How McDonald’s Japan Only Fast Food Menu is Insanely Unique!

in this video we’re gonna go inside a Japanese McDonald’s and show you Japan only menu items so the menu changes throughout the year but right now there’s actually a lot of Japan only items so I wanted to do this video now this McDonald’s in Tokyo is a bit special because it also has a make cafe in it so it has more food options I’m mainly focusing on items and comparing it to the US market so maybe some of these menu items are in your country this is gonna be a lot of food today so you guys are gonna have to bear with me there’s just a so much food here let’s start with a McFlurry black thunder they have a McFlurry here in Japan but they make it out of the black thunder chocolate I’ve done like my favorite chocolates in Japan and black thunder is one of them and I know black thunder is not a built-in to any other countries are definitely a japan-only item it smells like cinnamon so wait now you can see like right there there’s little peanuts in there I think I’m not sure let me just take the first bite [Music] that is so good like the chocolate yourself of black thunder it’s kind of like an Oreo cookie a little more texture than the Oreo cookie it’s like a little like crumbly bits and it’s just delicious it’s like love how like they have these huge chunks and black thunder it gives us like this really really nice rice crispy crunch to it look how thick that black thunder that’s insanely good this piece right here hmm this is the heavy filet if you look inside of it it looks like it has its regular McDonald’s sauce quite a bit of lettuce and it has a fried every stacks like some mustard at the bottom of it not a lot of mustard oh [Music] you can do like the shrimp pieces are a lot bigger than before before the shrimp fillets they’re just like little bits of every but now they’re cool you can see look we’re gonna drop that again all right take a bite that’s really nice you get like the nice crispy crunch of the heavy fillet yeah and the sauce itself it’s like a other aurora sauce and it’s a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup there’s like a little sweetness to it as well just hints of mustard and the bread is IKEA regular you know McDonald’s bun so check it out this is the spicy chicken nuggets so they’ve actually had this before but then it disappeared and now it came back again because of popular demand you actually have four these chicken nuggets with two special sauces unfortunately it’s sold out right now Adam McAuliffe spicy sauce and a Quatro cheese sauce it’s a lot better than normal I think your regular chicken nugget in itself all that’s pretty good it tastes like your regular chicken nugget but in terms of the spiciness maybe just like a little bit spicy but I don’t think like I think anyone can have this so don’t think it’s spicy at all right so this is a teriyaki chicken filet okay they can see a whole smattering of mayonnaise it has lettuce in there there’s just a lot of the sauce in this teriyaki bottom layer bun is like soaked in teriyaki sauce as you can see or they’ve never had a fried chicken filet with teriyaki sauce so it’ll be interesting to taste this cuz I love I mean you guys have seen a lot of my other videos I love fried chicken so this’ll be a good taste not so much of a fan of teriyaki I don’t think it’s like usually too sweet for me but let’s see hmm the chicken fillet itself The Dream’s draw it a little bit drier I think it’s because it’s they’re using breast meat it’s crazy but maybe it’s just because it’s the contrast between the teriyaki sauce and the meat itself but they just look really really white to me like I mean this is your like your standard mcdonald’s teriyaki sauce like I don’t think they’ve changed anything aside from just taking a fried chicken fillet and dipping in teriyaki sauce so this is the grand garlic pepper it’s not a sesame bun looks like actually I’m fluffier than just like a normal cheese burger bun it has lettuce tomatoes and onions I think that’s the garlic sauce right there maybe this is the garlic sauce ah yeah so this dark sauce down here is the garlic sauce itself it looks like it’s a mustard mayo but it’s like greenish the yellow wow that’s good I gotta get another bite of that the bun is nice it’s like really chewy so I gives you kind of that premium gourmet taste the garlic sauce gives it also another like come with like a gourmet dish but you don’t get a lot of like garlic paste and a lot of like fast food the mayonnaise tomatoes and lettuce everything like makes it all come together it does feel like there’s a higher quality of production in this burger so what’s nice about these three burgers they were like the top coated burgers here in Japan and they’ve actually become part of the regular menu so you guys come to Japan you can get these burgers probably anytime so definitely if I had a choice out of these three burgers we just tested definitely try the Grand with garlic pepper burger oh it’s good I’m gonna finish this off I’m one thing I just I want to mention is usually when they come in McDonald is what I try to get is a son Cody Kudo maybe behind this like in Japan for quite a long time but maybe in there like the last year or so they introduced it in McDonald’s and it’s like something that I get all the time and basically what it does it helps prevent your body from absorbing fat so it helps you flush all the fats and all that good junk outside of your body this is like a limited time only its fries with