Japan is HODLing Cardano (ADA)

welcome everyone today I wanted to talk
about a tool that you can use to figure
out what countries are frequenting your
cryptocurrency the most I like to look
at statistics I like to look at
distribution it’s very interesting to me
so today we’re gonna be looking at
Cardano trying to see exactly what
countries are the hollers which
countries are most supportive of Cardano
first of all this is not the only metric
that we can use but using this as a as a
base to see which countries are
frequenting this cryptocurrency is very
important and you’re gonna find
something interesting about Cardano at
its inception it was referred to as the
Japanese Ethereum and we’re going to
verify whether or not those claims are
true there is a very tight-knit
community within Japan regarding their
love for Cardano which is great which is
wonderful there’s a reason why the
initial sale of Cardano was done in Japan
and we’re going to see if we can find
any correlations here and we’re gonna
just type things in so the first website
we’re going to analyze is the daedalus
wallet IO and the reason why I want to
analyze this website is because this is
gonna tell us where the majority of the
hollers are because if you are familiar
with Daedalus the Daedalus wallet it is
cardano’s main wallet so by looking at
the traffic in which countries are
frequenting the Daedalus wallet website
we can see exactly who is downloading
the the actual wallet and from there we
can extrapolate that those people that
are probably on that website probably
downloaded the wallet and are probably
handling a de long term of course
correlation does not equal causation but
this is the best metric that we have at
the moment and I think that this is
going to be pretty accurate so we’re
gonna do daedaluswallet.io so as
you can see the global rank is one
hundred eighty four thousand nine
hundred eighty six as far as websites
and this is where the countries that are
visiting this website are
so 57.4% of visitors are coming from
Japan so it they’re visiting the
datalist Wallet website the most which
is probably indicative of the most
people that are actually downloading the
wallet are from Japan 11.3%
in in the US so what does this tell us
the US community needs to grow and
there’s a lot of room for expansion 5.2
percent in Poland 4.5 percent in Iran
and point-eight percent in Russia the
Iran thing the Iranian thing is pretty
interesting because I heard that they
had a huge crackdown on crypto but
obviously there is some interest in Iran
if 4.5 percent of the visitors that are
on the Daedalus website are are from
Iran even with a crackdown on crypto
currency and whatever political
situation is going on in Iran there are
citizens that are obviously on the
dalish website perhaps downloading data
lists storing their ADA it’s very
interesting very interesting this just
goes to show you that even in oppressive
countries people are trying to get
involved in cryptocurrency and this is
really a global thing the government’s
can’t stop this so if we go down we can
see where which websites are linking
today loose wallet do so if you see
obviously you see some Japanese websites
and then we have some related websites
so we’re gonna go to Cardano.org after
that so we’re gonna click this and this
is the main Cardano website so as you
can see 76,000 global rank we have Japan
United States so a lot of people are
frequenting the Cardano website from
the US but I guess they haven’t made
that conversion to the datalist website
so maybe they’re still just keeping
their ADA on exchanges and we have
India Germany and Spain so that is very
interesting I’m also going to try and go
to the cardanodocs.com and see
what’s going on there and we have the
United States in Russia so
people from the US are trying to learn
more about Cardano this is a great
information to figure a great source of
information to figure out what is going
on and we are going to click on one more
site and this site is going to be give
me one the Cardano roadmap
card on our roadmap it tells you the
roadmap updates with the project and we
are going to see the country
distribution so we have United States
India Canada Israel and Russia wonderful
let’s try one more let’s try one more
and let’s try the the card I know
Explorer this is the block Explorer to
see exactly how much ADA are in
corresponding addresses and we have
India Canada Israel and Russia so that’s
very interesting so the Cardano Explorer is most frequented by people in
in India so this is very interesting
this is very interesting let me know
what you think let me know your thoughts
your concerns like comment and subscribe
it really helps a lot I appreciate it I
appreciate all your support this is a
lot of fun and until the next video
thank you

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