How to EAT JAPAN | 10 Must Know Food Tips No One Tells You

How to EAT JAPAN | 10 Must Know Food Tips No One Tells You

in this video I’m gonna share with you
guys my top 10 things to know when
eating in Japan Japanese food is pretty
awesome as you guys already know from
watching some of my previous videos but
in this video I wanted to share with you
guys some Japanese restaurant and
Japanese eating tips if you guys think
any of these are weird disagree or agree
let me know in the comments section oh
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I’ll leave a link in the description of
the video alright let’s do this so let’s
talk about sharing food in Japan so
Japan has kind of a weird standard when
it comes to sharing food so it really
depends on the situation in some
situations it’s not okay to share while
other situations it’s okay to share and
in some other situations you’re expected
to share it yeah it’s really confusing
right first of all it’s not okay to
share here are some examples so ramen
shops with limited counter space is it
generally not okay to share the reason
why it’s not okay is one they have
limited space and two they usually have
a high turnover rate for customers and
they want to get customers in and out
and that one seat is really important
for them to be able to make money on so
if you take up one of those seats and
you don’t buy a ramen bowl that’s one
seat wasted for them but this just
doesn’t only apply to ramen shops
generally if a restaurant has a set meal
places that also have limited spaces or
whatever when there’s actually a long
line and people are trying to get get in
especially during lunchtime and you’re
probably gonna not want to share oh and
even nicer sushi restaurants
expect you to order your own meal on the
other hand where it’s okay to share your
food is place is like fast food
restaurants family restaurants and cafes
so coming from the u.s. it is generally
expected when you go to a restaurant
with friends that you go there and you
order your own meal at the end of the
meal you just pay for what you ordered
but in Japan it’s quite the opposite
when you go to a drinking restaurant
also known as an Izakaya, they
expect you to share your food and at the
everyone just splits the bill or person of the
most money sometimes pay if you’re lucky
now if you have children it gets a
little bit more tricky it’s okay to eat
in the places that I mentioned above but
again you have to really consider what
the restaurant thinks my friends with
kids what they do is they actually call
in advance to the restaurant to see if
it’s okay to share maybe that’s gonna be
a little bit harder if you don’t speak
Japanese but that’s what Japanese people
do so if you don’t speak Japanese then
you’re just gonna have to go into the
shop and ask when you arrive basically
it’s rude to go to a restaurant order
food and not finish most of it not
finishing sides you get a pass but it’s
considered extremely rude to not finish
the main course there is some gray area
here so for example if you eat a ramen
bowl take down a lot of it and you’re
super cool but there’s still quite a bit
left might be considered rude because
it’s still the appearance of not eating
that much food on your plate but if
you’re concerned with not being able to
finish your meal you can ask them to
reduce the portion size whether it be
reducing the noodles or the rice and
they’re happy to do it
it’s completely fine oh and one nice
thing though is if you can’t finish all
your food this is one time it’s okay to
share the food just as long as the person
you’re with also ordered their own meal
what do you guys think Japan is too
strict all right so let’s talk about a
Western pastime customizing your meal at
a restaurant customizing a meal in Japan
is not very common like requesting
no meat in your dish or to take out all
of the onions in general Japanese people
tend to not request changes to their meal because they think they’ll offend
the chef but if you have an allergy
you should definitely tell them don’t
say allergy they won’t understand say ah-re-ru-gi and then what you’re allergic to
The reality of it it’s difficult
to do it in Japanese as well so my
Japanese friend who doesn’t eat any meat
she always has trouble at restaurants
for example she asks a server whether or
not the dish has any meat in it if it
does she tries to ask if they’re willing
to take it out the first problem is the
server doesn’t really know what’s in the
menu when it comes to a lot of the
ingredients so they’ll have to ask the
person who’s making the food people that
are making the food are often just
regular workers so they’re not able to
change the menu up is so easily they
just follow one recipe for that
particular dish as you can see just
going back and forth
between the server the cook and yourself
and just trying to figure out what’s in
the meal what they can actually change
is a lot of work just in Japanese so if
you’re gonna try to do this in English
then you’re gonna be fighting an uphill
battle and even though they agree to
give my friend what she wants or what
she ordered when the dish comes it’s
actually not what she wanted and there’s
meat inside so all in all you can try to
customize your meal but more than likely
you’re gonna have issues just like my
Japanese friend one caveat if you go to
the really nice restaurants like for
example a nice sushi restaurant and when
you place your order with a server they
will ask you whether or not you have any
allergies or if there’s anything you
can’t eat so maybe another option is just
paying a little bit more and going to a
restaurant that will accommodate your
allergies or your diet all right now
here’s some tips for my vegan fans just
so you guys know many Japanese dishes
use broth that include meat or fish even
