Last current $50 banknote search

so hello fellow banknote collectors hey
you going today my name is Glenn and today mm sorry today I have some fifty
dollar banknotes and if you’re not too familiar with Australian currency this
is the second highest banknote $50 the highest is 100 but this is probably the
highest you’ll see in circulation because in tailor machines 20s and 50s
are the banknotes generally given out it’s a very few give five or ten dollar
notes and none of them might have come across give $100 on it so if you want
$100 you have to go to a bank so this banknote is about to be replaced on
October 20th from memory Deshea 2018 so as you can see well as you can see when
I go from I’m gonna check for signatures I mean not signatures serial numbers you
would see that a lot of them are actually old so this is 2004 whatever
denominations have bank notes going back to 2004 you may be able to get $20
banknotes 2004 but I haven’t seen many for a while five and ten dollar
banknotes of the old series I generally have it Daniel asked about two to three
years in circulation once released so 2004 is long gone you may be able to get
one or two every now and again but as they’ve got the new ones they actually
just take a nice old ones added no so I believe these ones they were just pull
from circulation they may stay around for like a year or two but because they
last well probably 20 years 20 30 years in circulation they are most likely just
gonna pull them and replace them with the new ones
so we’ll see over the next year how that goes and when they issued a
hundred-dollar banknote well the big coil hundred dollar banknotes
they lost ages 30 40 years probably 50 years
Skype all days because shelf life is too long so we have a Oh for is there
anything good in this thing serial number what I keep saying signature see
I like the signal child I like the signature on that but no you
know if you don’t know into signature is here
this is Fairlane clone REE Oh kind of remember that guy’s name anyway that’s
2004 and don’t worry about that that’s just a signature this guy David nine
nine pond the only Aboriginal or native Australian
on strain banknotes or coins so I know the two dollar coin as that’s a that’s
not a natural person that’s based on a few characteristics of different people
so we have 2004 anything good day that one but not I bet this one no 2009 you
have to remember the first two numbers are on these banknotes are the date of
issue so this is 104 13 but that was enough knee double to 2009 nothing I bet
this 113 BB BB gun woo baby cancer legal in Australia okay triple 1 2011 muffiny
2016 yeah 5 6 9 e oh six 6 to 2 yeah nothing near 9 annoying nothing near and
Oh 5 anyway my video is gonna run out it’s a thank you very much for watching
have a awesome painting that collecting time people bye bye

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