IoTeX Livestream AMA – October 22

IoTeX Livestream AMA – October 22

hi there IoTeX community today we
have a very special treat for you it was
very long since these three have been on
a live ama together and today we’re
going to talk a lot about all the things
that have been happening mainnet beta
our new name the net campaign to
centralize identity and much more but
you know before we dive in for those
that are new to the community well let
these guys introduce the cofounders of
IO Tex please start with Jane yeah okay
hello would everyone long time no see
my name’s Jeanie I’m the co-founder of
backpacks uh hi everyone Rowland
co-founder of violent acts mm-hmm hello
I’m Kevin nice to see you guys all on
the Internet great yeah so the way this
will work is we’ve already taken a lot
of pre submitted questions from telegram
and if you have any live questions that
you want to ask feel free to just drop
them in the comments section and we’ll
take them one by one but even before we
dive into the questions what’s been uh
how’s everything going we just got past
the first phase of maintenance and
looking forward to the native staking
but from you guys own words how’s
everything going everything’s going
pretty crazy so we have a long two that
made coming in beta last week there has
been some very major upgrades for
network result construction on the
service actually we did it that’s that’s
pretty awesome
we have natives thinking also will be
enabled probably next week or maybe a
little bit late after the next week and
also after the blog producing time we’ll
be sharing two five seconds why do we
have a better
Yuda terms of you know user experience
we do have some complaints from you know
thumbs up game developer here at people
over say you know you guys would take
ten seconds to finalize a blog that’s
probably too long a string to decline
yes we did it yeah so all the fancy
features we’re looking for it yeah yeah
so native speaking right you want to
talk a little bit about data statement
yeah so for the native speaking I think
our cover number
already have seen our absolutely and
also the desktop wallet as well and it’s
also has been mainly used for an tax
tokens and also like exército Kazama
has network with native-speaking I know
you don’t know how to use any user neol
a compatible quality to stick in steady
and just use LP I own has enabled a
wallet to stick no no and the website
ran our native staking will happen this
is the same procedure our members oil
castor oil and you just the toggle you
want mistake yes if any tokens all
native tokens
that’s the simple reason to change
anything that you have already learned
yeah and it’s even more flexible because
you can even adjust your buckets you can
add more tokens to your buckets so we
made it even better so it should be a
great experience for you guys to stake
your native tokens but I also another
one like weeks ten you know yeah the
maximize they can cure it for 30 years
according to how do you do three years
yeah I knew that’s try to like a test
that actually passed can’t go to like a
test native to tried it out member /
test net the I attack style so you can
try out all the new features this is it
also a featuring an awesome request that
they don’t from our community right yeah
thank you for the long-term commitment
and we’ll be sure to use that feature
but you know just to run down the rest
of the features we issued a blog around
one to all the core features of main
method was kind of like comprising at
least six months of work but natives
biotechs taking it also included is that
expanded delegates pool we can’t forget
that we kind of actually released that
early so as a show show of progress
growing the consensus delegates from 12
to 36 upgraded evm new cross chain
transfers specifically around stable
cause you guys want to talk a little bit
about those cross chain transfers
yeah stable clone basically we have a
partnership with any USB which is a
period preview also
they were Koya they have been launched
in progress three four months ago the
idea has been like includes like a bus
skid of stable coins like USD TDI
whatever being to a basket then you
generate like one a USB basically this
is to reduce the risk of like you know
different type of stable coins so if
your USB thing crashes here Africa also
still you call some values in this USD
dollar so we do this initial one to
support an USB to transfer to this
question transfer from servant to us and
nothing against being pretty pretty good
so say we’re looking for like you know
the apps you know services to use a USB
I’ll text Network and personally I feel
like so you can other other stuff we
will will be the ones you know killing
applications for a USD on top of my
attacks Network right so a lot of yeah
growth in the capabilities of the
blockchain just to round it off you know
we have faster block production and TPS
is relevant twice as fast block
reduction on the network coming soon and
optimize data storage you know this is
more on the techie side where you guys
want to explain why that’s important for
our blockchain Oh kind of these 40 40
excellent to storage size 10x
improvement to sync speed and data
partitioning for easier backup and
archive so for me what does that
actually mean
yeah basically well make like the
running of a note to be easy enough also
costly effectively path in a Pokeball so
that’s why we’re on reduce the data
storage we need you know to run oh we
want to cut down like the bandwidth
usage for you guys as to there’s why
like an ignorant team has been really
really really rich on these things like
I believe one feature the implemented
actually reduces the storage size to one
cert one one over surtees to the
original I kept in a store so that’s
very very very good yeah yeah definitely
yeah so you know maintenance is a big
important part of autotext network but
you know these days we’ve been working
on a lot more things right I mean that
beta is obviously huge milestone for us
and especially with native staking
coming by the end of this
with the version 0.9 we’re very much
looking forward to continue to grow the
blockchain but there’s also so much
stuff going on in you know the
decentralized identity space and the
product space with you cam so just maybe
give us a little update on that right I
think the next thing we’re going to be
talking to the community about a lot is
decentralize identity which we kind of
release the spec for it you guys want to
share a little bit about you know what D
ID is and what why it’s important for
for private X if they’re going to start
it shouldn’t be so these are identity
