1. All 3 people on this panel can help you live and eat better. Let's not trash om over the other. They all changed people's lives for the better and wouldn't of been on this Googke panel if they haven't been positive influencers in this field.

  2. These vegans aren’t saving animals. Animals will be killed if you go vegan or not. They won’t kills less animals just because you have gone vegan. At the end of the day you are just waisting the meat

  3. It is unbelievable Kip may even have worked his mind around the things he says! Have to rewind and listen to it again just to make sure he said such logically fallacious things!

  4. "There is no beef on the planet that has much in the way of nutrients…"says Kahn. Show me a plant that by weight has more nutrients than liver or that has Vit A , DHA, and K2 in their most bio-available form. Kahn is pretty careful about some of his language and seems like a pretty good guy but he is completely wrong when he says no beef on the planet has much in the way of nutrients. Grass fed beef is especially nutrient dense and outside of the macro-nutrients has plenty of B Vitamins and a good mineral profile. Vit C and Vit E are the only micro-nutrients I can think of that would be more plentiful in plants than in animals. All other micro-nutrients will be more plentiful in animal sources than plant sources and more bio-available. You can also say something is unhealthy without being hyperbolic. Eating processed meat is not as risky as smoking in terms of causing cancer. If you do not understand this then you do not understand relative risk and you probably should not be holding yourself out there as an expert on science. There is no hope for Kip but Kahn I think could be convinced to change some of his language so that he doesn't make these false statements.

  5. Agreed with everything khan and kip said really. Except kips obvious ignorance around NGF and nootropics. That one thing i can side with dave on. Although dave thoroughly disappointed me with his misinformation throughout this. Nootropics are an wonderful.

  6. I am 64 and I eat Chicken, beef, and yes love salad and veggies and nuts. My thoughts are that much depends on you as an individual. I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. I can tell you none of these guys have a much muscle as I do but of course I lift weights 6 days a week. Love eggs and dairy. I do not eat any refined sugar. NONE! and no alcohol. Eat from the source is my logic and for me it works. NO PROCESSED FOODS!. There is no proof that Vegans live longer. Exercise, diet, and sleep for health is what I have found. REFINED SUGAR IS A KILLER!

  7. "Holistic spirit planet health" here at google who puts AI and works with the military and is responsible with all sorts of nefarious capitalist atrocities. "save the animals kill the workers" – the ethos of the "moral" vegans

  8. Why on Earth would anyone invite this Dave Asprey character to a debate on diet? How stupid is the internet making people, seriously?

  9. Even as a stupid kid with basic biology knowledge… What happens to proteins if we eat them?… Oh wait, aren't they sliced into their little aminoacid- compounds so the body can use those to build the proteins it needs? Digestion and stuff, Broo…

  10. I don’t want to take any sides here, as I’m watching with a complete open mind. Kip’s body language and eye rolling and mocking grins were really quite a turn off during Dave’s opening comments. Personal beliefs aside, what Dave said was quite reasonable and he encouraged people to research what is right for their bodies.

  11. The one guy is so snarky & arrogant that his arguments are moot. He is a poor choice to promote his POV. Shame, b/c the discussion is so important.

  12. Joel Kahn and Kip Andersen refer to Dr. Greger (and his "brand" called "nutritionfacts.org". I made a quick analysis on this Dr, and the material he creates online. It is clear FOR ME that: 1) his videos are not produced by him (too many videos), and that there is a good budget behind (big budget = big agenda?!) 2) he has a somewhat shady past 3) his videos are a bit sensationalists and tend to lift many skeptic questions instead of trying to answer them (i.e. confuse the audience and do not approach nutrition with the best eyes of science. 4) he advocates against low carb. It is very had to find more doctors on the same line of thought, i.e. condemning low carb diets. 5) his youtube channel does not carry his name, and to be honest it even hides his first name (Michael). 6) why there are no other doctors on his youtube channel, nor on his website, and NO OTHER DOCTOR on his team on the website? 7) there are several references on the web referring that Vegan Research Institute was re-branded to the current website "nutritionfacts.org". All that to imply that everything seems like a very BIZARRE BULLSHIT!!!! It looks even a bit "ugly" to Dr. Joel Kahn. CONCLUSION: Make your own research, use science, analytics, and draw your own conclusions.

