1. Hello, i want to send all the bitcoins in my wallet (0.01310761) to another Spectrocoin user but when i try to send everything i keep getting the following message: "Transaction fee (0) should be within (0.0025 – 0.01)". I thought i didnt have to pay any transaction fee? Am i doing something wrong?

  2. So if I want to send my BTC to noon spectrocoin user I have to pay 0.0035BTC fee and I only have 0.00375BTC so 40€ fee is too much for me is there any other way i can send non spectrocoin user BTC without these fees? Or at least what should I do then?

  3. i tried to send to my wallet bitcoin but i keep getting"Transaction fee (0) should be within (0.0025 – 0.01)".Pleas help me someone.

  4. Don't use Spectrocoin. They don't even provide features that you are supposed to get even after verification. I am a verified user and have been trying to deposit using Skrill and Neteller since January 9, 2018. And they are making unnecessary excuses. I am still unable to deposit. I feel guilty for taking part in their Bankera ICO program. I should not have even signed up on Spectrocoin.

  5. be carefull…they are no said true…let me register and waste and they after that ..no accepted me?for what?! just because my nationality . my country

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