Litecoin Price Projection: My 2018 Litecoin Price Projection Revealed!

I want to give you my litecoin price
projection for 2018 I’m gonna show you the factors I used to predict the price
of what litecoin will go to in 2018 now Before we jump into this video I
should just say you know a little disclaimer this is not financial advice
that I’m giving you this is not me telling you what to do with your money
in any way shape or form but this is just a conclusion I’ve come to of my own
research and do due diligence you must go and you know do your own and as well
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we’re on a site called coin market cap which obviously shows you the top
performing crypto currencies in the world right now and we can see that the
market cap for crypto currencies is quickly approaching the trillion dollar
mark which is crazy anyways how am I like estimating and predicting what
litecoin will do in 2018 well I’m basing it off from the current market cap like
when current market cap is approaching 20 billion at this points now let’s just
say that the market cap for litecoin in 2018 hits a hundred billion and you
might be thinking what’s like you know it’s that’s crazy bad you know is it
really gonna hit 200 billion while when you look at the fact that the market cup
of crypto is approaching the trillion dollar mark and you think about the fact
that litecoin is one of the major three cryptos on clean base and coinbase now
is like the most downloaded app in the at store then it’s actually not that
far-fetched to imagine litecoin basically five times in the
market cup that it’s at right now now like lling were to five times its market
cup then this number here three hundred and fifty nine dollars and thirty seven
but we’ll round it down to 350 this number here would actually so would
actually five times in price so to get a rough estimation of where we can expect
light going to be remember let me just go over that again the market cup is
approaching a trillion coinbase obviously is now the most
downloaded app in the Apple App Store and the market cap for litecoin is
currently twenty billion or coming to up to twenty billion so if we hit a hundred
billion here which is like five times the current number we’d have to five
times the price of litecoin now so if we five times three five 9.30 seven we
actually get one thousand seven hundred and 196 and 85 cents so we’re getting
very very very close to my prediction of two thousand dollars per light coin so
anyways for those of you wondering you know what what to do with like on
whether you should buy I personally recommend that you do grab some white
coin I recommend you grab as much as your budget can allow because I’m fully
expecting this coin to get very very close to the two thousand dollar mark in
2018 and I believe all the indicating factors are there to you know to show
that I’m accurate with this but again one more time as it’s not financial
advice you know do your own due diligence and make your own decisions
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