Late Night Bitcoin Trading! LITECOIN BULLISH?

Late Night Bitcoin Trading! LITECOIN BULLISH?

so I wanted to make an update talking
about what’s new in the cryptocurrency
world what I’m trading right now what
I’m watching and why don’t keeping an
eye on here on Bitcoin litecoin I talked
about it in this video so stay tuned so
I’ve been really hooked on
cryptocurrency I’ve been actually
trading Bitcoin a little bit bouncing
around here you can see I bought some
Bitcoin last night actually with the
hope of this thing getting back up to
that 7,500 area today we actually got a
high an all time new high there was this
candle 789 so I’m pretty much seven
seven nine hundred area high of
day-to-day this thing has been going
crazy you can see if you look back here
I first bought into Bitcoin when it was
down here below 6000 dollars I talked
about it on the YouTube channel talking
about investing in Bitcoin long-term but
I’ve been seeing some opportunities here
to trade and I’ve kind of been playing
this so actually kind of been balanced
in this $7000 area bought in here a
couple times at $7000 been loading up
kind of putting some more money in there
a little bit more risk and looking for
this move you can see today getting up
there that seven nine hundred here you
another coin that I’m really watching
right now coin that I’m cutting buying
every day but I can it’s actually not
been giving me the dip opportunities
that I really want so you can see here
are some of my fills buying light coin
here through GDX I have a bunch more
coins in my wallet but I was buying a
bunch of coins there last week buying
they’re in $50 range some got 950 won I
got some coins at 52 some in 53 and then
kinda has been slowly buying him over
the last week whenever have some extra
money in my account or whatever if I’m
kind of moving Bitcoin around so what
I’ve been doing is kind of trying to buy
like coin when Bitcoin is going higher
cuz a lot of times Bitcoin will go
higher and then like coin will pull back
so I’m looking for kind of the opposite
so the day that Bitcoin is really going
crazy and higher normally litecoin would
be red so I’m kind of buying coins win
like coin is red a lot of times I’ll
just put out a order I’m like hey you
know balance off a sixty dollar area so
I’m gonna put on an order for buy one
coin at $61 see if I get filled and just
let it sit overnight normally I’ll wake
up in the morning you see kind of what I
did there did the same thing it was
pulling out there 6465 area I put an
order out to buy there one at 61 160 150
I actually got three there filled that
and last
night and kind of the same thing when it
was a $53 $54 one of the reasons that
I’m really bullish right now on litecoin
is just doing a lot of research figuring
out more and learning more about bitcoin
and litecoin in general the comparison
that bitcoin is kind of like gold and
litecoin that’s kind of like silver
light point will have four times the
amount of coins circulated once they’re
all mined so the idea is that light coin
is one fourth of the price of Bitcoin I
don’t at obviously that’s not what’s
happening right now reflecting the price
because it’s bitcoins you know 7,000 and
light coins only six three dollars but I
do like buying here at this point you
can see light coin overall this thing it
was up with like the eighty dollar area
a couple months ago it pulled back
pretty hard actually pulled really back
down there at $33 area which would have
been a beautiful dip opportunity you can
see here it’s been holding that kind of
$50 area so I do like light coin for the
fact that it’s kind of holding it $50
area it’s not as volatile as Bitcoin so
I like to get in here at the $50 area if
I can try to get you know 100 200 shares
there of light coin would be nice and
hold this one for a couple years and
kind of to see where this one goes
so I’m a little bit more bullish on like
coin I do like kind of the overall
community of like coin the founder of
light coin is still relevant he’s still
around he’s still working on making like
coin better every single day
so we’ll see what happens here like I
said do your own research figure out
what your timeframe is what you’re
looking at do your research and you know
look into these different things I think
there’s a lot of opportunity here in
light coin that’s my personal belief
like I said do your own research but
maybe you guys kill see some of those
things that I’m seeing with light coin
and also what I’m doing is I’m basically
like I said I’m playing Bitcoin looking
for these big spikes earlier today when
I was up there at the $78 7800 area was
a beautiful area to take profit and kind
of buy on that dip down to 7,000 the day
before and looking for these kind of
swings and then using that Bitcoin
profit to buy more like coins so I have
some bitcoins stored basically trading
Bitcoin here and looking for some nice
moves get a couple extra like coin along
the way so this GDX platform it’s 10:30
at night kind of cool I’m gonna sit here
and I’m washing it see if we get back up
to that 7800 area later on today but you
know kind of slowing down at nighttime
we’ll see what happens when the age
markets open up but kind of kids you
said a deal late at night here that’s
kind of what I’ve been looking at
Bitcoin getting more and more doing more
and more research learning more and more
about it Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin
what’s hot right now in the overall
market another big news break was there
supposed to be a hard fork on the 14th
that’s no longer going to happen for now
at least it’s been suspended
there wasn’t enough people that agreed
on it so the Bitcoin the Bitcoin hard
fork will not be happening so that’s one
good news for Bitcoin right now we’ll
see if this is gonna help it get above
the eight thousand dollar area later on
this week I got a feeling we might be
seeing Bitcoin in the eight thousand
dollar area pretty soon so stay tuned if
you guys haven’t already make sure that
subscribe button we talking more and
more about cryptocurrency as I learn
more and I’m gonna share what I’m
learning with you guys


  1. If you trade cryptos in the short term I would look into some smaller coins like NEO, OMG or IOTA. They have even crazier volatility sometimes, which basically shouts opportunity in your face!

  2. can you talk about the similarities and differences in trading cryto currency to stocks? are their pdt rule? is it traded 24/7 like forex? any other information we should be aware of? thanks

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