Litecoin and Bitcoin are up while Ethereum is down- What is going on?

Litecoin and Bitcoin are up while Ethereum is down- What is going on?

hi everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the Disrupt Meister I had made a video for awhile it’s been
passed over I’ve been on the road a bit so today’s Election Day is April 26 but
we’re here to talk about Litecoin and Bitcoin and Ethereum there are some
price jumps that it is taking place the last few days I want to say thanks to
all my subscribers I have over 250 subscribers might not sound like a lot
but it’s grown a lot since I started making these bickering videos on a
regular basis I really appreciated keep subscribing spread the word please wear
one of these days I wanna date you might disrupt meister dot com web site which
is going to be awesome hopefully but let’s talk about what’s going on it is
down in a loan in 2007 sits around $7.30 because his up telling $460 and like
coins made a move with going up at a faster pace than be here I think
something that we can learn about this market which I don’t know who is
defining this market I don’t know the secret big players or anything like that
but there are some people shifting it around and you can tell that people are
little bit worried about it or at least they see pic moving up so they’re taking
their money out of the theater and putting into what does this say about
the future of a dirham it says nothing actually because I think it’s just
speculators and removing the market I see thing with white coin I think people
they saw theorists are going down some days went back to their old standby for
all coins and so I I know there’s plenty guys out there like two days you think
you know if you’re young and like corner basically worthless and I mean that’s a
legitimate opinion is the one but it you’re one of those
people who likes to play around the best different all coins and everything like
it appears and for the people who are two solid investors hate big scoring is
is going up if you’re a big believer hey it’s is going up but it looks like the
market dynamics right now are calling is going up then you better believe that it
is not actually going up anymore it’s going down a bit so we may be able to
conclude that if your aim is always always does the opposite but I mean I’m
saying for a while as bickering and maybe like one is the same as Lycoming
goes up if you’re going to go down any sense no not really but this is the way
to markets working so if you want to play the market and again I’ll advise
anyone to do this then it looks like like going out right now taking money
out of it but I would hear European and I get on that I would you wanna hear
your opinion this decision is a lot of interpretations here is a lot of
creative people here maybe you know something that I don’t know what’s going
on but I will say this I think the pic Reebok still having I think people are
starting to realize that that’s coming up so who knows it might jump a lot of
my prediction videos I would be would hit 700 this year because of the half
closed at seven hundred thousand a year but it would hit 700 the Bighorn meister
thanks a lot subscribers again keep on driving


  1. This article said that the last 24 hours China has the 94% of the trading volume for Bitcoin!

  2. All alt coins are valued in BTC so when it jumps it's take less BTC to buy the same alt coin causing a dip and usually a correction


  4. Personally I think the pre-sale is just as bad as a pre mine. I believe that time will prove that Bitcoin and Litecoin will become the standard-bearers of the cryptocurrency market in everything will be judged against them. In my opinion Bitcoin needs Litecoin for price discovery. Ethereum is held by nearly 80% of those who took part in the pre-sale. This is Ethereum's Achilles heel in my opinion. And who too But I do know there are a couple people from Goldman Sachs on its development team

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