Live Day Trading: Losing $1,000 in a Trade

Good morning, it is
Clay at This will be a live trade
video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. It’s Friday. Usually I don’t do the trade videos on Friday just ’cause it’s Friday. I like to maybe take it a
little bit more easy, but there seems to be quite a bit of
stuff going on out there. So, I feel like I could maybe be getting some good trading action here. I could be, I could be totally
wrong, so that’ll be fun to document this journey,
and we’ll see if my, what I’m seeing right now
actually translates into any, you know, worthwhile
trading action or not. But right now I got the feeling. Therefore, here’s the video, and we will see what happens with it. Market doesn’t open up
for another 11 minutes, but I do have a pre-order
out there on NETE at 9.25, so some potential here for
many some pre-market trading, but if not, I’ll just
see you back at the open. All right, have a pre-market
order in at 46.37 here on BIG. Market opens up in less than two minutes, but might be a situation where I’m able to get some of these share
right out of the gates. We’ll see if the floodgates open or not. I will keep you updated. All right, I have a couple orders. I’m gonna let this play as
I type chat in the chatroom, just in case any of ’em get filled. So, this is ETSY. I have ordered a short for my opening position up there at 27.75. I also have an order on ZSAN. So let’s see if ETSY
can get up there or not. I will keep you updated. All right, looking to pick
up some NETE here at 10.40. Just an introductory allotment there. Let me get rid of these other orders. Left me, is it gonna leave me in the dust? We’ll see. Don’t wanna chase it, but if it wants to pull back a bit, we’ll see. And it’s looking like it wants to leave me in the dust now at this point. And now it’s through 11. So, yup. Left me in the dust. All right, have an order of 10.25. It’s pulling back here. Whether or not it gets down
to 10.25, I don’t know. If anything, though, good
lesson on why you don’t chase. You gotta keep in mind, there were some people
that were buying up here. I mean, if you put yourself
in their shoes right now, they’re probably getting a little, they’re probably chewing on
their fingernails right now. All right, I’m trying, but I don’t know if this is gonna get done at 10.25 or not. I will keep you updated. Oh, wow, that was fast. All-righty. Okay, so I’m in. Would like to get some more
shares down here if possible. That was, it literally
happened in literally a blink of an eye, so
I apologize for that, but, you know, it is what it is. Well, regardless, I’m in the
position, just 500 shares. I’d like to get some more, just in case there’s
another plunge like that. I’d like to try to take advantage of that. All right, so I’m in there. See if I can pick up some more shares. Average of 10.05, nice, nice. Still just 2,000 shares, so nothing huge. We’ll look to accumulate some more down in this area of the chart. So let’s see what happens. Again, average of 9.89. Only 2,000 shares. Now, if this was like
Apple, that’s definitely a lot of shares, but this
is literally sub-$10. All right, I’m gonna try for some at 9.60. Not sure if they’re gonna
give ’em to me or not. I’d like to see a flush down
of this area of the chart, which is the low nines. So now, it’s just a matter
of, is it gonna flush down some more, or is it gonna
bounce and get me filled? So I got some more shares there. Now my average is at 9.83. Let’s see if we can get down through 9.50. Whoops, what did I do? Oops, I accidentally hit
something with my finger while I’m trying to make
an alert in the chatroom. So that green line there, if it hits that, is where I start to make money. If it goes above it, then that’s where I start
to make even more money as I have some cells
scattered around out there. All right, I’m gonna go ahead and pause, and I will keep you updated on the action. All right, it’s trying
to make a move up there. Again, that green line is where I start to have some of my sales out
there to lock in profits. But nevermind. Looks like that was just
kind of a little faulty move. I’m gonna go ahead and pause. All right, give it another go. 9.80 seems to be that
little area of resistance. All right, nevermind. All right, looking like I’m gonna get the break of 9.50 here. Let it run here a little bit. All right, good, not
even at 10 minutes yet. All right, I’m gonna pause now. All right, trying for
that 9.80 break again. Okay, it’s going for trying
to get up in the 9.90s. Well, it tried to get
