Kent Ekeroth intervjuar Angry Foreigner om God Ton & Mediaklimatet i Sverige

Kent Ekeroth intervjuar Angry Foreigner om God Ton & Mediaklimatet i Sverige

– Alright, let’s do this.
– Yup.
Angry Foreigner is your alias, maybe I’ve been a bad subscriber here but what’s your real name?
I prefer not to give my real name, since dissidents aren’t that popular in Sweden.
Also, I like to be left alone.
I was guessing since your face is everywhere, maybe you’re not left alone much?
I’ve had people come up and compliment me, half of them being non-white immigrants.
I can tell there’s a broad public appreciation for what I do.
But I don’t really need compliments, so being left alone works perfectly fine too.
Okay, I know what that’s like. From my early days in politics.
I joined the Sweden Democrats in 2006, a lot of hostility in the beginning.
But with time it grew into the opposite, so now 99% of the feedback is people praising you.
Since they can see how far downhill things have gone, so it’s both good and bad really.
It’s interesting how intense SD:s normalization process has been, I’ve seen it mentioned here and there.
Exactly. So you started with this several years ago, was it a sudden awakening or what made you begin?
Well, I’ve always had the same core philosophies more or less.
But I grew frustrated with not being represented as an immigrant in this multicultural democracy.
Every time I watch Swedish media, it’s leftist immigrants.
Never any immigrants who express opinions I can relate to, and that I know many other migrants have.
So it’s really in order to combat racism that I started up my channel.
I wanted to nuance the public image of migrants, make people rethink their expectations of immigrants so we can have more open social debate.
Many migrants before me tried to express right-wing opinions, like Mauricio Rojas or Nyamko Sabuni.
But it didn’t work! They got called traitors and were bullied out of the public debate, out of Sweden.
I understood early that political correctness is just a tool the left uses, to define good and evil to their advantage.
Ultimately nobody is allowed to speak, unless it fits within their comfort zone.
Yeah I’ve written about this issue with “Good Tone” before.
It’s exactly as you describe, it’s a powertool. Take the way they talk about Trump or Salvini, for example.
“You can’t talk like that! You’re a politician now, Kent! You’re a president now, Trump!”
“Politicians can’t use language like that, just because”
And for them it’s a way to control you. It’s about putting unforgiving expectations on you.
Act outside their standards and they’ll try to push you out of the game.
It’s absolutely a power tool, and I think the only way to change things is by not giving them that power.
Unless you do that, it gets ridiculous.
When I’ve made law change proposals in Parliament, people object “That’s against the law!”
– Well, that’s kinda the point…
– Exactly.
Technically, every political motion to change the law is against the law. But you’ll still hear this.
Yeah, and it’s interesting how the status quo of morality keeps changing.
Everything the “evil right” said has now gone mainstream.
I see old-media publishing the same kinda headlines as alternative media.
They’ve stolen their model and try to act as history never took place.
The hypocrisy is total! They stole our material while labeling us extremist and trying to deplatform us.
It shows the overton window remains, although changed in shape.
Yes many papers display this, particlarly Expressen.
In their columns they talk about “What Expressen was trying to warn about all this time”.
Yet they’ve spent the past 10 years smearing the Sweden Democrats over those truths.
But while we’re on the topic of evolving “goodness”, did you read what happened at the book fair?
Pierre Schori, former member of Parliament and UN-ambassador, was interviewed there by Nya Tider.
He got offended by their questions, got aggressive with the journalist and left.
The journalist gets removed by police. But the media, next day, make it sound like the journalist was “harassing” Pierre Schori.
Old media complains about these “horrible right-wing media”, yet our methods are those of Expressen.
Precisely. They pulled this same dishonesty when Bechir Rabani started up “Megafonerna”.
When journalists start visiting other journalists, all of a sudden it’s “harassment”.
Even though Expressen had been doing that to normal citizens for years, along with other MSM.
I recognize these tactics from my bullying in kindergarten.
You mess with someone, then you blame it on them. The teacher then makes you both get in trouble, which doubles the fun.
It’s a chaotic climax for noone but yourself.
It’s fascinating how they can live with themselves.