  13. Diet is not a religion. Let each person decide on what the best diet is FOR them. I do get worried that vegans have become religious when they demand their way is the only way and propose bans on other foods. Cowspiracy is factually flawed in that it postulates that US style animal husbandry is the only style practiced in ALL the world and that there were no large herds of ruminants roaming the grasslands before the rise of humans, both ideas are false and easily debunked. If you want a religion, join an existing one or start a new one but enough of this diet masquerading as diet.

  14. Kip needs to meditate more. What a dick. Cowspiracy made me go vegan, but his performance here is embarrassing! Anyway, awesome discussion nonetheless! Joel Kahn saves the day!

  15. Been a Dave Asprey fan since Bulletproof exploded into the scene – got all his books, supplements & of course that blessed coffee.
    In-between I've been vegan, raw, vegetarian, toyed with paleo & every cutting-edge diet out there I could afford, partly to satisfy my curiosity, but most important of all, to find what would make me in my optimum best. Always, ALWAYS…I return to the Bulletproof philosophy.
    I'm bipolar, by the way – the diet, coffee, oils & grass-fed beef all helped lessen the devastating symptoms I endured my entire life. I'm now off pharmaceutical meds for two years, using only a combination of nootropics I myself experimented with.
    Dave's gift – to me- is the courage to 'hack' one's own biology with tools & knowledge available to me, to step out of conventional treatment & resignation that one is doomed, to do my own painstaking research, follow the crumbs of wisdom of every discovery out there. I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.
    Dave's arrogant? far from it. Dude's quite spiritual without being woo-woo. I learned to practice gratitude, thanks to him.
    So stop being butt-hurt for once & actually listen. Stop demonising his success & enriching himself for helping people – he should.
    All who do good & contribute to society in a disruptive & massive way should get rich, wealthy, happy & successful so they can continue to do what they're doing, & for the rest of us to benefit on their work.

  16. The only thing the keto diet did for me was make me weak, tired, mean as a rattler snake, and gave me horrible cystic acne. Granted that was a traditional keto diet heavy on cheese, meat and bacon done back when I was obese before I went to the starch based vegan diet I eat now. But going high carb low fat starch based totally changed everything for me. Acne vanished, I felt great, healthy, energetic I had so much energy I had to start running. I will never ever believe keto is healthy for any human. That is not our natural diet. Just look at our physiology and that tells you exactly what we should be eating. We are biologically fruigivores. Fruit is low fat high carb. We have teeth for fruit, jaws, stomach size and PH, hands, eyes, taste buds, all for fruit. The differences between humans and other fruigivorous apes? Our colons are a little smaller, and humans produce more amalayse than any other primate. Amalayse is specifically for breaking down starches (complex carbs like rice, bread and potatoes). Humans have evolved to eat a diet of fruit and cooked starch. Some vegetables, but primarily fruit and cooked starches (whole grains, potatoes and legumes). We never evolved to eat meat. Period. We are in no way meat eaters. People who think we have need to look in the mirror. If you are a meat eater, where are your claws, fangs? Why is your intestines so long? Why is your PH too weak to eat putrid meat? Why do you have flat grinding molars and jaws that move side to side as well as up and down? Meat eaters can’t do that. Herbivores can though.

  17. I like Dave but everytime he speaks I want to put my hand on my wallet. I keep thinking he's trying to sell me a bulletproof product.

  18. Kip's expression throughout while David is talking, is priceless. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Dr’s and big pharma have been lying to us for years. Every friend/family member that has switched to high quality fat, low carbs and medium protein that’s clean is what makes us feel healthy… I don’t do Dave’s stuff… recent CAC scan and ultra sound showed 0 plaque build up

  20. My opinion, the ideal diet is NOT
    EATING and low carbohidrates diet.
    Lost sixty pounds, more to come.
    Heck no Pain, no headaches,
    No feet pain, horny, no hungry,
    Crave healthy foods.
    My adult acne clearing.
    Looking good.

  21. Vegans don't tell u the amount of suppliments they take and majority of vegans switch back with heavy digestive issues. Good luck going vegan.

