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  2. I’m skeptical about Richard being successful with women. He has no fashion sense and doesn’t even make eye contact with women in his videos..

  3. you're right richard, I am stupid and stand to be corrected. I enjoy you teaching me. and enlightening my understanding of cryptocurrency. Thank you, Clayton

  4. I like listening to Richard in small doses but I won't subscribe because his ego is ridiculous. His inflation/deflation explanations were lacking credibility.

  5. God DAMN, Richard… You are SO fuckin blindly arrogant–ALL the miners are not in Chima lmao. I Have met miners, and see them making videos on here, too. They are in US. So don't say shit like that, dude, if you want other intelligent people to take you seriously… That's like "intelligence 101:" The One thing I "know" is that I DON'T know Everything… saying such absolute statements which themselves are inherently Incorrect is just… dumb.

  6. The tips he mentions on manipulating and convincing people were very interesting. Do you have a book on that by any chance Ivan?

  7. Sad to see this guy becoming a money printing scammer and talking a lot of bullshit with much conviction but really little substance if you listen to it a couple of times and dig deeper. Don’t invite scammers to your show!

  8. “Ethereum is going to overtake bitcoin”,”i have still all my assets in bitcoin, but I am going to change this now- it’s just because i was so used to it”, “I am positive about the technology of Ethereum, not about the price.”🤔🤔🤔or
    “All top 5 projects are build on ethereum, thats why it is so strong”,ivan:”but hey, that was just in the beginning, they have their owns chains now”,”yeah even better, so my ethereum transactions get cheaper” he is just constantly contradicting himself… !!!
    even worse when he is not able to differentiate between a inflationary and a deflationary recession – just all the same for him! 3 hours o empty scammer bla bla

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  10. You are so dumb! Incredibly dumb you're talking about Mike Hearn if he was of any importance you're saying stupid s*** like Bitcoin has no technological admit advancements how ridiculous

  11. I can tell you why Technical Analysis is getting all the traders REKT… Monthly time frame is in a sideways consolidation = making higher lows⬆️⬆️⬆️.. and lower highs. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Basically, all your macro lagging indicators like moving average crosses are giving you false signals on the Daily time frames. ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️ (Only in a clear TRENDING environment ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ do these moving averages work along with MACD, and whatever else is based on past price data) This Richard Heart guy does have a bias (time: 10:57) against TA because he is selling you on his Hex token. He's using your emotions about your failed TA experiences… and putting a "hex" on you by framing positive experiences with tokens that outperformed Bitcoin. (Side note: I'll prob sign up for his Hex token because it's free 😀)

  12. i like richard, but he never lived in a third world country with major inflation issues, so bad that the government try to fix prices and the money loses it value so quick that you need to buy everything on the market at the moment that you recieve your salary, because in the next day everything is going to be up 5%.

  13. Why Richard Heart's Bitcoin Hex is a scam.



    "According to the instructions of this Solidity smart contract, whenever somebody decides to claim their tokens, we see a minting process which benefits the “origin” address. Furthermore, when Bhex enthusiasts decide to refer their friends to the scheme, special bonuses also go to what might be Richard Heart’s wallet (as shown in line 164 of the contract).

    What does this mean? Even if Richard Heart himself doesn’t claim BHex with the BTC that he owns, he still receives rewards proportional to the number of users who sign up. HEX tokens get minted into his wallet whenever a new user joins by virtue of individual registration or referral."

    ~Excerpt from the article.

  14. 🧡💛💚💙 1:48:00 Richard Fart says "Bitcoin only rewards miners" .. WRONG.. Bitcoin rewards everyone who buys and hodl's it. 10 years and going. SUck my ass Richie Fart! 🧡💛💚💙

  15. 2:17:45 He can't promise anything because if he does then HEX becomes a security as opposed to a commodity. Interesting I wonder how many lawyers he went through before making this thing.

  16. I get the impression Richard Heart believes he's the best salesman in the world, and he chose to pitch Hex because brogrammer libertarians are his white whale. Perhaps he sold ketchup to a hundred women in white gloves and got bored. If he can take millions off of the most paranoid nerds in the world, what greater trophy is there?

  17. great start – 'everyone is stupid – you have a mic problem it's your fault………………oh actually its my fault…'

  18. The problem with picking the right altcoin is this. The good ones don't go up in value, and the shitty one does. So basically you are throwing a dart at the dartboard in hopes of picking the 1 or 2 out of a thousand that go up for whatever nonsensical reason. It is easy for Richard to say to "not buy those ones" when it's all a crapshoot casino.

  19. wasn't really appreciating some of heart's points…however, i absolutely agree with him saying that we do not know for sure that the collapse will happen.

  20. Richard Heart interrupted Ivan so much this was painful to watch. If you're going to agree to an interview or podcast, at least respect the person who's having you on their channel and listen to the end of their sentence. You can wait another few seconds before making your own point, it's not that hard. Ivan you are always very respectful and patient with your guests and a great interviewer, regardless of the topic. Thank you 🙂

  21. A genius one, you write some code, you give to people, then you sell the uber amount that you had given to yourself. Perfect Pyramid scheme.

  22. I do agree with you Richard needing cash first because you cant count on eating on bitcoin first for food etc. But if you hodl fiat too long then you get reckt. BTC will be after fiat as far as demand. You could die before people figure out BTC. May be different in five years but today thats the facts I believe. Other countries will fail before any country that has world reserve currency. Just watch them and slowly go back into fiat until SHTF.

