Japan valuable old Hansatsu banknotes

I lied people hang you gone this is
Glenn from gumardee coins and banknotes and today I just want to
showcase these Japanese are and satsu banknotes now these banknotes were
issued roughly between 1640 in 1871 yeah that’s when the Japanese yen was issued
and or first decreed and these banknotes were withdrawn from circulation now here
I have a two different types of banknotes with a one hand
you period roughly of time in between so we have this one here which is in better
condition I have two of them as you can see here and this one this one was
issued let’s say that’s been so we had Bank net there this one was issued in
the Meiji era it was issued in 1869 you know I can tell because has made G day
and he has this is the Japanese zodiac calendar and this symbol here represents
year the snake which hmm at the time of the night here was 19600 M 69 so that’s
how I got the date from that you know apart from that I do not know who
actually issued it because the different regions or diet
I think Nicole diamond they were samurai who controlled a certain area they
issued their own banknotes as well as certain businesses and merchants who
traded rice and salt so I’m not too sure I do know to value
and maybe not this one this one actually has a better picture of the value it’s
right here so I’m not too sure what that character says it’s a free on there and fun one boo
so that’s boo and a boo is one thing for a mummy
so it’s free point one moment and that’s the value of that one and one Mon Mei is
equivalent to three point seven five grams of silver okay the history days
was the first Bangladesh in 1814 mr. Yamada which is into my Prefecture of
current Japan and the first domain to issue these type of banknotes where the
COI script in 1661 so the first ones are mainly private issue they are prohibited
in 1707 in 18min 1733 issued at this time they had some limitations the
japanese have an area called cold cool she wanted to look it up it’s Kok you in
areas with over 200,000 cuckoo could issue amounts with a time period of 25
years and those under 200,000 at a 15 year time period and I presume they
would have had a limited amount they could also issue now these banknotes
have no security features really but at the time these security features were
actually quite standard you know in 1759 now them restricted again
but maybe this cause this one’s later maybe that that wasn’t if we’re enforced
or it didn’t actually take effect and I was not enforceable so up here we have a
stamp I’m not too sure if that’s a cancellation or if this stamp here is
actually cancellation to say it’s been been cashed in or maybe this is a
cancellation I’m not too sure because it’s quite a minion they all varied so
it’s a bit hard to tell and we have this guy here and that’s a god IB school and
he’s related to many different beliefs and he also covers many different
aspects of yes Society okay so this one here let’s have a look see no security
features so this one here he is actually one issue by Hashima that’s unknown and
this is a five mummy mummy let’s be hard to say I’m used to saying
it as you can see it has five day which one’s a better one this one here so here
we actually have the date and this is a mirror so this writing is actually going
that way from right to left so mommy Juun so means first year the Dean so
it’s the first year of the reign of the Emperor which is a 1764 and he is the no
wasn’t DD a zodiac time zodiac but I have an actually I don’t know what
animal daddies and then we have a various
it’s inscription standing probably saying when it’s legal tender what
happens if you counterfeit it and all that stuff so just bank notes actually
quite good so I’m not too sure this is the cancellation there or if that little
hole is the cancellation we shall probably make it better because you can
get rid of that mark there so yeah those are old and Japanese bank necks let’s
see I can get a full picture that’s better isn’t yeah so this is the 1764
I’m not too sure what that is looks like something in water probably a
dragon and all these banknotes are printed this way they’re not printed
that way which is very unique in these type of Japanese money here we ever
tiger as you can see yeah it looks like pots
on fire but I’m not too sure there this is in seal script then yeah and here we
have this one which is issued in a major area 1869 so it’s two years before the
act was issued to make these paint nuts turn in TN so thank you very much if
you’re interested in buying this banknotes I’ll leave a link down below
it’s not too many on eBay none of them seem to be fake but a great many
varieties out there probably even thousands of them and I have not come
across a website that has a great list on them so thank you very much for
watching how about awesome paint now collecting day

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