then all the when users logging is other
services there’s historically to be
point not like a cuckoo idea of his
variety or between RIT so you have love
you miss those type of services but
however the cracker of the ID is
actually centralized the companies like
Google Facebook Twitter those type of
companies and so that is a user help too
heavily real and their service to to use
certain resources we never like if some
day I think this happens also in passes
for finding like a Google login time
would work so that we cannot log into
another website this has been having
many times with Facebook Google in the
past and and additionally but and also
importantly you do not actually own your
ID the whole idea of self is actually
hosted by another company and the
providing the decentralized idea I think
people can directly create their own ID
on their own and also they can totally
owns their the data storage out there
there their whole data as well this is
very important because you do not need
to request another community actually to
have to access or even maintain your
data and also other companies cannot
manipulate your data and also we cannot
leverage data to do some additional
things reason I think recently there’s a
lot of news coverage about the whole
Facebook and other companies is a little
data of maliciously user detail or
and this are not going to happen on the
surface ID and the hour has different ID
we also plan it as a society and that
will be firstly used our first time LT
device UK and so user can directly login
with their own digital IP and they also
own their own data and on the camera
side I think it’s even more important
because the data itself is is my bottom
self is actually a home video clips and
this is this is very much related to
your to our privacy and not like other
data which that you publish just to work
this is the other data just you know
home I think providing starting from
here I think people can realize called
the ID – side is very important to your
own life yeah that’s really important
because you know there’s a lot of people
working on the ID or just digital IDs
these days but it’s very hard for a
comment people to understand you know
why we need another D ID or ideally
framework but once you see it working
with you can and you start to understand
I own this data these are my videos so
my devices really gives you a new flavor
right so specific for our di D we do
humans machines and businesses can all
get a di D maybe explain why that’s
important for the future vision for the
internet of trusted things I think just
like you know what’s unique about our
tax the ID you know to other the ID it’s
about to say we extended the entire
cases from only the digital identity
which is for a person right and extend
them to also see that all those devices
and emissions that’s a huge kind of a
new home fourth step yeah so in terms of
the internet trust things actually
that’s why I think you know recently I
think in starting from our main net
launch people start to hear you know our
tax we are kind of just like to make our
vision mon conquer more concrete right
so i regional we say we are connected to
predict awards that are guys that like
how to make it work and then
we are building out our blockchain
platform we realize actually brushing
itself is not enough it’s very
fundamental and it’s very important base
nothing up eventually actually we are
created our ecosystem and this is
ecosystem can make people’s life better
but what kind of life people want to
live in right and then just like when we
sinking even deeper and we will fit
through ok the trust is very important
it’s a missing part in our country life
right now people start to realize you
know to enjoy a drink financial life
right keep them the intelligence makes a
lot more smarter and also more
convenient right but a same time they
also have to concern disease you know a
lot of accident to happen right so we
realize ok so when we are living in a
word you know with a lot of smart
devices around their life actually this
also makes them you know insecure and
the privacy is not protected so that we
will we feel decide right now it’s time
you know to make the vision of from the
internet of things to be an Internet of
Trance things this is how ours is like
out have things focusing on so we want
to make all those single devices more
trusted consumer to can trust the data
you know those devices right there not
only provide the connectivity not only
provides intelligence but they also just
lying on their protect your privacy
because if you purchase this this
consumer product which means as I you
will you know if the data is in your own
head and so that is where you can
control ownership and you can decide and
you know how to authorize a stake have
access to any parties either this is
your family or friend or this is a
certain how do you trust right and so
these things kind of ecosystem you know
make the the traditional you know out he
very differently
yeah and make it you know much better
for people to enjoy you know their life
at same times they feel they have the
peace of mind right yeah yeah internet
of things they don’t know trusting
sounds the same but it’s very different
right and I think them you know will
start to jump into some of the questions
but you know a lot of the big focus
about internet trust things around you
camp right and kind of
a little bit already but let’s let’s
let’s take some questions and see you
know how this how it goes here so this
is from Antilles so to us a telegram
name so this specific question is around
we’re being monitored and washed every
day all the time
right is there a way that I Oh text can
protect user data on our mobile phones
yeah I think this actually goes back to
a lack of data solving a problem problem
like Jean was mentioning the ID is the
first step to reach this Ottoman code
basically what we want you the Ottoman
feature is you have think about yourself
as an entity the manner device of people
business whatever application then you
have your parameter on you which could
be seeing like articles like ah maybe
I’m knowledgeable how to call it a
crystal ball right
every time I mean you need the data into
your crystal ball all the time now you
are anyone who can control this data
then one day there comes to like an
algorithm to use is I want user data to
you know do some maybe healthcare
analytics for you so you will say ok I
will allow you to access my data for a
pair of time for every five minutes and
give me like the meaningful result right
and that’s that’s how the model works in
the future and all the you know