some veggie dishes use broth that has a
meat or fish there are restaurants
though that do advertise a vegan menu
and those are the ones you should
definitely look for otherwise if it’s
not advertised then more likely they’re
gonna have broth with meat or fish
although kind of a funny thing I’ve gone
to restaurants with my vegan friend and
he’s told him that he’s vegan and it
actually asked him if fish was okay the
thing is Japanese just don’t have a lot
of education when it comes to
vegetarians many are unfamiliar or
simply don’t understand Western diets my
best suggestion for you is to do your
research before going to any restaurants
the information is out there what do you
say before a meal in all of the streets
videos people are always asking what is
Maiko saying Itadakimasu
she’s saying it-ta-da-ki-masu which
literally translates into receiving so
basically Japanese people say this when
they’re receiving the food for the first
time before they eat the thing is
Japanese people are not saying it for
any spiritual reason or they’re really
thankful that they’re receiving the food
they just say it because that’s what
they’ve always done that’s what they
were taught when they were kids and it’s
just the thing to do so if you want to
be more like a local in Japan then say
itadakimasu before you eat all
right let’s talk about the unwritten
drinking rule in Japan so when you go to
a restaurant especially at dinner they
actually expect you to order a drink
whether it be alcohol soda or even tea
so when you go to a restaurant and you
order water it might be a little bit
surprised although it’s not the worst
thing in the world it’s just kind of
in fact when I go to restaurants
sometimes I just order a water when I
don’t feel like drinking
the kids just got ice cream actually
this might be a good thing they’re
gonna be quiet for a second so we can
finish this alright let’s continue and
now when you guys go to restaurants and
you see small water cups and the fact
that they don’t serve you water very
often during your meal you might know
the reason why so at the end of the day
if you want to be more local then do the
local thing in order a drink alright now
let’s talk about slurping this one is
probably something you already know
but it’s worth covering anyway slurping
noodles or soba in Japan is completely
okay in other cultures that may seem
rude but it’s not a problem here in
Japan but unlike what a lot of people
believe it doesn’t mean that you’re
showing the chef that you really like
their food it’s just what Japanese do
like Westerners using a steak knife to
cut a steak let me know in the comments
section if that’s what you were told
because I’d really like to know now
let’s talk about takeout boxes aside
from fast food spots takeout boxes are
not very common in Japan at the end of
your meal don’t expect to be able to get
a doggie bag to take home your leftovers
in Japan portions are served relatively
small so there’s really never a case
where you’re gonna order way too much
food unless you just really go overboard
but Japanese people usually don’t do
that that’s maybe why Japanese have
created the word toriaiezu
toriaezu means good for now when ordering
in a restaurant so when the server asks
you if you’d like to order anything else
you can always say I’m good for now by
saying toriaezu. all right so let’s
talk about this one what you do at the
end of your meal at fast-food
restaurants including ramen shops you’re
expected to put away your plates and
throw away trash when you’re done for
trash sometimes you’ll see a very
involved process to throw away your
items liquids go here plastic goes here
paper goes here please go here plates go
mugs go here cups go here and spoons and
forks go here you can’t just throw
everything away and one bin and for
ramen shops it’s always good practice to
return your bowl at the top counter when
you’re finished if the shop has a return
area then it’s always nice to return
your plate and your trays there all
right now let’s talk about money paying
at the register many restaurants ask you
to pay at the register instead of paying
at your table when you finish your meal
don’t worry there’s no tips to worry
about in this one well one thing you
should know is that there’s usually a
tray that’s right next to the register
where you’re supposed to put your money
or your credit card some Japanese and
don’t like to transfer money by hand
because they don’t like being touched so
they prefer you using the tray instead
it’s not necessarily rude to do so but
some people just prefer it I personally
handed over cash to cashiers and they’ve
had no problem with it while at other
times I’ve had cashiers directly point
to the tray and asked me to put the
money on the tray at the end of the day
it really depends on the person but if
you want to play it safe then always put
your money or your credit card on the
tray plus in Japan the smallest bills
are a thousand yen so you’re dealing
with a lot of coins so it does help to
put the coins on the tray to help keep
you from fumbling around with a change
when you’re handing it over to the
cashier all right so that concludes my
top ten but something to keep in mind
these are generalizations there’s always
going to be exceptions to the rule not
all restaurants and not all Japanese people
are like this
so you just got to use this kind of as a
guide and play it by ear when you’re in
Japan so after hearing my top ten what
do you guys think is it weird is it
something that you guys do in your
country or is it completely the opposite
but if this video did help you out let
me know by hitting that like button if
you want to see more of my adventures in
Tokyo or Japan hit that subscribe button
and that Bell button and I’ll catch you
guys in the next one


