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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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  3. I think the ETF will be approved around Feb 2019 but it was to get approved in late September it would be a nice set up for a 2017 rerun

  4. Hey Patrick … when are you getting with the program ? You never consider or mention Elastos. I know you never reply to these criticisms, but honestly man to stay relevant you need to keep up with these projects.

  5. Not going to happen this year. I was hoping that ton would get to a dollar, but I don't think it will get there

  6. 0x (ZRX) is one of the best cryptocurrencies of current year! And they also have a liberal airdrop eth-airdrops.info/tokens/ZRX

  7. I want to speak about 0x (ZRX)) This is a very perspective coin! For a few years it can give 50, and even 100 X-es! Just buy some of these coins and you can forget about them for 2 years! In case you have no money, it is possible to receive some coins free of charge on go-crypto.pro/ref/0x-7553

  8. brand new video…saying same stuff from last 3 months..
    I really get pissed off from the repetitive stuff u say everytime… content is missing

  9. Well everyday 1% can make BTC 25K.. but i dont think it Will make it this Year.. I stil think to many people are waiting for the etf… maybe september etf Will make a different, or whe have to wait 6-16 month 😣

  10. its possible , but I am still berish. I know BAKKT will happen and will bring money and LIQUIDITY to BTC . but I don't like the idea of ETF.

  11. Re your pro Litecoin comments – Love BTC but think LTC is a sleeping giant – see Charlie Lee Quote below Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] Charlie Lee [LTC] @SatoshiLite ·

    12 Aug LN with atomic swap makes Litecoin effectively Bitcoin's sidechain, but with much better security via decentralized PoW mining compared to federated/merge mining of regular sidechains. Value can move across chains seamlessly to take advantage of LTC's faster/cheaper onchain txns.

    I'm excited to see @iPayment_Inc team up with @AliantPayment and open up Litecoin and Bitcoin payments to over 137,000 businesses! 🚀 #PayWithLitecoin

    E.G. Overstock.com. Tapjets.com SurfAir.com CheapAir.com Alzashop.com

  12. Re your ETF comments – For those not aware SEC has recently granted approval for Fidelity Investments to launch 'The Bitcoin Tracker One XBT Provider ETN' (Exchange Traded Note) in The USA! Ref XBT.net Blog Section 21st August – 'XBT Provider' are a Swedish company."

    Good video – fast but articulate! Thanks!

  13. 13mMABNAeQot6oQJJYU2pWmX478znMwsbN WOULD LOVE SOME FREE BTC , but would love more if people stayed true to the original reason we started crypto , ALWAYS LOVE THE VIDEOS , YOU HAVE BEEN ONE OF THE ONES THAT HAVE STAYED TRUE THROUGHOUT , Most have sold out , even though I would like to hear a little more about the projects that can change the worlkd like skycoin , true bitcoin devs and eth devs on the team , they have almost everything , ETHOS , NANO , QKC , BAT , STEEM , and also wtc and a few others can do and it is a 6 yr old project , they will allow people to even get FREEDOM of speach , then also with google moving into China and allowing searches like freedom of speach , human rights , and so many others out of their searches due to the CHINEASE FIREWALL , Skycoin is privacy and freedom to information and instant transactions , they are the closest thing to bitcoin( original purpose) out their , 6 years old and have hit every goal , THEY ARE MANIPULATING US , the reason we dont know about the decision is so they can load up before it moons , this has to do with MOORES LAW OF TELECUMINICATION , they are trying to steal what what was at one point only about freedom and privacy and not always profit , but I always love your videos , ALSO KMD has exceeded 50,000 transactions per seciond and has a true decentralized exchange , these are the hidden gems that meet the original vision ,. 50k which is more then any other coin from my knowledge , Than ks for all the knowledge Patrick

  14. 13mMABNAeQot6oQJJYU2pWmX478znMwsbN nano was my largest grab on the dip , and also , ICX , I grabbed some KMD , LTC , lots of LTC , and then also , a few WTC , and I am waiting for the hype to die down a little on VET , I dont trade I know eventually this will payoff and you guys kil it , but just so you know , ICX is the best Korean project in my opinion you hear very little but they have worked with allibab , samsung , and have 16 colleges , that accept it for tuition , food book s, so I would guess that local merchants would want some of this m oney and start accepting which creates a XRP ( ripple ) effect and makes the network grow instantaneous , what if all the cities and towns or provincxes start taking it and holding it , not a huge supply , and hit 11$ at one point , one of the few times i have sold a coin , I knew it was early , but your videos have helped mne imensely and once the market caves which could be any day you will see a 50g bitcoin IMHO , and as we all know in this age MOMO is the largest driver of a market look at apple , they are now 1 trillion and just started screaming higher , NVDA made better chips so now up like 10x in 2 yrs , the market is in for a shock when the big dogs pull the rug , but check out SSC they are up like 3000% in a couple weeks but they did get a 24.4 billion dollar chinease BC management contract to upgrade all buses to electric and I tipped a few people up and as i said they are up 300% but not at all time highs , and also they have a current 330mil MC so a 25 BILL deal is huge and check out TEUM , building smart cities through blockchain , tech , i hold very few stocks except a couple bios I support and also THOE BC ones , but figured you have helped me alot so I would try and help you a little ,

  15. Most people look at bitcoin and see almost $9,000 dollar and say I miss that train. Should have got in long ago. With the average person only able to invest half of savings or less why should we be bullish more on bitcoin and not something more Obtainable like XRP at $0.33 ripple?? For the long hold??

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