Ian Balina Discusses ICOs and Token Metrics on CNBC Crypto Trader Show

Ian Balina Discusses ICOs and Token Metrics on CNBC Crypto Trader Show

It seems as if ICOs are all the rage today and if you were lucky enough
to invest in some of the ICOs you could’ve made, well,
up to 200 times your money. Some people I know invested
$20,000 into an ICO and today, well, they dollar millionaires. But how do you know which ones will work and which ones will fail? I’ve got Ian Balina on the line from New Zealand, and pretty
simply, Ian is the ICO man. Ian, a lot of money flowing
into ICOs right now, why is this happening? ICOs are the new bull market right now and people who get into crypto are learning how much
money peopleare making, they also know they
missed a bunch of Bitcoin, to Ethereum, all these
other great projects. So they’re trying to catch
the next rocket ship. So people are seeing new ICOs come out and seeing the big gains. For example, my community has seen lots of big gains in ICOs like Icon. I put 20 grand in Icon back in September and in four months it turned
into over one million dollars. So, Icon has done over 100x. So has YB, so has, Dragonchain is almost pushing 100x. So people are seeing these
new ICOs and trying to find the next Bitcoin or the next Ethereum. And they feel like ICO investing
is the way to catch that. ‘Cause they feel like they’re
kind of late to the party, and they feel like if they
get in at the ground floor on brand new projects
they could potentially see those same ROI. Ian there are a lot of
scams out there right now, and if they’re not scams, well, there’s some ICOs that
just aren’t great ICOs. How do you know where to put your money? Me and my community apply data and analytics to figure out and filter out which ICOs are scams, which ICOs are bad, based on the ROI from the
investor’s perspective. So we call this TokenMetrics. So we go through and look at the best ICOs of all time based on ROI. So, ICOs like Ethereum, NEO, Stratus, we have about 25 ICOs or so. And we plot multiple data
points, over 15 data points. Both quantitative and
qualitative data points, and figure out which data points matter the most in terms of ROI. And the answer is pretty obvious, but for someone who is
brand new in crypto currency investing it’s not so
obvious all the time. So the best factor when it comes to picking an ICO is do
they have a prototype? Is there a product? Is there any kind of ship code? So that means, if you’re
going through 40 ICOs every single day, because
about 30 to 40 ICOs are happening every day now, you can quickly filter out
the scams from those that have no actual product. And how would the average
investor participate or get their hands onto the
spreadsheet that you’re using? So, I share my spreadsheet which I personally use to invest publicly. It’s now become one of the most popular spreadsheets online, I think. So you can find that by going to IanBaline.com/spreadsheet. Where I go through and I just transparently share my
analysis on each ICO I look at. This comes from my community, from my audience, from my live streams, we go through and analyze every single ICO and put it publicly available on
this spreadsheet for free. Ian, where would someone
go to join your community? They can go to my telegram by going to IanBaline.com/mastermind. We have over 20,000
people going through ICOs, sharing their idea, their opinions, their analysis on each ICO, and this is what helps
us not miss any ICO, no matter where it is across the world. Ian I’m going to put you
on the spot here today, what are the top five ICOs
on your spreadsheet today? So my top ICOs right now, so I like GoNetwork, is a big one. Disclosure, I’m advising them. I also like Gems, Gems is a
big one, I think right now. So, I take community engagement into account when also evaluating ICOs, it’s a particular data
point I have as well. So Gems is a good one. I also like NucleusVision
which is one I’m advising. I like Boozel. Boozel is building very,
very disruptive technology. And I also like OQ Protocol, which is one that’s kind of under the radar. They’re raising mainly from funds but it’s one I think I’m
very, very bullish on, I think it’s going to do big things. That’s all the time we have for tonight. I’m going to go get my hands onto the Ian Balina’s spreadsheet to work out which ICO’s paying for my brand new Lambo. If you haven’t been following me on Twitter, now’s a great time to start because I’ve been tweeting live from the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami and I’m going to continue to tweet tomorrow. Next week I’m back with another episode of the world’s
biggest crypto show. Until next week, my friends. Buy the dip.


  1. Friends, some advice please: I am using 'Independent Reserve' (Australia) in order to purchase Ethereum. It offers 1 ETH for USD $1,247.40. If I check coinmarketcap it lists the price of ETH as $1,155.66 USD. That means the exchange is charging me an extra 7.9% for my ETH (the corresponding markup for Bitcoin is 6.9%). should this be considered a 'standard' price to pay from an exchange, or am I getting ripped off or doing something wrong? Does it have to do with the fact I am buying from Australia? Is there a better way to get more ETH/BTC in exchange for my fiat? Thanks very much in advance.

  2. @diaryofamademan.


    I came across your content and I think it’s the best I’ve seen online. Thank you for the time you put to help us reach our goals even though you don’t have to.