algorithms applications whatsoever they
would have to like a tap into your
crystal ball to get your data to compute
on this data the games the result back
to you I think this will actually have a
carrot that shifting about all the data
I’ve actually used and organized in the
current world and it all starts with
consumers owning their data that’s like
a self sovereign identity and did I mean
specifically the add some details around
ulis issue that this person is having
around large shopping malls are tracking
cell phones as we enter the buildings
they know what we spend they know the
activity patterns that we have it’s
almost like you know they are sucking
the data away from us and using it right
so this kind of fixes that problem but
how do we move fully to that ecosystem
where it’s using this model that Rollins
is described right how do we challenge
the big players to make that happen
yeah I think will be our queen is
what we can actually influence which is
industry and but we also like to
allocate and also try to expand to also
make it mobile as well so that none may
actually when I’m like I’m gonna have
our LP and now they can be also ID
provider for people as well but
disinfecting so people can create their
own account directly there but for the
members like maybe trouble whatever I
could trouble law and also the bands are
apps that disconnection and if they use
this tablet the same solution as we
provided dirty their user data more
variety protected there and but the user
troops from one over another they can
see better ear canal or Advantix music
if they are thicker they can consider
this M actually provides their data very
in the same way that we provided user
beta you can and I think this is very
important so that people can correctly
distinguish between the app who does
treat their data more like the user my
to the another sale to another attorney
but all the data it’s totally gone by
themselves right yeah a be interesting
to see which comes first right enable
care about keeping their data private or
they care about monetizing but the
important thing is they have the choice
and also from my perspective city is
also trying to effort so we already know
that you know a lot of the regulations
you know already be input into the
practice it’s coming from API in Europe
and the US Pacific here will be big fat
here is sucking from 2020 which is next
year you’re right so that’s a tie which
put all the business you know either
your internet dependence mobile app
Venice in all the business they have to
complying to Weiser within regulation
right ready for us that you’re our role
will be you know after a larger of the
you know companies right venice
companies especially those our key
device companies they know
there is a regulation enforcement but
they don’t know how to make themselves
compliant yeah
so actually just always our technology
right with those built-in trust and
privacy you know combined away the
blockchain mentoring we can make sure
see when they are you know really puts
their product on the market the product
had to be you know GDP our city city a
compiled that’s a very important for
them so that is that we are kind of tech
enabler to make sure the product on
there on the market will protecting
people’s privacy not just benefits for
the consumer that end user but also for
the people that sell these products
directors to God like Riley has been
diving deep into GDP RSC CPA a lot right
around turn away mostly really
interesting like how you know regulation
really drives a lot of change in
business practices I mean this is very
timely the way they are kind of
approaching this but this next question
is around first of all congrats about
main that vein of being live this this
one is kind of along the same line right
do you plan on monetizing or giving the
ability for people to monetize the vast
amount of data from IOT devices and how
to do so will the data be owned by users
or D after i/o attacks
so we’ve already established to be owned
by users but maybe the put a tangible
example right so you can data don’t
really expect people to monetize but
they’re also lots of other types of data
that can be monetized like home data
purchase data all these different types
of things or what do you guys think
about the data monetization seems to be
a very you know priority for people here
yeah this is a usually this up here a
challenge along and the same time you
want privacy by the same time you lock
monetization right so that’s why we with
different we allocate some resources
into this trusted computing paradigm by
can being like a beta encrypted I toner
but also computable by Assam like trust
the hardware of enterprise so we already
have like a working working demo which
looks pretty cool like the wait with it
like I
Colonel Dan will review actually one
month so go on this long I think the
fate of that was pretty pretty good yeah
I think this will be like a future like
a technology enabler in terms of you
know you have any privacy and the same
time on a Kaiser birthday table
yeah let’s do I break this down a little
bit right so you’re wearing a Fitbit
right now that’s tracking your health
data tracking Michael so how does that
go from data being generated on your
wrist to data that you own to data that
you sell or exposed to the service
provider that’s a great good amp all
right so see I use 15 on it don’t have
any other privacy at all right I say we
do like an eyelet X power to Fitbit and
what we can do is we call data is like
the device identity or like my identity
under age at the moment the data gets
generated a collected it gets encrypted
then up to the cloud where I you know I
want program will use AWS I use Google
Cloud whatsoever I control where is data
source I can delete them all the time
you know I want right then then I guess
they are still encrypted then we can
hire we can use employee are like a
trusted computing technology cap into
the encrypted data says I want extract
like my for example sleep pad and all of
my data to see how healthy I am right
then I will have have them actually
having to my data run everything then
tells me how I’ll do that do that sort
of like very simple flow how we do this
Intuit monetization without sacrificing
any practices and also does that I you
know to call these questions is all
about if you want to do that they have
my condition then just like you need to
make you need to clarify it close the
owner of the data so in our design
ideation or you know but we we
innovation actually feel we need to
color to make sure they have owned by
you know since the users know which
