Jesus vs Dollar | History of Money | USA Superpower History 5 | Tamil Pokkisham | Vicky | TP

Jesus vs Dollar | History of Money | USA Superpower History 5 | Tamil Pokkisham | Vicky | TP

In 1743, a person in Germany named Amschel
moses Bauer builds a house and later he converted the building into an office. He decorated
the front side of that building with a red shield with an eagle picture. This eagle was
only seen in Rome. The Germans who watched this picture named it as red shield firm that
means Rothschild. We have already discussed the banking system
many viewers had suggested that not only America even India is also dependent upon this system. Today we are going to discuss how this Rothschild transformed into a power to operate the entire world banking system. Are they the ones who control the Banking system of the world? What is the truth behind this history? Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. Now we are going to have a small Recap. How the United States became a superpower?. Already we have discussed the four segments like Slavery, Superpower, Cotton trade, the banking system and finally the death of Abraham Lincoln. In 1865 America faced a civil war when it comes to the end, Abraham Lincoln is shot to death later the truth was revealed that America decided to print its own money. When America print its own money that will impact the private banking business sector, so they planned to stop this process by assassinating Abraham Lincoln. John f Kennedy was also assassinated for the same reasons. In 1865 Abraham Lincoln printed over 400 Million Greenbacks(paper currency) and distribute to all the Americans. .people of America utilise this money for their salary, to buy vegetables, gold for their basic needs, Americans were very happy with their greenbacks there were no loans and interest for them. When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, then it becomes the Federal Reserve Act. This Federal Reserve act said to turn in the Greenbacks for real money. So these Greenbacks are bonds, the Bonds which are returned to the Private Banks will receive back the money which is equivalent to them. So greenbacks lost its importance. In 1972 The US treachery Department did a basic calculation, they asked to estimate if Abraham Lincon hasn’t printed Greenbacks, how much would the Govt have to pay these Private banks as interest. They took nearly 2 to 3 Weeks to do this estimation. They give a statement that if 400 Million greenbacks are not printed then we should have paid them 4 Billion dollars as interest. When we compare this in 2019, it will amount to 22 Billion Dollars as a debt from these private firms. So this process was stopped by Abraham Lincoln. So if we had our own money then people who run those businesses will not be Rich people. This is why we don’t have a common currency and we are still using American Dollars. Why does world countries ban Bitcoin? Bitcoin a Virtual Money is not related to any Govt or Private Firms. So if Bitcoin becomes popular among the masses. Then the rich people now will become Beggars in a short period. This is the reason behind the ban. How did the Rothchilds take over? How did they turn into a mafia? Who are the brains behind this Mafia? If we want to know the truth we must travel back in time to Jesus Era. In that Era, it starts with Jews. Jews had a system, every year they had to pay interest to Jewish Temples. Every jew has to pay this interest. The currency which was used Half Shekel. This currency can be seen in the Old Testament in the Bible. So if they pay the Half Shekel they will be under the protection of the Jew Temple. At a certain time, Jesus comes into the Temple and sees that the Jewish Temple was transformed into a business area. He asks why has the Temple transformed into a business area. The jews say that it has been done for a long time. Jesus replied stating that this is not a Temple for the god, this is a Den of Thieves. This turned the Jews against Jesus. Till now they were earning there and Jesus intended to stop it. So the Jews oppose Jesus and then Crucify him to the cross. so this half Shekel is a silver coin. The silver coin which was 8grams or 14 grams. So every jew has to pay these silver coin to the Temple. This silver coin is very scarce because many have hidden it. So every jew is in need of the Coin. So they hide it and when the times comes they would ask the people’s property for Silver coins. So if they can give them 10 kilos of Vegetables then they will give these coins. So they increase the value of the Silver coin. Now people seek these silver coins to survive. So many rich people understood this as a great investment. Hey understood that these Silver coins have to be transformed into money. People had Gold or silver coins but sometimes it was robbed by Thieves. So to protect the Silver coins they need to set up a firm. That firm must be looked after by a rich person. So people started to believe these rich people. So people started to give their high-value things to that rich person. The rich person will give them a receipt. So that receipt will denote that the rich person has reserve of 1 gold which was received from another person. Using the receipt he can go to the market and buy things. So people liked this system as they don’t need to carry gold or silver which may lead to robbery. The rich person understood one truth, He understood that many people didn’t ask their money back. He begins to market this idea. He says that if they deposit one gold coin he will give it back as three gold coins as interest. So people rush to give their belongings to the rich person. So he receives those gold and he gave them back a receipt in the paper. He creates virtual money. This system is called Fractional reserve banking. This system is followed by the banks now. or ex: You go and ask for money as a loan to a bank. They have only 10 lakh crore worth of gold as reserves. But they are able to give a loan of up to 100 lakh crore. The bank will not have 100 lakh crore but they will receive our money and say that they need an interest in the money which actually doesn’t exist. People think that for bank the interest rate in low. Govt gives bonds to the private sector. The bank prints money for them. The govt thinks of giving the bank the money to the banks. So they have to retrieve the money from the people. Demonetization. We have to give the govt our 500rs or 1000rs. So that money will be paid back to these private sectors. But the govt will not be able to pay the interest back to the private firms. So this is a never-ending cycle. So we will never be able to pay back our debts whether its America or India. British fought a 50-year war after War of roses. It was a civil war and the govt needed money. The war was supported by Private firms called bank of England. Bank of England was started by Rich people who had a huge amount of gold. This bank was the one which introduced Money. London was the place where these people organised. This is why London is very important until now. This post may be confusion, so try researching various topics like Tariff money and English revolution. Next post will be about the creation of Rothchild. 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  9. Bank of england gave money to britain during civilwar but bank of north america refused to gave money to america during civil war!

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