How to bet ethereum in jackypot casino

In this video tutorial I will show you how to bet in the jackypot casino.
Step 1: open some of these wallets, in my case I have open “MyEtherWallet
Step 2: Send your bet to the jackypot contract address.
Enter the address of the jackypot contract, previously copied.
We enter in the amount we want to bet, in this case we will bet .01 ether
You put your bet, 300,000 gas and 21 gwei
We will click on send transaction
Wait 1 to 2 minutes for the result to appear in the table.
Step 3: Our prizes are:
In this case, earn 110% with the game.
we click to see our results graphically in the table
we click on the button show more prizes
As you can see, we won 110%
We go to the bottom to find a table with the figures and the value it represents.
Step 4: Your prize has been AUTOMATICALLY sent to your wallet from where you placed the bet.
TO VERIFY THAT THE JACKYPOT IS A 100% TRANSPARENT CASINO, and that your prize has already been sent
We go to the “CONTRACT” section and click on the jackypot contract.
We go to the “Transactions” tab
we click on the txhash of oraclize
We will go to internal transactions to see how much we have earned in this case
0.011 eth It is the prize given by jackypot
We return to the “Overview” to see our result in this case
Which are the same results that appear in the jackypot table.
That’s all for the video tutorial. If you have any questions, you can go back and watch the video.

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