How To Make $350 in 8 Minutes | Live Day Trade

Good morning this is
Clay at This will be a live trade video where I try to capture some of my trades as they unfold live. Market opens up here in about 20 minutes. A little background context. Today is a Friday when
I’m doing this recording. And it’s a Friday, I’ll be fully honest, I don’t really feel like
being at my computer that long today, so I’m gonna
try to make it, I don’t know, 30 minutes, an hour at most. And then there’s other
stuff that I wanna work on and just stay focused on. Plus, yeah, it’s Friday, so
let’s see what happens though. So, like I said, planning
on right around 30 minutes to an hour’s worth of trading at most. So let’s see what I can get done. All right, I have an order at 125, looking for a fast, fast
flush down through 125.50. So first there’s the break. Ah, that was the move and back up it went, so, all right, well let’s
go to 124.50 instead now. So let’s see if we can
get down through 125. And again I am now interested
for 500 shares at 124.50. Lowest it went, which
you can see right there, low of 125.08. So close, but not close enough. I’ll keep an eye on it. Oh wow, filled, that was just a crazy crazy move. Fast move to the downside. And out that fast for $175 dollars. And that was, I don’t know what was that? Five seconds from when I got
filled to when I got out, but I need to stop talking and put my next order in at 122.50. So 122.50, next first order, big big flush there. And just to kind of
illustrate how all of this, it’s one of the big
questions I always get, well I’ll come back to that, I need to stay focused on this right now. But all this has been alerted and talked about in the chat room. So if you’re curious, you know hey Clay, how
does your chat room work that you talk about every now and then? This one is giving us some good examples, but like I said, I’ll stay focused on
this for the time being. So again, my next entry, first entry point is at 122.50. So that key break now is gonna be 123. So I’ll keep an eye on it, and if it looks like 123 is gonna fail then I’ll get the video rolling again. All right, looking for the
break, there’s the break. I did adjust my order down to 122.15. So let’s see if it can get down there. Okay, I moved my order down to 121.50, just because it’s not
quite getting to be filled on the jumps that I want. So lets see if I can
get filled on this jump. Ah so there it was, it
jumped down to 121.72. So let’s just go down to 121 now. So 121, is where I’d like to get filled. These ones you gotta be extra careful with because they are so jumpy as you see. So you always wanna air
on the side of caution. So 121 is currently my airing
on the side of caution. So I’m in there for the first 500 shares, so let’s see what this wants to do. So it took me out there for another 175, not quite as fast quote unquote. But let’s go to 120.01, so just double checking. Don’t wanna put in the wrong order. So 120.01, so there we are, it is 9:38. So eight minutes on a Friday
morning, up $350 dollars. Maybe some more if this thing
wants to keep on pulling back. So let’s see if it can
work its way down to 120, here comes the bounce. So I may be interested in
potentially shorting this as a dead cat bounce, but I’m not quite convinced yet. So we’ll see how this one plays out, but yeah like I said, 9:38, up $350 bucks on a Friday, I would not be shocked if
I just decide to call it, call it a day and start my long weekend, and start the weekend right now. After eight minutes in, I’m more than happy with 350 given the context of how
fast this all happened. But like I said, this is
still some good action here. So while we wait, hey Clay how does the chat room work? Well just to kind of illustrate, so that was actually the first alert that I posted
in the chat room of ROKU. When it was up above 126.50, and I made a note about that 126.50 mark. In fact why don’t I just do this. Because again, I’m not doing any of this
to brag by any stretch, but like I said, I get
the question all the time. Because it’s a good question, but hey Clay, how does
your chat room work? So here was the alert that I
made before the market opened, so right there you can see at 9:18 A.M., and at that point I said watching the 126 for potential
short after the open. That move happened very very
quickly and I missed it. But for any of the members
out there, congratulations, I know a lot of members of the
community watch these videos. So yeah, congrats to any
of you that took this short up around here, you are swimming in money right now. But then the other thing was, so let’s see, where is that other alert at? Let me searching, oh there we go. So then I put that out there as the next alert where I said ROKU 125.50 was the new
key area of support, and of course that one got
absolutely destroyed too, so that was another opportunity
for people to make money. In fact, right here, hopefully Rick doesn’t mind. But let’s see he made, Rick made a quick scalp, so he made what? $56 dollars real quick on the 125 break, so there’s an example,
thanks for the call Clay. So that’s how the chat room works. It’s not like I’m sitting here trading all to myself, and I’m not sharing
anything with anybody else. No I’m making alerts to everybody, and I mean this is a such a liquid stock where it’s not like it’s a penny stock where it’s a game of musical
chairs or anything like that. There’s plenty of opportunities for everybody to get involved. Rick actually was trading options, so right there he was trading a put. So by that, I mean he was using, he was not using anywhere close to the amount of money I was using. Well Clay, I can’t trade Roku,
that’s a $100 dollar stock. All I’ll say is that’s why options exist, and that’s why I would
highly encourage you to learn about options. So that is how it all works. I’m not hoarding these
alerts to myself or anything, or worried about well I gotta
get in first before I alert it because no, it doesn’t
matter when I get in, because there’s so much volume right now that it’s just a drop in the bucket. Now if this was a penny stock
doing barely any volume, and it had some super super low float, well then yeah at that point I would definitely care of making sure well let me buy first
and then I’ll alert it. But that’s why I love big board stocks, because none of that garbage matters, none of those games matter, it’s just make the alert
and let everybody trade it because these things have so much volume. But all right, I think
I’ve stalled long enough, been trying to see if that can break down. But yeah that’s how the chat room works, and the next time I get on the video here it very well may be me just
saying I’m gonna wrap things up. ‘Cause eight minutes in, 350 on a Friday, quite happy with that. All right I’m gonna go
ahead and wrap things up. This move, it broke down
through the 120.50 mark, but never quite got to where I was. And I was still relatively far off which is why I never got the
video recording any further. But it is now exactly 10:01 A.M., so I’m totally wrapping this up, I’m starting my weekend early. Before I go though, a few final things, if you are interested, or let me take a step back. I’ve started the weekend
apparently a little too early. But if you enjoy these videos, and want me to keep making them, then the easiest way to
communicate that to me is hit that like button, leave a comment down below
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check out the channel and subscribe to that also. Lots of other different videos. If you are interested in
joining the chat room, which I talked about quite a
bit and showed how it worked, just go to, and the question there that
you need to ask yourself is do I believe this service can help me make more than $8.25, not per day but per week. If you think the service can make you more than $8.25 per week, then you will definitely get a good return on your investment, so that’s how I would approach the prices that you’ll see there. Is it all boils down to $8.25. Now if you are interested
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building trade plans for your goals and your
personal situation. So that is all I have, again, if you enjoy the video, then like I said, hit that like button, subscribe to the channel, leave me a comment down below, and I will see you back
for the next video. First off, thanks so much for
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