Laos consecutive 1000 kip banknotes

so hello people are you going my name is
Glen and here I have some bank notes of Laos these are all one person keeps and
if you’ve actually seen any of my other videos you’ll notice that I actually
like to collect Kentucky bank notes and these I have to
lots of consecutive bank notes these ones a 2003 but this denomination was
issued in 1992 and their revised with this issue in our learning on you so on
the front we have our free women these are ethnic now women are really
different ethnic groups from Laos everyone now line among one no idea
really and we have a pagoda that’s a far type one pagoda in vir NTM being NZ
actual capital o Vietnam we have a beautiful like a rainbow pattern up
there we have the coat of arms of Laos we have probably says I know people’s
probably couple else okay though People’s Democratic Republic yep
in here we have a traditional little carving of a female dancer yeah looks
pretty stylish looks a lot like Cambodians style
I’m not surprising they actually inhabit similar regions then on the back we have
a kettle so cattle grazing me about power lines in the background so that’s traditional and modern civilization
coming together and we have um some patination here is there any water max from these no I’m
not too sure I had to have a star pen can you see
stop it you can see it at the top there so typical communist water markings like
stars and stuff like that we start the actual star represents communism these
banknotes are not really is still in circulation now these are not really
worth that much themselves the exchange rate is about 10 cents each so I hope 10
here so it’s about $1 another thing here so that’s about $2 and from what I’ve
actually read these are the lowest denominations in circulation you can’t
get 500 keep mmm I’ve heard that that actually is not really used anymore
in the 100 keep any of you ever been to Laos you know that they actually use
just banknotes they haven’t issued coins since 1980 no it’s going to probably use
probably only in the 80s because inflation took off in the 90s and would
have rendered them useless beautiful one keep banknotes the highest denomination
now is 100 powers and keep thank you very much for watching and have an
awesome day

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