  22. According to the documentary "The World According to Monsanto", NINETY-THREE PERCENT of soybean IS GMO (aka "Roundup Ready"). Although the the soybean industry is fighting hard against science, high consumption soybeans can impact thyroid function. As serious as this is, forget about that for the moment and think about this: A little soy here and there from time to time is not going to kill anyone. Nevertheless, you STILL have to consider that the main, active ingredient used on soybean crops was also used to make Agent Orange, and has been proven to cause cancers such as Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, T-Cell Lymphoma, Leukemia, etc. Despite the fact that employment between Monsanto, EPA, and FDA, has been a revolving door and they have been helping each other, there have been multiple legal settlements awarded to victims of Monsanto / Bayer as a result of the of their RR-sprayed GMO soybeans, thus far that have been to the tune of $2.4 billion dollars, and you can bet that there will be more in the near future.

    The smart thing to do is either to completely eliminate or at least reduce soy intake as much as reasonably possible. We know vegans want to use soy so badly, and stick only to its benefits while ignoring the risks, but when 93% of soy is not only GMO, but contaminated as well with dangerous chemicals on top other health concerns with soybeans themselves, regularly consuming large amounts of soy products is not a good idea. It is better to avoid consuming soy, and / or switch to quinoa, almonds, etc., for a main protein, even though they are much lower in BCAA's to eggs, meat, chicken, and fish.

    On a lighter note:
    "There is only one kind of milk, and it is moo cow fuck milk. There is no such thing as soy milk. It is SOY JUICE. But, they couldn't sell soy juice, so they called it soy milk, because anytime you say "soy juice", you actually start to gag. We ALL know there is no soy milk, because there is no soy titty, is there?!" – Lewis Black (I think he makes a good point. 😂)

  23. If you want a summarized, abstracted scientific review, go to the Cochrane Library. It is a free, non-biased resource that has been around for years. https://www.cochranelibrary.com

  24. "Grass fed," huh, as if these poor animals don't get forced to the same filthy slaughterhouse and killed with the same filthy knives as the poor grain fed ones in the dirty slaughterhouses….

  25. Maybe the Blood Type diet is valid and not all diets are for all people, no one-size-fits all. That being said, if a person finds the diet that works for them and is beneficial to their health no one should have the right to make laws to force you to eat the way they think you should just because it benefits them.

  26. The guy in middle talking about grass-fed animals being overpopulated, so don't use them for food and watch them really overpopulate. Then what are you going to do, control killings?

  27. Asprey's days are definitely numbered! You can only go so far spinning this shit! Eventually you run out of the "low hanging fruit" to brainwash.

  28. Homie's 44 and looks like a veteran grandfather of 12 who drives an Econoline to Cracker Barrel after a long winded ultimate frisbee tournament.. yet tries to set his points down like they still hold any weight.

    The other two look absolutely great, and make their points with science, sense, and seriousness.

  29. #EndVeganism >>>> go #AYURVEDIC #Ayurveda is the science of life and without it you have much less wisdom and knowledge about yourself and your environment – this is the basis of the right eating habits for YOU. "Ayurvedic" living includes food routine or "diet" specifically for the individual BUT/AND it's always in harmony with your peers and environment! #DOSHAS #DHATUS #GUNAS #YOGA #PRANA

  30. Dave Asprey is the biggest bullshitter I've ever seen. He thinks people are stupid and won't fact check his claims.

  31. Wish it was a fair debate. 2 vegans vs 1 keto guy. Before any vegans attack me, I’m not taking any side. Unsure if veganism or keto is better, but a great debate would be Dr. Berg/Hyman and Thomas DeLauer vs Dr. Gregor/Kahn and Kip. That would be something to watch. I doubt itll ever happen live in front of an audience though.

