Is the coming beast NWO system named “ripple”?

Is the coming beast NWO system named “ripple”?

it is incendiary radio on the Republic
Broadcasting Network we are with you
once again live October 13 2019
welcome to the broadcasts as many of you
know a lot of strange things going on we
need to really pray for the people out
there in California subject to the
machinations of these deadly creepazoids
that think that this is all a game and
love playing with the pawns on the
chessboard what I want to start off with
you know I I’ve been trying to eat a
little bit healthier and get some fruit
sometimes in the mornings before I go on
my way and so forth and what I’m seeing
is you know there’s there’s these big
convenience type gas stations quick
trips they’re called around here I don’t
know if in your locale you’ve got them I
know they’re all over the Midwest but I
notice all these people they put their
card in when they they’re paying for
menial things simple purchases in the
morning thing a milk a doughnut or
whatever they’re buying the morning
whatever energy drink whatever the drone
class buys in the morning fat guys buy
their hot dog you know the construction
worker gets his energy drink in a done’
whatever they all put their freakin
debit card in hmm or a credit card or
whatever they’re swiping cards for
simple purchases they must do this all
day every day
we’re losing cash very quickly with
these it was especially with the younger
generation but even people my age even
people my own family
they don’t use cash hardly at all I’m
and I it’s alarming folks you’re the
loss of privacy the the gargantuan
rallying of all this information
gathering it on everybody habits where
they spend it GPS locations all this and
then here’s the fascinating thing the
guys at the counter you want to receipt
nope these people are actually trusting
the entire financial beast system and
they don’t even want to see a copy of a
receipt of what they purchased and some
of these and then and and some of these
be thorough banking right there on their
phone which can be so easily hacked and
and people with various contraptions and
devices I mean I with the stuff with
this this Chinese build up with the with
you know the NBA and I’m and I’m gonna
cover some of this but I’m gonna take
calls sometime later on to it so if you
guys want to talk about this you just be
ready don’t you don’t have to sit there
on hold but, this stuff’s you know just
watching your fellow-creatures your and
you’re just like my gosh you know I was
listening to dr. Catherine Albrecht back
when I used to listen to GCN way back in
the day, and she’s always using the term
cash use it or lose it, then Americans,
you know nobody these people they’re not
they’re not freedom conscious at all
they’re ready for slavery
they’re already prepped and you know
greased up and ready to go and so I
don’t you know people we talk about this
awakening we talk about the simple kinds
of shifts in culture and so forth but
unfortunately maybe it’s just where I’m
at but I don’t know I I’m looking at
these folks and I’m just like you there
they are not ready you know everybody
like Mike Adams and all these people he
was he was filling in for Alex Jones
today and he’s talking about the
complete like Civil War thing and I’ve
been kind of you know looking at all the
various players and alternative media
and where where they think you know
speculate that things are going
and, you know you got a whole lot of
people to just at the at the whim of
some power company Rothschild controlled
power company just say that we’re gonna
turn you off for a while, because we
might think the winds gonna blow and, and,
and you know cause some fire so guess
what you got a you know your deep
freezer no power people on oxygen
machines supposedly dying I mean some
strange strange stuff and you know, take
the media with a grain of salt Ida you
know, it’s so hard to believe anything
because they they pumped us full of so
much BS that it’s it’s getting very
let’s take Leonard in Washington
greetings, hey how’s it going? I wanted to
call attention to the ah trade deal
that Trump is talking about he says it’s
gonna go down in three phases, and if I
could just read a couple of points that
he made you know it’ll go along with
what I’m trying to talk about. Trump says
before you had to do certain things that
made it very difficult for banks to
really go into China, China has been
opened up now for the first time to
financial services, big banks, credit card
companies and we have a complete
agreement on that he says, right means
there’s no makes me that makes me very
leery with the Social Credit scored
everything else, right, right it’s gonna
get better so listen to this, so more on
Forex and technology we didn’t
previously include this but a lot of
things have happened in the last 12
months, an agreement is included in this
deal, currency foreign exchange will be
covered in its entirety in phase one
which he plans to have agreed in four to
five weeks here’s the the big one though
the 4X exchange aspect of it is a lot
more complete now than it would have
been under the other system, don’t forget a lot
of things have happened with currency
and foreign exchange that we weren’t
talking about a year ago,
now I’ve called in a couple of other
times before this talking about, you know
block-chain and yeah where all this is
going yeah, so you know hey
let me ask you this, the Swift hold
the whole Swift thing that kind of
brought that to my mind with, with what
you were just reading, and where that’s
going to go? right so what is with Swift
uses they will be using blockchain
technology that is partnered with they
use the Quarter settler which is part of
R3 which is consortium of banks
R3 uses XRP for settlement R3, it’s a rumor that R3 and
was just bought out by ripple, it’s a
rumor that hasn’t been announced yet
I don’t know if it’s true but from what
I’m hearing that’s what happened now on
top of all of this trade war talk and
the going back and forth you have ripple
meeting with the highest members of the
Chinese financial sector and they’re
established an office in Shanghai,
and check this out I heard, I heard
libras today I just heard that’s going
belly-up and everybody’s pulling out of
it, absolutely that was all that was, was
because you had these corporations that
you know, wanted to get into banking to
be able to do that
it basically scared you know all of
these guys to get on board with this new
system that’s coming out, in it, on you,
know could be I think it’s you know a
good chance that happens this year you
know, at the latest maybe quarter one but