means as a user if if this question can
clarify and also if the Connecticut
enables and you can make you know the
entire model much more clear right so
right now it’s not belong to you know
the service provider those in our
storage provider
it’s not blunt your manufacturer not to
belong to Allah says as well right
access is only a infrastructure you’re
nothing but a tree that’s like the date
I should be on the by the the you know
the people who own the data would
generate the data right yeah that’s me
this is the start of something that you
know it’s a new movement just in society
it’s not just even watching right you
will want to own their data especially
their health data and their sensitive
data it’s very important for adoption so
it’s a nice segue into this next
question around you know what is your
vision to reach mass adoption and you
know what side effects plan no I think
this starts even with Vita Mart a lot
and also you know all these different
initiatives that Iowa text is working on
come together down the road you want to
share more about about that because yeah
so because when we started is the artist
journey we always are upon to buy
different kind of LT companies but also
welcome to to the class as well yeah we
started is that you can victories
occurred the most
icing useful smart home devices at home
because everybody actually needs that
because you actually need your home
security but ran of the whole I think in
our streets not going to the right
direction but it’s more like the people
I find our Google nest cam they are
actually doing the the videos to their
cross over and as into the yeah training
just on every subject that is very scary
I think so starting from you can I think
this is the first thing that people can
I wanna conjoined theta freedom with it
on privacy and himself and starting from
the hardware side I think this is what
we are trying to do and and kind of a
much closer visitor every everybody
there’s a mass adoption so that people
can start enjoying the benefit from tax
yeah and on the outside like these are
art it’s another thing that we also made
Berkeley is a lot of
out human factors we also find a very
big permanent Folsom is to get their
brand to know by other customers and
with amortizing on the other side we
really want to use the values ur to
start to know more about it different
about brands and their their devices and
also they can start with testing their
the product for free and also give
feedback to those manufacturers so that
it can include their products so we
really start from like post base bias
from the manufacturers I’d like the
molecule you can elitism and miss
different habit energy and help them to
build a much stronger
Alti devices on the other side we also
want to belittle consumers to get what
is the actually bought and and we try to
breathe we try to bridge the gap between
the outside I really like what you said
around data freedom data privacy to me
it almost seems like you’re closed
you’re not talking to the outside world
but that’s not the case right you have
freedom to be private exactly a freedom
to be connected how do you think people
will take this concept what will they do
with it well we’re also definitely
looking forward to feedback as you know
that I know all the community are very
excited about our for the launch
actually announced that we have these
hardware products you know on the
TechCrunch and actually say is you know
say in parallel our empower in addition
to you know those kind of hard work
we’re putting on the out blockchain
known our foundational you know product
like I’m paying of things so actually
that’s why we have another team you’re
very focused on how to you know put out
energy into the device Bradley right so
I spent several months you know Alicia
we travel I travel to you know countries
like you know career Singapore you know
China expending more time China actually
does I would say top office the engine
which means a half of the manufacturing
so we have chance to talk to all those
who manufacture in different countries
in Asia cause you’re crazy about you
know I would he
I cheated out he if you out he’s
approaching and one more people and they
they are just a they said you know the
natural lifestyle but it makes their
life more connected right but also we
talk to a lot of the manufacturers and
then you try to understand the ones
their problems and actually just like
they also realize you know
privacy is a big concern for their
existing users so they always get this
feedback said hey you know yes I like a
product but you know you need to let me
know how you stole my data right so so
that they are also looking for solutions
so that I think as like this is kind of
come to the to the right timing and both
from the consumer side is it realizable
in content to privacy and also from the
manufacturer they also want to produce
kind of the new products which can
fulfill their request so that I think
for our tax rate in terms of the product
side we are kind we are work with all
those you know manufacturers hardware
makers all runs of work to produce a new
generation of out key products or OJ’s
you know to Mister Internet of trusting
a reality
yeah yeah I think I on that photos have
antique manufacturers their base model
does cracking the data from users they
would like to protect user data so that
they can get their LT devices yeah upon
selling better right yeah so I think
they’re trying to sell the hardware not
necessarily does derive value from
different provide better services just a
wonderful film was the Lakers are neat
yeah and the president was a girl I need
it so less that’s very easy talk yeah I
was considering yeah right yeah to me
like even looking at the home security
camera landscape right like I think that
looking at all the features of the new
cameras I don’t know what else they can
add he’s a differentiator it already has
night vision to a audio I do you need to
add like making like a dual product like
this is a double product or something so
I feel like they’ve hit a ceiling as far
as how cool they can make these products
so the next differentiator you know you
used to be works with Alexa works at
Google but now people are a little
scared of that right now rightfully so
now it’s powered by
very much looking forward to that I
think you know this is actually an
interesting question around from Shivam
cool 109 how will you keep up with
technology and future competitors I
guess both in the IOT and blockchain
space so are you prepared for copycat
companies to try to steal your success
and offer similar services so I guess