  32. The sweet natural fruit ,,, ummmm were is it ? All we get given is most fruits with ten or twenty times the sugar content of the NATURAL fruit that once was

  33. Increase in Allergies from using MCT oil on a keto diet https://selfhacked.com/blog/mct-oil-may-create-food-allergies/

  34. For some reason Dave Asprey reminds me of a bizarre version of the late Rich Piana and his 'steroid hacks' . Too much bro science…

  35. 2 Excellent Documentaries : 1. The Biggest Little Farm https://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/The-Biggest-Little-Farm/81031829 2. FAT: A Documentary https://www.amazon.com/FAT-Documentary-Vinnie-Tortorich/dp/B07SR959GP/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3NMR9PXBA7LB5&keywords=fat+a+documentary&qid=1573847710&s=instant-video&sprefix=fat+%2Cinstant-video%2C206&sr=1-1

  36. dave "bulletproof" asprey has a degrees in computer science and an business administration..to sell his products, his understanding of science is, by his statements, negligible. Kip Anderson and Dr. Joel Kahn, on the other hand, have credible science based information to share.

  37. Kip needs to take a bucket of mud and a broom to teach "bulletproof" dave the Second Law of Thermodynamics…It takes 10 fossil fuel calories to produce 1 food calorie; 100 lbs of corn will yield about 10 lbs of chicken; feed those chickens to pigs and you get 1 calorie of pork.

  38. Kip "Man Bun Cowspiracy" Anderson is the biggest tool bag I've ever listened to. Get off your psycho babble soap box and preaching to everybody about being a vegan. This is literally why people cannot stand vegans. This holier than thou attitude is your worst enemy to actually converting anybody to listen to you. Take another L vegans for letting Kip Anderson be your representation.

  39. Funny a guy is demonized for wanting to convert a bunch of land to pasture from the same type of people against deforestation – sustainable farms are carbon negative and great for the environment. It could be symbiotic for humans to live around pastures with animals no? – I didn't catch exactly what was wrong with that…

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  41. Wanted to watch this but as soon as I heard the biased intros, decided I would pass. Dave's intro was ridiculous – didn't mention his books are best sellers, didn't mention his website – nothing that would validate him. The vegetarians were lavished with details – Kip's "bombshell" documentary,

  42. continued….. his documentary that you should "definitely go see," then "you should go on Dr Kahn's website" – oh, he specializes in "preventitive care" (what about Dave's tips?). Check yourself at the door, Mr. Moderator Michaels – you have already blown it. Maybe you could have given some thought to how you might open up the discussion??? Pitiful out of the gate —

  43. The best isn’t so much anecdotal description, but the science. If one “feels good” it’s not the same as being biologically good. There’s always gonna be gaps, but having listened to Asprey he tries not to leave too many gaps. So I’d personally trust his science more than other people’s anecdotes

  44. The best isn’t so much anecdotal description, but the science. If one “feels good” it’s not the same as being biologically good. There’s always gonna be gaps, but having listened to Asprey he tries not to leave too many gaps. So I’d personally trust his science more than other people’s anecdotes

  45. Asprey dude is a walking meme. Andersen is your archetypical whatever that is. Joel Kahn is a nationally highly regarded doctor. Gee I wonder who the Google people are going to listen.

  46. After a few years for this video to simmer it's become abundantly clear that Dave Asprey is a total and complete hack. Stating that his wife couldn't gain weight until she stopped drinking soy milk due to phytic acid. What a joke. Nothing that comes out of that guy's mouth is backed by any legitimate group-study science. It's all small study, industry funded, hack science and anecdote. A glass of soy milk per day couldn't scientifically cause inability to gain weight or disrupt hormonal balance. There is ZERO science to back that up. ZERO. Perhaps his wife had a soy allergy then? That's the only realistic option for him to make this claim. I'm so sick of hearing from hacks who use bad studies and anecdotes to back up hypochondriac theories about food.

  47. Dave Asprey said something very important…know your own body. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat something. He also said, fill your plate with vegetables first! 2 sensible take aways.

  48. In Thailand and Cambodia, people raise insects to be deep fried and eaten as snacks. Will we see insect rights someday?

  49. Yak tea is novel, and has been a fad. But I’m a cold, physically challenging environment..can provide calories and fat storage for the time it is needed.
    Keto sis works with fat loss but is hard on our organs.
    It’s meant to be simpler

  50. That Asprey guy put butter in coffee and thinks he’s a god of nutrition?! Lulz, ok Dave Kardashian. We get it. You’re a somehow famous douche with no creds

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