it’s it’s going to be backed by gold
they’re gonna, it’s going to be digitized
gold you’re gonna it’s there we have a
liquidity crisis coming if you look at
you know prior on the ripple website
they offered three services you know
there was X current which was kind of a
stepping stone using Fiat
as you went up the ladder you know they
you get introduced to using their their
liquidity tool which is called
ex rapid it uses XRP well they just
scrap that whole thing so if you go to
their website you’ll see it’s called
on-demand liquidity okay this is almost
like and then you’ve had all this
pumping into the system over the last
what month hundreds of billions forty
five billion or something yeah yeah look
at this at the top of zero head Central
Bank issues stunning warning if the
entire system collapses gold will be
needed to start over and then people are
talking about gold getting moved on to
military bases it’s pretty wild right
and you had Judy Shelton who was named
to the Federal Reserve Board of
Governors who is a advocate of a
modernized gold standard this is what’s
being hashed out behind the scenes and I
I think all the rest of this crap is
smoke and mirrors in and this is what
you know they’re gonna roll out I think
it will be some you know either there I
there’s the IMF is involved there’s the
Asian investment instrument restore Bank
and you have the Bank of International
Settlements and I think what’s going to
happen is that you’ll have you know this
you know supranational
if natural agency that will be
overlooking this this new system
like I said they use the mean or you
know level playing field everywhere you
go when you look into this stuff well
this is that was coined by Brad darling
house at ripple and all the little
minions out there are just repeating it
and so I may ask you this what was it
what’s the what’s the feeling in your
gut gonna be for the regular old
American like you or I haircut on our
currency yeah absolutely yeah I do I
think you’re gonna see I think what
they’re figuring out now is the dollars
not going
where it’s just not gonna be the medium
for international exchange anymore and I
think you know it we’re gonna yeah take
a Herrick I think is gonna be pretty bad
for you know average Joe is not gonna
it’s not going to turn out well for him
any of us really well you see you see
the the world travel is so rapid
everybody jumping around from country to
country and so forth I mean I I can see
how these these people that want to
implement this this electronic basically
mark of the beast’ system are really
really pushing this and and they’ve got
their reasons for it but you know it’s
it’s really the gonna be the enslavement
of us all isn’t it it is yeah I mean
unfortunately I mean that’s where it’s
going like I said you know we’re all
supposed to have a digital ID
identification here the plan was you
know ie 2020 you know we all have our
digital ID you know you know you got
money is moving as fast as you know
emails and you know it’s where it’s all
going well you know there I was at the
DMV or the you know the license office
here and there are all these people
getting their real IDs you know they’re
a little upgrade into a real ID so they
can travel and so forth with their with
their ID and you know get on planes and
all this stuff you know for domestic
flights and so forth yeah we we have it
here Washington you know we there’s not
a lot of good things that we can say
about our state government here anymore
but we were one of the last ones as far
as lower waste and we went up with the
real Real ID Act I mean it’s the only
maybe the only positive thing you can
say about Washington state you know in
the last 10 years yeah so so you’re
saying that the basically ripples going
to be the king and this whole thing huh
yeah I think I think what happened was
that you had guys like at the
International Monetary Fund I think they
saw an off
to natee and hijacked it you know it’s
not so much you know ripples just the
software company but you know they’ve I
think they’ve got like 50% of the coins
are in escrow and I think those are
already been you know allocated to one
of these big institutions that will that
will control this thing and I think I
don’t know how they’ll figure it out
somehow gold is tied into it whether
it’s based on a country’s GDP or you
know natural resources or something but
yeah they’ve been you know that’s the
that’s the you know the wheels that are
going to be driving this thing is yeah
well you know end technology yeah well
you know Estonia is really out the
forefront suite and right behind him and
then they’re trying to pump this crap on
to the poor people in India but uh yeah
Estonia and Sweden seem to be the
countries to really watch with this
whole electronic be system going to
cover their entire societies yeah and
another one that nobody Luxembourg
another one that we should look for
Chris Larson who is one of the founding
members is he’s on the board up there in
Luxembourg and if you read the IMF in
there with in order to get into the
basket of currencies to be on the SDR
you have to have at least one country
that adopts the a digital asset if they
were to be into you know into that
basket that one country would have to
adopt it in Luxembourg in a little
country called Liechtenstein in are the
two countries that I’ve heard mentioned
yeah I don’t know
well yeah John Palmer the the heavy
heavyweight from the EU the guy that
where’s no socks had one sock and stuff
he’s easy a big heavyweight over there
in Luxembourg as well too yeah
absolutely and then you just had you had
Christine Lagarde who was I mean she is
a ripple disciple
I mean her and CEO or you know few peas
in the pod but she just got you know I
don’t know I guess technically it’s they
you know up the ladder but she’s now
over at the European Central Bank she
took over for Mario Draghi
I think she’s gonna you know be pushing
that I Mark Carney is another you know
another disciple you know he was out
there at Jackson Hole calling for a new
global currency to replace the dollar
you didn’t hear you didn’t hear anybody
you know attacking him you know when he
made that statement usually you know
each and their Trump will come after
anybody that you know takes a shot at
the dollar but no one said anything and
that gave Bank of England he was the
Bank of England governor and they’ve
been a ripple customer since 2015 so you
know you can see where all the minions
are you know getting put anyways lining
up to uh alright man thanks for the call
great a deviation there all right man
take care of yourself see ya


