I’m Ready, Magnus! | Caruana vs Anand | Batumi Chess Olympiad (2018)

I’m Ready, Magnus! | Caruana vs Anand | Batumi Chess Olympiad (2018)

hello everyone and welcome to another interesting game from the 2018 Batumi chess olympiad it’s a game from round four and it’s played between world chess championship challenger Fabiana Khurana and former world champion Vishwanath on almond well rather Anand is still the world champion only in rapid chess but regarding classical chest he is the formal role champion before we check out the game and it’s a very nice theoretical struggle now we do have a couple of nice photos here you have a wonderful photo of vasily von Schuch the photo was taken by Goga Sean Daly and you can check a lot more of her photos from this event there will be a link in the description below as usual all of the links from the Batumi Chess Olympiad will be down below so do check them out but yeah feel free to check out this wonderful photo by Chuck it’s it’s a wonderful moment in space and time so by all means feel free to caption this photo in the comments below then we have another nice photo also by Goga there you have it before the game Anand is shaking Carmona’s hand and you can see that Westley sewing the Hikaru Nakamura have matching tuxedos and it seems that Corwin and some Shanklin are too cool to also wear matching tuxedos I don’t know it’s not not very team spirit Lee like but okay yeah you know to each his own I guess then we have also a very nice photo it’s the first couple of moves have been played and I really like islands a little cup there with the logo of the 2018 but to me chess olympiad and lastly I thought you’d enjoyed this one its photo by the official photographer of the Batumi chess olympiad David Lada this is Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana with the Uganda women’s team and if you’ve seen the movie the queen of cat way the woman on the far left is actually a Fiona MOTC whom the movie was based upon the delete character so hope you enjoyed that now let’s check out this very nice game Caruana has the white pieces and he opens with d4 we have Knight to f6 C 4 and the e 6 and here we have G 3 so the cattle and opening the 5 by Anand Bishop to g2 we have d captures on c4 Queensway for with check black has the blog this check Knight to d7 is played and here we have Queen captures on c4 now Corona recaptures the pawn we have a six and this is the exact same position that was on the board during the Tata Steel 2018 tournament Anand also had the black pieces and he was playing against onigiri in this position Anish went Queen to c2 and the game continues c5 which is the pretty standard replied the Queen to c2 and then I have three and so on and so on that game was was drawn between onigiri and Vishwanath an island and it’s very interesting the Queen to c2 is the most often played move here and it is in fact the strongest move recommended by the engine but the move Caruana played was never played before it’s it’s also an engine move but it’s the engines the second recommendation the move is Bishop to e3 and there is no this position has never been found before in tournament play there is no position like this in the database and it’s a move you can’t really play unless you’ve really prepared it at home because there are so many things you have to consider what if this Knight comes to g4 and attacks my bishop here so and I definitely a move prepared at home but you’ll see what I mean by this a little bit later I don’t know it doesn’t really take too much time even though it’s not the mainest of lines he plays the DC 6 and Anand only took four minutes for this move so ok Queen to c2 Caruana quickly replies he spent some three minutes on Queen c2 and here Anand castles we have a nice to h3 and now we see the problem of this position unlike the position of a shrunken head against onigiri in the Tata Steel chess tournament in that game under simply continue with c5 b 5 he developed the light-square bishop but here while this dark square Bishop is an e3 and this light square bishop is now opened such ideas are not really possible and that’s the idea behind placing the knight on h3 instead of an f3 and at some point this night will come to f4 so what’s the idea if you play something like Knight to g4 here it seems like a very nice move kicking away the white bishop but doesn’t really do anything for example Bishop to g5 attacking the Queen and now you simply have to move the knight back and you’ve just improved the position of whites dark square bishop the problem is after this Bishop to g5 move a very interesting variation although not really working for black is Knight d2 f6 and now it seems like this Knight is trapped what if f3 is played then black has this very nice move Knight captures on h2 now of course you’re not gonna capture the night because then you allow Bishop captures on g3 here white have white has a bush up to h4 guarding this opponent now black is black losing the piece here so here black can play h6 preparing g5 to trap the dark square Bishop here and then white can go Queen to d2 and it’s a very very complicated position that that really favors white and no doubt that Caruana had this all figured out even before the game started because now g5 is impossible you will simply capture the pawn Knight captures captures captures and after the King moves you have so many options with white whenever you prefer you can recapture your piece you can go rook captures on h2 this is the best you can see the king is trapped on the H file when this bishop moves it’s all over black is completely lost here so after Knight to h3 Anand goes he 5 and it’s definitely a nice move a very principled move kuranes king is still in the center so we definitely want to open up the center you you wanted this Bishop to be able to develop so II five very nice we have castles by Caruana now comes h6 taking away the g5 square from kuranes night and and