this question is around why is IO text
the only company that can do what I have
a text us you know I think the first so
like we cannot fight a battle alone you
know there’s a big big ratio gap right
but definitely we need like a company’s
technologies projects people who work
with us definitely right
and secondly little bit like the Cobra
character there is no way you’re not to
get rid of that completely so that’s why
we are still still very stick to what
we’re doing and we’re the leading
company I think also like the projects
in this market no matter my Latino
matter like an auction so we were just
keep pushing on to the age of the
technology age of the service the age of
the products we have I and I think just
like give me like up maybe two or three
years and we will see we are see color
doing yes yeah overall how is the Boston
and IOT space looking right
I think there’s there are a lot of new
entrants but no one really doing the
same things as we are right I see a lot
of like aetherium developer boards to
open and shut doors and things like that
but it doesn’t have the same end-to-end
trust and privacy like us but that makes
all the difference right if you guys
maybe talk about why that’s so important
why it’s hard to copy yeah so actually I
think this is a very very good question
actually you know when we we have
spending now to two years the entire two
years hard working and to pick out a
tree we are as earning an open source
platform our production is open sauce
which means all the people or the
debecker they can use it for free and
this is all spreading feature to the
entire industry we think it’s good and
we want you know more the backers the
they will use our technology
and you’re working on their own product
right and we also feel just like you
know not mentioned this is a very big
you know future industry but which means
that there are a lot of opportunities
and I think just like each of the
players if they see the future or the
potential of this industry decongestant
I start with what’s what’s the really
passionate about and what we really good
at you know starting from from there
right and either they are you know good
a team of IOT devices or they they are
good at maybe doing some similar
applications and I’ll taxi is kind of
very open platform so we can work with a
lot of the parties these are your
developers your know device
manufacturers we can work together we’re
very happy to do that
the in terms of the competitor to be
honest it’s not all about you know how
good your blockchain are it’s all about
you know if you can create an ecosystem
the equals of vertical ecosystem and in
this ecosystem you have all the tools
you you have also you know even the
communities the people and the device
makers you know you have a good crowd
watching as well right so you have all
those stuff and which can make your you
know the developers easy to get on board
yeah shows that that we were feeling of
network effects is also very very
important yeah yeah absolutely I think
it’s like a follow-up question to this
it’s kind of you know we we know there’s
a big space here right but how big is
this fix that we’re talking about the
blocky and IOT market right like there’s
some reports that we’ve been sighted it
that you know science you know this is
gonna be four five six billion dollar
market in the next few years but I think
it’s much bigger than that right if you
think about IOT the future of IOT as a
future trillion-dollar market I think it
has to play a big part of that right
what do you guys think about you know I
think is definitely like a trillion
dollar market really you next three to
five years so you making in the future
and I you know all the furniture you
know like a infrastructure of the city
buildings everything you have
connectivity beauty right so definitely
like that’s that’s very disruptive in
terms of what we are having today
so basically Oklahoma calculates this
market market cap you adding up
infrastructure market fo you
infrastructure Jose be une up like a
mark a fling a furnitures oh you like a
TV electricity is everything and also
you’re adding up like a car like a human
wearable device is that that’s like an
entire scope of this i/o team trusty a
tile down right just give you a very
concrete example even for camera self
you know in five years it’s a 100
billion dollar market but yeah so 1
million devices I won’t know the device
that’s huge and red doesn’t understand
there and also I think I want to measure
is the 5g this LG yeah right the
connectivity wouldn’t be a problem
so that is our company like many
different type of connected devices then
you cannot menu today
yeah name one smart bottom right live
into CSV speaks on that right yeah but
at this moment if there’s no much need
for itself you can add kinetic but in
priority at least are there right and
also the chips can you become much
retriever you know that there can be a
lot of different ways for you to magnify
in my house and different things yeah
people’s house matters a lot and the UM
is connectivity around you and with
different things that’s actually make it
much difference
right I think so I like this far bottle
self I’m not a lot of innovations yeah
yeah yeah I think like a two elements
wheel and make I love you things
everywhere why is different like a 5d
human six feet another one different
battery I I think I think that Barry is
the hope you like are you know kind of
showstopper philosophy is right but once
we have our really good battery it’s
more in the long lasting the yeah which
feeds muscle things but
battery connectivity and new to chips
and hardware yeah everything’s growing
so fast on it they also knew they were
cool so this last two more pretty
submitted question it will go to your
live questions again if you’re just
joining us feel free to drop the
question in the comment section we’ll
get to it so this one is around you know
how can community you know support you
guys in these new endeavors we’re doing
right how do people get involved in
these new products and these Duggal
initiatives I think very good questions
I think we’re lucky enough you know from
the beginning we already just like you
know have a global you know community
support outcasts project and now we need
you much more because you know we are
really to the launching the new product
so at recess I you know our I’ll go is
also for all those trans things can be
approachable everywhere globally so that
just like all our community members you
know you already be you know so
passionate about you know what we’re
doing I do now the product this out I
think that’s not you also have set
