Kasparov Sacrifices his Queen on move 12!

Kasparov Sacrifices his Queen on move 12!


  1. i don't see how your videos help me. You just go through the moves. There is no explanation of any setting. I am sorry.

  2. i cant see the purpose of the sacrifice, i think white just panic and played badly looking for the purpose of the sacrifice Lol

  3. how can you lose ur queen in 12 move and steel win the game???just incredibale،he was or is the greatest garry gasparove.

  4. For Kasparov to play like that are needed two conditions:1. To have the expertise – which he certainly has; 2. The opponent to "allow" you to execute the plan. The second counts also for every sport.

  5. some people make me feel like I don't even know the game. More now that I'm looking. I love zero-sum competition. Kasparov is Khabib.

  6. Οk Gary gave a queen(9 pawns) but in 2:34 he has got back 8 pawns! You don't even call this sacrifice, its a good exchange

  7. 2:57 Isn't the point of Bd1 to protect against Nc2 forking queen and rook? I suppose it also double protects the pawn on b3 although the knight is already doing so.

  8. if Kramnik played strong moves, Kasparov would lose. First weakness he gave up a pawn. Second weakness he is scared. I have seen his fingers shaking! Is Kasparov a monster to be scared from him? shame on you Kramnik! Karpov is the only chess player who don’t get scared from Kasparov. Actually, Kasparov gets scared from him lol

  9. after discovering how amazing Mikhail Tal was on your channel, just totally awesome attacking magician of a player obvs, who's the best? -Tal or Kasparov?

  10. Up untill Bh4 Capablanca wouldn't have known that all this was standard theory, you know why only if you are an excellent subscriber 😀

  11. Great game! even better blunder and recovery after losing queen. You would be a character on Game of Thrones for sure…. you even have the accent!

  12. At 2:56 the rook isn't moved to defend the pawn, but rather to prevent blacks horse from forking the rook & queen.

  13. I think kramnik played well forced Kasparov to sacrifice his queen yet he make some blunders in the middle of the game

  14. Never come across this game. Amazing far sighted sacrifice. Surprised ir is not a classic such as being compared with Fischer v Bryne.

  15. That’s Kasparov’s hall-mark – to give up the queen for dense positional advantage and then make good steps through it to make the ‘net’…..

  16. If you sacrifice 2 pawns in grandmaster level game like that these days you lose. How far we have come?

  17. Well you're playing against Kasparov, and he sacrificed his Queen on 12 so…

    Best quote Agadmator ever said.

  18. I think this is one of the best Queen sacrifices I have ever seen. I enjoyed the 2 last Queen sacrifices by Ratnakaran and Karthikeyan but Kasparov's game looks so much more "clean". I haven't checked this with a computer but just by the way that Kasparov's pieces looked after the Queen sac, I mean they are just beautiful. I think its curtain that 100 from now we will look at games like these since I believe that Queen sacrifices would become more frequent in the future.

  19. Please make a series of the Kasparov-Karpov World Chess Championship from the abandoned match up their last fight.

  20. 4:09 😂😂 its funny how he is trying to say something. The pawn is defendet by the bishop.Bishop h3+ picking up the rook was the idea

  21. I love your video! A great title for an interesting game—no clickbait or question marks at the end to make it dubious, just straight up quality! thank you and good job

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