perhaps the bishop lee captures on e5 Knight captures on e5 and now Knight to c3 now karana continues developing we have Queen to e7 and rook a to d1 here we have rook to e8 you can’t really attack this Bishop by moves like Knight to g4 we already mentioned or or even Knight to c4 the bishop always can go to d4 and this will be a very nice square for the bishop if you try something like c5 to take away the d4 square from the this Bishop then Knight to a4 and you really lost control of the d5 square Knights the d5 is coming this will be a beautiful position for white if you try to stop it then white will simply capture it say thank you for the bishop prepare and you will not have three point on it pawn islands with black a nice long turn advantage for white so after locate the d1 rook to e8 was played and the now comes Knight to f4 as the knight is no longer useful on h3 c6 Anand has to keep keep an eye on this d5 square and here we have Bishop to d4 a very nice idea we have g5 attacking this night and now nice to d3 Knight captures on d3 by anand rook captures on d3 and dena comes at Bishop to e5 offering a trade of dark square bishop and it seems like Ananda successfully parried any threats that were created with this fancy Bishop to e3 variation he just has to exchange a couple of more pieces this light square bishop dark a light square bishop is coming into into the game rook is coming to d8 and always well for black and this is in fact true black is perfectly fine here here karana spent 18 minutes on his next move and he really had to calculate a whole lot of things he plays a Queen to d2 a very useful move you don’t want your Queen on the same diagonal as this Bishop as you know this Bishop is coming to f5 and also at some point you’re guarding the f4 square at some point you will push efore and f4 so here we have Bishop to f5 by Anand and okay you definitely do want to develop this Bishop if you play something like butter to capture some d4 and go for exchanges immediately then look after Sundy for still have to develop the bishop for example the five now E 4 is coming Bishop to g6 and rook to d1 you will have this beautiful rook Queen rook battery on the D file and with white controlling the only open file on the board this is complete control white would have a huge advantage in this game a very very little control for black here so instead after Queen to d2 Anand first develops vegetable we have Bishop to a5 attacking the rook efore the best move Bishop to g6 now the bishop has been developed and joins the defense of the King and here karana again spends 15 minutes on his next move and he plays f4 and this is in fact as it would seem at the critical moment in the game and interestingly Anand didn’t spend all that much time on this move he spent half the time karana spent preparing it he ran and played G captures on f4 and this is in fact not the greatest idea better was a bunch of captures on d4 and now after rook captures on d4 rook a to d8 and now either you will exchange rooks or you will push a 5 as ePHI se4 is definitely a target but now Queen to c5 simply attacking the pin piece and here black is black is blacks position is fine located d1 defending and now after Knight to h5 black will simply exchange here and everything is war for black but instead after f/4g captures on f4 was played by Anand and it seems he missed Coronas idea karana plays Bishop captures on e5 and now things are a bit different when the exchange happens on e5 instead of on d4 Queen captures on e5 we have G captures on f4 attacking the Queen and now comes Queen to c5 with check King to h1 and now what do you do here you don’t want to allow ePHI where f5 if something like this happens even though the material on the board is equal your position is just worse on the nose that there’s a really no point in playing this so you do have to play something the problem is if you play Bishop captures on e4 this doesn’t work because Knight captures and after Knight captures Bishop captures rook captures then you have this Queen to g2 check checking the King and picking up the rook for example King moves and now Queen captures on e4 white would be a baroque completely winning on the other hand if you don’t capture it and play something like ink 2h8 still doesn’t really matter f5 is coming and after the bishop moves Queen captures on h6 black black is terrible here white will easily win this game so after King 2h one island has to capture it he plays Knight captures on e4 and now we have Knight captures on e4 and here again Bishop captures on e4 is impossible again you have the same idea but rope captures rook captures Queen g2 check King moves and grabbing the rook so on ins idea is different instead of Bishop captures he plays rook captures on e4 and okay now white definitely can’t capture if you captured in black will capture with check pick up the rook and the black would be better here since black is now up upon but karana has something prepared for this after this rook captures on e4 move first he plays rook to g3 simply pinning the bishop here and now your black is in huge trouble here what can you do here if you simply move the King for example King to h7 white will not capture the rook and allow Bishop captures red or white to simply capture on g6 and after I’ve captures only then recapture on e4 white is up a full piece completely winning game for white so instead after this rook to g3 Anand has to deal with two threats one is Bishop captures rook as the bishop on g6 is pinned and the other one if you move the rook is definitely f5 as sorry f5 pinning this bishop so you don’t have to pair those two threats under desert with rook to d4 simply attacking the Queen and now the rock moved out of danger next move Anand is hoping to prevent DF 5 move so knowing these two things pause the video here and try to find it the only winning move for white in this position and give yourself a minute or two it’s not it’s