a carbonara sauce on top of it so you get the prize like a normally as it is you get like a small cup of carbonara sauce and you just pour it on top and the sauce itself let’s see definitely super cheesy I feel like it’s sweeter than a normal carbonara sauce whether there’s also black pepper and you can see I’m gonna like scoop it right there these little chunks they have little bacon chunks in there so it’s good like I’m a carbonara fan but I feel the sauce itself has a cheesiness but it’s I think it’s actually quite salty I’m saltier than normal like carbonara sauce is it goes better with a fries because you know fries is just really really salty so they needed that extra saltiness so this is a cinnamon notes you can see that you can win is just a little long to eat this you can see like it all stuck together so it’s like not only have melted some of you like in bite sizes take a bite that’s good it’s very much like if you ever had a Cinnabon the taste is exactly the same you can taste the cinnamon this sugar that’s like a lathered on top your little bread bites are nice and if I wait a little bit I think it would have been a lot nicer you can see all the cinnamon sugar on there which is your raped over these little bread bites so this is a Shaka Shaka chicken inside of a bag and you get a piece of fried chicken like this it’s still hot to the touch and you put it back in the bag and what’s cool about this because you get to choose between like different powders I had a cheese sauce so you can get mine I chose the red pepper cuz I love red peppers do you open this guy up put the powder it’s really powdery so I don’t know if you guys could see that it almost smells like if you ever had ramen noodles not in a cup like the robbing packets it smells like that like super kind of salty seasoning you close it up like this and it’s called a shotgun suck a chicken in the region it makes us shotgun shotgun oiz you can see like the flakes have been sprinkled all across here take a bite the chicken itself is really really crunchy definitely has that ramen flavor no one like that sod like taste it tastes like ramen that’s like the wrong and powder flavor which is quite interesting yeah and that’s all that like a garlic taste to it now let’s check out the Japan holy menu at MIT cafe Alice has like a bunch of different matcha drinks this is the bunch of Frappuccino and it’s strawberry inside and I love strawberry so that’s why I got this on there and I quoted me to tena koe Frappuccino more like what Gashi type but you know but you know that lets strawberry just on top looks so good oh that’s straight cream that’s good this strawberry it’s like very light and fluffy this one is a lighter side maybe between 1 to 10 I would give it a 4 on the watcher strength you can see the part of their chunks of strawberry more than anything they say it’s like a strawberry matcha Frappuccino I did so much it more than anything strawberry is kind of in there even the cream of strawberry it gets kind of outweighed out-powered by the matcha flavor but definitely good treat so this is the nitro coffee brew ice milk you can see that have like a frothy top the barista was talking to us or what’s the difference between this and the regular coffee she says the taste is very very similar and the biggest difference is it’s blue the nitrogen don’t know well it does but it looks good yeah I’m not really fan of like iced milk coffee isn’t gonna get my car to help me out under Sun is no key that I thought doesn’t have any sugar like there’s not a lot of like oh maybe it’s really also check this out they offer a baby Chino it’s just basically steamed milk with chocolate powder sprinkled on top and what’s nice about it it’s only 50 yen the whole concept behind this guy is that moms can come here or dad’s gonna come here and they can bring their little kid and their little kid can also have something to drink come and feel like they’re like hanging out with mom and dad look at that so small and it’s just foamy milk like the review alright move on to the next one this is like Nona’s video wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t do a Happy Meal right kids also want to know what they can get in fact what’s nice about this McDonald’s I don’t know if it’s the same in your country let me know but you get to choose from like three different packages I chose a Super Mario package and it looks like you’re also doing like a Halloween theme right now because you know Halloween is coming and then I think what you guys are more interested is the toys right just open this package can you guys see that that’s so much either they can see how many points to get each time that’s an awesome look I remember I used to get like little like plastic little cards and stuff when I was a kid it’s nice look oh and this is like it’s cool cuz this is all the different pieces and it’s kind of like a memory game where you try to like match the different pieces to different games and win one Happy Meal well that’s like a double Happy Meal alright so that concludes a video of the Japan of all new McDonald’s food items also if you guys have any other food items that I didn’t mention that you wanted to share let me know in the comments oh yeah and if you like my samurai shirt help support my channel and check out the link below and if you want to see more of my adventures in Tokyo or Japan hit that subscribe button and the Bell button and catch you guys in the next one

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