enough priority looking for of our
internet community members in early
backers the priority to get access to
those new products I think this is
another way you can participate into
into you know this ecosystem right
you’re not only can be you know the one
who can you know the first you know
group of people gets a new product but
you can also be the one who can you know
share this product with your local
communities and we all were very welcome
that yeah you’ve been sharing this data
freedom concept right around you know
everyone should have the choice right
having I feel we have been conditioned
by big corporations so I think this is
the only option right but there’s it’s
not true so really building the new the
new ecosystem for that to happen this
next question is around markets that we
try to attack in the future so you know
there’s this person altcoin maximalist
seems great potential in optimizing and
automating supply chains
in addition customers should have the
right to see the origin of products what
type of you know Iowa tech solutions
will help with this and you know is this
part of our our future definitely with
public record right it’s definitely the
supply chain oriented secure hardware
thing that were developing in-house and
it does GPS location temperature
humidity air quality emotion vibration
all these very important metrics to
provide that transparency in supply
chains right but I think it’s also
important thing about supply chains just
so broken and manual as is there’s a lot
of things that can be improved just very
low hanging fruit with supply chains so
throwing block chain that the issue is
not get a solution right it’s more about
how do you take the problems that matter
and fix them kind of address them
holistically right you guys agree with
that all right when do you think publish
record won’t the concepts of pebble
attract will make its way into global
supply chains yeah I think like a
LeClair omission there are two things
actually broken in the current a supply
chain system like one thing is like the
digital on say like a distillation of
the data for almost everything mostly
it’s just a man you you know you have
like a people sitting over there write
down something yeah the coming back
report to as follows a car boss right so
that’s that’s part of a long it’s like a
digitization of the data also trusted
data I think that’s that’s where it is
trusted hardware like a papal tracker
type of thing can help another wise like
automation for now this automation is
hardly implemented by centralized
systems which introduces you know some
some of the risks being like people you
know hacking around you know people
tether its data for their owners yeah
your risk for their like a financial
interest I do see like a blocking an
audience solution for this for the
second part we will have you know like a
huge 40 centralized place where they can
make things happen automatically in
terms like something arrives you pay for
someone you can learn from someone or it
may be a love interest type of thing
yeah but there’s a long road to go like
we have to fix this entire
in a broken system bit by bit I think
most people trackers that restart but do
get lots of you know you probably
interest about this one what it’s
interesting to me is that I think a lot
of supply chain companies operate not
just in the present they operate in the
past right there’s so far behind but
those are the big opportunities to me
you know leapfrog they don’t have to go
into the president directly into the
future using these watching the base
system so we’ll see how the supply chain
evolves but yeah definitely secure
hardware watch and they think that part
of our you connect off track things yeah
so we make sure that everyone right so
when Z gets of things see I think I said
I this trust they will be in every step
you know right I’m of the product this
is see can they can they can understand
it okay so what’s original so product
and how this product you know
manufacturer or produce and how they you
know kind of deliver the shipped and
also how to get to the column the
supermarket or you know on the online
store or any yeah and then there’s I
they also understand detective product
itself is also you have a signal to
building trust and privacy so it’s kind
of the entire thing
yeah that’s on the release what about
the ID as well the ID we have all dat
talks at a lecture can put the origin
and development fracturing inside so it
also can be tracked as well
tid dog as well all right and not only
on the type of tracker that contract the
selection but also the audience I think
mission our agenda yeah directly that
can be the tid
unpacked when the block transfer right
it was either those are also super
important just acting side different
Metallica scenarios are the us were
married and also in in the product at
the other RI and the main Schedule II
work go no matter whether we retire
because maybe take some time but the
people at least know we is the product
that has deities they kind of also
becomes a tid talked to to check Mary
said originally from bread yeah that’s a
very good segue into this so that’s the
end of our pre submitted question so it
takes some
questions though xn press oto asks us
why do you think your idea needs the
blockchain so this is a great example
right di D is kind of built into the
blockchain but that’s just one element
right that’s going to be the first
production eyes to use case of Io text
block shame you can’t it’s kind of using
D ID for these secure authorizations
right but in general why does watching
an IOT makes sense kind of going back to
basics a little bit right yeah I mean
all these like two years of building I
think you know we always have the thesis
that these technologies were very
synergistic but now we know so much more
so maybe tell us what we’ve learned
yeah I think it already is like a touch
base on this phone is block team will be
like it’s a really fundamental for trust
for lots of things we do it on top of
rising bleep up they on the tech stack
we will have like cloud storage we have
some you know trust hardware we would
have even machine learning in the future
that’s right but different like a
blockchain provides identity and also
provides this like a neutrality like a
neutrality among different things yeah
so people can trust it and also people
can have like a very important logics
running on top of the block I think
that’s a you central part of launching
yeah why doing in it yeah otherwise we
are just like creamy another Google
Amazon in terms of IOT right which that
makes sense in terms of these lack of