not perhaps the easiest idea to find and you have to look a bit some three to four moves ahead so as usual I’ll give you a couple of seconds and just aside for those of you who are able to do it congratulations you have just a beaten former world champion and current rapid world champion which monitor and and for those of you just want to enjoy the show the move is Queen to III the idea Queen – III is the only winning move is because well it’s better to explain it by playing a move that isn’t winning for example Queenie one if you play Queen T we want simply moving the Queen outta the attack then black will block the f1 simply with Queen to f5 and now there’s no way to dislodge the Queen Bishop to h3 will be met with coming to d5 check you move the bishop back Queen back to f5 black you know get got out of the attack and now it’s everything is fine from black on the other hand after Queen to e3 which Caruana played and it is in fact after this moved that Vishwanathan Anand resigned to the game he resigned because now there really isn’t anything you can do Queen to f5 no longer works here because your rook is under attacked and there’s a really nothing to play here for example if you move the King King to h7 you want to unpin the bishop still you get f5 and now there’s really nothing to do here the problem is for example if you move the bishop and this is the idea why you had to find that Queen to e3 was so powerful because the h3 pawn is still under it at the HS exponents to under attack now bushell 286 brush up to h5 loses to look to h3 now you can’t do anything with the bishop the bishop is lost if you move it you get clean h6 check King moves and Queen – h8 checkmate on the other hand after f5 if you just capture the pawn which is you know your absolute privilege to do so as simply rook captures on f5 Queen captures Queen captures and before again you are up a whole piece winning the game easily so yeah Anand calculated everything precisely after Queen to e3 he resigned the game and a wonderful victory for Fabiano Caruana and a very important victory at that because it was due to this game that the United States have defeated India in round 4 of the of the Olympiad as all of the other games were drawn only the game on board one had a decisive result so that’s the game I do hope you enjoyed it I’m gonna check up on a couple of more games from the Olympian as I’ve seen there have been quite a lot of upsets so we’re gonna talk about the results of the Olympiad so far and also I’ve mean I’ve been meaning to address one thing a lot of you have been asking me we have via social media or you know in the comment section or something that you’ve played a game and that your opponent is cheating because he castles through check what do I mean by this well let’s just create any position doesn’t really matter for example let’s just place I’m sorry it was just play something meaningless I’m just trying to create a position where such a thing was possible let’s see let’s say white blonde or a bishop here let’s say this is a game between two complete beginners because most likely it’s the beginners who don’t know the rules of chess and okay it’s not really not really the best option but let’s say okay let’s say hmm yeah I thought totally messed up let’s just clear the board a bit here let’s say captures captures captures okay white blunders a piece doesn’t really matter let’s say this is here captures captures the knight goes here let’s say let’s say white pushes h4 for some reason black develops the bishop Bishop to e7 let’s see g4 is played like the black castles and okay let’s say black cast okay let’s say c3 and black plays Bishop to d5 attacks the rook and this is the problem now some people think that if the bishop is controlling any of these squares any of these four squares that now castling is impossible but that is in fact not the case you you can always castle unless any of the pieces is cutting off the squares that King will use well castling so well when castling happens the King comes to g1 so as you see the King only used f1 and g1 to Castle so this Bishop is only controlling the h1 square if this bishop was for somehow controlling either the g1 or the f1 squared then you could not Castle for example if instead on d5 this Bishop was still here now white definitely can’t castle because the bishop is controlling the f1 square or if this instead of this castling let’s say Bishop to c5 was play the white goes Knight b3 and okay let’s say captures captures white will still not be able to castle because the dark square bishop is now controlling the g1 square so if you cut off the King’s weight to the hunter to the castling and then you cannot castle but just because for example the rook is under attack here as you can see here like we’ve already said okay I lost it now in so many okay here then it doesn’t really matter you can still castle here because the king is not even touching h1 the rook who will simply jump over the king and the castling is allowed here so okay it’s a weird way to end in the video but a lot a lot of you have been asking me this so I decided if you’re watching this video I do hope and now you will be able to properly castle and you will not accuse your opponent of cheating when you see this happen so yeah that’s the game I do hope you enjoyed it and that you’re enjoying this well for now short coverage of the Olympic but I will improve it with some more games I would like to thank Scott Hamilton Andruw Jones Dan Hanson Adrianne’s Arcola and Daniel search well for a contribution to my channel thank you a lot I really appreciate it as usual you can check to my previous videos here thank you all for watching and I’ll see you soon hopefully with some more interesting videos and do check up on all the links in the description below to the official batumi chess olympiad social media thank you all and I’ll see you soon


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