  1. through hell go above and beyond and then go even further just to find the food for so few precious people.

  2. I'm so glad I watched this before my trip to Tokyo…I never drink ramen broth.. on a level of 1 – Murrrka how rude am I ??

  3. Thanks for all your great videos . Japanese culture is amazing and fascinating, I work as a server and love serving them. Magic in the culture

  4. I have to be honest, there is no chance that I would finish a meal I PAID FOR just because it would in some way insult the staff.

  5. I guess the price is still kept the same even if you tell the staff to reduce the portion? I can never finish a whole portion and now that I also can't use the doggie bag option, I wonder if I'll always end up paying for a whole portion, eating half of it, and offer the rest to my boyfriend or, will it be possible to order let's say, half a portion? Is half a portion even a thing at a usual Japanese restaurant?

  6. I have problem with the use of MSG in bento or pre cooked dishes and some restaurants. I get extreme headaches . It is used heavily in Japan.

  7. Can anyone give me a tip on how to slurp the ramen without choking on them? I am trying to "vacuum" the noodles into my mouth without inhaling them into my lungs..
    I actually can't eat ramen when my boyfriend is home because he can't stand the sound of slurping the noodles..
    I was told that you normally don't bite off the noodles that don't fit in your mouth so I have to slurp them in.

  8. Ordered Sta Don bowl. Served with raw egg….not sure what to do with that? Also, I'm not sure what the meat was….seemed like boiled bacon

  9. Just curious. What if you spill your food on accident? Is it seen differently? or is it just the same as any other country?

  10. I had a really big problem with hearing all the people slurping in Japan… I've got misophonia and it was actually causing me a lot of physical and psychological pain therefore I needed earplugs whenever I was going to eat in ramen shop. In general Japan is not friendly to people with misophonia but I love it anyway 😉

  11. I have a friend who was born in China, but moved to Japan at a fairly young age. Her and her family have always been either vegan or vegetarian. She said that it was common to mention a Buddhist style diet or dish to get the point across. She was usually understood.

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  13. I was told that slurping meant you enjoyed the food. I watched this video many times and just caught that. Weird. The more you know, thanks Paolo!

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  16. I've seen vegetarian and vegan food being discussed before online, and the best tip I caught from that discussion was to order food that Budhist monks eat – that's how you can convey the idea or vegetarian food. But, veganism/vegetarianism as a "diet choice", does not make much sense in Japanese culture. Fish is a central element in near all cooking, so that's what you're gonna get if you order Japanese food.

    Another tip, is to eat non-Japanese food, like going to an Indian restaurant. That sort of defeats the purpose of going to Japan in the first place, so perhaps that's a bit disappointing. But, it was one tip I've heard from vegan/vegetarian foreigners talking about living in Japan for an extended period of time. It's one way to ensure you can order vegetarian options from the menu.

  17. About the doggy-bag situation, to me that's such an American thing. It's not proper to ask for that in many European countries either. You're expected to eat up or as much as you can and leave the rest. It's just weird and slightly rude to expect the restaurant to serve you two meals for the cost of one. Which also gets us back to each person ordering their own meal – that is a thing outside of Japan as well. You don't generally share food unless you're at a tapas restaurant or something similar. I don't think you'll get kicked out, but it's just strange and reeks of cheapskate; why are you not eating a meal of your own?! And you don't share your meal with your kids either, for the same reason. Personally, I've never seen that living in Europe.

  18. I have food allergies, which is a concern of mine when I travel. Could you do an episode around this?
    For example, I can’t have anything with shellfish (or was prepared with gloves or tools that touched shellfish) and I can’t have any tea/matcha 🙁

    How can I navigate eating in restaurants with those medical issues?