data sovereignty you know Laura yeah I
think you can consider they are creating
a Google foil T by the Google is
decentralized that is a book yeah that
is very important because you can use do
not wanna create another centralized
parties that come from facilities
everything yeah because if you do if you
are doing that there are they that many
different parties or providing the right
learning different services they aren’t
reporting that yeah but right now what
do we need it let me just be quite a few
other questions you know you to the DI
and our freedoms yeah this is much more
related to hiring function as a
fundamental but also we consider
molecular service providers we also
please we are providing and our
fundamentals yeah yeah I think this is
really interesting is the going
like basic basics it’s like
decentralization is so important and I
don’t write like Relan was talking about
you know using watching you know
potentially it’s like you know do
firmware update sort of push things
where now we’re starting to get to the
point where no privacy to people is all
about you know their digital virtual
selves right all my bank statements or
my digital I got my identity is gonna
get stolen but now I’m for transitioning
to saying if you get hacked
it’s not like something you can fix
later on it’s your car that’s gonna spin
off the roads or a house is going to get
broken into those kind of like security
and privacy things really add together
and you know in the off chest you know
it’s not saying that Google cloud admins
are gonna steal your data to mess up
your life but it’s possible right and if
you have a choice to remove that
possibility completely that why not
right yeah this next one is around the
token a what plans you have to help
drive demand and scarcity for the IO
text took it hmm that’s a good question
yeah yeah it’s a good question
so actually we feel you know after our
beta beta launch right so we are more
approaching you know usable very usable
you know blockchain for developers so
right now I think that we will have
another blog of to introduce all those
email applications which already running
on top of our how do we how already have
I set this 10 10 issue no applications
on top of that which is a kind of a
picture of your case and we also get
those feedback from developers say hey
you know why you choose you know out
have snotty serum they say it was very
fast you know it’s very fast and it’s
it’s very easy for them to create a you
know applications so so that I would
feel support the token side and now it’s
time for us to drop the real adoption
it’s the real demand the real demand for
the usage of the token right and all
those you know for example in interpret
a large UK the first right so actually
having the pipeline we have more for
we have lots of public record
I mean yeah a series of the product rise
you will all utilize in our archive see
in front Chargers specifically running
on top of the outcasts and play doctor
so which will make our tokens which is
the UK token building building our
network more useful yeah so we are
looking for the real adoption for them
we’re also thinking about like the next
phase of Io text into economics I don’t
know how much we want to share about
this because it’s still very new but
this concept what we’ve kind of talked
about the past around every di
deregistered is one token burned to you
know manage the utility of blockchain
you know maybe just share where that
thinking comes from maybe not the exact
details because those aren’t finalized
but like you know where that thinking
comes from is it to drive scarcity is
drive demand where does that thinking
come up yeah I think basically we have a
different Beach you know understanding
of how these tokens should be used
within the network right so other
iot-cloud blockchain projects they are
talking about this like a micro payment
narrative which we think would be any
other part of the things we are doing
actually so like I in my view basically
I’ll text Hogan is the one actually to
build up the foundation for the entire
network no matter what right example is
the IDs gonna give you the operation
valve that’s Harper firm enough to the
latest version we have but it’s close is
if we want issue all the identity on top
of the blockchain how can everyone every
user of the portion help to make it
stronger more security and also multi
centralized right so that’s basically
like the spirits where we want designed
the economics are wrapped we will share
with you guys like a latest version of
this economics probably there may be the
pre-order of this you can in the
committee separation yeah yeah but it’s
pretty cool yeah but always you kind of
think about the female of comparison
very accurate to size-wise of the shank
outlets just any other functions like
customers or other options
they need to get many my nose yes
they needed a token force taking making
the network mascara this is actually the
intrinsic value of the token just a
similar to however like market I need to
as well and what gene and Iran admission
our new addition to left is another
penalty one that they are generally
driving and because and so that the
whole tokens are also having other big
part of the demon as well starting from
you have but also this other net right
so we talked about soaking utility now
we’ll talk about took in availability
any plans to make I owe tax tokens
available to the US one yes we’re we’re
come down because of you guys know US
market is a highly regulated market we
don’t want to per dies like anything far
no coders supporters however so we are
working them working with lawyers very
good young lady push it for simple ads
are there simply powerful thank you Bill
for that question
this next one is from Luke man zero nine
one four very simple question what is
Vita Lucia Peter I know simply Putin of
they say the first XR c 20 token which
is running on top of our tax and the
usage of the pita we want you to be
taught as a community okay so which
means just like all our community for
them it’s easy for them to collect the
Vika through a lot of the community
events community task
yeah staking staking out has token a lot
of ways right so it’s all about life you
are more engaging waste our outcast
community ecosystem if you contribute
something and then you can get the data
ok Kavita
as a kind of reward but at the same time
they have
specific usage and we will make this
usage in one more right so right now
yesterday you know you already can see
he how will be how much
so because kind of potato cannons we can
be used in the become art previously you