For years, they’ve claimed that hunting random people with mics in public places is “standing up for democracy”.
But when the right-wing questions those in power, like Pierre Schori, it’s terrorism?
While old media is more interested in investigating ordinary citizens than power-citizens.
When they visited Jim Olsson at home, or Orrenius visiting Julia Cesar in her backyard.
And that was a woman Expressen had previously described as heart diseased, fragile and sensitive.
Yet they risked her health consciously, by doxxing her when she “jumped ship”.
They tried to blame me for a school massacre, three years in a row they wrote articles on the anniversary.
As if a “Like” on my videos could lead to something like that.
That kind of guilt-by-assocation is shameless.
If they honestly believed that, it would mean they’re trying to inspire massacres right now. Since they stole my headlines, they stole my angles.
Jesus, I even use the mainstream as sources nowadays. They’re saying the same thing as me, obviously they don’t believe in their own guilt-by-association.
And they can only get away with this BS behavior, so long as they hold majority of the market.
They will never admit fault, so all we can do is out-compete them from the market by being better.
Exactly, that’s what I firmly believe as well.
Alternative media and channels, like yours and ours, is exploding and professionalizing.
They hate that.
It makes an enourmous difference, they’re afraid for real.
Your YouTube channel is huge, certainly one of the biggest in alternative media. You have 200k+ subs?
Yeah, on YouTube. Facebook used to be 40k but gotten deleted a few times over the years.
So now it’s 20k on FB, I also chose to delete my Twitter voluntarily.
I had around 40-50’000 followers there, which wasn’t noticable at all. Shadowban, most likely.
We’ve made tons of articles about that on Samhällsnytt, these shadowbans going around.
I saw your post about why you took down your Twitter.
Exactly, yeah. And it’s truly noticable. It’s strange how in Sweden people expect you to constantly “prove” this.
It speaks for itself, when you have 40’000 followers there should be some kinda reaction.
It’s plain suspicious to then only get 12 likes and 10 comments on your tweets.
Twitter has also been caught with shadowbanning on numerous occassions.
They simply don’t want to take the negative publicity of the consequences, the outcry that always happens.
It’s like when my YouTube channel and SwebbTV got deleted a few months ago.
Seemingly, the only reason we got our channels back is because people protested on social media.
It shows that consumers are the ones who really control the market, and companies actually fear them.
So it’s problematic with media interference. Expressen have been running a hate campaign against YouTube for over a year now.
There’s no end to the ugly misrepresentation.
They claim that youtube algoritms, which recommend content based on popularity, are radicalizing people.
Because Nationalist Jimmie Åkesson gets recommended more often than Centrist Annie Lööf.
That’s because Annie Lööf is boring while Jimmie is a popular guy. Not some kind of evil bias.
Then they have the nerve to talk about “electorial manipulation”, when those kind of fake news are exactly what confuse people.
Your YouTube channel went down for a while there, SwebbTV, AfS were also punished before the election.
The popular page PolitikFakta were deleted and recovered again, with 94k followers.
This is happening everywhere, and has even been brought up on presidential level. Did you see Trumps UN speech the other day?
No, I haven’t.
It’s fascinating how he brings up the power of social media, before a UN supreme meeting of generals.
And says his administration will fix this free speech problem.
It’s on that level now and he’s the only political leader I know to really address it head on.
It’s been brought up in the White House, and a conversation leaked between them and Zuckerberg.
They were worried they might have to force-split the company again.
I have a feeling the positive change with come from America, and their judicial system.
With for example states suing Google.
Exactly, I think it’s great Trump is doing that. It shows he really understands the needs of the people.
He understand how the market reflects the people.
The salvation of the right depends on the internet and alternative media.
Since the left owns the traditional.
He understands this and acts to ensure his own future, but the right-wing in Sweden is cowardly.
They’re very into pleasing the left, and think the way to win is by constantly compromising.
But that doesn’t work, you have to offer a different culture altogether.
There is no right-wing in Sweden. Everyone’s some variant of socialist.
Socialist and Liberals, under a left-liberal hegemony.
When Sweden’s right-wing coalition (Alliansen) ran this country for 8 years, they lowered some taxes.