  19. I think Japanese can be PASSIVE-RUDE – I once eating in East Village and the Japanese waitress ordered me to put my credit card on the tray!!! WTF was that I'm in NYC!!! If they don't wanna being touched GUESS WHAT – Don't be a FUCKING waitress!!! 😒

  20. Might be tricky to eat in Japan. I had weight loss surgery. I never finish my meals and I share with others a lot. Asking for smaller portions might be the best tip ever. I’ll try using that here in the states too.

  21. Slurping soups and ramen aerates the soup and allows the flavors to come out. Like wine tasters when then suck in air after taking a sip to aerate the wine. You get a fuller flavor and aroma than you would if you don't slurp. It also cools it a bit as it's going into your mouth. I find that Asians like their soups served much hotter than Westerners. So slurping keeps your lips and tongue from being scaled by the piping hot soup.

  22. slurping food is rude straight out…i don't give a fuck what culture your from. Yea america has some stupid ass shit too but they have table manners right at least. don't splash your fucking soup across the table in my fucking face….and fucking chew with your mouth closed before i fucking knock you the fuck out.

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  29. One thing I've noticed is that with the noodles, you dip it, and I mean fully immerse it, in the broth then you slurp it. To me you are trying to absorb the broth and eat the noodles at the same time, hence the reason for the loud slurping.

  30. It's the way you were taught to enjoy it. In most countries, kids were taught to be quiet while eating. It's considered rude to be that noisy.

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  37. In regards to slurping noodles, particularly hot ones like with ramen, I was taught that it was part of a processing of cooling them so you could eat them while they were still very hot.

  38. I'm not sure I really understand this concept of 'sharing'. For an American, I order, my wife orders, my friends order and we eat our meals separately. I don't know of common situations where we share food unless it is a meal where sharing is a part of the meal like in Indian or Chinese restaurants or ordering a large pizza. The Ramen example and the busy restaurant example just seems more of a don't take up space when people are waiting–i.e. courtesy.

  39. Its a total bullshit myth that Japanese restaurants dont accommodate vegans or vegetarians. The reason Japanese people dont know what "vegan" means, is because its an English word. Its like expecting the average American to know what "shojin ryori" is. Japan has some of the best vegetarian food on the planet. Your Japanese vegan friend sounds like a complete moron. Its no wonder servers bring him meat. Maybe you should suggest that he stops trying to order food using English words when theres actually a term for it in Japanese. Japan has the 9th largest Buddhist population on the planet. Anyone who thinks they dont know how to prepare vegan or vegetarian food is an imbecile.

  40. I really appreciate what a great advocate you are for Japan. 😃 On this video, however, the music and background sound competing w/your words for dominance, along with quick, jerky edits made me give up midway in.

  41. Japan is the ultimate country, some many people in such a small space with so much consideration for eachother

  42. Hello Paolo
    I am so glad that you talked about slurping. I am born raised in New York City. the way that I learned about Japanese culture was from a
    1980s mini-series called "ShoGun".
    But it was based in the sixteen hundreds, (Japan ) it stated that slurping, burping and even farting ( I am so sorry ) at the dinner table was a sign that you enjoyed the meal.
    ShoGun, was the number one mini-series in America so most people of a certain age have seen it.
    Thank You Paolo I had a great watch time
    Shaun of NYC

  43. 9:12 In the past 2 years or so I've noticed an interesting trend: the customer is expected to put the money on the tray, but the cashier places the change directly into the customer's palm in a very friendly manner (sometimes even cupping the back of the customer's hand). I was surprised the first time this happened but noticed it become more and more common.

  44. デザインは
    版画 浮世絵
    日本画って フラットな描法
    世阿弥 能
    太郎冠者 狂言
    日の丸弁当 🍃🌿🍀☘
    太陽の塔 明暗
    デカダンス ほか 🌻🌻🌻

  45. 頂きます、ご馳走様は、食材の命を頂き、食物を作ってくれた方(農家さん等)や料理を作ってくれた方に対して感謝の意味が込められているし、だからこそ残してはいけない(食べ物、命を粗末にしない)という事も伝えていただけると嬉しかったです(´・ω・ `)

  46. Paolo, really interesting and helpful. Wish I had known this back in the 70s when i was stationed in Sasebo. I had to learn everything by watching them. The 3 years i lived there i learned a lot- #1 learn as much Japanese as you can and #2 don't be afraid to ask for help. I was treated like a princess there as i was teaching (#1 profession) conversational English to children and adults. I miss it very much.

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