undefeated season since 1955 the
Moors came in with one of the great young quarterbacks in high school
football and Noah Rodriguez he was one of the state’s leaders in passing yards
and touchdowns and he put on a clinic and gave the Moors a chance with a
fourth down conversion to veto Russell that cut the lead to four and the Rams
have shown some championship medal in this football game as on third down and
forever Nunez completes a big pass play to David Cornejo and Dante Roby who has
been integral to their success all season records a pick six in the second
half then wins the game with a third down conversion the Rams are sprinting
on the field as Ken lucious key and Ramona has won their fifth in a row this
the most important in the history of this program in nearly two decades the
Rams are to the CIF championship for the third time in program history as ramona
beats alhambra 28 to 24 here at Riverside I’ll tell you what couldn’t be
prouder to be a a ram right now and man what a great great turnaround for this
program finished in third place in the river valley league and now making their
way to play Esperanza and GIF southern section division 13
championship on this very field next week a great great win for the program
great win for the city and just great win for everyone around great game by Al
Hamra Alhambra but coach machine Itsuki and his staff
have worked really hard these past two years to be at this point where they are
right now well the credit from the start the Rams jumped out like gangbusters in
this football game and to me that was the difference I mean this was an evenly
matched football game but alhambra never had the lead they were constantly
playing from behind and that was that first quarter the first two to uh
possessions of the ramps they got it going and they scored and they really
that that propelled him to win this game and a couple of stops at the goal line
that was huge let’s take a look at how that happened as the remoter Rams
entered this game winners of four in a row they came out firing Diego moon is
at one of his most successful campaigns of the 2009 siege season he finds the
excellent Miguel via who had a first quarter for the ages he reels in this
wonderful pass by way of Diego Munez the Rams led seven nothing after it alhambra
suffered a three and out in the punts this is number seven Adrian Monet would
set up the Rams near the red zone and after David Cornejo converts a third at
20 this would be a common theme for the senior of this football game
the Rams punch it in with this one yard scoring plunge from senior running back
Dante Roby his 23rd all-purpose scoring play of the season but alhambra led by
their sophomore quarterback Noah Rodriguez wouldn’t go down without a
fight Vito russello had over 100 yards
receiving in this game reals on a one-hand catch and on a goal to go the
alhambra offense scores their first points of this game on a one-yard plunge
from Henry Soto 14 to 7 here the highlights Cornejo the catch and the
Rams win this game Ramona 28 along bro 24 can Moo shitski
is caught up with JR Ibarra on the sideline
coach you got to be mentally exhausted after that one but it’s a great win yeah
yeah it’s a great win for Ramona for the community you know hey we’re in the
championship game I got to give it all a lot the defense man they really came out
that second half played a great game as did all hammer I give them all the
credit their defense really came out in the second half and shut us down
and we were fortunate to to get that tip pass and score touchdown on that and I
yeah we’re just real excited you did something unexpected in it you kind of
did a little bit more throwing than you normally do we did we did and that was
our that was our strategy coming in and later in the game when we when we were
up by a little bit we we brought in our to back offense slowed down a little bit
chew up some of the clock and that’s what we did you now face Esperanza what
are you gonna think right now I’m just gonna celebrate this will come we’ll
come back in tomorrow you know at 10:00 and start to work but you know it’s
going to be a very special championship game it’s great Esperanza team that’s in
a very very difficult League but we’re you know we’re hosting so we’re really
excited about that all right congrats and go enjoy this one very much all
right we’re going to turn it now to diego Moniz really the guy of the
offense that really made things happen tonight
Diego according to my calculations you threw for over 200 yards tonight it was
good thanks it offensive line though was off then and eventually carried us again
we need to play better what were you thinking in terms of the coach’s scheme
I mean I know you guys like to run the football but tonight it was kind of on
your shoulders for tonight it felt good finally let me show him what I could do
and a good thing we came out victorious you now head towards the championship
game what’s gonna be your mindset for this next coming weekend we got to fix a
lot of mistakes no more penalties all right good job buddy thank you okay the
Ramona Rams headed to the championship game next week
right here and number five Diego Moody’s was a big reason why as he put together
quite a performance for the Rams Ramona to the CIF championship for the first
time since 2003 anyone who used to go there has to be
pretty proud I’d say I’m pretty proud I’ll tell you I’m gonna go down and jump
in that crowd here in about in about two minutes
and congratulate coach machine ski but what a great season what what a way to
cap off a phenomenal season here in Riverside TV we got an award
winning staff Scott Brosius and his his staff over here Riverside a wonderful
wonderful year and it’s always great to see one of our locals and the Ramon Rams
did it this year as they head into the CIF championship game it will be next
Friday here versus esperanza a Friday or Saturday or Saturday Saturday kukuku
at 7:00 correct correct okay awesome so the Aztecs 9 and 4 looking at their
their their schedule they have held quite a few teams a couple shutouts
quite a few teams to low-scoring games it appears that defense is what makes
them so dangerous throughout the playoffs what do you think Ramona has
looking forward to that game I think if you’re Ramona you just continue to do
what you do you go to stick with your your great junior quarterback your
receivers and that guy who carried you and got that nice interception with the
one arm Dante Roby and like I said take your
hats off because they’re the last team standing row here in Riverside Ramona
played their best football and I couldn’t be more proud to be around than
I am right now go Rams Ramona wins their fifth straight all of Riverside was
watching tonight and Ramona comes through the huge victory in the CIF
semifinals they’re just one of a handful of teams left and all of high school
football playing next weekend the Ramona Rams winners overall hombro Rams
improved to eleven and to all hammer drops the 12 and one as Ramona will play
as mentioned Esperanza next Saturday they’ll do it for a coverage of
Riverside TV tonight’s this has been another edition of the CIF southern
section ford football championships ramona advances to the CIF championship
game next weekend for jerry bar on the sidelines and jeff going to being all of
the wonderful Riverside TV crew in the truck and Christ saying good night from

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  1. Big shoutout to Alhambra football team for making this season a memorable season. Hell of a game tonight. Could not be prouder of the boys from Alhambra.

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