1. Hi Chris, thanks for the very informative video yet again. To confirm with you, people using a hardware wallet do not need to go through this process, correct?

  2. Ohh my god so complicated. It is why iota as no value yet. Commun people can’t manage that. It is a real head hack. Thx. Anyway. My friend. Good work

  3. This is a complete cluster F. If my iotas have not already been stolen I’m selling the lot. Can’t believe they didn’t check if the moon pay feature might compromise the wallet safety FFS.

  4. As for the layman…..forget about your iota!

    This migration is for geeks 🤷‍♂️

    Thanks for the vid, you did your part!

  5. Thx. For one if my seeds the tool didn't show a Ballance, even if I have scanned for more addresses a dozen times. Tried it several times, manually and with Seed Vault. The Ballance is still shown in Trinity and on thetangle.org. Any Idea?

  6. Chris. I generated the new seed and the vault but accidentally closed the seed migration tool (after 3:17). Can I simply start the migration by importing the new seed? Or do I have to do from the beginning using the original seed.

  7. Should I do this in any case? I don't remember if I have opened my Wallet in December. So to be on the safe side you'd recommend to do this anyways?

  8. Ich konnte mit meinem alten Seed die weder die neue noch die alte Trinity wallet öffnen-nicht am PC, noch am Handy. Es gibt irgend ein Problem mit der Node-klar, aber wenn man es neu installiert, sucht der sich doch eine Node aus? Für die Seed Migration braucht man Trinity ja nicht, fand ich trotzdem eigenartig

  9. Chris, I appreciate what you are doing but this guide is maybe good for programers or computer geeks but not for an avarage Joe. You made shortcuts and assumptions that it is impossible to follow. You should assume that I have absolutely no knowledge about computer technology and make it ste-by-step as for a 7 years old boy… For example, at about 1:50 you say "…copy that code and paste it into the terminal…" — suddenly some black box appears in your video, and I have no idea what it is…

  10. Some users are not sure if they successfully migrated so a new version of the Seed Migration Tool is out (0.2.2). Click "View Migration Status" on the dashboard. If it is empty, simply download the new version and install it. This new version adds progress step indicators to simplify the process, and some minor fixes and adjustments. Check out the full changelog and download it. If you have already successfully migrated you do not need to download this release.: https://github.com/iotaledger/seed-migration-tool/releases/tag/0.2.2

  11. If I'm a mobile user and decide not to use the seed migration tool will I still be able to access my funds once the system is live again, assuming they are not stolen?

  12. Hi Chris. Danke vielmals für das Video! Allerdings habe ich eine Frage. Ich habe nach dem hack die neue Version gedownloadet von Trinity. Anschließend habe ich mein Passwort geändert. Nächsten Tag habe ich mich nicht einloggen können da ich das Passwort vergessen habe (war zu kompliziert lol) dannach habe ich Trinity deinstalliert und erneut die neuste Version gedownloadet und ein neues Passwort kreiert mit meinem seed (ich habe nur einen seed). Habe ich jetzt 2 Accounts? Ich stelle grade um von windows 7 auf windows 10 und will dannach erneut ein neues Passwort erstellen. Allerdings erst wenn ich die Migration gemacht habe. Habe ich jetzt 2 verschiedene Accounts mit einem seed? Verstehe das nicht ganz.. Habe Angst dass jemand mit meinem alten pw sich in trinity einloggt und dann meinen seed besitzt. Wäre sehr dankbar für aufklarung.

  13. IOTA.org will help the thief steal more IOTAs! Trinity is an official wallet from IOTA.org, an NPO registered in Germany. Since the theft happened the organization has been acting as if they are the most victim. No apology for providing this defect wallet whatsoever. Plus the NPO demands that every IOTA holder to download and run a new program within 7 days. If not the NPO declares to give an opportunity for the thief to access more wallets for stealing IOTA. I’m done with you guys all after 3 years. Very sad.

  14. If I opened version am I safe? When I opened it today I received a message that there were multiple incoming transactions, all were Receive 0 i ,with a bundle hash, each with the message: A voice whispers: 'make iota binary'…. should I be worried?

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