    I live in the states (I think you do as well) and I can’t participate in a lot of the good ICOs. Therefore, I want to create an offshore account in order to participate. I have looked at a lot of information online but everyone was their own opinion. I simply want to ask for your help. I understand that you can’t give financial Advice, but can you please direct me to someone or the correct content to where I can create the correctly/legal offshore account? If you can find the time I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you my friend! And much success!

    I really want to participate in In arcblock. Please help.

  3. There are going to be a lot of ICO's coming to exchanges in February. ICO's I, as U.S. citizen, have missed out on buying early, so I can only buy after it hits an exchange. Knowing good strategies and tactics for buying ICO's as they hit exchanges would be an amazing video leading up to February. I've tried to find info on this but there really isn't much info discussing good tactics on the subject of buying tokens as soon as they hit exchanges.

    Specific questions are…

    1. Should I buy a token as soon as it hits an exchange? Like in the first minute?

    2. Should I wait a few days to see what the price does before buying?

    3. What factors determine when I should buy a token once it hits an exchange?

    4. If an ICO is high risk should I buy immediately after it hits an exchange or wait?

    5. If an ICO has promising short term potential but questionable long term potential, like Vice, should I buy immediately and try to flip?

    6. What is the logistics of buying a token as it's listed on an exchange? Will I be able to place a buy order before it hits the market or can I only place an order after it hits the market? Should I be sitting at my computer hitting the "refresh" key on an exchange over and over again until I see it listed? I've never bought a token the day that it hits an exchange so I don't know how the buying process works early.

    7. If a coin his high hype and fundamentals and you expect the coin to do really well, should I buy the coin for the first price that's listed? Like Bluzelle. That seems to have huge potential and a LOT of hype. If you couldn't get in on the ICO would you buy it as soon as it hit the exchange or wait a day or two until the price stabilizes?

    8. From what I've seen it looks like most ICO's, after they hit an exchange, go up in price like 2 to 4x before plummeting the next few days. Would you say that's common?

    9. Also do most tokens hit the exchange at above ICO price? Because it seems like most Tokens hit the exchange at a price that is multiple times what their ICO price was. Do you agree with that? And if so how should that effect when I should buy a token after it hits an exchange?

    Thanks for your time!
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  4. ian can u also guide us into pre icos rather thn telling about those who u invested in and we have zero chance to get in,please

  5. U the best Bro u out doing the work ,u not talking about other youtubers
    Keep doing a good job 👏

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  7. Great interview bro! Getting the info out to the masses is awesome. ICO's are the way to go for me, thanks for sharing!!

  8. If you're in the US, how do you participate in ICO that requires KYC? You can change the IP with VPN, but what matters is your US passport. Is asking someone outside the country only way to participate in ICO for US residents? Thinkin about ordering a fake passport from Mexico.

  9. Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?

  10. Dent could easily hit a $1 before its Android release in February next month. Already its IOS app has been a big hit with thousands of downloads everyday.

  11. ICOs definitely offer some fantastic opportunities for growth but I like to see some tech first, and a lot of then don't have a product. So I'm big on small market cap privacy coins like DeepOnion. Still plenty of room for growth but a bit more established.

  12. Hi Ian another good upload and thanks for explaining how ICO's work for newbies. However, I like many people want to catch the next "rocketship" like you said. Some quality investments you have Dragon coin etc. But I am a little scared of ICO's and much prefer airdrops like the one DeepOnion is running. You get more and more coins as the project progresses, not requiring a huge cash investment up front unlike with ICO's. I think that Onion is upgrading the TOR protocol they are using. I will keep watching your video's until I find a ICO I like. Cheers!

  13. Hello Ian ben trying to reach you . I have already contacted the founder of Metalicoin to meet up with you at the  Melbourne Meetup at Horizon State . MetaliCoin is a cryptocurrency backed by REAL METAL. and check all the check marks on token metrics . I would appreciate if you give them an ear and they will be out there looking for you . I have already told them so much about you and they will refer to me as Charles . I realize you are very busy these days but check this one out . https://metalicoin.com

  14. Its so funny that i have just stumbled upon my man Ian a few weeks ago on YouTube and just a few weeks after….He is enlightening my country into the ways of the world!! ✊✊✊✊ Bigs Up To Ian #TokenMetrics #IanBalina #DiaryOfAMadeMan #CryptoFam

  15. thanks to you ian i was able to invest in icon on my first month of ico investing last year!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you so much!!

  16. i dont agree that GEMS is a good. Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea but go through the Team, th whitepaper, Roadmap and the rest. they don't meet up.

  17. Ian Balina check Global Cannabis Blockchain budbo i will leave my ref here if you don`t mind!

  18. Bitcoin is the biggest ponzi of this century and Ethereum is the basis of all these scams as its used as token for raising funds

  19. I am confused, he says ICON has done over a 100x and that he got in on it back in SEP. But when I look at the charts on coinmarketcap ICON charts only go back to OCT 26th, and according too the same charts it hasn't pushed over 100X, I KNOW I'm missing something, can someone plz explain..

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