Sure, that’s good, but the rest was Socialdemocrat policy pretty much.
It’s fascinating how left can actually be considered right.
It’s defined in relation to other things, and when you only have the low diet milk around in Sweden there’s not much variety.
People don’t understand how stagnated our culture is.
Fox News in America sounds like Jimmie Åkesson having his own talkshow, but that’s unthinkable here.
While in America, it’s normal to have that diversity of opinion. They have freedom in their culture.
While Sweden has socialism in their culture. And that forces you to accept their political norms both in private and public affairs.
You have to make the individual realize they are the key to loosening up this culture, by speaking for themselves.
You have a lot of followers. Do you think that’s because you don’t speak politically correct?
Or is it your refugee background? Because it might be more exciting to people than a Swede saying it.
It might come off as racist, but an immigrant gets bigger breakthrough it seems?
It’s a mixture of both.
I thought my immigranthood would be some kind of shield when I started.
But I soon discovered you get called both “racist” and “uncle tom”, so it’s just double punishment.
And the darker the migrant, the more “disappointing” it becomes to the socialists.
That kind of stupidity has to be challenged completely, by all us individuals and immigrants.
Also, people like honesty because it treats humans with respect.
When you try to talk like a politician, embellish everything and promise virtues you can’t keep, it shows only contempt for the common man.
I don’t have that misanthropy. I’m honest with people because I expect them to be smart enough.
Smart enough to read between the lines and be capable of moral quantifications.
Mainstream-media have a different morality. They refused to report the negative with our migration policy,
because they believe Swedes to be so fundamentally evil, it would take very little to make them monsters.
If you think Swedes are ticking time-bombs for racism, it only reveals your terrible view of thy fellow humans.
I don’t assume that someone is gonna become stupid because I share facts. That’s not how it works.
I’m very refreshing in a media climate where upper class norms dictate everything.
It’s by all means an Upper Class Culture the journalist elite is doing, with their “fancy” words and morals.
Everything else is dirty.
What I’ve been through shows that, if I can get my channel deleted then anyone could be censored.
I’m certainly not more extreme than anyone else.
No matter what you think, if you challenge the establishment long enough you’ll be censored.
It shows Sweden is a ‘Democratorship’ like Villhelm Moberg put it.
I don’t experience democracy is something that exists in Swedish culture or lifestyle.
Swedes are terribly introvert and afraid.
Swedes are even afraid to say ‘Hi’ to their neighbors.
This has implications. It ruins the debate climate but also confuses immigrants.
They interpret it as racism, while not realizing Swedes act exactly as “awkward” towards other Swedes.
It’s a fear ever constant in Swedish culture, and it comes largely from government and media.
What you said about Democratorship, I’ve talked so much about this to people.
It’s truly remarkable, and I’m personally mixed up in it.
Like you said, they often bring up “electory manipulation” and claim alt-media is related to Russia.
With no proof, since it’s not true. They can never prove anything.
All we got is the support from our viewers.
But then, we at Samhällsnytt revealed that MSB are spying on citizens – such as myself.
And they’re using foreign actors, this case from Britain, to spy on me.
They’re going “out into the field” to surveillance me and other citizens.
We dropped this bombshell of a story long ago, yet nobody in old media wants to bring it up. Despite all their concern about “electory manipulation”.
These are the absolute worst kinds of hypocrites.
The government met with Swedish Google in 2018, and just a few weeks later we get our ads cut off.
One wonders how deep the rabbit hole collaboration between state and establishment goes.
It’s certainly hypocritical to use foreign power to accuse others of collaborating with foreign power.
Precisely, and worst of all is that tax-payer funding is being used to conduct all this political bias.
MSB is the same agency that funded a report from a British think-tank about how I’m a “threat”.
I also notice they’re running the whole conspiracy angle pretty hard.
They wanna claim “conspiracies” are dangerous,
even tho the biggest conspiracy thus far has been that our migration policy is good for Sweden.
It’s been conducted with no proof and against all economical facts, just a psychosis everyone willingly took part in.
There’s a lot of “racist myths” that suddenly went and became mainstream-media headlines.
It’s just another dirty trick of theirs, to create moral panic around their chosen label.