  23. Bitcoins inflation bug was not an easy exploit. You needed to be a huge miner to even attempt to exploit it. Richard Heart makes it sound like any asshole wt S9 could've made shit tons of extra Btc, and he knows that. Very disingenuous at best.

  24. In the beginning of this video Richard trashed BTC because it needs development & fork to be relevant & get better like ETH. Later in video he says that by developing it will tank the price to feed devs anyone getting in at times end up losing their money because price continues to go down because of developers. 🤨 WUT?

  25. BTW if Richard cured the common cold the grim reaper would be knocking on his door the next day because the pharmaceutical companies would kill him. Don’t forget your math Richard. 😂

  26. Richard is using reserve psychology , exaggerating bitcoins faults. No doubt he's an intelligent guy, but he i feel he's just selling Hex… Coz no ones buying it ! 😛 No hard feeling Richard !

  27. ONE Base Protocol
    #GSM – 2G – 3G – 4G and 5G
    Changed the Global World to the Better – For Everyone.

    #SV #BitcoinSV

    No other protocol or so called crypto project will make a difference.


  28. Best ever. Richard pays Ivan (xxx). Ivan bend’s over (hey, he’s young)

    and, this is the result. I leave it there KIDS.

    Greed is never a strategy @Ivan.

  29. Poor Ivan, getting NLP pushed on him by a self-proclaimed smart guy. Ivan, you are way funnier, smarter and humble.

  30. this guy talks so much bullshit. He is just an investor talking his book. He literally thrown all moral principles out the window.

  31. Lol arguing ethereal is more secure because it had no bugs and because they rolled back once, only because THEY DECIDED SO to get rid of a hacker…. that sounds a bit like ignoring centralization

  32. He says he has only a hundred dollars of ethereum but according to where he is parking all the ETH invested in Hex. He has 4.4 million dollars worth of ETH. https://www.blockchain.com/eth/address/0x2b591e99afE9f32eAA6214f7B7629768c40Eeb39

  33. This guy is Lucky he got in crypto at the right time hes no economies he doesn't know anything about economics. I barely understand sound inflation and deflation operate. Printing a lot of money devalues the money fool, And I don't think hes a Keynesian. After listening To the entire video This guy's not dead band after all I give my 8 out of 10.

  34. Why are you giving this schmuck a platform to shill his garbage on Ivan?? Richard has seemingly spread to every crypto youtube channel like a bad case of VD.

  35. Much better than the P. MacCormack interview! Actual knowledge being discussed and lots learned. Very patient Ivan. Thank you

  36. Scammy McScam (aka Richard Heart) his Hex project explained: https://medium.com/@TooWumboToFail/under-a-hex-396847b86e57

  37. Love Richard! Thanks for having him on and talking about HEX, Ivan 😘 there are so many haters out there it is brutal! Kudos to you Ivan, very professional, yet fun!!! 🥰
    PS….. Please come over to FLOTE.app!!! A bunch of crypto people over there and we’re all waiting on you!

  38. For those that think this project is a bad idea, I tried to make my best case for that here: https://steemit.com/scam/@xsillent/hex-the-case-against

    I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to make a better case for HEX being bad.

    I would suggest you free claim any BTC you have, free money is good even if the project is bad.

    This link will give you 10% more HEX: https://hexisascam.com

  39. This was super insightful. Even if I don't agree with some of his views. It's important to listen to other incl. opposing perspectives to your own. It challenges your views and puts things into a different perspective. Great job Ivan! 👍

  40. I like Richard but I disagree with him on this, this is his perspective it doesn't mean everything going to happen the way he thinks it's going to be

  41. We have a saying the higher the monkey climbs the more his tail shows. Enter Richard Heart who clearly believes we are all under-educated and like a smart shiller the "education" always comes before the HEX shill. Which is where he is at, shilling HEX which is fine but please stop throwing in the bit of Fake news (Bitcoin is down 85 per cent), faulty analysis (inflation, if you have three per cent price increases, your money is on the bank at 0.01 per cent and prices are rising, then that's inflation when Bitcon does not suffer from quantitative easing) and contradiction (so great tech projects fail. Well I guess HEX is the greatest of the great) and hard questions are avoided on HEX. So keep the marketing tour going because your numbers must be great for someone when other youtubers are having their videos pulled on flimsy non issues. Hallam

  42. Ivan gets a like for his questioning of contradiction from Heart. Quantitative easing is great and is sustainable. Really? TA analysis is flawed when if one out of ten make money and the others don't the simple reason is the one out of 10 people study the TA and everything else seriously so they win because the other nine do not. its called meritocracy. When onecoin invited me to my first marketing session with them a red flag went immediately. Why not educate people about how to spot scams. I have a red flag on HEX until the hard questions get answered. Hallam

  43. Constant interruptions. I can't watch it. Ivan cannot finish a sentence or question. Painful. Some people like to hear themselves talk. It reminds me of Pulp Fiction. Are you listening or are you waiting to talk. This guy is waiting to talk. He knows everything, so no need for him to listen to anyone. He is very smart, but not smart enough to be likeable by shutting up, being patient with the person he is talking to and at least acting like he is listening.

  44. so to summarize
    – during a world collapse sell high buy low (duh)
    – scams: if you can stop them join them
    – hex looks like a scam because people are dumb and like scams

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