through my green line, but it didn’t quite so it. So let’s see if this thing
wants to bounce or not. Apparently my line needs to be a little bit more up like that. So let’s see if it wants to
move and hit that green line. It’s stopping just shy of it. And back down it goes. All right. All right, it’s going once
again for that green line. Can it actually hit it? This one is just absolutely
toying with me, isn’t it? All right, I’m gonna go ahead and pause. All right, looking like
I’m gonna have to take a loss on this one if it
breaks down through 9.50. We’ll see what happens,
if it can hold or not. Not looking so good, though. I’ll keep you updated. All right, looking once again like the stop could very
well be coming here. This thing really just seems
to have run out of steam, and while it could recover,
I’m not gonna waste my time with that anymore,
and I will take the loss and move on to find something else. So I’m out there, thousand-dollar loss. All right, I am back. Well, I’ve been back, but I forgot to get the video recording, ’cause
there was a long time lapse. You can see the times up here, 9:45, and then walked
away for a little bit. Just, you know, kind of chilled out. I mean, I’ll be honest. Losing is not fun. My strategy is a high
win rate, so when losses do come around, it’s
irritating, but that’s part of the game, and it happens. So I walked away, got my mind
right, and came back here and caught a trade here for
just $67, and of course, that’s nothing compared
to with a thousand, but like I said, my win
rate, you know, it’s a higher win rate, so yes, these
wins will look smaller, but as I’ve said and
said time and time again, yes, when I lose, my losses
are bigger than my wins, and my winning days, and that’s just, and I’ve done plenty of vlog articles. I’ve done plenty of case
studies where I’ve shown past months where there’s losses, and you see that the losses do wipe away, you know, a few days, and that’s what happened here. That loss has wiped away
a couple days’ wins, but I’m still green on the
month, and, you know, so, yeah. I’m still happy with it. But, well, I’m not happy
with the loss, but, it just comes with the territory. It doesn’t happen often. It does happen. And as you saw there, when it happens, it’s a big bigger, but
like I said, walked away, got my mind right, came back,
took some BG here, you know, shorted this, what I figured
was a dead cat bounce, and it has proven to be
somewhat of a dead cat bounce, and what I did was I was doing 500 shares, but I went down with
300, and I forgot that. So when I was trying to get out, I thought I was getting
out in 500 increments, but I wasn’t, so I was just,
I was throwing myself off. But regardless, I mean,
everything still turned out fine. So, $67 there. So hey, at least I’m down
below a thousand on the day. I’ll see if I can capture
one more trade here, but it is a Friday afternoon, so I’m not gonna force anything. So, but if something pops
up, I’ll try to get it. All right, well, I’m
gonna wrap this video up. It figures, right when I say that, there’s something that
seems to be maybe moving. Let’s just check it out real quick. Let’s look around. Putting an order up at 12.85. I don’t know if it’ll get up there or not. All right, so nevermind. We’ll see if this one can get filled. I’m gonna pause. Nevermind, this thing’s
not what I’m looking for, especially on a Friday,
early afternoon-ish, lunchtime-ish time. Anyways, I don’t wanna post this video. I’m going to post this video because this is what happens in trading, and I can already see some
of the comments below, but 95, that’s being all,
98% of people, I get it. But, you know, there’s always the YouTube professional traders that
will show up and lecture me, so go away, lecturer. I suppose I need it. I did take a loss. But, it is what it is. Like I said, don’t wanna
post it, but you will see it. Final few things here before you go. If you want me to keep making this videos, the easiest way to communicate
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go to, which probably all sounds kind of goofy. Why would I wanna learn from you, dude? You don’t even know how to trade. You just lost a thousand bucks, and, yes. With a sample size of one,
I can’t fault your logic. I’d just say, check out the channel. There’s a whole bunch of
other live trade videos where I actually don’t take losses. But it is what it is. Losses are part of the game. So as much as I don’t
wanna post this video, it’s gonna be posted. So thank you as always, and again, if you like this and want
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