  1. NWO needs a few things and it is pushing hard … gov (UN), army (peacekeepers sent to unfamiliar cultures more likely to follow orders), law (conventions etc), religion (chrislam or whatever they are calling that garbage) and currency DIGITAL … 🙁 did I forget soomething?

  2. a smart country would take themselves off the world share market and stock exchange and become self sufficient while being able to name your price when internationals wanted to trade with you.

  3. The Perth mint backed by the broke WA government when the collapse comes they'll nationalize the mine and its all gone.
    Digital illusions of wealth.

  4. If ppl don't want the power turned off maybe don't sue the crap out of the service provider, if my company had the bill pg&E looks to be copping I would shut the doors to.

  5. Is it just me? Or is the whole Morlock/Eloi" thing speeding to the fore ? The world is literally turning into a "Wellsian Nightmare". That's the Kafkaesque genius of the system they are creating. You tell the world what the top of the tier is doing and immediately you're ridiculed because the truth has been pushed that far behind "The Laughter Curtain" everybody thinks you're a nutter. Where's my "SOMA" Mr Huxley, where's my SOMA ???

  6. there is section 115 of the Commonwealth Constitution 1900 which sets out :
    A state shall not coin money, nor make anything but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payment of debts.

    the card cannot replace section 115.

  7. GET OFF THE GRID, NOW !! The main weapon we have (as Michael Collins stated in approx. 1920) is our "REFUSAL" !!


  9. more from alan jones on Malcolm Turdbull.

    wasn't it Turdbull that devised the absurdity of the unconstitutional NBN?

    yours truly with two others were behind the movement to stop the sale of the snowy hydro over ten years ago.

    unfortunately the thieves did not abate.

  10. WE NEED TO MAKE A STANCE ITS RIDICULOUS BY the Scott Morrison ban on freedom of all Australians , we are be censored in what we can watch .
    liabilitymate uploaded: Rothschild's created the Israel & UN that owns the US & the Federal Reserve & now freedom of speech?

    2 days ago
    Al Jazeera English is live: Will protesters in Iraq get what they want? | The Stream

    2 days ago


  11. The people will not wake up for every 1 that realizes the corporate fraud 1000 more do not see the light and stand by the fraud , not knowing any better. Too stupid / Morbid to look into it.
    I really do not see it being stopped .- brainwashed ,uneducated zombies who are unable to fathom the deceit just cannot be educated .Look at the university,s teaching corporate law / roman systems including the green constitution , openly used as teaching reference in this country now.
    Which brings this to mind – Is it possible to target the fraud there ? Since this has been verified as false.- law / legality side of it cannot be argued in that respect.? Constitution also says anyone who supports these type,s of unlawful acts are committing treason yet blatantly it continues.
    Artificial Intelligence with in 10 years will force mass unemployment in all sectors across the board, Basically everyone will have the same small payment put into these credit/charge accounts , debIt card. You live or u starve/die due to the system of enslavement / lack of housing / no jobs – all planned by the greed of a few. kull the population sound familiar .?TIME IS RUNNING OUT FAST.

  12. Take a look at this its not just Australia , its has to be a demon infested government ,that trying destroy peoples lives just as in Australia the Government are prophesying of the people pensions so is it in Chili , take a look , truly something needs to be done.

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