They’re gonna be taking it more and more in that direction, with those accusations.
And it’s certainly unfair to complain about “destabilization”, when socialist policies have destabilized Sweden more than anything.
With plenty of help from Reinfeldt & right-wing Co.
And Swedish taxpayers who don’t know what their money is going to.
Our high tax-system is inherently connected with our oppression of thought.
The overton window wouldn’t be as narrow, if it weren’t for leftist state media being sponsored immensely.
Not to mention all state-funded art & culture projects, brainwashing lectures in Swedish schools, etc.
It’s all connected and it’s disappointing how the right doesn’t want to drive those issues.
All because they’re afraid of bad publicity from LEFT journalists.
You mentioned schools and indoctrination, which is something I never considered as a younger man.
I always had my thoughts on things, and felt mandatory schooling was good and wholesome.
But honestly, the day I have a child I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting them into a public school.
With all the radical feminist & communist indoctrination going on there, even in kindergartens with gender studies.
As a parent, to be forced to put your kids in public schools, with those kind of teachers, is an attack on freedom.
That’s why I wanna leave Sweden when I have kids. Because I don’t want them turned into socialists.
That’s a legit concern I’ve grown more empathetic towards over the years.
I made a video recently about Swedish schools. Students send me terrifying anecdotes.
They show me homework consisting of constant radical feminist, communist propaganda.
Identity politics which seeks to make students bitter, fearful and angry at their parents.
It’s just self-preservation to not want your kids in school, if you care about family values.
And now they’re forcing students to attend “climate protests” against their will.
To wrap it up, I wanted to ask another origins question.
Did you set out to become part of alternative media? Tell the truth you don’t see elsewhere. Or did this explode beyond your intentions?
Do you have a job on the side? Or what’s your future plans at this moment?
This has been a full-time gig from the start. It takes a lot of research, writing and planning to make videos.
I do a lot of acting, this is satire I’m doing. And a “normal” job would leave me no time for this.
I love my job, I wanna keep doing this for a long time. But I don’t know if Big Mother state Sweden will allow it.
I’ve always wanted to express myself, and I think more citizens should take after.
I don’t think I would work in a media company, whether alternative or traditional, because I wanna express myself fully.
I notice media in general suffers from Upper Class complex, with “pretty” language.
I don’t wanna have to worry about being pretty enough. I wanna survive on this, but not at any cost.
My intention from the start has been to destroy taboos and liberate the public debate.
Now I notice taboos have disappeared. Changed. We don’t have taboos now, only confusion.
Now I simply seek to fill out whatever isn’t being said enough in the mainstream, by being myself.
That’s my way of contributing to democracy.
Alright then! Anything else we should cover, that we might’ve missed perhaps?
I have a website that’s crucial:
Plenty of sources and juicy stuff there, still working on it tho. It’s a work in progress.
Follow me on there, it was created as a backup. When I realized none of us are gonna be around forever here.
And check out my YouTube channel. It hides my uploads from people, so check it out manually.
One last question, do you do mostly Swedish or English uploads?
It’s a mixture, I started with English in 2015.
In order to enlighten the world on what’s truly happening in Sweden.
I’ve also noticed some topics are uniquely absurd, meant for the world.
While other topics are uniquely Swedish, meant primarily for Swedes to encourage Swedish change.
Language makes a big difference. If it’s in your own language it’s easier to soak up mentally.
Easier to take in, to develop on your own.
It might be harder to take in for Swedes when it’s in English.
While on the topic: It’s absurd how “Married With Children” is on TV constantly, when Sweden is such a feminist country.
Wouldn’t work if Swedes created a correspondent today, right?
I’ve noticed Swedes tolerate that kinda stuff, so long as it comes from outside. So long as it’s not in Swedish.
So long as it’s some “weird American thing” you can have freedom on TV.
But when it’s in Swedish, they wanna shut it down. Language matters since language is thought.
Language matters and I do both since I’m seeking optimization.
Look, I love you’re out there on the internet stirring the pot. We’ll have to do this again sometime.
– It was lovely to have you on the show.
– Thank you, it was lovely to join!
– Good luck and we’ll keep in touch!
– Thank you, likewise!


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