can exchange for the tryout now we can
do that for the first tryouts you can
camp for free but later you will use the
Vita tokens not for a lot of various in
a very cool innovative LT product and I
think we have in also those lucky draw
events will be launched very soon so
it’s kind of desert pika
either you can you can plant or just lie
you can change with a lot of the cool
stuff but they think Justin first using
each other
Peter and also the this you know so
those that stake I attacks can win or
can claim Vita every day there’s also
other ways to get it you can also bid
for Vita you can do community tasks for
judo yeah but the claiming part is the
majority and that’s getting half every
three months so claim your Vita huh 25%
it already had I think are in fact is
yeah the generation of of peacock tokens
also interesting right so there is no I
see oh there’s no how you show there’s
no you know kind of pre my knee so you
suppose it’s like you know through you
know kind of the the mining schedule
right so for everyone you know they are
very it’s very transparent and they are
also very equal true to you know obtain
the vehicle cut yeah just a bit corny
it’s like yeah has a lot of lot of
similarities right yeah so that the
value of the beat is all depends on the
usage homes in north vehicle cuts right
now so this is the last question from
unique boy decays to parts one of them
we already kind of touched on a little
bit around 5g
his question is what and how will 5g
integration affect the development of IO
yeah I think there’s necessarily a
different angle to it where we talked
about how 5g will impact IOT but how
does this
mix in with our product roadmap are we
kind of just absorbing the benefits of
5g as they call yeah so they’re gonna
die to say it like god it makes that
easier simply cut right because what
feels like a loss I think for example
bottom enough connectivity like the
first thing it gets on the internet is
to looking for an identity like who am i
is it also question right then that’s
that’s that’s where I think Eugene cause
lots of like a empower request regarding
call okay I have my ID hardware you know
how my identity or maybe have other
functionalities around this identity so
that that’s basically like a 5-2 is
booster for lots of things we’re doing
roughly and anything else that on 5g for
move on to the last question here yeah I
think so far G itself is a very
different type of technologies that
noggin includes the speed connectivity
and everything and and the timings also
pretty good at this moment because if
you look at the industry under the last
economical means more water with
internet right now I think the economy
itself also are expecting another type
of technology that can movie acting just
thought as long and being all consider
IOT is the most most beneficial part
from the 5 T because the kernel
connected how other genes are on a
microphone for T in the speed is is good
enough it can be faster but is still
good much for all the LTS a non-student
Wi-Fi and other equitable technologies
which is like need a different kind of
cars or whatever whether it’s funky and
I think we need to catch up together all
together is beneficial
LTS and so that we can come together
with that you
I think our job is to take all these
very frontier technologies blockchain
secure hardware 5g and package them make
them easy to use for Lucilla’s it’s like
that’s a big part yeah
or next you ever saw it almost ooh yeah
right so this last question is very
open-ended let each of you guys share
your thoughts but what K where can we
see where will we see IO text in the
next five years so what should we expect
from you guys a big picture any order
ok I’ll go for dinner I picture Olivia I
really wanted they say you can have
truss things to be a real add reality to
anybody’s life so in five years we don’t
need to educate they see no concept that
because you know all the things would be
very different from the kinetic things
and we are seeing now so people when
they I mean definitely you know it will
be more small and attention to every
customer she don’t need no technologies
you know is that a bad thing right so
that people just lazy can have more
innovative product in their home at the
same time the feeling of the parties
protected they will see each other
kissing you know we want to our tax will
we want out house now can and how these
process moving forward yeah yeah Kevin
rod yeah I think if they’re very awkward
always gene watching said to give a very
concrete example like a hydration I’ll
text right basically for now if you go
to have an exhibition across America
your purchase like a camera purchase
something it also has a label says
integrated with Alexa interpreted with
Google home or something like that right
definitely we want this like power bi
tile tasks or maybe IOT t power bi tasks
will be like a very much like a standard
over there yeah like all in hardware
devices smart devices no matter of
smartphone car you know just royalty
yeah differently we’ll put on the stack
put the brand around talk about standard
right I don’t see its primary yeah right
actually already like you know on the
right track yeah like Larry I think
cheating they’re working pretty closely
with I I see which is like internet
investor cavorting which is compose a
lots lots of big companies yeah like
I’ll attacks is actually like a you know
driving this architecture of entire IOT
possible auction right I think this work
is actually progress and lossy is
published a little bit different sure
ways our beloved community
standardized on both the product and the
architecture side actually yeah Kevin
close it up yeah so I think I want to
say to two things wise power about hacks
to become makes the whole society of is
data freedom and another side is I
really like to see it has to becomes a
Bitcoin in time support so that all the
currency in the art world they become
out cool so those are some ambitious
goals but you know one step at a time
and you know we’re getting there so you
know stay tuned for more analysis we
have native staking coming probably in a
week right we’re just waiting for the
delegates to install the latest code
release version 0.9 and it will be
activated I think on October 29th which
is just about one week away and then
following that in November it’s all
about decentralized ID and also you can
so you know tons of new announcements
and some that we can’t tell you about
right now so thank you guys so much for
your support and we will catch up with
you guys very soon thank you guys the
rest by for not bang


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